~A Look into Nokia’s Sponsorship Program


As one of today’s leading brand of telecommunications technology, Nokia has proven true to its vision of ‘connecting people’. The use of their brand spans countries from those in Asia to America, and is widely known as a tried, tested and versatile mobile instrument.

With its rapid growth over the years, Nokia is now seen as a power corporation capable of developing ubiquitous, intuitive and beautiful technology. Its growth is duly based on the company’s strategy on growing, building, and transforming its products and services based on the needs of the changing times – all of which have been a pinnacle point in the company’s success.

As a well-established corporation, Nokia in turn has taken up the responsibility of ‘giving back’ to the community. It aims to be an environmental leader by developing environmentally sound commerce practices; and producing products that offer sustenance. In addition, Nokia has also taken up the goal of taking up a role in society by providing a number of programs that aid in community development.

Sponsorship guidelines

As part in community involvement and at the same time in marketing communications, Nokia involves sponsorship as an integral part of their business strategy. A number of requests for sponsorship, prizes, support, and assistance of all sorts are received by Nokia often. 

Because of the huge amount of sponsorship requests, the need for setting guidelines for such were developed by the company as a means for screening viable proposals. These guidelines involve a number of requirements that a sponsorship proposal should encompass in order for it to garner the attention it needs.

The key requirements that Nokia looks for in sponsorship proposals are the following:

• The proposal should be relevant and fitting with Nokia’s brand

• The proposal must provide a clear message towards Nokia’s consumers, clients, and/or buyers

• The proposal should be innovative, creative, and unique and to be able to stand out

• There should be a clear and solid outline that shows a return of investment

• The proposal should exude an excellence in execution and logistics

In addition to the key requirements mentioned above, there is additional information that should be in a potential sponsorship that assists Nokia in its proposal evaluation. These are:

• Details on the organization that requests for sponsorship – this includes name, full address, organization description, and relevant credentials

• An outline and description of key persons in the organization that are involved in the proposal

• Details on the benefits and their corresponding numerical value that Nokia will acquire from sponsoring

• A full detailed description on the event that is to be sponsored – this includes the location, venue, and time.

• A valid timeline of the proposal/project

• An exact requirement on the type of support Nokia is to provide

• Details on the exposure extent that Nokia will have in sponsoring the event

• Information on other sponsors involved in the event

All these are required for Nokia to give its consideration on taking up a sponsorship proposal. There are also tips that the company includes for an even more attention-grabbing sponsorship. The reason for giving out such tips and hints is the company’s desire to be able to give out as much sponsorships that will both profit them and their sponsee.

Some tips and hints that Nokia shares are the following:

• Be sure to include the following information, as it sometimes has a tendency to not be included – name, return contact numbers, and valid address

• Proposals can be emailed but should be under five megabytes

• Pictures, images and such are very helpful

• The proposal should be short but have quality information

• Don’t waste time ‘sucking up’ to Nokia, but instead focus on what is requested

• Do definitive research

• Clearly outline the benefits for both sponsor and sponsee

• Persistence is key, but it does not mean ‘hassling’ the company with numerous update calls and emails

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