~How To Become An Irresistible Seduction Magnet Guaranteed


That being said, how does one even begin to attract pretty women like a junkie is attracted to crystal meth?

You see, seduction is not an event, it’s a process.

Let me clarify; it’s like riding a bike or learning to play a musical instrument.

Seduction and attraction are a fine art that one must learn until they become a master.

When a master is at work, one cannot but stop to marvel at the shere genius of it all.

When Tiger Woods or Roger Federer execute Grand Slams in their respective sports or, as you would have it, Vanessa Mae strums her Stradivarius, there is no accident to the reward and, as flawless as they both make it look, there’s been sweat and tears that went into making them Masters in their field.

I must admit, I started dating at a very early age, 16 to be exact and, by the time I was 20, I had lost count in the number of older women I’d been with.

Unlike most seduction gurus who spent most of their 20s dateless and in front of the tv screen scratching their heads wondering how to date fine women, I had already progressed into other areas of interest beyond dating in my 20s.

I am not saying this to brag or anything to that effect, but it pains me to see so much information flying about the internet on seduction and how to become a master simply by reading a book when your mindset’s not right!

I never!

If your mindset is that of failure due to past experiences with women, self esteem or other childhood misfortune that kids are always too eager to mete on another in the name of play or teasing, then no amount of reading will redeem you from the curse of failure.

I say this not as ridicule, but as a way to show you that, despite all your shortcomings, there’s a way to get rid of that excess baggage and begin a new journey into the uncharted waters of dating!

For instance, and this is more the norm than the exception, if you come from a broken home and all you know is ridicule and pain, if all you know is failure; never a word of encouragement, then chances are; each time you meet someone you have an emotional affinity to, your past experiences come home to roost

full circle, and you exhibit those characteristics playing in your life all over again… it’s like a rat on a wheel…the story keeps playing in your life ad infinitude.

Let me explain:

Sales professionals World-over attend sales seminars and couching classes when they hit slumps. It’s because they realize that, to be masters in their professions, they need to horn their skills and break self imposed barriers that were not there in the first place.

When your mind is clear of emotional baggage and phobias, you have no barriers to break through; you only have opportunity to fulfill.

It’s like when you receive an unexpected bonus check or you receive a well deserved pay increase.

Your gait changes the instant you see that check stub or bank balance.

When you walk into your local grocery store or supermarket…you couldn’t care less what the World is thinking, because in that instant, you’ve attained the God consciousness.

Even if you’ve never approached a pretty lady before, chances are, you could approach anyone and make a fool of yourself a hundred times over…


Because your confidence levels are at an all time high; because you’ve suspended all your limiting beliefs, for the moment anyway, through your self worth!

Ahh, the magic word; Self Worth!

Now, consider this flip side:

Ever been to a zoo and watched lions in captivity? How pitiful they look – the King of the Jungle, all the mojo stripped out.

Chances are, let that feline loose and..the results?

I bet you the results are the poor pussy will die of hunger, because it has lost its natural killer instincts.

Now, if you’re a self confident young stud and have no qualms about approaching women, then good on you but, if you have issues from your past, and spend the majority of your waking moments biting your nails at the mere

thought of approaching pretty chic, chances are you need a coach, not a book

or some opening liners to meet women.

You see, women these days are darn smart; they can smell a con job a mile away and, unless your mindset is one of thinking like a champion, chances are you’ve bought one seduction eBook too many and are scratching your head, just wondering what it is you need to do to attract Alice from next door.

Remember that Nest egg investment commercial with a guy about to retire and he’s in an elevator with a 200lb Gorilla offering him advice?

The punch line is, Don’t listen to me, What would I know, I’m just a 2000lb Gorilla in the room with you…

Listen, don’t listen, it’s your free will.

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