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Auto Rental When in a Maui Hawaii Vacation

You have the travel tickets and you have the accommodation. The problem is how you will get to the hotel from the airport and how you will get to the beach from the hotel. Well, you forgot something when planning a Maui Hawaii vacation, a auto rental.

Actually, you are not alone. 

Most people who plan their vacations, whether in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world, always forget this small detail. Some do not even bother at all, rationalizing that the hotel can provide car service for them or that there are hundreds of cabs that can accommodate them. The problem with these two is the fact that they are limited in some ways. 

Hiring a cab for example will never be as convenient as having a transportation that is all your own. If you rent an automobile, you can go whenever you want, wherever you want. You just need to start the engine. You don’t have to wait for a cab in the middle of nowhere. Hotel car service, on the other hand, can be pretty expensive, not to mention very hard to get by.

You see most people in the hotel will probably need a car service. And you have got to be at the first in line if you want to leave first. Otherwise, you have to wait for the other people to come back before you can leave or at the very least have the hotel tell you that there is no more cars available.

One down side though with having your own car while on vacation is the directions. This is especially true if this is the first time that you have visited Maui or Hawaii. And even if you have a map, nothing beats having a driver who already knows the way. 

You can solve this problem by getting a car rental service that comes with a driver. Most auto car rentals will offer this because they know that tourists don’t have the patience to look at maps and follow road signs. 

After all, this vacation is all about relaxing and not stressing over which way to turn to get to the beach! Having a driver is however more expensive than hiring just the car. So make sure first that you have the budget for it. 

When you sum it up, renting a car from an auto rental service for the duration of your vacation is cheaper than hiring the hotel’s service. 

But you have to take into account the number of times that you will actually use the car rental service. If you are just going to use it once or twice, then you are better off with the hotel’s car service. If however, you plan to tour the whole state, then a car just for you is better.

If you do not plan to go at all and you just plan to stay at the beach and do water sports all day long throughout your vacation time, then don’t anymore rent a car. 

You can just book a hotel that is nearer and you all have to do is walk towards the beach. This will save you a lot of expenses for taxis. Auto rental when on a vacation in Maui Hawaii or in any other place is important but it all depends on how you plan to spend your vacation. 

Finding An All Inclusive Vacation Trip To Maui Hawaii

Who does not want a vacation? This is especially true if you are going to one of the most beautiful spots in the world, Maui Hawaii. But dreaming and reality is way different especially if you do not have the money to pay for the airline tickets, the accommodations, the food and even the side trips.

With the increasing costs of airfare and commodity prices, are there still cheap all inclusive packaged vacation trips to Maui Hawaii that you can avail of? 

Actually there is. That is if you know where to look and how to look. With the birth of the world wide web, there are millions of sites out there that can provide you with a lot of special offers for trips abroad. 

For your convenience, most offers in fact already contain everything, from the airfare to the food and the hotel accommodations. You just need to click on the destination that you want and voila! You have yourself a great travel package that you and your family can enjoy. 

But wait, there’s a catch. Like all great offers, there are things that you have to compromise with in order to avail of these special all inclusive vacation trips packages especially to a place like Maui Hawaii. Here are they. 

1. Season 

You may be able to get a cheap all inclusive package but only if you are willing to take your family there off season. This means you have to take a vacation at a time when only few people take their vacations. This is because rates are generally cheaper at this time of the year because of the low demand for it. Nobody goes there so hotels and airlines give promos to entice people to take a vacation in their country.

This can cause major problems with your schedules, especially if you have young kids who go to school everyday. But hey, maybe you can work it out. One tip is to go to a place where the weather is different from yours or those with a different school schedule as you have. Check out the climate in Maui and their class schedule. It may coincide with yours. 

2. Advance booking 

Another way to get great offers and all inclusive packages is to book as early as you can. For instance, if you book a flight or avail of a package one year before, you can get as much as 30 to 40 percent off the original price. This is true for both off season and peak season rates. 

This is because your money will already be in their hands and they can use it for investment purposes. For advance booking, check out travel agencies near your place or call the airlines that have trips to Maui. They often have all inclusive packages that you can avail of. 

3. Special tourism rates 

One of the Maui, Hawaii’s main industry is tourism. Every year hundreds of tourists visit the island’s great beaches and scenic spots. Because of this, they will most likely have government programs and projects that are geared towards developing their tourism. Look into these programs. Often, they will have special offers and packages that are designed to entice tourists to go to their place.

Some of these packages will have all inclusive vacation trip essentials that you will need when you go to Maui, Hawaii: airfare, food, accommodation, car rental, sightseeing trips etc. 

How To Find A Maui Vacation Rental Houses 

With cheaper airline tickets being sold on line, it is much easier now on the pockets to travel and visit exotic places. One of these vacation spots that people go to is Maui. Known for its sandy beaches and great weather, Maui is one of the best places to be when you just want to unwind and have fun. But while it is now easy to procure travel tickets going to Maui, one problem that people now face is their residence. Now, the dilemma is how to find a vacation rental house in Maui at such a short notice. 

Because a lot of people can now afford to travel, hotels and beach houses are bursting in the seams. Every place imaginable is fully-booked. This is especially true when it is peak season. And even if off peak, some places like Maui for example, remain fully-booked because many people travel during off peak months because of cheaper rates. 

Still, if you are ingenious and resourceful enough, you can find a rental place in Maui. You just have to look in places that are not so often looked into. 

Search the Net 
You procured your tickets online and you got it at a much cheaper rate. Who said that you cannot do the same with your residence in Maui? Rental houses who have no budget for placing advertisements in newspapers and travel magazines often place ads at travel websites. This is a cheaper alternative and they have more coverage.

Read travel articles 
Travel sites in the Internet will surely have recommendations on where to go or what number to call when you are in need of rental houses in Maui. Some will even give you recommendations on the best places to stay when you are in the island. The best thing about this travel articles is the fact that most of the rental houses that they feature comes complete with the photos of the amenities as well as the phone number of the place.

Ask around 
If you know people who have already traveled to Maui, ask them if they can recommend rental houses in the area. Chances are they have come across charming places that you can rent out for the time being. They may even stayed in a rental house when they visited Maui. If that is the case, you are pretty lucky because they can give you an insider’s info on their trip to Maui. This way, you can get a first hand account from someone who has truly traveled to Maui. 

Check the travel agencies 
Travel agencies do not only have contacts for tickets and airfare. They can also provide you with information on where to stay when you are already there. And even if you have not booked your tickets with them, don’t hesitate to ask. They will gladly help you. You will be surprised at how helpful people can be when you just ask. After all, they already have the information. They don’t have to look for it anymore. 

Check the online directories 
There are online directories that can provide you with contact numbers of several potential vacation and rental houses in Maui. One danger with this though is some sites ma y not be updated with their information, so you have to call the numbers and confirm. 

How To Plan Cheap Maui Family Vacations

Great beaches, lush surroundings, charming people, rave parties. What more can you ask from a vacation trip? When you go to Maui, you will have these things and so much more. Unfortunately, going there is not as cheap as it seems.

