~How to keep personal phones calls from interrupting your sales call

 If you are a sales person and you depend on the phone to make a good living, you need to find a way to keep the lines clear. You should think about how many calls a day you get that are important for your sales business. After you do that you should then think about the amount of personal phone calls you get that interrupt you during your business calls.  This can be annoying and frustrating at the same time.

The one thing that you have to do is figure out a plan that will help you keep your calls in order. You do not want to be interrupted when you are trying to make the big sale.  Interruptions are considered something that is not necessary now.  Of course you want to know if you have a death in the family or if something bad has happened but there are certain things that you should not bother with at work.  This will go with the fact that you have to keep your business and your personal life separate. 

In order to maintain some type of focus in life you need to remember that you have to be determined and self devoted to making money when you are a sales person. You have to be willing to go out there and do your best no matter what.  It is important to figure out what is getting in your way and stop it at once.  Most of the time, people will find out that too much friends and family are bothering them.  

Having two different phone lines may be the right answer for you if you are holding a sales job and still want to receive personal calls. You might want to have personal calls only on your cell phone and the business calls managed by your landline at the office.  If you are working away from a desk you may want to have two cell phones on you at all times.  The one would be used for work only and the other would be for your personal calls to be handled. 

If two phones are not an option you may just want to keep your cell phone off during the day so that you are not bothered with personal calls.  This may be the best way to handle the problem of being bothered when you are trying to make or receive sales calls.  Remember making money with your sales position is one thing that you do not want to forget about.  You have to make sure that you are putting enough time into your sales and not talking on the personal line all the time.

Make certain times of the day for your personal time. You might want to make all the calls that you need to for sales in the morning or afternoon so that you are not being bothered with other things.  You should let people know your schedule so that they are not bothering you during the important sales times.  This is going to help eliminate the problem calls that you are getting so you will not have to stress over it.

Learning to manage your time is one of the most efficient ways to make your career soar. You want to be able to have your sales calls in and make the profits that you are looking for as well as give your family and friends time too.  The only thing that you can really do to rectify the situation is make time for both. You have to figure out a plan of action that is going to work best for you and never let either one interfere with the other.

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