~Healing the Hidden Self


Active Brains in Healing the Hidden Self 

The brain must stay active in order to function properly. When you keep an active brain, it makes thinking easier. In addition, clutter does not build up as much, which helps us to stay focused. 

When the brain is disused, it causes ongoing emotional reactions. We begin to feel frustrated often because we repress and suppress important facts that make up a whole piece of a story we often try to recall about our history. 

In addition, when the brain is non-active, often we dwell on negative emotions, which make up anger, fear, resentment, guilt, doubt, and so forth. The negative emotions will continue to build up, which often leads to overwhelming stress. In addition, the way we perceive things becomes fuzzy.  

Keeping the brain active can help you avoid all these negative results. Daily we all can benefit from reading, writing, or enjoying any activity that forces us to use the brain. In fact, the more you use your brain the more your brain cells will expand. Studies have shown us that dying brain cells is the linking cause to death. The brain must replace new cells to replace dying cells. 

The brain has natural functions that make up the subliminal, subconscious and unconscious mind. These parts surround the crown, center and lower district of the brain in which we can express a stringently distorted or excessively simplified part of the brain. The brain’s natural functions control our bodily functions, such as our lungs and blood so that these necessities move smoothly throughout our body and brain. When these elements of our human make up are interrupted, it is often because someone failed to keep the brain active. 

Understanding the brain is a key element that can help you realize the essentialness of keeping the brain active. The more you use your brain, the more power you will develop. What results from expanded power? The ability to focus and heal the hidden self, 

Our body and mind requires daily activities or exercise. Failing to exercise the body and mind will cause two things to occur. The chief two things that will occur are - the muscles and joints will start to degenerate, which ultimately affects the prime function that keeps you alive, your brain. The brain goes through atrophy, which makes it impossible for anyone to heal the hidden self. 

Exercising the brain and body daily can expand your healing processes and self-development procedures. Our pathological processes can benefit if we set a goal to read, write or enjoy other activities daily that forces us to use the brain. By adding physical exercise to your plan, you can upshot your chances of healing the hidden self. 

Keeping the brain energetic through activities is the secret to healing the hidden self. When the brain is active, often it reveals every bit and piece of information readily that you need to heal the hidden self. For instance, think of a time when you were fully aware of your surroundings, actions, behaviors, habits, words, et cetera. Think about what occurred at that time. 

Most people do not experience this level of consciousness, yet those that do often find answers too many problems, since the active brain will reveal the secrets buried in the subliminal mind. 

The way we perceive things that we observe, hear, smell, taste, et cetera all play a chief role in healing the hidden self as well. Take some time to review articles on perceptions to enhance your experience in keeping the brain active. Be sure, to look for articles online that provide you facts, especially when you are trying to understand perceptions. 

Conceptions in Healing the Hidden Self 

Developing our concepts will assist us with conjuring up new ideas and perceptions that lead us to healing the hidden self. Through theorizing, shuffling, and developing new ideas we can change our view on life by changing our main beliefs and perceptions. 

The common human must consistently maneuver through the healing process by re-training selves to think positive and seek success. Believing that you have the power within to success will assist you with approaches you will need to take to live a better life. You will react differently in each situation, which better decision-making will allow you to reap rewards. 

Healing the hidden self and your self-perceptions will take you a long way to the success, since you will shuffle through your failures to avoid making redundant mistakes. Our inner self-perceptions are major influences in our life. We must endeavor to change misconceptions that lead us astray to ensure that we are developing positive self-perceptions. We must continue to attain more successes in our life. Healing of the hidden self and the way we believe and perceive will open the doors; typically, we may close in our own face. By changing the way one believes and perceives, it can help one to develop and grow into a well-rounded, balanced person. 

Conceptions are our origin. From the start, we all develop ideas, notions, thoughts, etc from influences, impressions, observation, educational sources, parents, and so on. We develop hypothesizes and ideas from our understanding of the way we comprehend and perceive. 

By understanding, our ways of learning we can shuffle through the mud puddles successfully, reform, and transform the mind. Still, behaviors and habits must be considered. 

Behaviors and habits form from our conceptions, rather the influences that leave impressions on the way we perceive. The bible tells us that “Bad influences,” reflect on our personality and conceptions and ultimately can encourage bad behaviors and habits. Useful habits then must be developed through positive influences.

With this fact in sight, now you can work through healing the self by examining your influences. Think of the people in your life. If these people are not bringing something to your table, thus they are only hindering you from healing the hidden self. You must consider removing bad influences; otherwise, you may stay stuck in the same pattern. 

Who are influences?

Influences are people, places, things, et cetera. Consider all the nouns and you will find the answer. Influences include effects, stimulus, inspirations, persuasion, manipulations, control, authority, pressure, weight, power, etc and all influences shape our personality. That is if we all them to. 

When you examine influences in your life, also consider your environment. Does your environment hinder you in some way from achieving your goal to heal the hidden self? If so, then you must consider moving to a better environment. 

Does your job hinder you from achieving your goal to heal the hidden self? Despite that, employees and employers may have a positive attitude that reflects on you, your job may have a powerful influence that affects your life. For example, if an artist is working in a Pop Shop, likely this person despite positive attitudes surround he will feel a sense of emptiness. Thus, to relieve the emptiness this person must explore his abilities, skills, potentials, etc and move to change his career. Only until the artist finds his purpose in life will he find a sense of healing of the hidden self. 

We must also consider our main beliefs to adapt to new conceptions and ideas that assist us with healing the hidden self. 

Consciousness in Healing the Hidden Self 

The acts of self-consciousness and self-control go hand in hand. The fact is that when we are self-conscious we are better able to exhibit self-control. There are many persons out there that are not self aware or conscious of themselves and they are not in control of their emotions and actions. Being self-aware is important as it can affect or self-development and progression through life. It is crucial that we are able to be aware of all that we do and say and know that these things will affect circumstances as well. Being self-conscious is not always a bad thing as we like to think but if we relate it to being self-aware, we see the benefits.