Tickets can skyrocket depending on the season. The same goes with the hotel fees and the food costs. This is especially true if the whole family is going to the trip. But with the right resources, you can actually plan cheap Maui family vacations. Here are some of the things that you have to do.
Book early.
Booking early will save you as much as 60 percent of your total airline ticket costs. This is already an answered prayer for families who are planning a family trip but cannot afford too much expenses. A lot of airlines right now have existing promos for people who book early. You will be given large discounts.

Just make sure that you will be taking the trip though as it is much harder to cancel or reschedule tickets that have been part of a promo. Make sure also that you know what the promo entails before purchasing the tickets. 

Book off season 
Another secret to cheap family vacation trips to Maui is to book off season. This will not only significantly lower your airline expense, it will also lessen the prices of hotel accommodations and food costs. You see, most hotels and merchants in Maui jack up their prices during peak season.

The same goes with the airlines, who do not have promos during peak seasons. One problem with this set up is the schedule of the kids. So make sure that you have the schedule all worked out before getting those tickets. 

Bring your own food
If you can take with you food for the vacation, go on and do it. This is especially true if you are staying in rental houses, where you can cook your own food. Even hotels permit guests to bring in food inside their rooms. This is a cheaper alternative to eating out or buying at the grocery store in Maui which is probably more expensive.

One downside for this is the bulk of the baggage that you will have to take with you to Maui. But if you have the extra hand to carry it, why not? You can always have it checked in as a baggage. Besides, when you go home, you’ll not be carrying it anymore.

Research on the internet 
The internet is a wonderful resource where you can find just absolutely anything that you want. So read on travel sites. For sure there is a feature there about Maui.

There you will find hotels, rental houses, car rentals, restaurants that are cheaper than the usual tourist spots. In fact, these places are sometimes the more authentic ones. Read their reviews. This will give you a fairly good idea on where to get cheaper deals in the island without sacrificing the experience. 

So you see, when you know how to look, where to look, and what to do, it is not really that hard to plan cheap Maui family vacations. You just have to make an effort and go the extra mile. Cheap is not so impossible to achieve.

Looking for Licensed Maui Vacation Rentals

Maui is one the premier destinations of tourists and vacationers in Hawaii. The island has lots of benefits to vacationers and guests including a lush natural environment and the best in accommodations and services. You’ll get world class hotels or you can get licensed Maui vacation rental houses or condos through the right budget. 

The island has quite a diverse landscape where guests can enjoy the sea , the beach, and the tropical sun. One can go snorkeling, fishing, diving, windsurfing or play golf in the world class courses in the island. The mountain trail is a good place for adventure as well.

From lush evergreens to the trickling sounds of waterfalls or breathtaking views of the island, hiking up and down the trails is a great memory for your vacation trip. That’s why planning ahead, taking care of where you will stay in advance is a great way to fully enjoy what the island has to offer. 

You should get to know the island first. Maui is the second-largest island of the Hawaiian Islands. The island has been dubbed as "the Valley Isle." This is in reference to the narrow plain situated between the Haleakala mountain and the West Maui mountains. 

Among the most notable resorts in the island include Lahaina, Ka’anapali, Kihei, Kapalua, and Wailea. We can divide the island into Central Maui, East Maui, North Shore, South Maui, Wes Maui, Multi-district area and Upcountry. This is for the purpose of finding the best rental places in specific areas of the island. 

The North Shore is famous for its cliffs and of course the beaches of Hanalei Bay. Probably the most prominent landscape landmark is in the northernmost point at Kilauea where its picturesque lighthouse is located. 

Meanwhile, the West Side is known for its rugged terrain. Visitors to the island take a trip to the West Side to visit the famous Waimea Canyon which is called the “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” The view in this area of the island is simply spectacular. 

For snorkeling and scuba diving, vacationers go to the South Shore specifically in Shipwreck Beach. Po’ipu Beach, which belongs to the top ten best beaches in the world, can be found in South Shore as well. 

Enjoying the sceneries and the various activities in the island can be easy if you have the right rental packages. Fortunately, in most of the areas of the island, you’ll be able to get accommodations from dorm-type rooms to private rooms which are ideal for backpackers.

These kinds of accommodations are perfect of vacationers who are strictly on a budget. Often, even small hostels offer packages that include the room rent and daily tours for guests. Island accommodations also now offer specialized services or add-ons like high speed internet access. 

If you’re aiming to play golf most of your stay in Maui and you can afford a good hotel, the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua or the Kapalua Villas come to mind. The main advantage of these hotels is that they are all located in Kapalua, where three Kapalua golf courses are in full operation.

The type of licensed Maui vacation rentals you will be having depends on the type of vacation you want in the island. If having a golf vacation is your objective then the above mentioned hotels could be the ideal place to stay. If you’re the backpacker type, there are a number of cheap accommodations in the area as well. 

Looking for Maui Vacation Rental Homes?

Looking for Maui vacation rental homes will not be a problem, there are hundreds of rental condos and vacation houses scattered all over the island. Reputable rental agencies offer rental homes from the luxurious to the more economical ones. They offer both short term and long term vacation rentals for privately owned homes, perfect for that getaway that you badly need. 

Often times a family would enjoy a vacation rental home instead of a hotel room for various reasons. One, vacation rentals are complete with amenities and are often fully furnished just like your own house. You have a bigger space to move about and can truly relax unlike in cramped hotel rooms which are much more expensive considering the space. 

You will get the benefits of using a fully equipped kitchen. There’s usually a washer and dryer as well. Entertainment systems such big screen TVs, stereo, DVD players are usually included in the package. Internet connections and cable are also available. 

Aside from individual house, vacation rentals usually range from cottages, to villas, to condos, and even bungalows. These can be situated in beach fronts or are located in much more secluded areas for more private and romantic getaway. When picking the location for the rental home areas like the beach or entertainment centers and even shopping centers are elements that you should at least consider. 

Also, some other things that you need to consider is what activities you have plan for your vacation. If you planned an itinerary of snorkeling, diving, and other water sports stuff, then you should consider getting a vocational rental close to the beach. Easier access means more time to enjoy yourself. 

Having a vacation rental near the ocean also opens up more activities. There’s whale watching, fishing, and other stuff that you could enjoy. On the one hand, renting a vacation home near the mountains opens up activities like hiking and biking. The mountain has its own allure, after all. 

Another reason why opt to get a vacation rental home rather than a hotel room is the view. This is especially true to beach front properties. You can’t get the same view in a room up on the upper floors of a big hotel. 

When you look at the window you’ll see the ocean and the beach, there’s something calming and relaxing about all of these. Also, some vacation rentals offer other amenities aside from the basics. These, however, may be more expensive that those that offer just the basic. 

The space these vacation rentals have to offer is perfect for family vacations or group of friends. If you compute the total expenses and distribute it among a group of five or ten friends, most of the time it will come of as cheaper than checking in hotel rooms which can accommodate only 2-3 persons per room. 

And because of the available space, vacationers can have a variety of fun activities plus they can do these simultaneously. While others bask under the tropical beach sun, others play volleyball on the beach, and still others play music under the palm trees. 

In a nutshell, choosing Maui vacation rental homes will all depend on your needs and budget. But don’t fret, you’ll be able to find a good one for sure, all you need is to look around and ask around. 

