Herculist: Free Advertising Sites

Herculist: Free Advertising Sites – Herculist PLUS is a free advertising site that allows you to not just advertise your website for free, it offers you free services on Email marketing, in addition, Herculist provides you the privilege of earning extra income while you advertise your own business. Incredible, right?

Yeah, that sounded too good to be true but realistically that is very true of Herculist. You advertise your wares for free, and upon that Herculist puts money right into your pocket.
Email Marketing: Herculist: Free Advertising Sites
Herculist: Free Advertising Sites

Email marketing is a process where commercial messages, basically to a group of people, through the instrumentality of email is sent to solicit for their actions in one way or the other.

Email messages, advertisements, information, business request, sales are sent out in a broadcast to a large number of people per time to elicit or call for action, this is what Herculist: Free Advertising Sites does.

Therefore sending emails that contain the features mentioned above to prospective buyers, customers, clients, or real buyers to achieve a business purpose is termed email marketing.

Email Marketing is one big kill for Affiliate Marketers. It is one marketing module used to make huge returns, sales and commissions by affiliates.

How Herculist Works

Email marketing in fact can be said to be more reliable than all other social media means of advertising or reaching customers. We have experienced outages of signals from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram yet at such times, email still functions.
Email marketing is very important in marketing, to the extent that you can reach a large number of people you have no connections with, per time.

There are several ways to collect email lists. It requires extra effort to be able to get people to drop their email addresses for you in order to build an email list. But we shall be discussing one simple way to reach out to these groups of people with the same commercial message you intend to pass across to them, without you actually doing the email collection by yourself.

This is where Herculist PLUS comes in. What is Herculist PLUS?

Herculist: Free Advertising Sites

Herculist is one of the foremost email marketing platforms established in 1998. They are not just providing email marketing services alone, they also provide a veritable platform for you to make money while you advertise your own business. That sounds amazing! Yes.

You are allowed to advertise your materials, websites, program, product, or services, all FREE of charge, as far as they are legal. Porn or adult materials are not allowed to be advertised on Herculist. These are the privileges enjoyed by all bonafide members of Herculist.

Herculist has taken email and internet marketing to a new dimension by their integrated email opt-in list, Hercblurb systems, theZone surfing. They also run an affiliate program for people like you who are interested in earning a side income. Herculist run many free tools for advertising to assist people to build their online businesses
Advanced Email Marketing: Herculist: Free Advertising Sites
Leads, Leads, Leads!

As a member of Herculist, you would be able to advertise to THOUSANDS of people Daily, FREE! Hercules serves a database that is currently running at a membership of 122,319 people
I am attracted to Herculist because of its genuineness and transparency. Herculist generates 100% Real Traffic of REAL people. This means that they will generate and supply your website with REAL people, no fake traffic, no use of bots to generate traffic.
Memberships In Herculist: Free Advertising Sites

Herculist Membership

In HercuList they offer FREE, GOLD, and PRO membership options. GOLD and PRO memberships are purchased on a monthly or yearly basis.

As a Free member, you can advertise to 1000 other members of Herculist randomly for free. GOLD members have the privilege of advertising to the whole members on the database each day. PRO members advertise to everybody on the database every other day.
Herculist Affiliate Program

Leads, Leads, Leads!

A welcome bonus of $5 is given to every newly signed up member of Herculist. Once you reach the minimum amount of withdrawable which is as small as $10, you would be able to ask for your withdrawal and receive it in 24 hours

The HercuList Affiliate Program is one mouth-watering and lucrative way to earn a side income. You earn up to 50% in commission as a GOLD member on every recurring monthly or yearly membership payment made on each of your referrals.
You are also provided with the opportunity to earn up to 50% commissions not minding your membership level with regards to all solo ad packages bought.

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