*The idea with storyboards is to block out your video or multimedia project before you go to the expense of creating any of the elements. *The storyboard review and approval stage is one of the stages of pre-production that allows all stakeholders to visualize the final project, to an extent. *It provides an opportunity for discussion, and helps you determine your final budget. *Storyboards also help you save time and money when you put the elements together because you know what shots can be grouped together, taken at the same time, or with the same resources.*A storyboard has a picture area for sketching in each scene. On a storyboard, write in technical directions to accompany each scene. *A storyboard is a dynamic planning document that will not exactly match the finished product. *A storyboard will probably be modified numerous times during the actual production process. *The storyboard can be rearranged to change the sequence of scenes or to make room for additional scenes to be inserted. *Storyboards facilitate the filming process by mapping out your vision, providing a guide for the shots you need, and saving you time. *This simple book helps you to draw ideas.*Beneficial to all artists.    

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