If we are self-aware, it is less likely that we will act on impulse. It is more likely the case that we will be ready and able to assess a situation properly and show self-control in deciding how to approach the situation. The self-awareness that we possess will therefore directly affect our self-control. It is crucial that we are able to become self-aware persons in order to grab control of our emotions and actions. This can be done in many ways but these depend on the will power of the individual involved and the desire to take control of their lives.

Some of the ways to move the process to self-awareness and self-control along include the need for professional assistance. There are many programmes that offer techniques to assist in this process. These are offered by many self-development persons and are a good start if we do not have the time or will power to devote to the process on our own. We may not make the time unless we are enrolled in a class or unless we are motivated externally to do so. In these cases, the programmes can be a great starting point. 

If we do have some self-control then it is good to try the other option of working on self-awareness and control on our own. There are many persons that have highlighted the great benefits of the use of meditation. This can assist the individual greatly as it leads the exploration into self and opens the awareness that is needed for better self-control. Meditation has numerous benefits to its users aside from these. It has been reputed to be of assistance in stress relief and the prevention of more serious illnesses such as heart disease and many more. The relaxing effect of meditation and the exploration into self-are able to translate to a better awareness overall and better self control.

The downside of meditation is that it can take a while to reap benefits and there are often persons that will become bored with the process and not give the method the required time to assist them. Meditation is not an overnight fix by any means and can take months and years of dedication for you to achieve all the results. The meditation process requires quiet and peace, which can often be hard for many of us to source. Not all these challenges however stop the fact that it is one of the best ways to grasp control of self and become more self-aware. 

There are other factors that can assist and that can lead you down the road to better self-awareness and self-control. There is a lot of information available in self-development sites that show you the importance of self-awareness and self-control to your life. These are things that can greatly affect the quality of your life and should not be disregarded. 

Decisions in Healing the Hidden Self 

What should I do? Should I invite my friends over for a party? We all have to make decisions. Our decisions determine in most instances the results. If you invite your friends over for a party for example, and intend to drink alcohol beverages knowing that tomorrow you have to work. Are you ready to face the consequences? 

We can learn to make good decisions by examining the consequences of our choices. If you know that you must work tomorrow, why take a chance on partying the night before when we all know parties can get out of hand. If you can regulate and control the time you spend at the party, then there is no problem. You can make it to work the next day with a fresh mind. 

If you go over your limits, you likely will lose REM sleep, which ultimately weakens your awareness. You will find it difficult to stay focused at work. 

Decisions also determine our faith in the process of healing the hidden self. We must make the right decisions to assist us with self-healing. The problem is we do not always weigh out the decisions we make. For this reason, we all must take time to think through our decisions before acting on them. 

By thinking carefully and attentively through your decisions, you can make sound choices that will push you to heal the hidden self. 

You want to make it a practice to think through your decisions. One of the best ways to do this is through meditation. Meditation trains your mind to think carefully. You use reflections while you ruminate through your mind. In addition, you learn to consider all angles of each choice you must make. You also use deliberation tools to contemplate or ponder over each decision you must make. 

When you develop the ability to make sound decisions, the healing processes becomes easier.

Because healing of the hidden self is a long, drawn out process that is problematic in various areas, you want to build a sound mind first to work through the procedures of personal growth. 

Now that you have learned the benefits of making good decisions, take some time to practice meditation each day. This technique alone will assist you with developing the characteristics you must establish to heal the hidden self. 

What characteristics must I develop? 
Conceptions are the first tool you will need to analyze. Since our conceptions is the starting point of our growth, start here. Develop your conceptions by analyzing your beliefs and way of thinking. 

Desires in Healing the Hidden Self 

The perceptive and the aware or cognizant self are referred as the whole self. The self is our personality that acts as a representative of our actions, emotions and feelings. It is our nature that makes up our character and becomes our identity once developed.  

Many people commonly react differently in atypical circumstances. The outcomes of our decisions are based on the way we react to these situations. 

Different theorists have different theories regarding the self of an individual. By reading and understanding the factors, that affects the self of an individual. To study psyche and the metaphysics self has to be studied.

Desires play a huge part in our decision-making. In the competitively fashioned world we reside, it often becomes out of one’s control to retain a balance amid the mind and soul, which the soul is the body. We often find ourselves struggling to maintain such balance of mind and body. 

Many people struggle with balance, which sometimes these people become distressed and anxious. To avoid such emotional chaos is the key to balance. Failure to thrive for balance by navigating through your desires will only lead to serious or even grave degradation of one’s spirit and health. 

Suffering only slows the healing processes. Self-healing evolves around processes, which we must navigate through to understand suppressed emotions and desires. The process of self-healing is not initiated via any external factors. It is not initiated through means of synthetic or artificial drugs, or medical procedures. 

Self-healing takes effort on our part. The external factors may perhaps offer some relief in synchronization the inner self. 

According to many prospectors, our best healing agent is time. Debating the notion however, time can offer you some relief, yet it takes more than waiting to move toward healing the hidden self. 

We need self-control and confidence to work with time in order to reveal the hidden being. The first goal is to move toward understanding the logic of our own self as we see it now. If you feel dismal and ominous for example, you must explore your mind to understand these feelings of gloom. Only then, will you find answers and move to accept change. Change is a huge problem for most people, simply because they fear change. 

To overcome such gloomy feelings, one must understand his or her fears. One must attempt to overcome any sort of inferiority complex issues, fears, et cetera. Quote: Whenever an inferiority complex problem exists, you will find a good cause. Find the cause of the problem and you can work through the complex issues. 

We need to trim down any holdups from the subliminal mind and psyche. Anything that stumps our growth is interference one must move to understand. If you lack confidence, try joining a motivation course. You want to develop self-motivation to work through psychosomatic disturbances. 