Low Cost Vacation in Maui, not Impossible

If you’re tight on the budget and yet still wants to have a swell of a great time in Maui, then here’s an exciting tip: you can have a low cost Maui vacation if you just know where to look. And here’s where we’re going to help.

We will tell you some of the things that you could do in Maui that will not burn a hole in your wallet. You will be able to sleep well tonight knowing that the family fortune in that old wooden chest of yours will stay safe and sound.

Let’s first make things clear, cheap does not automatically mean inferior in any way. In the first place, you’re in Maui, you’re in Hawaii. With the ambiance alone, you can’t possibly hate such a wonderful place. With the great beaches, the forest trails, waterfalls, underwater adventures, the marine life, whether you enjoy your stay in the island is really up to you. Second point, the various cheap activities you could do in the island just happened to be free in the first place. 

If you’re going to rent a car during your stay in the island, you might as well go for a scenic drive. Most will tell you that Maui has an already alluring scenic route, regardless of where you go, you will end up captivated with the surroundings. But if you want to be certain, take the Road to Hana or the West Maui Circle. Both routes can be quite interesting. It would be ideal to begin your tour early in the morning to cover more roads and scenic stops. 

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll need to exert some extra effort for this activity. Make sure you get up early, hours before the sun rises. Get your outdoor gear in order and begin trekking the side of the mountain of Haleakala all the way to the top and hopefully you’ll be on time to see mother nature at her best. 

Pack some food along the way, make sure you charge the batteries of you digital camera, and some gas money and you’re on your way. 

If you’re going to the beach, one activity that you should never miss is snorkeling. Maui has some of the best snorkeling spots in the world. If you’re already there, you might as well rent some snorkeling gear, which doesn’t cost much, and take a plunge into an underwater adventure. 

If you have some extra cash with you, you can upgrade a snorkeling experience into a scuba diving expedition. But I might be taking it too far since we’re talking vacation on a budget here. Probably the best known places to go snorkeling in Maui are in the beaches of Ka'anapali, Kamaole and Honolua on the West side of the island. 

Well if you don’t feel like snorkeling, which I will never understand why, the best plausible activity you can do on the beach is to….do nothing. Basking under the tropical sun with friends and family, enjoying the white sand, doing family stuff or plain lounging along is an experience that will hardly cost anything. Although, you will need to pay for the sunscreen lotion but that’s something you should not cringe about. 

Having a low cost vacation in Maui is not only possible, but is actually doable. All you need is a little planning, get information from locals on the best places to go since most of the time the fun places are open secrets among locals. Remember, your vacation is only fun and memorable if you make it. 

Looking for the perfect Maui Beach Vacation Club

Most people who go to Hawaii would like to come back again in the future. If you are having a hard time looking for accommodations especially during the peak season, why not join a Maui beach vacation club?

The concept of becoming a member of the beach vacation club is usually to share in the maintenance costs of the place. To become a part a member, you have to invest a certain amount of money which is better known as time sharing which entitles you to use the place or rent it out. This could be from two weeks or even longer annually depending on your agreement. 

A few companies that engage in this include the Disney vacation club, Hyatt Vacation Club, Starwood Vacation Ownership and Westgate Resorts. 

If this is way beyond your budget, you can also find out if there are some members that are willing to sell theirs.  On average, these are sold at one to two third the actual cost. You can find some of these online so there are many ways to become a member. 

Why should you invest in a Maui Beach Vacation Club? This is because the island itself has breathtaking views, pristine beaches and a host of other things that you will never find anywhere else. 

Best of all, a lot of vacationers fly here during the summer and winter months so you are sure to get your money’s worth.  

By having the option to buy ownership, you get to save money in the long term because you don’t have to pay for escalating vacation packages that increase annually and this is regardless whether you choose to invest in a resort, a hotel or a condominium. 

But Maui is not the only place in the world that offers timesharing. The American Resorts Development Association reports that there are over 5 thousand of these all across the globe. There are over two thousand of these in the US with almost 4 million members. 

These are not only situated by the beach but also properties situated in mountains, lakes, rivers and major cities.

If you are not happy anymore with your Maui Beach Vacation Club membership, you can also sell these to get something better. 

You can do this by inviting potential buyers to participate in a time share presentation for free or you charge them a one time registration fee. 

There are also exchange programs available especially for those who want to visit other places without losing what they currently have. 

They to getting a good deal whether you are selling, buying or simply exchanging for a short while is choosing the right season. After all, no one will want to visit the beach property you have during the monsoon season or visit your lodge when it isn’t snowing. 

But the best way is still to come up with your own discounts, incentives and promos. The tourism industry has a low and peak season so you still have to generate revenue when there are not that many visitors coming. 

The best part about the Maui Beach Vacation Club is that the weather doesn’t change much all year round. It stays between 75 to 85 degrees so it won’t be that hard to find buyers soak up in the sun. 

Finding Maui Family Vacation Rentals

One place you and your family should not miss going to is Hawaii. There is a lot to see and do in this place and instead of staying in a hotel, why not go for a Maui Family Vacation Rental?

A Maui family vacation rental is far different from a hotel because you will be able to rent a fully furnished home that is bigger than a hotel suite. You can cook your own food, do your own laundry and just relax. The best part about it is that this frequently costs a fraction of the price that you pay for in a hotel.  

Most of these places offer privacy much better than a bed and breakfast or hotel since you won’t have to encounter any staff that come in and tidy up the room. For those coming home late after a tour, you can easily cook something up instead of housekeeping telling you that their kitchen is closed for the evening. 

You will surely enjoy the outside patio that could give you a great view of the ocean when you wake up in the morning or during sunset that makes this it very “homey” and make it a more relaxing vacation for you and your family. 

So how do you find a Maui family vacation rental? A lot of these can be found online while you can also enlist the help your travel agent or a realtor that specializes in leasing homes to tourists. 

For those who want to do this without any help, they should simply get in touch with the homeowner, perhaps haggle a bit with the price and then ask for references so you know that the place you are going is safe and secure. 

As for customers who don’t want to do the leg work, they can tell the person they hired where they want to go and how many will be in the party so they can find the right place that is suitable for the family. 

Soon, you will be able to find a vacation rental that will suit your budget. You can then plan on our itinerary on the island like going shopping, snorkeling, hiking and a host of other outdoor activities that the place is known for. 

Being alone with your family has one slight drawback and that is the fact that you will have to clean up the place yourselves. But if you think about it, this is something you do in your very own homes so it shouldn’t be a problem when this place you will be staying in for the next few days will be your second home way from home.

The average stay of people who want to stay at a vacation rental is a week. Just remember that despite everything, it is still much cheaper to stay here than staying at hotel even when you are charged 11.42% accommodation tax.  

Just the same, be aware that the rates of family vacation rentals vary depending on the time of the year you decide to have your trip. The peak rate applies during mid-December to end March and again in late June until the end of September. 

So on your next trip, book ahead and see what Maui family vacation rentals are like. You are sure to get your money’s worth and a good time.

Maui Golf Vacation Packages

Golf is a very popular sport. This is why there are golf courses all over the world so if you want to play in a warmer climate, why not inquire about a Maui Golf Vacation Package?

