~A Media Social Event: How to reach customers using social media


By definition, the term social media was coined to support the innovative discoveries such as interactive broadcasts namely blogs, pod casts, and social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Tagged.

These social networking sites are no longer a trend but as part of consumer research in which it generates secondary data to support the whole sales research.  Penetrating these sites will promise good traffic because part of getting them is to know where they usually are.

Get into the Social Trend

Though this strategy is undeniably easy, you still have to cautiously approach it. There are a few external factors to consider such as people who use these networking sites to scam members. In order to effectively implement such course of action, remember these key words: Look, Listen, Join In, and Start

·        Look. Let your inner Sherlock Holmes channel through and do some investigating and assessing of the current situation.

·        Listen. When you’re all signed up, it is best to go through bulletins and forums where you can get useful information.

·        Join In: When you’re all loosen up and everything is doing ok, feel free to join in and after a while, slowly get down into business.

·        Start: If you have established a closely knit relationship, you have an option to come up with your own forum where you can have it focus on your business and the products and/or services you offer. Similar to Ebay’s live customer care program.

In addition, the learning process never stops so gaining new business and promotional trends will be a big help by participating into marketing and business related talks within your company. This is also a good opportunity to meet prospective clients and/or prospective partners.


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