Self-healing for prerequisites is healthy subsistence. Self-healing is commonly referred as perennial prostate herbs, or “heal-all-or heartsease.” This is the definition outlined by various natives, including the Eurasia. The wild pansy was commonly used for self-healing, which is also the Viola Tricolor flower that has bright velvety petals. This is a European plan life. 

Today, we use innate abilities, skills, et cetera for self-healing. Because scientists are coming to a better understanding of the brain’s functionalities, thus new techniques are re-announced that we can use to heal the hidden self. Today, you can go online and discover thousands of articles that will give you additional insight into healing the hidden being. We encourage you to spend some time surfing the Internet today to discover these insights that will bring you some rewards by navigating through your desires.  

Emotional Responses in Healing the Hidden Self 

Healing is a great way to alter emotional responses whereas anger, resentment or other negative responses develop. 

Our emotions react to things we harbor in our mind, such as anger, fear, resentment, doubt, and so on. All these negative emotions build, which causes us to react in accord to how we see things. In other words, what we perceive also plays a part in how our emotions will respond. 

The best way to manage emotional responses to heal the hidden self is to understand, the brain - and how it functions. 

The brain has natural functions, which make up three parts. The parts make up the top, middle and lower region, which described we can say it is strictly oversimplified. The natural functions of the brain keep our lungs and blood functioning properly. 

The key to understanding the brain is to realize that your power of mind only expands with use. By setting a goal to learn something new each day, you can expand your mind, grow and also work through self-healing. 

Like the body, the brain needs exercise. If you fail to exercise the brain, it will waste away. When the brain wastes away, thus it becomes difficult each day to manage the emotions.

Therefore, we can see that by exercising the brain daily we can expand the brain, expand our growth and work toward healing the hidden self. 

Our brain develops just as we do. Each time this area of our body develops, it creates myelin, which surrounds the nerve fibers in the brain. Myelin can develop into Demyelination, which causes an interruption to the pathological process. When myelin develops it acts as an insulting source, which myelin sheath insulates the nerve fibers to prevent damage. When Demyelination develops, it must function properly to assist myelin and its structure, it can lead to weakness or loss of brain functions. 

Thus, keeping the brain active is the key to healing the hidden self. Of course, you will need to explore the subliminal mind to find answers to the many problems you may have, but ultimately, keeping the brain active is essential for healing the hidden self. 

Experts have proven that once the “optic” nerves are destroyed in the brain area, thus the cells in the brain surrounding the visual environment will remain undeveloped. Thus, the brain must mature in order to assist us with self-healing and development. 

Our perceptions play a chief role in how we perceive. In addition, when our perceptions are flawed, it often leads to emotional responses that interrupt our lives. 

For this reason, too you want to make sure that you keep the brain active each day to avoid interrupting the optical nerves and brain cells. 

Moreover, when myelin is lacking production that comes from natural resources, such as keeping the brain active, thus it can affect our memory. Babies for example find it difficult to recall anything during this time, especially once they have grown up. This is because an infant has a lesser myelin production than the adult does. Thus, by keeping the brain active, we encourage a healthy mind, ultimately complete consciousness. 

It doesn’t matter what aspects of our being we focus on for healing the hidden self. The fact is every, single thing that occurs in our life, thus the brain is the prime minister of functions that determine our faith, future, et cetera. Your personality is also considered by evaluating your brain. Thus, what your brain pushes, your personality will become. The key is to remember, you have the power within to take control of your life. 

Keep your brain healthy by keeping the brain active each day. 

Emotions in Healing the Hidden Self 

The old school songs and songs of today talk about emotions, simply because emotions are widely recognized as being a major part of many problems we face today. Rather people that lack control of managing their emotions is commonly referred as part of the problem. The fact is, emotions are part of the problem, and however, the emotions are ignited by something. 

One of the older songs, “It’s just emotions taking me over,” says a lot. Emotions will take you over if you allow them too, yet, these emotions only strike when the subliminal mind is affected, or triggered. 

Each day someone struggles with emotions. Many people find it difficult to manage these emotions. By exploring the subliminal mind however, one can learn to master the emotions more effectively. 

Keep in mind, medical and mental health issues could hinder some people from exploring the subliminal mind to master the emotions. For this reason, you may want to weed out any medical or mental related complications before venturing into subliminal learning. 

Once you have weeded out such complications you can move to address the emotional issues that you deal with. 

How to invoke subliminal learning to manage the emotions: 
Subliminal learning tactics takes some skill. First, you want to develop willingness, and the willpower to venture into this area of the mind where hidden messages reside.

Preparing is always wise. When you are prepared, it often makes it easier to overcome any problems that may crop in. thus, prepare. 

How do I prepare to study the subliminal mind? 
First, preparation develops from training, coaching, priming, warming up, practice, planning, organizing, and so on. First, set up a plan. Organize the plan so that you know which direction you are going. Put the plan into order and then start practicing daily until you are well trained to master the emotions through subliminal learning. 

No one knows your history better than you do. Therefore, set up a plan that revolves around your history, including your experiences, learning and knowledge. Consider the way you see things now. Arrange your plan so that it fits according to your needs or style of life. 

Begin practice. Practice will train you to work through your problems effectively and to discover the hidden self. Warm up each time before you begin practice so that you are prepared for whatever you may discover. 

You can plan each day to warm up by creating diagrams, mind maps, charts, or other solutions that give you improvising to work through your problems. By doing so you can develop strategies, ideas, plots, etc to allow you to make proposals at times your subliminal mind does not cooperate. 

Using mind maps is a great way to develop strategies and ideas that will assist you with exploring the subliminal mind to master the emotions. Mind maps are often created from images you develop in your mind. 

Once you have developed those images it will be easier if you write down what you imagine, your new ideas, strategies, et cetera. Draw sketches to assist you with imaging. This gives you an arrangement, which helps you to organize your thoughts and to prepare for whatever you may discover during the process of subliminal challenging. 