The island of Maui is just one of five other islands that make up Hawaii. There are over 80 golf courses spread out in this area and 20 of them are in Maui. Some of these are world class golf courses like the one in Kapalua that happens to be the home of the Mercedes Championship. 

Along its coast, you will discover that there are 10 other courses that have been awarded and rated a 3.5 star or even higher. You don’t have to be a pro to be here since this is also open for casual golfers. 

If you happen to stay at the Maui Prince Hotel, you will find that there are two championship golf courses that are available to the guests. The Makena North Course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. that has a great view of Haleakala and the Pacific Ocean. The Southern course on the other hand has a breathtaking view of the mountains. 

When you avail of the Maui Golf Vacation Package, what is included here is the round trip airfare, fresh flower lei greeting upon arrival, and transfers from and to the airport. The package allows two people to play so play with your spouse or bring a friend so you can share the complimentary golf cart. 

While you are out in the green, the rest of your family can sign up for a guided tour or go snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing and a host of other activities. 

Another is the Wailea Golf Club that happens to be one of the most famous and expensive in the island. Those who have played there have said that the course is very challenging. The challenges each player will face are the different grasses, the unusual natural hazards and the winds that come from the ocean but this should not discourage you from taking the time to look at the ocean that can be seen from every section of the fairway. 

If you want to play elsewhere, reserving in most golf courses in Maui is easy since this can be done a few days in advance. Take note that in West Maui, courses are usually windy. Those located in South Maui and some in the West, have greens that break toward the ocean even if they do break uphill. As for golfing attire, it is acceptable to wear shorts here but some prohibit players from wearing denim. 

With perfect weather all year round between 75 to 85 degrees, you can hit the green anytime in one of the 20 golf courses that have been built on the island. In fact this demand has marked an increase in the development of other luxury resorts that cater to professionals and amateurs who are really into this sport. 

There are many travel agencies these days that offer Maui Golf Vacation Packages. You just have to decide where you want to play depending on the kind of backdrop or environment that you want to play in. For instance, players who want something different can play near the active Kilauea volcanic crater. 

Maui Vacation Condo that you can Use

Having good accommodations is essential when you decide to take a break. If you want something bigger than your hotel room, why not go for a Maui Vacation condo?

There are various ways to get a Maui vacation condo. The first option will be for you to book a reservation online. You can talk to the homeowner, ask for references and read reviews that are usually posted. 

The other is to have someone else do it for you like a travel agent or a realtor. You can rent a Maui vacation condo for a couple of days to even several months. You better have the money to pay for it so there won’t be any hassles during your stay.  

One place in the island where you can find a lot of vacation condos is in Kihei. Each of the units here are fully furnished and stocked so you don’t have to buy anything at the grocery. 

The price range in these places varies from $400 to almost $30,000 per week. This depends on the amenities, size, quality and location. 

Is there a difference when you get a condo by the beach than those in a rural area? Definitely the answer is yes. This is because you will have to drive to see the scenic spots in the island where as if this is an ocean front property, it is just walking distance. 

Tourists who are renting a vacation condo in Lahaina can walk over and join a tour that is two hours in length that allows you to visit 20 sites. This will give you time to learn the history of the island and even the origin of surfing. 

Aside from Lahaina, you may also find vacation condos in the towns of Kaanapali and Kapalua. Here, you may engage yourself in kite surfing, sailing and a host of other outdoor activities. Keep in mind though that the closer the unit is to the beach, the more expensive and luxurious it will be. 

If you enjoyed renting a Maui vacation condo, why not buy one? There are more than 2 million tourists from the US and Canada that travel here and more from other parts of the world and the island itself has been names the Best Island for 12 years in a row. This means that it is an investment that will continue to grow.

You will also be able to stay here for free when you decide to return to the island so you can enjoy the sun, the sand and the ocean. In fact, there are units available for sale in Na Hale O Makena that has amenities like a gym, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and a barbecue area for only $2 million. 

Once you have found a prospective unit to purchase, take some time out to see the property as there have been some who have been victimized. If you don’t like it look elsewhere because there are others for sale all over the island. 

There is no doubt that you can get both comfort and privacy when you decide to rent or even buy a Maui vacation condo. The activities and experiences here will not happen anywhere else so make the most of it when you are here on vacation with your family for the next few days. 

Maui Vacation Homes that you can Rent

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel somewhere and enjoy the same amenities that you have in your own home? This is possible especially if you look for a Maui vacation home. 

Why go to Maui? This is because it is considered to be the best vacation spot for tourists coming from the mainland. Over two million guests go here annually and this number is expected to increase because it offers some of the best getaway places on earth. 

Maui vacation homes are located near beaches and golf courses. Three of these happen to be D.T. Fleming Beach, Kaanapali Beach and Wailea Beach that have been voted as some of America’s top beaches. 

Aside from soaking up in the sun, you can join in deep sea fishing charters and whale watching cruises. Those seeking adventure can take a helicopter ride over the island or do some nature trekking in the rain forest. 

A typical Maui vacation home can accommodate between ten to twenty give people. For about $7,500, you and your family can get to enjoy sleeping in one of eight bedrooms, take showers without anyone telling you to hurry up, enjoy watching a movie in an indoor theater, play billiards, workout and best of all enjoy watching the sunset on the Pacific. 

Don’t think for one second that booking for a Maui vacation home is difficult. A lot of these homeowners post for vacancies on the web so all have to do is plan when this is going to happen. 

When you inquire about a prospective Maui vacation home, don’t forget to ask what is included in the price. You should also verify the safety of the neighborhood and ask for some references. 

If you are not happy with the Maui vacation homes you have seen so far, this is the time that you get in touch with a realtor who is more familiar with the area. This person will all the background checks and leg work so are sure to get a great place to rent for the next few days.

The one thing you have to do when you rent a Maui vacation home is clean up as you go. Why? This is because there is no housekeeping that you tidy up the room after you wake up in the morning so it is your responsibility to do so. 

Another way to save money for a Maui vacation home is through timesharing. This guarantees that you can use the place for 2 weeks annually for a number of years which you may find convenient since the prices of rental homes and hotel accommodations increases in time. 

You won’t find it hard to get a Maui vacation home since these are available all year round even during the peak season. This is probably because more people prefer to stay in hotel but if they knew how much cheaper it was, then perhaps this is the only time that things will change. 

There are a lot of Maui vacation homes on the west side of the island. You can also to stay in either a beachfront villa or a residential condo. The lifestyle in any of these places is very laid back and is centered on outdoor activities.

So forget about watching cable. You are here to do something different so enjoy the sights and sounds of what nature has to offer.  

Maui Vacation Ocean Front Rental 

One thing that the beautiful island of Maui is known for are its beaches. If you want to spend a few days here, you can book a reservation at a hotel or you can try something different like getting a Maui vacation ocean front rental. 

Maui vacation ocean front rental is normal in the island. This is because it gives the homeowners revenue while tourists a place to stay that is more affordable than staying in a hotel. However, you should know that ocean front rentals are still expensive and if you can’t afford it, you will have to look for a place that is a bit far from the beach. 

