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CD Mastering Engineers

If a recording artist or inspiring musician has

any hopes of having their songs played on the

radio, they'll need to have their rough mix 

mastered very well.  The best way to do this, is

to hire a CD mastering engineer.

Professional mastering engineers can make a 

decent audio mix sound great and a good mix 

sound completely amazing.  There are many different

things that CD mastering engineers can do.  They

will work with the artist to decide what order

the songs appear on the CD, and also equalize

the volume of the different instruments in each

song and across the entire CD.

They can also help to add more definition and

clarity to the instruments in a song.  Then,

they will adjust the introductions and ends of

the songs, choosing the length of time between

the songs and adding crossfades or other nice

effects if they need to.

The order in which the songs on a CD appear

can greatly affect the way the CD progresses

when it's played.  If similar sounding songs

are placed side by side on a CD, it can lead

listeners into thinking the artist has a very 

limited range.  It's ultimately up to the

CD mastering engineer to work with the recording

artist and choose the order of songs on the CD.

It's very important that the instruments in a

song and the songs on the CD be at an appropriate

volume level.  Within a song, the different

elements must be mixed appropriately in order

for the song to sound like it should.

The CD engineer can also give clarity and 

definition to the different instruments in a

song.  The engineer will also have the task of

assuring that the volume levels across all

of the songs are the same, in order to help

the CD sound more cohesive while still leaving

room for dynamics.

The CD mastering engineer will also determine

how much time there should be between the songs

on the CD.  They will also fade and crossfasde

the intros and endings of the songs to make 

them have a better flow.

For an interesting career, CD mastering engineers

is a great choice.  They make excellent money,

get to work with top artists, and enjoy what 

they do. If you like music, this career may be

what you've always wanted.  For those who are

already in the profession - it's a job unlike

any other out there in the world.

CD Ripper Software

CD ripper software will open up an entirely new

way of how you listen to music.  With the use of

CD ripping software, you can take audio tracks

from a CD and them into audio files for use on

your computer.  You can save them as WAV, MP3, OGG,

or WMA audio files.  The term "ripping" is the 

term used to describe this very process.

There are advanced CD ripper software as well, 

which allows you to convert back and forth between

these formats.  You can also get software that 

can record vinyl LPs and cassettes to create those

same audio files for your computer.

You can get a variety of ripper software programs

online by searching the internet.  Most software

is user friendly and offers you a variety of

options.  You should however, do some searching

and comparing before you decide which CD ripper

program is best for your needs.

Each type of CD ripper software will offer it's

own style and interface.  You should always make

sure the CD ripper software you choose is easy

to use and easy to understand.  It doesn't matter

how good the software is - if you can't use it.

When you explore the options of CD ripper software,

make sure you also check the software's editing

abilities.  With most programs, you can select

the output format for the music.  This will

include the bitrate, channels, and even the


Quality ripper programs will also tag the 

encoded audio files with medadata, which will

contain information about the artist, song title,

track number, and even the album title.  This

will automatically be input for the file.  

Another great feature with some ripper programs

is the ability to delete the silence at the

beginning or end of song tracks.  Some programs

will even give you the ability to edit the

songs themselves, giving you full control of

the sound provided by your files.

CD Terminology

Below, you'll find the most common terminology that

relates to CD duplication.  Even if you are new to

duplication, the terms below may help you learn more.


Block Error Rate.  This is the raw digital error rate

before any type of error correction.


This the Compact Disc, a digital medium that's formed

of a 12cm polycarbonate substrate, a reflective

metalized layer, and a protective lacquer coating.


Compact Disc-Recordable.  The term CD-R is used to

describe the technology of recordable CD along with

the equipment, software, and media that are used to

make the recordable disks.

Data layer

With CD-R media, this is the organic dye that is 

sandwiched between the polycarbonate substrate and

the metalized reflective layer of the media.  CD-R

disks don't have any data on them at all until the

are recorded. 