Some of the best tools we have to discover the hidden self resides inside of you. Only you can master the emotions by exploring the subliminal mind while using innate tools, such as self-talk, subliminal exploration, meditation, et cetera. Take some time to learn the latest techniques so that you can work through subliminal exploring. Make it a goal to master the emotional reactions that causes anger, fear, resentment, doubt, and so on. 

Explore in Healing the Hidden Self

Explore your inner-self

The actual psychological personality of a person is referred to as the ‘self’ of a person. Each one of us has a hidden self within us, but we are not aware of it. A human being thinks that it is his consciousness that lead his actions. Actually, our inner self guides our behavior in our day-to-day life. This self is constructed and undergoes transformation with the passage of time as we experience new things. Ego also forms a part of our inner self. It makes us fight for our own identity in the world. It stresses on an individual existence of a human being separated from others. This will make an individual proud and selfish. He will neglect certain facts, which will be an obstacle in his self-awareness and thereby degrading his self-development. Thus for the development of the inner-self, the foremost step is self-introspection. This means that an individual should look within himself and analyze his own personality. This way he will be able to make out his own strengths and weaknesses. After this, it will be easy for him to take on to the methods that add on to his strengths and subtract his weaknesses. A person will then become more attracted towards the positive ways of life. This can be selfless service towards humanity and moving away from the negative thoughts of life such as jealousy and frustration. This will lead to the healing of the inner-self. 

Another way of self-healing is to take on an optimistic attitude towards life. Many of us are prone to pessimistic thinking, which is the reason why they fail to realize the possibility of a solution to the problem. Taking on a positive and constructive attitude will give an individual the strength to face the problems of life and seek a solution to the same. 

Self-healing add on to the energy level of an individual and also aids in curing disorders like insomnia, aches, depression, and various physical and mental ailments. Meditation and yoga are some of the other ways that helps a person in the realization of a higher self. 
Meditation is a method of healing that helps to think above his own individuality and think for the development of humanity as a whole. It is a three way process that works through self-regulation, self-exploration and self-liberation. It helps us to keep a check on our animal desires and improves our concentration. This brings out our potential by way of several exercises and strengthens our character. It leads us to a spiritual realization and bridges the gap between our real and true self. Moreover, by making we realize our mistakes and weaknesses it brings about a transformation in our personality. Last but not the least, it reveals to us the truth of life and death and contributes in one’s process of self-healing. Yoga, on the other hand, helps in achieving the tranquility of mind. It provides relaxation and reduces stress that helps in self-healing. 

Self-love is a method of transformation of our inner self. Every person has the desire that the thing or the person he loves should always be perfect. Therefore, if a person will love himself then, no doubt, he will make all the efforts to transform and develop himself and be a better person. ‘Reiki’ is a method that helps in self-healing. The person expert in this method can heal any diseases weather physical or mental and thereby by its vibes cures a person and leads to self-healing of his inner-self. Thus, many methods help in self-healing individual just needs to make efforts for the same.    

Facing Problems in Healing the Hidden Self 

If a challenging situation happens in an individual’s life when he or she begins to develop negative thoughts. When this happens, the person often starts to blame self or others, which the self-denial could result to an emotionally disturbance. 

Into the bargain, energy, strength and dynamism are all arrivals from the conscious mind, yet when disturbances develop, these dynamic energies start to flop. Today, the charts are overriding the count of people that deal with emotional problems that causes unbalance. 

A range of medical and non-medical rehabilitation solutions have been recently introduced to make the processes of self-healing more effective. 

Meditation is one of the most unbeaten treatments, which has reaped popularity. The advantages of meditation are unmatchable to many other strategies used in the past to encourage healing the hidden self. 

Meditation can help with generating power of the mind. Mediation contributes in curing any illness and in the process, energy is produced, which aids in keeping the therapeutic processes of the body and mind working smoothly. 

Of course, we have other natural options that can assist us with healing the hidden self. Some of the top picks are the Ayurveda, or the latest naturopathy. Acupressure is very popular and diverse other natural treatments have contributed a great deal in self-healing. This includes the healing of the inner or hidden self. In fact, these therapies have motivated people’s thinking both spiritually and mentally. The hidden self when motivated can assist with curing the mind and body devoid of any side effects. 

Other natural healing solutions have proved some worth as well. Some of the oldest, yet new solutions include biofeedback. Biofeedback works with monitoring systems to regulate body functions, such as the heart rate, blood pressure, et cetera. According to experts if we have the power to regulate our body functions, thus it can assist us with self-healing the hidden self. 

Neurofeedback is another alternative that has proven to assist with healing the hidden self. Neurofeedback programs have encouraged motivation, inspiration, relaxation, and much more. In fact, we are encouraged to relax often to give the body and mind room to heal. 

Finding You in Healing the Hidden Self 

People today are starting to recognize the value of self-talk. At one time people thought of those that talked to self as someone with a mental ailment. This is not true today. Experts are recognizing that self-talk is a healthy tool that we all can use to find answers to our questions and resolve many problems. 

At one time, people thought outer appearance made the person. However, today, people are starting to realize that beauty is skin deep, while inner beauty is to the bone. Today people are running to find ways to develop self. 

Recently, personality development courses opened to help these people find their way. Now, people are not spending countless of dollars on improving their looks, rather they are spending more time and money to find ways of healing the hidden self. 

The hidden being is decided on the inner conscious. We all have several hidden personalities that we do not recognize. These personalities often come out, usually when feelings are expressed. 

To understand one’s feelings, one has to use his or her self-talk tools. Most of us can manage our job tasks on a daily schedule, but when it comes to managing our feelings and emotions, often it becomes a struggle. Using self-talk tools can change this behavior. 