But if money is no object, here are still a few things you should do. 

First, ask the homeowner to see the place first before you agree to their terms. Surely there are reviews and pictures posted online and this can only tell you so much. So like the old saying goes, “to see it so believe.”

While you are looking, see to it that this place has all the amenities that you are looking for. 

Since cost is always a factor, make sure that this fits within your budget. If the rate per night is $100, don’t forget to add accommodation tax that’s current rate happens to be at 11.42 percent. 

You won’t be staying in the ocean front rental the whole day. So, learn more about surroundings and find out what water sports and other activities are there available. After all, you are here to relax and engage in some outdoor stuff rather than lying in bed which you can do in your very own home. 

Those who are happy can move in while those who are not should probably have a back up plan and also book a reservation in advance. 

If you follow this simple guide, you are sure to find a place that you will like regardless if this is a condo or a house. 

One place worth checking out a Maui vacation ocean front rental is in the town of Kihei.  Aside from the breathtaking views, there are three nearby beaches that are walking distance from each other and you can hop on board a small boat to visit the nearby islands. 

Some places here offer more than just a home like staff to help clean up the place and chefs to cook whatever you want. 

If you enjoyed your stay at one of Maui’s vacation ocean front rental properties, you can consider buying one because the island itself is a popular tourist destination. You can rent the place to families or those on honeymoon. 

But if the price is way beyond your budget, you can try time sharing which enables you to lease the place or use it when it is your turn. 

With a Maui ocean front view rental, you don’t have to drive far or rent a car. You can take a dip in the pool. Jacuzzi or go for a swim in the deep blue sea since it is just walking distance from where you live.

You will just need to pack your suit and bring a long your towel then just come back when the weather outside is too hot or when it is getting dark. 

Having a Great Deal on Maui Vacation Packages

With all the stress living in the modern era gives, Maui vacation packages can give you and your loved one or your entire family the total relaxation and fun they need. But, before packing up your things up and go to an ultimate vacation in Hawaii's second largest island—Maui—it is best to find the cheapest and greatest Maui vacation packages there are. 

Finding great Maui vacation packages 

The best, easiest, cheapest, and most convenient place where you can look for great Maui vacation packages is the Internet. With just several clicks on the mouse, you can open multiple sites that offer cheap yet great Maui vacation packages for you. 

To be able to find a great deal in Maui vacation packages, it is best to spend time researching. By doing this, you can find out when is the best time to go on a Maui vacation and pay half the price. If you are on a tight budget and you would want to on a vacation in Maui, it is best to book for flight during low season. This will ensure that you get decent flights and accommodation that are relatively cheaper compared to the regular rates during the peak season. 

The following are some of the considerations that you need to pay attention to in order to get great Maui vacation packages: 

1. When are you planning to go on a Maui vacation? This is very important because it will greatly depend the cost of your entire vacation. For those who want to go there on peak seasons, expect higher airfares and higher accommodation rates. Peak season are from the middle December to March and on the 1st week of June to the month of September.

To avoid paying the regular rates for peak season, book your flight on April to May or on October to November. By doing this you can make sure that you will get great accommodations and flights at lower rates. 

2. How many are going on this trip? This is also a very important aspect to consider when looking for Maui vacation packages because the head count will determine how much you will have to spend. Knowing the total number of people who will be going in the vacation because it will give you an idea on what you will need like room size, accommodation, food, and other miscellaneous expenses.  

3. What kind of accommodation you need? Knowing exactly kind of what accommodation you want and you need would make it easier for you to look for Maui vacation packages that will suit your budget. When thinking of accommodations, consider not only your needs but also the needs of your companion or the people who will be joining your trip. 

4. What are the things or activities you want to do during your vacation? Having a shot list of what you would want to do during the length of your stay will give you an idea what are the best choices for Maui vacation packages for you. If you money to spend, choose those vacation packages that include tours in various historical sites and other interesting sites nearby.

Also, choose those vacation packages that include entrance fees in various museums so you won't have to worry carrying another type of currency. If you are in a tight budget, choose vacation packages that only cover the airfare and accommodation. This will save you more cash when you get to the destination. It is up to you how to budget the rest to maximize your vacation. 

A Perfect Maui Vacation Rental 

Whether you’re the type of person who is fond of going to uncharted and unexplored territories for adventure or the type who loves to meet people with diverse cultures and backgrounds, a Maui vacation is definitely for you. But, for you to be able to discover and rediscover some of the world's richest resources, it is a must to have a decent place to stay in and this could be a Maui vacation rental. 

Being a favorite vacation destination, Maui offers a lot of vacation rentals to cater anybody's lodging needs. In this island, you can find countless options for a vacation rental. If you are not wise enough in choosing which one can match your temporary lodging needs, you may end up blaming yourself for not conducting a research before going there. 
Choosing the best Maui vacation rental for you

A vacation rental is ideal for people who would go on a vacation as a group such as family vacations. This is because the structure itself is made for people who will be staying for a long period of time and has at least four to six members. If you are not traveling with a group of people, it is best that you choose other types of accommodation. 

The first major consideration in choosing a Maui vacation rental is the size. This is because the size of the room will guarantee the comfort of the group or family members you are with. It is always best to think of the size you will need to ensure that everybody has the space of their own during their stay in Maui. Options may include cottages that are small yet cozy, medium-sized and cut villas, spacious condominiums, roomy bungalows that are made of native materials including bamboo, or large individual houses.

Another major consideration would be the amenities inside the vacation rental. This is very important especially if you are on a vacation with kids. Having children around means that you need a safer place complete with amenities to attend to their individual needs.

It is best to choose a vacation rental that offers the amenities of a home including basic kitchen equipment and appliances, entertainment set including a colored-TV with cable and DVD player, a clean washroom area with hot and cold shower, soft bed with clean beddings and pillows, and dryers. (TIP: Don’t choose those vacation rentals that offer so many amenities because it will only tempt you to stay in the room instead of exploring nearby places.)

Next consideration would be the location of the Maui vacation rental. This is will greatly depend on your purpose of going there. If you want to veer away from the business of world, opt for a vacation rental that is located in a secluded and faraway place. If you want privacy, opt for vacation rentals that have private lawns and access to the beach. And if you want easy access to the heart of the island, choose rentals that are near the shopping and activity areas so you can always be part of the happenings and events anytime you want to. 

In choosing a Maui vacation rental, it is always best to choose the one that would suit your personal tastes, preferences, and needs. This is to ensure that you won't homesick when you realize that you don’t have the things that you used to have back in your home.

Once you have found the ideal vacation rental for you while searching online, make sure that you book early to avoid losing the spot that you want.  

A Primer on Maui Vacation Rentals

Being on a Maui vacation would give you a picture of yourself in immersed in white sand, enjoying abundant nature, thrilling adventure, and mixed culture. You can also picture yourself enjoying water fun adventures, beach combing, nightlife, wildlife, and social life. But before you get overwhelmed in these activities, take some time off to think about the place where you can stay in such as Maui vacation rentals.

