~A Look into Boeing’s Corporate Sponsorship


Boeing is the leading aerospace company in the world, and by far the largest manufacturer of jetliners for commercial use, and also military aircrafts. They are the forefront runners in aerospace innovation and leadership, continuously creating new and more efficient products.

As it is a large corporation, Boeing gives out corporate sponsorships to those in need of support in funding. Organizations are welcomed by the company to give unsolicited sponsorship proposals since they seek to proactively create partnerships with strategic and appropriate partners. 

Evaluation Process

Building long-term partnerships is the goal that Boeing aims to attain in sponsorship. They support a select number of events and activities which have similar interests and values. In order for this to possible, an evaluation process is conducted by Boeing to see whether an outside organization is an ideal sponsorship partner.

All sponsorship proposals given to Boeing go through the following processes:

• Unsolicited and solicited proposals are received by Boeing Corporate Communications.

• Boeing Corporate Communications then performs a preliminary overview that is based on their evaluation criteria.

• If the sponsorship proposal has potential, it is shared with a team of managers responsible for sponsorship program development projects.

• The sharing is evaluations of the sponsorship proposal – taking into account the proposal’s location, subject and scope – seeing if it fits with Boeing’s brand and strategy on sponsorship.

Evaluation Criteria

There are six general criteria developed by Boeing in evaluating sponsorship proposals. These measures ensure that the benefit garnered is for both parties – sponsor and sponsee.

Sponsorship proposals are subject to evaluation based on the following:

• The tangible benefits involved if a partnership is pursued.

• The longevity the proposal offers if a partnership between the organization and Boeing is established.

• The capability of the proposal to target necessary audiences and build the right kind of relationships.

• How Boeing will be exposed through such a sponsorship – will it be a positive venture, will it bring in more customers and good feedback, etc.

• What kind of additional resource is the proposal going to generate.

• Will a long term relationship prove to be sustainable and overall beneficial to both parties?

There are specific ineligible activities that Boeing has no interest of pursuit. Some of these activities are mentioned below:

• Little leagues and other local sports organizations

• Charities that hold fundraising events

• Individual or family sponsorship requests

• Daredevil stunts and sports

• Events that do not have any Boeing facility, product or technology

• Religious activities

• Sponsoring travel expenses

Current Sponsorships

There are currently a number of organizations that are sponsored by Boeing. These companies are also large business that have passed the evaluation process and fit the evaluation criteria that Boeing stands by,

Some of the current sponsorships include the following below:

• Chicago Bears - This team is contracted by Boeing under a five-year sponsorship agreement.

• Museum of Flight - This organization, relevant to the nature of Boeing, provides a detailed and extensive look into Boeing’s history and bright future.

• The John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts - The events held by this institution are sponsored by Boeing. These events are Kennedy Center's Annual Gala Weekend in April, 2004 – 2008; and Kennedy Center's Annual Honors Week in December, 2004 – 2008.

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