As humans, we often struggle to abandon bad behaviors, or habits. The common problem we face today is greed. We see this by examining human behaviors. You probably noticed that on several occasions when a person made a small lump sum of cash, they often want more. Instead of accepting that they have what they need, many people will thrive to make more money, and often find themselves down and out at the end;  Life seems to be nothing more than the almighty dollar, i.e. most people’s goal in life. 

People tend to believe that they can attain happiness and love by making more money. The fact is these people often find themselves stressing, because they failed to realize that finding love, joy, and peace is the true road to self-development. Success or failure is not what makes a person. What makes a person is fighting through the hidden messages in the subliminal mind to discover self. 

We all battle emotional responses, such as anger, sadness, joy, et cetera and these emotions ignite from failures, depression, and success and so on. We all feel down at times. There is no way that we can escape the feeling of sadness, joy, anger, et cetera, but there is a way we can all take control of what we express and feel. 

Another problem we face is dependency. Many people in the world today depend on others to pick them up when they are down. This leads to major problems, simply because not one person has the power to heal you, but you. 

To work through all of these problems, we must depend on self, and develop a winning attitude to build confidence. By changing our approach, we can see that the world is our own based on how we accept it. If a body is unhappy, then the world will seem like a miserable place to live. One of the common sayings today is, “Life is a B, and then you die.” This entire negative is causing them to miss the benefits of living. 

In each of our lives, some of us are fortunate while others are unfortunate. We must realize that everything we endure takes place to help us learn. For instance, a severely traumatized person may have lived a life of overwhelming violence. There is a point to be made here. Of course, this person is the victim and has no responsibility of what has occurred in his or her life, yet the point is made clear at the end of this person’s journey. 

We can all live and learn from each other. Despite what type of life you have lived you can develop a positive attitude and win the game of life. By holding onto negative thoughts, you only defeat the purpose of living. Life is too short, so develop a winning attitude and healing the hidden self will fall into place. 

Healing the Hidden Self by Controlling You 

Healing of the hidden self will better all aspects of our lives, both the professional aspects as well as the personal aspects. Self-control is one of the crucial lessons of self-development and healing the hidden self, since it will lead us to becoming had better people overall. If we are able to show self-control in many situations, we will be able to overcome them and avoid the associated stress. It is crucial that we adapt and grow in life and become individuals that are more self-controlled. 

Self-control is developed through the processes of healing the hidden self. In dealing with receptivity, the need for self-control is of the utmost importance. It is vital that we are all able to control ourselves when faced with situations in life. Receptivity is one of the components that prepare us with the mental attitudes that are needed for the control of our concentration and the control of our will. We are able to exhibit self-control when faced with many problems in life. It works to aid in the directing of our attentions, the withholding of our judgements and many other aspects of our self-control. We learn to accept the things that we cannot change and change the things that are within our power. We learn to act in a controlled manner and change our behaviour to suit situations that we face. 

We all have to be receptive to change. Life is dynamic and does not remain constant. If we are trapped in the mindset where we cannot adapt to change then we are directed along a path that leads to the lost of self-control. We all have to wake up to the reality that when we show self-control we avoid many problems in life. We are made better overall and are able to handle anything that the world throws at us. We are able to face all the issues that arise in living head on.

The fact is that we all have our own unique mannerisms that are used in the handling of situations. We are not able to be normal all the time and this is a factor that contributes to the need for self-control. There are times we will let our emotions get the best of us but when this occurs the end result can be worst than the previous situation. It is here that we all see the apparent need for self-control. We need to be able to face our problems head on and logically rather than emotionally. Logic can provide us with the best reaction to the situation. Yet to build logic, we must learn to analyze and continue to heal the hidden self. 

When we are stressed and cannot see our way through a problem, it is often because the subliminal mind hinders us from seeing. Once you start to explore this mind you, can control you and work easily through the process of healing the hidden self.  We can redirect our thoughts to the positive aspects of our lives and fulfil our lives. If we always focus on the stresses in our lives, we will be soon overburdened. In order to progress well we have to open up our minds and hearts and be in control of our emotions and physical reactions. It is quite possible at times to forget about the important things in life and to focus only on the negatives. This is not the best attitude and it we are in control of our thoughts then we will be able to redirect ourselves to action that is more positive. 

Healing the Hidden Self by Examining the Mind

Deep in the cavities of the mind is your subliminal channel that circles the subconscious, conscious and unconscious mind. In this region of the brain is the area where the psyche resides and holds hidden messages that when explored one can discover answers.

Using learning techniques you can extract from this area of the mind and have it assist you with discovering messages from your past that you can use to put the pieces of the puzzle together that will make you a whole person. Some of the popular techniques that can assist you with exploring the subliminal mind are meditation. 

One must learn these useful techniques by practicing. Practice will push your mind and body so that it can adapt to changes that will occur during subliminal learning process. If your body and mind resists some techniques then you will need to use some strategies and perhaps other techniques to adapt to meditation. 

Some people find meditation difficult. However, by learning some guided relaxation techniques, it can assist you with meditation. Practice is the key, since it will cause your mind and body to adapt to delving into deeper thoughts, or mediation.

Practices of meditation are a process of directing the mind and body to relax. Upon the point of relaxation, one can delve into a meditative state of mind. 

Learning meditation by practicing will make it easier to probe into subliminal exploring. When you find it difficult to meditate, practice some guided relaxation techniques first. 

How the process of meditation works: 
Effective Meditation to start, one will need to find a quiet area. Remove all distractions from your setting. Get in a relaxing position, reclining on your back in a restful area. Close your eyes once you have relaxed. During the process, you want to use your visual aid tools or mental pictures and some self-talk. 

Start the mediation process by visualizing your toes. Use your images and awareness so that you can focus on your toes and the reactions occurring. Continue to move up over our entire body while focusing on each sensation your body expresses. At one point, you will tense the body. Let it go and resume relaxing. Breathe in and out while you focus and relax. Let each breath come naturally. Continue to regulate your chest activities as you work through the breathing steps. 