Maui is a very popular tourist destination. To meet with every tourist’s accommodation needs, be it style or budget, the island has many options. You can lap up the luxury by renting an oceanfront suite or cottage, a quaint little bed-and-breakfast, or - if you are traveling with a large group or family or are staying for a long period - a house or condo.

Getting great deals on Maui vacation rentals 

In Maui, more and more tourists prefer vacation rentals because these provide them a decent place to stay in during their stay. Maui vacation rentals also offer great deals when it comes to budget because majority of them provide packages in inclusive of lodging and food. However, the rates are not always the same all throughout the year. So you cannot expect to pay the same amount that you have paid on your last Maui vacation. 

Just like in other destination spots and places, the rates in Maui vacation rentals greatly depend on the season. It should be expected that during peak seasons—including the months of December to March and during June to September—there are higher charges of rental rates. This is because people from all parts of the globe are coming in to enjoy a great summer beach vacation.

If you prefer to visit Maui at these times, make sure that you have early bookings so you will not end up wandering over the place and looking for a place to stay in. It is also advisable to book flights this early to know the exact date of your arrival in Maui and inform the rental place to prepare your accommodation. (REMINDER: As a standard procedure, Maui vacation rentals charge 11.42 percent as accommodation tax to all its customers.)

Maui vacation rentals are always best for those who are coming for a family or group vacation because they can maximize the space and length of time staying in the place. Choices for Maui vacation rentals include houses or lodgings situated in private areas, near the beach, or close to the mainland where there can be an easy access to shopping areas and entertainment spots. 

When it comes to types of vacation rentals, you cam chooses from small to medium–sized cottages that have cozy ambiance, attractive villas that are near the beach, modern condos near to activity areas, old-fashioned bungalows made of bamboo and other native materials and individual houses that are meant for rentals.

When it comes to amenities, Maui vacation rentals can provide you with almost everything that you need. This, of course, will depend on the type of rental that you have chosen.

You can expect that majority of the Maui vacation rentals are furnished completely with amenities of a usual home—some of them are even more roomy and spacious—including complete kitchen equipment, washers, dryers, colored TV sets with or without DVD player, stereo or components, linen sets that are freshly-washed, and clean tubs. 

Must-knows Before Going to a Maui Vacation

A Maui vacation can be a great treat for anybody. Especially to those people who are often gets stressed out by the modern world. This is because this can give you a perfect break away from all the toxicities modern life has to offer.

But, before going into a Maui vacation, take some time to know the place that you are planning to go to. This will really help you a lot in maximizing the time you are going to spend there. 

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is you schedule during your vacation. Since you don’t have all the time in the world to explore Maui during you vacation, it is best that you plot the list of activities that you will be doing during your stay. 

Your schedule might include the following: 

1. Visiting interesting sites and historical places. This is very important especially for first-time visitors because these tours can give them a primer and background about the place. For those who would want to know about the history of the place, they can visit historical sites including the Halekii-Pihana State Monuments which are ancient landmarks, the Olowalu Petroglyphs which tells the place's history based on ancient drawings in the rock, the Iao Valley State Park which is used to be a sacred burial place for Hawaiian royalties, the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum which tells everything about the plantation life in the place, and the Whalers Village Whaling Museum which contains numerous artifacts on whaling, murals and graphics that depict sea life since 1800s. Other points of interest may include visits the Banyan Tree which is 60-ft. tall, visit the tiny island of Molokini island, dive or snorkel in Black Rock, visit the Seven Sacred Pools and a tour to the Haleakala National Park. 

2. Water adventures and beach activities. A Maui vacation is nothing if you don’t get to experience its beaches and the water activities waiting for you. During your stay, it is a must that your try out surfing, snorkeling, kite boarding, scuba diving and wind surfing. You can do these water activities in Molokini, Paia, or in Hookipa. If you are into tamer water activities, enjoy the sight of friendly humpback whales at Wailea. 

3. Land adventures and nature tripping. Because of its rich landscape, these activities are a must during a Maui vacation. Make sure that you try various land activities such as biking, horseback riding, hiking, and off-road trips because these are definitely an out-of-this world experience. You can also opt for off-road nature tripping and discover the hidden treasures and extraordinary flora nearby. 

4. Nightlife, food trip, and relaxation choices. These are also must-see and must-haves during a Maui vacation because they are truly unique. Make sure that your schedule permits you to have a night out and enjoy traditional dances along with regional food choices and authentic cuisine that will truly delight you. After an exhausting night of dancing and food trip, try relaxation options such as local spas for an ultimate Hawaiian relaxation treat. 

5. Shopping. This is also a must for a Maui vacation because you get to shop from various department and local stores as well as boutiques that offer unique clothing pieces and accessories. Here, you can also find unique and authentic Maui-inspired pieces, which you can bring home and share with your loved ones, family members, and friends. 

Going on Maui Vacations

Crystal beaches, a topography that is dazzled with a various landscapes, coral islands that lie on mirror flat water—are not these reasons enough for you to indulge in Maui vacations? 

For certified sun-worshippers, Maui vacations are almost every traveler’s dream of a tropical island came to life. The combination of balmy weather, pristine beaches, and luxurious resorts dashed with all the frills of modern living would definitely make the beach vacation worthwhile.

Aside from the imminent grand adventure to look forward to, Maui vacations also best suit those people who are living busy lives and would want to take a break or even for those who are fond of traveling and nature lovers.

What you need to know before going off 

It pays to conduct a research before going into Maui vacations because this can help you save time and effort once you get there. If you already know what to do, where to go, and how to get there, it will save you more time to enjoy your great vacation. 

The following are some of the things that you need to pay attention to before going on Maui vacations: 

1. Prioritize what you want to do. During Maui vacations, there are so many things that you can do. You can go swimming in the prestigious beaches of Maui, visit historic places, take a nature trip and breath the fresh environment, or indulge in various activities. Before going into Maui vacations, make sure that you know what you would want to do so you can save more time in doing the things you love the most. 

2. Have background information in the place you are going to. It is best to conduct a research and get the basic information in the place you are planning to go to because it will give you more time to maximize your vacation. It can also help you prepare the things that you might need in going to a specific place.

Pay attention to details such as time differences, means of transportation in getting around, entry requirements such as visas or passports, the best time to visit a specific place in Maui, what are the things that you will need in your Maui vacation, paying and cash registrations, and places to stay in. 

3. Know what are the best historical places that you should visit. Since you don’t have the luxury of time to visit Maui anytime, it is best that you visit the "must-see" places when going on Maui vacations. Take time to conduct brief research on historical places in Maui including the Halekii-Pihana State Monuments, Olowalu Petroglyphs, Iao Valley State Park, Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, and the Whalers Village Whaling Museum. 

4. Know what kind of beach vacation and beach that you want. When people go on Maui vacations, it is a must to visit beaches. Being in a tropical country, Maui is famous for having all kinds of beaches there are. To avoid confusion, establish what kind of beach vacation you would want. You can choose beaches meant for romantic vacations and group or family vacations.

Also, know what kind of beach you would want to stay. You can opt for pristine beach and quiet beaches away from the events in the mainland or beaches where you can have easy access to all events and sights nearby. 

