~How to build a conversation with a stranger


Talking to people is not always someone's strongest point. Many have a hard time walking up to a stranger and making complete conversation.  This is not going to be an easy thing to do and no one should have to be forced to talk to anyone that they d o not like.  Building a conversation is something that you may have to get used to when you are in any sales position.  

Sometimes that stranger that you have to talk with is chosen for you.  You do not always get the luxury of picking out who and what you want to talk about.  You need to know that there are going to be incidents that you meet new people all the time and you simply have to figure out how to talk to them and what is most important.  

You might have to choose the person that you are talking to.  However sometime you might not get the opportunity to pick whom you are making conversation with. You may be introduced to a stranger at work or at a party.  It is up to you to make this conversation interesting and enjoyable for everyone.  Think about what you would like to talk about and try it. You may be surprised at the reaction you get. If you are not finding this method to work, you can then pick a different topic and move on.

If you choosing the person that you are talking to you might have to be a little more careful. You should use good judgment when you are doing this. You need to choose someone that is clean and looks friendly. You must use your gut feelings when you are picking a stranger in a public place to make conversation with. Some of the examples of public places that you may try and talk to a stranger are the subway, a party, bar, bank or even grocery store.

Starting with a compliment may be the right way to get their attention.  Let them know that you are impressed with their shirt or haircut.  Give them something to make them feel good so that they want to join in on a conversation with you.  You do not have to go overboard with this. You should pick something simple and be casual about it. 

Starting small when you are trying to build a conversation is key. You do not want to be too overwhelming. You want to think about your interests and then start with a simple story.  Give them something that they can listen to and get a laugh out of.  Laughing is always the best way to get someone interested in a conversation.  

Always make sure that you are a good listener when you are getting involved in conversation. It makes no difference if it is someone that you have known for years or if you just met them on the street, you need to be aware of the conversation and what they are trying to say.  Listen closely and try to join in on the conversation even if it is completely boring you to death. This may be your opportunity to spice it up a bit and make things more interesting.  The person may feel stuck in the topic and you might even be helping them out with something fresh.

You should never bail out of a conversation in a negative way. You need to be polite and considerate of the other person's feelings.  You might want to carefully change the subject or excuse yourself for another engagement.  If you are persistent enough you will find that it gets easier as time goes on to make conversation with just about anyone.  You can meet new people and make more friends with this type of skill .it is also great for most career opportunities as well.  

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