Continue to focus. Notice your thought patterns. When you notice, your thought patterns getting out of control, instead of repressing the thoughts, continue to encourage relaxation by breathing naturally while keeping your eyes closed. Let your thoughts roam. Go into a world that you would like to visit. For instance, picture you standing on a lovely mountaintop and off to the distance you can visualize natural surroundings with pure waterfalls in the backdrop. You can go anywhere you like. 

Focus while you feel the sensations of nature flow over your body. Visualize until you feel at ease and then take a deep breathe, exhaling. Let nature engulf your thoughts. Once you are at a state of complete relaxation, you can start the process of subliminal learning. 

You want to give your thoughts room to roam so that it can reveal hidden messages to you. One of the better ways to start meditation also is to affirm that you have the power of mind over your bodily and mental functions. Encourage positive thinking by affirming your power. Once you have affirmed power, you will find it easier to delve into the mind that has the answers you seek to make you a whole person. 

Healing the Hidden Self through Self Development

The process of inner healing is a long and difficult road that can be made simpler if we are committed to the growth and development that we need in order to do better in our personal and professional lives. We must be able to stay on top of all aspects of our lives and this means that we have to, continually go through the process of inner healing. We are all accountable for our personal development and we must assess our internal self and determine the stages that we need to go through in order to achieve inner healing. We may have to take steps that lead us down the path of seeking professional assistance through programs that handle self-healing. On the other hand, we can opt to take a more personal and internal route that entails activities that we can do ourselves and that can lead us to a better outlook on life and develop us into stronger and better persons. 

You will need to identify the needs that you have and the issues that you have to deal with in the process of better self-development. Sometimes if the demons that you are facing are very bad then it may be better to attain the assistance of a professional. They will be able to direct you along the path that you need to recover control of your inner self. When we are not complete on the inside, we are not complete on the outside. We will be walking around life incomplete and without a plan. We need to grab control of all aspects of our lives and make a commanding effort to heal and grow into better individuals. When this is done only then will you be able to improve all your relationships. This includes your professional relationship as well as your personal relationships. As a self-aware individual, you will be happier on the job and more motivated in the workplace and in your personal life. 

In the development of a leader, it is essential to go through the process of inner healing and self-development. This is not a one-step process but one that continues as we grow and become self-aware. We all have to look at some key issues to start this process. We have to assess the strengths, weaknesses, potential, and developmental needs that are present in us and move on from there in the healing process. 

The road to self-development is one that is a planned process and that includes the inner healing process. 

We have to learn to more towards our strengths and move away from our weaknesses. We have to use experiences to guide us forward and to develop personally. With structure, self-development and inner healing will be a lot easier and we will be able to move to newer heights of self-awareness steadily. The road through these processes is not easy by any means and there will be many hurdles but with dedication to growth, we will be on the way to healing and accomplishments that we never perceived before. 

Inner healing is necessary for the achievement of self-development. We have to learn to put our past hurts behind us to progress and move forward in life. It is essential that we are able to look ourselves in the mirror and love ourselves. 

Only then, can we look forward to life daily and not shrink away from life overall. Make a commitment to your inner healing and self-development today and marvel at the positive changes that you will see in your daily life. expansion of self in short takes effort on our part to heal the hidden self. 

Healing the Hidden Self with a Positive Attitude 

I woke up this morning and my car wouldn’t start. I called my best friend to give me a ride to work, yet no one answered the phone. Upon calling my boss to let him know that I was in a jam, he says to me. “Figure out your problem soon, since we need you here at work.” 

Oh, not another one of those days..., and to frost the bitter cake you call a garage to repair your car. The mechanics tell you that the starter has failed, and it could take two or three days to repair the problem. The negative actions seem to get worse. 

Have you woke up one day and found negative actions reoccurring in your life? How did this affect you? Probably you felt that the world was tumbling down on your shoulders. Of course, at the time it certainly seemed true. 

What do you think would had happened if you woke up that morning and said, “I have the power and today is going to be the best day of my life.” 

This affirmative statement alone could had made your day go differently. Of course, you do not have the power to stop things from occurring. However, if had developed that powerful, positive state of mind a long time ago, you would had prepared for this day. 

Human beings essentially must develop a positive attitude in order to survive the many vicissitudes that occur in our lives. By developing a positive attitude at the onset, we can take control of our life despite negative actions occur. 

A positive mind will prepare for disaster, and set aside some resources to cover any major loss that attempts to move in and slow their pace. Despite the problems arise, a positive thinker will re-take back control of his or her life regardless of any unforeseen occurrences unfolds. 

By developing a positive mind, the formation of positive attitude will help with the growth and enhancement of self. Developing a positive attitude will move you to become a constructive person; ultimately giving you power to take back control of your life when troubles come your way. You will see life in a broader spectrum once you develop a positive attitude. 

Forming this attitude, then this will hinder the growth of pessimistic thoughts in life. These cynical thoughts will promote negative energy in a person that will hamper his growth and progress.

Unenthusiastic thinking can be transformed easily by recognizing internal changes that occur. Still, one must build stamina, which you can do easiest through physical exercise and mental workouts. Willpower gained will provide one a changing approach when dealing with pessimistic actions or thoughts. 

Willpower – this power ultimately builds strength of mind and will, as well as self-discipline. You find it easier to resolute or resolve problems by staying determine. Thus, the ultimate step to healing the hidden self is by developing your willpower. Again, you can do this by exercising. Building physical builds mental power because you often feel good about self. 

Building willpower will provide you an aid to overcome procrastination, negative thinking, et cetera by allotting you to prevent overindulging in needless deeds and activities. When you build willpower, you build stamina, which ultimately; you take control of your actions and emotional responses. It is harder to bring down a positive mind with willpower. 

Take some time to learn some self-discipline tips to assist you with building willpower so you can heal the hidden you. See the Internet for more specs on overcoming negative energies that bring you down. 