Maui Vacation Rental, The Right Stuff

Every vacationer dreams of having the perfect holiday. And the perfect holiday means having lots of fun, maximum enjoyment, being able to relax, but not spending too much that he’ll end up with nothing after the vacation. Well at least this is how most folks think. Now, Maui is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. And with that distinction come a price, a hefty price that is.

It’s quite understandable really to have costly Maui vacation rentals and steeper holiday costs than other vacation places since the area has superb services to offer. Even so, if you look at the right places you will get the best deal. Don’t think that the perfect vacation is still out of reach. 

Hotels, condos, and home rentals are in good supply in Maui. A big crowd of vacationers would prefer and demand luxury. It’s their vacation after all, to some it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so make the most out of it. Rentals vary from really expensive condos and hotel rooms to affordable guest cottages and even economical house rentals. When you go with the more expensive ones, you are assured of professional services that are really top of the line. 

And because there are a lot of vacation rentals in Maui. The key is to know what you want. Don’t be waylaid to get accommodations that falls beyond your budget. Maui offers luxury condo and home rentals, that’s true. If luxurious types of rentals are beyond your budget, go with the backpacker types of accommodations which the island is also rich with. 

However, if you choose to go with the latter, you need to accept the fact, here and now, that you get what you pay for. These kinds of accommodations will not match the home rentals in Kihei, Kaanapali, and Wailea. But compared to the prices, the backpacker-type of accommodations are way cheaper allowing you to spend more for the actual vacation stuff. 

But don’t get me wrong, backpacker-type accommodations are not as decrepit as you might think. There are fine, cheap places in the island which is waiting to be discovered. It’s like a little secret among locals that is why it is important to ask around. 

To get you started, it would be best to search the areas in South West Maui where you’ll find Kihei and Wailea areas. There’s a stretch of shopping centers, condos and beach parks there where you might find some great and decent places to stay. The good thing in staying at the area are the find beaches in Wailea and if you’re a golfer, the golf courses in the area are world class. 

Meanwhile, in the North Shore area of Maui lay the Kanaha and Hana beaches. Here you’ll find the well known Ho’okipa beach park. There are some small hostels in the area which can accommodate around fifty guests at the most. 

If you’re looking at West Maui vacation rentals, you’ll find them close to the Kapalua Beach where you will also find three golf courses in the vicinity. 

Hamoa Beach, Red Sand Beach, Seven Sacred Pools, and Waianapanapa State Park can be found in the East Maui side. If you get Maui vacation rentals in this area you’ll get to enjoy more outdoor activities like snorkeling, hiking, biking, diving, and even lava tube cave exploring. 

Finding Maui, Hawaii House Vacation Rentals

Don’t you just wish you can go somewhere and enjoy everything that you have at home? Don’t look any further because there are places in Maui, Hawaii that offer house vacation rentals. 

Why should I travel all the way to Maui? Because you will probably miss one of the best places to be on this planet and never get to experience what more than two million visitors see annually. There are the beaches, the waterfalls, the culture and a host of other things that you won’t find anywhere else in this world. 

Most house vacation rentals are located near beaches and golf courses. Examples of these include D.T. Fleming Beach, Kaanapali Beach and Wailea Beach that were voted as some of America’s top beaches. 

Aside from sunbathing on the island, you can also your adventure to the sea as there are deep sea fishing charters and whale watching cruises. Those who want to fly can go on a helicopter ride over the island. 

House vacation rentals are not the only places you can stay in Maui. There are also condos but if are a large party, you will have to stay in a house that has several bedrooms and baths. 

Chances are, you will spend $7,500 but this is already good for a week’s stay in one of these establishments which is still much cheaper than what you can expect to pay if you booked in a hotel. 

So how do you book for a house vacation rental in Maui? Well, since inquiring by calling long distance is costly, why don’t you do some research online. You will be able to get in touch with the homeowner directly, see pictures of the rooms and even ask for some references. If you don’t like what you see when you get there, you can always look elsewhere. 

The big difference between a house vacation rental and a hotel is that no one will clean up after you. This means you will have to take out the garbage, wash the dishes, cook your own food and do your own laundry. This shouldn’t be difficult when you do this at home so this should never be a problem. 

Those who enjoyed their vacation in Maui may like to come back and instead of paying the same amount or even higher the next time around, they can save money by investing in what is known as time sharing. 

Basically, you become a part owner of the place and you can use the place for 2 weeks annually for a number of years or rent it out when it is your turn. A lot of people see this is as a profitable investment given that the weather stays the same all year round so there will always be guests willing to pay for good accommodations. 

So, if you are looking for a place to stay in Maui, Hawaii, forget the hotel and go for a house vacation rental. It isn’t everyday that you can be close to nature to hear the waves crashing to the shore or watching the sunset in the afternoon.

There are plenty of things to do on the island and if you just want to stay home, go look out at the window or sit on the sand.  

Vacation In Maui: What You Can Expect

Surveys have shown that two of the most visited islands in the US are Maui and Hawaii. You can take the word of those who have gone there or see it for yourself by planning your next vacation in Maui. 

Maui is located in the Hawaiian islands and is considered to be the Valley Isle as it located in between two volcanoes. It is the second largest island among Hawaii’s eight islands and has a lot of tropical rain forests, pristine beaches, clear waters, green pasture and rocky cliffs. 

The island itself great to visit during any time of the years because the weather stays between 75 to 85 degrees all year round which isn’t too hot or too cold. If you are interested in spending your next vacation here, try booking online or have your travel agent take care of the leg work. This vacation will surely be memorable when you bring back some souvenirs and a lot of pictures.  

Tourists can stay either at the Western or Eastern part of Maui. The west is the biggest tourist destination and is home to most resorts located in the towns of Lahaina, Kaanapali and Kapalua. But if you want to avoid the crowds, go the East where you can trek through the rainforest, see some waterfalls and cross over one land bridges. 

The southern portion is also another huge tourist destination since there are hotel resorts located in Kihea, Makena and Wailea.

How can you start your tour in Maui? Well, you can probably start by hopping on board the Sugar Cane Train in Kaanapali to see how life was here before. You can then snorkel in maybe Wailea Beach so relax in its waters and see the black lava formations that mingle with the sand.  

For those who don’t want to swim, they can go whale watching; join a fishing cruise or a scenic sightseeing cruise. This will give the tourists the chance to learn more about the island and even intermingle with other tourists. 

In the evening, you an enjoy dinner on board a cruise that has music and dancing to let you have a romantic evening. These boats usually depart on the west side of the island and many of these can be found in Lahaina. These usually last 2 and half hours and you are required to arrive early. 

When you get back to the island, you may have a drink at the one of the open air bars or watch a fire dance. This show will surely amaze you as these individuals are able to do their demonstration unscathed. 

Before you leave, you should check out some of the art galleries. Who knows, there may be something here you would like to buy and display in your home. 

A vacation in Maui is not for families but also for couples as well who are on honeymoon or celebrating their anniversary. This is because you can choose to stay in a secluded place so you guys will be able to enjoy each other’s company without any disturbances. 

This vacation in Maui may be your first but surely this will not be your last. Because of the breathtaking views and the friendly people, chances are you will come back again the years ahead or even recommend this place to family members and friends. 

