~Online Social marketing


Social marketing is a discipline that deals with the systematic application of marketing concepts and techniques. Achieving behavioral aspirations for the social good is its main goal. It is applied to generally promote, merit goods and create a society to avoid demerits on the goods. Good examples of social marketing offline are simple notices about not smoking in public places or prompting people to follow speed limits. Via the World Wide Web, social marketing have also been prevalent. Marketing schemes in fact, have all been developed online like the Social Media Optimization (SMO). The Social Media Optimization is just one of the outstanding meme derived from the discipline of social marketing.

The concept of the Social Media Optimization (SMO) is all about implementing changes to effectively optimize sites so that they can be easily linked to. In social media searches, it’s highly visible on custom search engines like the Technorati, and the frequently included items on blogs, vlogs and podcasts. 

The tactics of the Social Media Optimization are capable of driving huge amounts of visiting people to a specific website. It applies the basic concept of social marketing as it engages into driving traffic to an intended website via new channels. Thus the Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the very reason today why search engines are no longer considered the only sites that are capable of driving big traffic. However though, the SMO is not taking over the SEO yet. Perhaps, someday when online social marketing is at its peek!

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