Have an ebook option when your first edition comes out. Ebooks can be unlimited in length and contain any type of text, photographs, or graphics. They can also be modified quickly and cheaply. If you have an ebook version, your book will never go out of print. You may want to launch with an ebook only and move to paper later. The ebook, however, still needs an ISBN.


Bestseller lists for the New York Times and Wall Street Journal might not combine the sales figures of your ebook and printed book. Sales of paperback and hardcover are counted in different lists too.


To cover all the ebook delivery options, you need three file types: .epub, .mobi, and .pdf. Most online resellers sell your book in the .epub format, but Kindle Direct Publishing sells it as a .mobi file, which means that even though more ebook reading devices use .epub, your largest market uses .mobi.




Aims and audience




·         Why are you writing the book and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

·         Do you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field, make money, or both?

·         Are you looking to communicate specific knowledge to a group of interested readers?

·         What do you hope to gain from the investment of your time, effort, and money?

·         What new information do you offer?

·         How can you convey this new information?

·         Can you explain key concepts in a way that lay readers can understand?




·         Who are your readers?

·         Why would the reader be interested?

·         How much does the reader already know about this topic?

·         What do you hope the reader does or thinks afterwards?


Optimize and maximize your title


Your book's title and subtitle must contain the keywords people search for. Optimize them with the Google Keyword Planner. Enter possible keywords, and Google will tell you how often people search for them. Amazon will accept a total of 200 characters for the main title and subtitle combined. The longer your title is, the more keywords you can put in it, and as a result, the more frequently your book will be found.


Ask friends for their opinions by typing out the possible titles on a page for them to read. You might also want to “crowdsource” opinions by way of a crowdsourcing website.  

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