~Active Brains in Healing the Hidden Self


The brain must stay active in order to function properly. When you keep an active brain, it makes thinking easier. In addition, clutter does not build up as much, which helps us to stay focused. 

When the brain is disused, it causes ongoing emotional reactions. We begin to feel frustrated often because we repress and suppress important facts that make up a whole piece of a story we often try to recall about our history. 

In addition, when the brain is non-active, often we dwell on negative emotions, which make up anger, fear, resentment, guilt, doubt, and so forth. The negative emotions will continue to build up, which often leads to overwhelming stress. In addition, the way we perceive things becomes fuzzy.  

Keeping the brain active can help you avoid all these negative results. Daily we all can benefit from reading, writing, or enjoying any activity that forces us to use the brain. In fact, the more you use your brain the more your brain cells will expand. Studies have shown us that dying brain cells is the linking cause to death. The brain must replace new cells to replace dying cells. 

The brain has natural functions that make up the subliminal, subconscious and unconscious mind. These parts surround the crown, center and lower district of the brain in which we can express a stringently distorted or excessively simplified part of the brain. The brain’s natural functions control our bodily functions, such as our lungs and blood so that these necessities move smoothly throughout our body and brain. When these elements of our human make up are interrupted, it is often because someone failed to keep the brain active. 

Understanding the brain is a key element that can help you realize the essentialness of keeping the brain active. The more you use your brain, the more power you will develop. What results from expanded power? The ability to focus and heal the hidden self, 

Our body and mind requires daily activities or exercise. Failing to exercise the body and mind will cause two things to occur. The chief two things that will occur are - the muscles and joints will start to degenerate, which ultimately affects the prime function that keeps you alive, your brain. The brain goes through atrophy, which makes it impossible for anyone to heal the hidden self

Exercising the brain and body daily can expand your healing processes and self-development procedures. Our pathological processes can benefit if we set a goal to read, write or enjoy other activities daily that forces us to use the brain. By adding physical exercise to your plan, you can upshot your chances of healing the hidden self. 

Keeping the brain energetic through activities is the secret to healing the hidden self. When the brain is active, often it reveals every bit and piece of information readily that you need to heal the hidden self. For instance, think of a time when you were fully aware of your surroundings, actions, behaviors, habits, words, et cetera. Think about what occurred at that time. 

Most people do not experience this level of consciousness, yet those that do often find answers too many problems, since the active brain will reveal the secrets buried in the subliminal mind. 

The way we perceive things that we observe, hear, smell, taste, et cetera all play a chief role in healing the hidden self as well. Take some time to review articles on perceptions to enhance your experience in keeping the brain active. Be sure, to look for articles online that provide you facts, especially when you are trying to understand perceptions. 

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