Injection Molding

This is a manufacturing method where the molten

material is forced into a mold, normally under

high pressure, then cooled so that the material

will take on the shape of a mirror image in the


Media or blanks

CD-R media are the disks that are used to record

digital information using a special recorder and

premastering software with a computer.  These discs

are made of a polycarbonate substrate, a layer of

organic dye, a metalized reflective layer, and a

coating of lacquer for protection.

Organic dye

The data layer of CD-R media is made from a dye

that is melted during the process of recording.

Where the dye is melted, becomes opaque or 

refractive, scattering the reading laser so that 

it isn't reflected back into the reading sensors.

Reflective layer

This is the  metal later that sits on top of the 

dye that reflects the laser beam back to the 

reading assembly.  This is normally 24k gold in

CD-R disks, although it can be silver as well.

CDR Brilliance

Several years ago, CD-R media and CD burners were

never imagined.  Computers were just reached the

GHz speed, with Pentium 1 just starting to reach

the horizons.  Floppy disks were the ideal way to

store data, even though it took several of them to

store most types of information.  Looking at things

today, you can see at a glance just how far technology

has come over the years.

These days, computers are in 2 out of 3 homes

across the world, with almost everyone owning one.

CD burners and CD-RW drives are just as popular,

with everyone realizing just how much money they

can save by burning their own disks and copying 

their own media.  

There are so many benefits to CD duplication and

CD-R disks that it's mind boggling.  If you've

never owned a CD-RW drive or dealt with CD-R media,

you'd be amazed with everything you can do.  CD

media helps to simply life as we know it and make

things easier than ever before.

The theory of CD-R duplication is priceless.  Writers,

those that are self employed, musicians, small

businesses, hobbyists, and even fortune 500 

companies can all benefit from the brilliance

behind CD-R technology.  Not only to do they 

save you quite a bit of time, but they are

also very affordable while providing you many

different services.

CD-R media is used to store files and important

security documentation.  The media disks are

widely used in the computer field to conveniently

backup software and data on disc.  Musicians 

as well choose to use CD-R duplication as an

affordable marketing and promotion tool to get

their music out to those who want it.

Even the corporate world as well, uses CD-Rs as

a cost effective way of mass producing training

videos and as an aid in converting to the

ideal paperless office.  You can also use CD-Rs 

as a business card, as they are smaller than

a credit card and store all of your memorable

business card information.

With everything they offer you, CD media is

truly something you can't live without.  The

disks are small and easy to store, yet they

will hold an impressive amount of information.

For all of your audio, storage, or backup needs,

rest assured that CD-R media can help you meet

your demands.  The disks will last a lifetime,

making them perfect for special memories.  If

you have the need for storage or saving data 

and pictures, CD media is the way to go to

ensure that your precious files will be there

each and every time you need them.

Copy CDs And Save Money

Just a short while ago, the only people who had 

access to CD duplication were professional musicians,

record company executives, and the higher end 

recording studios.  As technology increased and

became more affordable, private CD duplication

companies began to pop up all over the United States

and other major music centers throughout the country.

These days, CD duplication has never been more

accessible or more affordable.  Most home computers

and laptops come with a CD-RW burner and software

that is very user friendly, making CD duplication

very convenient.

Even if you are new to computers, you'll find 

CD duplication very easy to figure out.  You don't

have to be a computer expert to use the CD-RW 

burner or the software, as most of it is self

explanitory.  All you need to do is give it a run

and see easy things actually are.

Those who are needing a large quantity of CDs

duplicated or simply wish to have a professional

company burn their CDs, there are several out there

that offer great rates, package deals, and quality

recordings.  You can get as many as you want, with

quality that matches that of the master copy.

Most CD duplication companies offer packages that

will include inserts, tray cards, and even 

packaging should you choose to take your duplicates

to retail sale.  

You can also choose to have your graphic work 

imprinted on the inserts or have the CD duplication

company design a totally new design for your very

product.  If you are worried about the inventory,

barcodes can be imprinted on the CD case or the

sleeve by the same company.

For whatever duplication needs you may have, there

are companies out there that offer duplication or

you can do it yourself.  Either way you choose,

you'll get the copies you need in no time at all.

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