Healing the Hidden Self with Meditation 

Meditation comes in several forms, including imaginary thinking that will in due course bring you serenity of mind. To begin any meditation process however you want to be in calm vicinity. Once you find the relax zone you begin to relax by allowing your psyche mind to roam. To engage in subliminal learning you relax and allow the psychic mind to question your own behaviors. Release and give your thoughts permission to relax and express self freely. 

Subsequent to learning to relax, your mind and body will binge in to activities that blend rather than battle the other. Your health maintenance will improve through mediation because you reach a point of healing the hidden self. 

Your past plays a big part in the healing of the hidden self. Your past includes time elapsed experiences that you may have thought were bygones. The fact is, these experiences are not fully expressed nor developed, which means all of what you learned is unavailable until you explore the subliminal mind. 

The psyche mind is your consciousness, which you want to reach higher planes of consciousness to achieve healing the hidden self. Your unconscious mind is the mind that sleeps until you awaken this mind. According to scientists, in this area of the brain, i.e. if one is to explore this area of the brain, thus one could learn at faster rates. 

The oblivion mind works with the subliminal mind. This mind causes mental activities to occur or develop from memory. The mind makes up the conscious thoughts and the unconscious activities, e.g. dreaming. This is your REM state of awareness, i.e. when you dream. 

The subliminal mind houses perceptions. The subliminal perceptions stimuli around the mind, yet unknowingly to the naked eye, that is you are not aware of these activities most time. 

In this mind subliminal messages rest. The messages include any messages sent under the conscious’ threshold where perceptions develop. Words, images, etc that develop in your mind that you tend to not understand where they are coming from, is coming from this area of your mind.

Proclaimed mind readers prey on subliminal learning. The phenomenon is explained through extrasensory perceptions, i.e. what one may call ESP is merely a higher plane of understanding and connection with the subliminal mind. 

Understanding the branches of philosophy can assist you with considering the mental extrasensory perceptions that unfold in the psychic mind. These phenomenon changes or coincidences make up entities sensations, perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, desires, his intention and memory. 

In truth, it is mind over matter. In order to develop mind over matter, one must focus on what he believes, observes, thinks, et cetera. How one thinks, believes, and perceives things makes the difference. By using affirmatives, one can train his or her mind to take control of his life. The mind is confusing, but if you take time to explore the mind, you will discover the way and the will to heal the hidden self. 

Our attitude, relationships, way of living, experiences, observation, et cetera all play a key role in how affective our mind is utilized. When we use emotions, we often land ourselves in spots that matter is over mind. When we use our thinking process, we can analyze situations carefully and use the mind over matter, avoiding conflicts. Tell yourself everyday, that mind over matter, has strong truths to its meaning. 

In the institution of the mind, we need to evaluate what we consider true reality. When we see reality in light, we have a grip on the mind - and how it works. Our makeup is set from the beginning, as we are all affected by influences in society. 

Healing the Hidden Self with Neurosciences 

Repressed learning is a process that takes training, which is what Neurosciences focus on in the new age. During training progressive actions occur, which the focus is to inspire guided relaxation through sound, music, informational progression, et cetera. These actions trigger the CNS or central nervous system, causing it to respond to positive feedback. 

The process of neurosciences has lead experts to believe that abstracts of teaching from science sources could in fact aid students with disciplinary learning. Suggested features of neuroscience training has promoted grand unifications, i.e. neuroscience has the capacity to employ hypothesis of scientific treatment to educate students. Of course, findings upon these studies lead to reflections of neuron cells that function with the central neurology structure within the human body, thus Utilidor has shown to control communal thinking processes that occur within the human mind. 

With the neuroscience process, one goes into a subliminal learning phase. During this, phase multi-slants conduct assorted aspects of neuroscience studies that encompass each underlying streams of data flowing that provides feedback. In short, the student is monitored while engaging in Neurofeedback or subliminal learning process. The monitor reveals the body and mental functions that take place during this procedure. 

During the procedure, creative approaches employed engages the student into subliminal learning, which has shown clear evidence that it has the power to jack up points of learning to the degree that the student can develop new ideas to discover facts. This process alone makes problem solving trouble-free. 

During the subliminal process, experts inspire the students to participate in listening to Mozart-type musicals. Metaphors or images, fine art, and positive streams of words stimulate and guide the student(s) into the learning process while inspiring them to focus on childhood memories that reflect their experiences, knowledge and so forth. 

According to research and studies, as well as observational study, students tend to develop a quaint feeling that tucks in their environment and helps them promptly learn something new. During the course of subliminal learning pleasurable and natural conductor that lends a hand to those who participate while instigating a safer environment whereas enforcers, i.e. these images, words, etc act as agents to encourage safety. 

These courses have proven to assist students with the development of audacity by encouraging them to solve problems effectively. According to researchers, collectively the mood strikes those who participate causing them to move toward self-development by retaining knowledge quickly and easier. 

Instead of learning from conscious awareness, these participants learn the process of learning from the subliminal mind. 

The neuroscience approaches is a concentrated approach that annex of methodical progression occurs in the surrounding and provides a distinctive benefit or constituent that strikes the intellectual mind and enforces it to discover and learn more readily. The training empowers participants to learn through what is currently known as the Suggestology process. 

Suggestology is a process that assists participants with attentively following a manifold of one of the literati planning. Concepts of this learning have lead to the discovery of accelerated learning. 

Students often find newer ways to work through the process of self-healing and self-development by revealing the hidden self. By using the creative mind more readily, one can use a pattern of learning styles and techniques to impel the mind to open up to persuasion and suggestion. 

Unreal logic and thinking impelled by neurosciences, i.e. the discovery of contingent attentive learning based on assumptions, suppositions and beliefs is reformed through Suggestology learning by allowing one to learn in a livelier environment. 

