~A Pursuit on Personal Sponsorship


Let’s say you’re seeking for sponsorship but have no idea where to begin. This guide helps in what to consider when planning on a sponsorship package that is worthy of attention from any sponsor prospects that you might have.

Proceeding with sponsorship

It is an integral part before undertaking any major project, to do the necessary research that is associated with your cause. This also applies when seeking sponsorship. It is important for you to be aware on key items in the world of sponsorship. It takes a lot of hard work, time and energy in creating a worthy sponsorship package; but in the long-term will most benefit you.

The things that need you to be aware of so that you are fully equipped with sponsorship information are the following:

Sponsorship benefits

Knowing this will let you become aware of the necessary results that should come from when a sponsor and sponsee partnership is established. This way, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into, whether the sponsorship fits best with your needs and will in turn be beneficial to the other party.

Sponsorship can benefit you in many ways; and one of the most visible advantages is being able to secure much-needed monetary donations or funds to help support you in your cause, be it traveling, training or through equipment. In personal sponsorship there are two forms:

• Project-based – you are given sponsorship to attend or facilitate on a specific event or cause

• Given in trust – a harder to obtain form where funds are given to you and used in a more discretionary way

Aside from monetary funding, other benefits include products and/or services, and fundraising support. The former is usually through providing you with products and/or services needed to operate on for an event or cause. The latter offers more of a partnership where support is garnered through commercial involvement and in turn attracts the sponsor’s existing customers to take notice of you and your event or cause.

Reasons why people (individuals) and companies sponsor

Know the guidelines for which sponsorships are obtained from either an individual or company is a crucial step. The reason behind this is that by knowing the points for which sponsors give out support will help you target them with attention-grabbing details that will spark their interest.

For example, athletes get sponsored because they possess characteristics that sparked the sponsor’s interest. This may be through the athlete’s vitality, history in playing and other impressive sports stats.

By knowing these, you then can prepare for targeting a sponsor. It is also important to take into account not only what a sponsor is looking for but also the assets which you possess. Evaluation of your assets either as an athlete, student candidate, or event manager will help you realize your market value and see whether you are ready and equipped to be marketed as a sponsee.

Of course, these terms may seem like you are treated as an object. This should not be any hindrance or discouragement in getting sponsored. It is important for you to understand that with sponsorship, business is the nature of the deal.

When a sponsor-sponsee partnership is established, it means that such a relationship has been created to bring in profits to both parties and provide the necessary exposure to each.

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