Looking For Vacation Rentals in Maui, Hawaii

When people plan to go on a vacation, they think of two things. Where they want to go and where they will be staying. Most of us choose to stay in a hotel but did you know that you go for a vacation rental in Maui, Hawaii?

Yes! You can and when you decide to go for a vacation, you are not just getting one room but a house that has everything you need to make you feel at home like a kitchen, living room, washer and dryer, dining room, living room and a host of other amenities. 

As for the cost, you will be surprised to know that they are more affordable than staying in a hotel. Such properties are often near the beach or the golf course. This gives everyone something to do and nobody will ever get bored while you and your family are on vacation. 

Since you won’t have any household help unless you request for it, you will have to be the ones to keep the place tidy and clean. The minimum stay for guests in such places is a week so treat this place as though this was your own house and observe local practices like taking off your footwear before entering the house. 

Vacation rentals in Maui, Hawaii also go up and down just like the hotels. This is because a lot of visitors come in during mid-December and March then again in late Jun to early September and the homeowners want to maximize to earn as much revenue as possible. 

Some people might tell you that booking for a vacation rental is easy given that there are so many places in the island. But you have to remember that if you want a place that is near the beach, you better book ahead so there is still a place you can rent. 

There are two ways to book a vacation rental in Maui, Hawaii. The first is for you to make the reservation online. Your second option is call up your travel agent. 

Keep in mind that the rate given is not inclusive of tax and surcharges. You will have to add an 11.42% accommodation tax which is standard on the island.

So where are the best places to find a vacation rental in Maui, Hawaii? There are a lot of tourist attractions on the western side of the island so let’s point out those found in the three towns namely Kaanapali, Kapalua and Lahaina.

First, is the Hale Beach Resort located in Lahaina which is a four storey low rise condominium. It has a pool, Jacuzzi and walking distance from the ocean. In the late afternoon, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the islands of Lanai and Molokai.

Next is the Royal Kahana Resort. They have studio type rooms, as well as one and two bedroom unit available. Since it is right along the beach, you can jog near the shore or go to the gym to stay in shape then cool off swimming pool

Hale Red Palms is another place you can make a booking. It is very near the beach and golf course. Situated in the heart of Lahaina, you are sure to have some fun with all the activities they have in store for their guests. 

Each of these vacation rentals in Maui, Hawaii have something unique to offer to their guests. So, if you are planning a trip this summer, make it happen on a tropical island nestled in the South Pacific. 

Finding Vacation Rentals In Maui

When people go on vacation, they usually stay in a hotel. But if you want to try something new, why not get a vacation rental in Maui instead? 

Vacation rentals offer everything you want in your home away from home. It has a kitchen, living room, washer and dryer, dining room, living room and a host of other amenities. 

The best part about vacation rentals in Maui is that it is more affordable than staying in a hotel. You might be surprised to find one located near a beach or golf course and other commercial establishments so you don’t have to travel far when all you want to do is relax. 

Since you are a guest in the home, it is best to keep the place tidy and clean. For instance, it is a local practice to take off your footwear before you enter the house so follow the rules. 

How much does it actually cost? Well just like the hotels, the rates go up and down depending on the season.  Expect rates to be high during mid-December and March then again in late Jun to early September. 

So if you are planning a vacation during these times of the year, you better book ahead so there is still a place you can rent. You can do this online or by calling up your travel agent. Those who want to do it themselves can get in touch with the homeowner. 

One thing you have to keep in mind though is that you will be charged an 11.42% accommodation tax. This is standard so make sure to add that to what is written in the price tag. 

To give you an idea of where the best vacation rentals in Maui are, here are a few you can check out. 

First is the Hale Red Palms that is a private cottage located in Lahaina. From here, it is walking distance to both the town and the beach. It is considered to be the perfect hideaway when you want to leave the world as you know it behind. 

Next is the Valley Isle Resort that is in Kahana Beach in between Kaanapali and Kapalua. It has ocean front rooms, topical grounds, swimming pools and a barbecue area. Parking is free so you can drive around the island to take pictures, do some shopping and eat out

Near the Valley Isle Resort is the Maui Kaanapalis Villas. This is a condominium complex that is fully furnished and air conditioned. 

Then there is the Hale Beach Resort that is also a four story low rise condominium complex. It has an ocean front view and you can take a dip in the pool or go snorkeling by the ocean. You can even spend some time at the Jacuzzi 

The Royal Kahana Resort is another example. They have studio type rooms, as well as one and two bedroom unit available. 

Each room offers guests a view either of the Molokai or Lanai Island. There is a gym you can go to stay in shape and a sauna where you can cool off.  

Any of these vacation rentals in Maui will surely make your stay in this island a memorable one. You just have to book in advance so you get what you want out of it. 

What To Expect At A Maui Hawaii Vacation

One of the top vacation spots in the world is Maui, Hawaii. And who would not fall in love with this Hawaiian island. Maui is breathtakingly beautiful with its lush greeneries and blue waters. It is paradise in no uncertain terms. But besides the beautiful landscapes that it has, one of the things that truly makes Maui stand out is the number of activities that you can when you are in the island. You will definitely not be bored when you are on a vacation in Maui, Hawaii. 

There are a lot of things that you can do at this little island. This is pretty ironic considering just how small the island is. But you will be surprised at how many great things Hawaii has in store for you. 

Water sports
This is perhaps the first thing that will come to mind when you say Maui and Hawaii. With its great beaches, why would you think of another thing? Its deep clear waters are perfect for all kinds of water sports, from something as ordinary as swimming to parasailing and jet skiing. But one of the sports that have strongly been identified with this island is the surfing.

Surfing is big in Maui. In fact, international competitions and regional tournaments are often held in Hawaii for surfing. Here, you will see a gathering of some of the best surfers in the world. 

Another must do in the island of Maui is scuba diving. Underneath, you will experience the untouched beauty of the island. See exotic creatures and beautiful corals. Swim along with different species of fish. Scuba diving is a truly wonderful experience in Hawaii. 

When not swimming, most tourists in the island sunbathe to get those perfect tans. You can revel at Hawaii’s moderate temperature. Just make sure though that you have your sunscreens with you when you go out. This will protect you from the extreme heat of the sun. To keep you occupied, bring a book to read, something that you have been meaning to read but never had the time to.

Nightlife will always be exciting in Hawaii. Attend a campfire party where you can all gather around a bonfire and just dance the hula. Or, you can join the parties that hotels often organize by the beach or at their lobbies for tourists to enjoy. Drink, dance and just have a jolly great time. Remember that this is the time to relax and to just have fun.

Sight seeing
Besides its beaches, Maui has a lot to offer. Go sightseeing and see lots of great places. Visit museums and get to know the culture of the Hawaiians. If you don’t have a car of your own, you can join group tours which will surely be offered at your hotel. Just ask them for the schedule of the tours.

Read a book 
Who says you have to get out to the sun to enjoy Hawaii? You can also do this by relaxing inside the comforts of your own room and just enjoy the quiet and relaxing time together. You can just stay in bed and sleep the day away or maybe lounge in the tub and just meditate.

It’s actually all up to you. A Maui Hawaii vacation is, after all, a dream vacation.  

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