Throughout the progression of learning, Super-unified theorist and its strategies enable one to extract messages from the hidden mind, or subliminal mind. Studies show that people that learn from the subliminal mind are capable of accelerating the learning process, especially when illustrative arts are employed combined with moving leisure and symphonic musical playing in the surrounding. In short, one is more willing to explore the subliminal mind and learn from this mind when natural enforcers are in the setting. 

Healing the Inner Hidden Self

Many of us do not understand the inner self and the hurt and pain that we feel on the inside.  If we were to comprehend our inner voices then we would better be able to deal with our inner ghosts. The way that we perceive ourselves has a large role to play in the equation. All our past successes and failures are related to our perception of self and if we are walking around life not whole then we are already at a disadvantage. We have to, in order to heal, start looking within and heal our inner self-first before we are able to move forward in life. The healing of the inner self is a keystone aspect of self-development and progress. 

We all are not born with an external perception of ourselves. As we develop and grow, we are shaped by the experiences that we face in life. We are developed into personalities and internal perceptions by the environment we live in and the experiences that we face. This is where our outlook on life is also developed and this leads to the conceptualization of the self that we know. This inner self will not be perfect. We all have much that we can do to heal the inner being in us all and create a better self-concept so that we are able to move forward in life. We can heal the inner being in us all and move away from the instinctive behaviors that we project only if we are willing to communicate with our inner selves. 

We are all social products that are based on the life we live and we develop from the social environment perceptions of ourselves that can put us down and lower our self-esteem. We can look in the mirror, see only negative thing, and think only negative thoughts. This is not the way to look at one’s self and the need for inner self-healing is critical to moving beyond this stage and perceiving yourself as someone worthy of your own affection. If you do not like or love yourself how can it be expected that others will do so. We are often predisposed to look at ourselves as lesser persons and this is not how we will grow and move forward in life. Our true potential, though we may not know it, is linked directly to our perception of ourselves. If we have a bad perception of self, it is likely that we will never develop our true potential. 

In the process of healing the inner self, we all have to look inwards and face all the different facets of our lives. We have to look at ourselves from all the different aspects and angles and achieve a balanced, positive outlook of self at the end of the equation. We have to dig deep and locate the inner strength to face our demons and ourselves head on and to move past them. The blocks that we throw up in life and in our minds are the things that will hinder our overall progress. 

For progress in life, we have to develop and grow and heal our inner selves. Only then can we achieve all that we desire in life. We cannot continue to put ourselves down and think that we are not good enough. We have to focus our inner self to the achievement of higher goals and progress along a path where we are whole on the inside and able to face the obstacles of the outside world. If we are not strong within we will give up at the first sign of trouble. Success in life and in relationships is based on being good on the inside and this means that we have to heal our inner beings to achieve this goal. 

Healthy Living in Healing the Hidden Self

Heal the self for healthy living

Usually the concept of healing for us is related to the process of healing wounds and injuries that we have to face. However, apart from this physical self there is also a hidden self or an inner self that is hurt at times, though the wounds are not apparent. We all have at one point of time or another experienced various negative feelings like betrayal, anger and sadness. It is easy to understand these feelings but difficult to acknowledge them and even more difficult to heal ourselves so that we can forget them. It is usually thought that such feelings are healed gradually with time. This is true but usually the process takes a lot of time and can lead to pessimism. Thus, it is important to get rid of such feelings as soon as possible. This has also been acknowledged by the scientific stream of psychology. For this, many healing practices have been introduced. Though these practices have not been recognized to be scientific in nature as psychology is, they have proved to be a boon for relieving tensions caused by our hectic lifestyle.

The various processes or techniques that we use for healing the hidden self are not new to the human civilization. They have been used and worked upon in many parts of the world especially the oriental world. Here, techniques like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and Reiki have been used for centuries. In fact, the ancient Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Greek and Roman civilizations can be credited for inventing such easy and highly effective techniques. These techniques have been inspired from nature and its resources are used in their respective processes. Continuous practice of these techniques also brings one close to nature – the greatest source of self-healing. They have been formulated after deep research and study of the human body and psyche. This is the reason why they prove to be so effective even today. 

The techniques of healing the hidden self are easy to learn and equally easy to use. They can be practiced at home or at any place whenever a person is free. It is not necessary to go through a training process for learning them. They can be learned through magazines, books or even internet or through classes that are being operated around the world. Unlike aerobics, it is not necessary to have some kind of supervision while practicing them. However, it is necessary to take some precautions when children practice them so that they do not hurt themselves. Certain techniques like Reiki can be learned from a Reiki master only but can be practiced independently. Many centers around the world teach this unique meditative and healing technique.

For healing the negative feelings and the wounds that they have caused, it is first necessary to acknowledge them. This acknowledgement is easy for women who are more emotional and succeed in expressing their inner most feelings. 

They can cry to show that they are hurt. However, this is not easy for men, especially since the society considers a crying man to be weak and feminine. This needs to be overcome by men because crying usually is the first step towards healing the hidden self. After this, it becomes easier to use the processes in a better manner. When these techniques are practiced, they help a person in concentrating all his/her senses on the inner self. The person is able to explore all his/her strengths and weaknesses and can thus work upon improving them. By doing this, a person is able to restore and strengthen the good in him/her that forms a positive feeling. The person feels that he/she has infinite strength and can face just any problem. This positive aspect towards him/her selves is further developed into a positive outlook towards life. He/she then perceives problems as stepping stones towards a better future. The hurdles and the process of solving them becomes an act of improving the self and developing into a better human being.

Hidden Self in Healing through Inner Control 

How self-control benefits you: 
Self-control provides us with self-discipline. Instead of acting on impulses, we can use self-control to make sound decisions. Self-control puts up restraints so that we do not make repeated mistakes. In addition, self-control gives us strength of mind, will, and we develop our willpower. 

Self-indulgence on the other hand causes a series of decadence that pushes us to self-pity and abandons good habits and behaviors that may move us to healing the hidden self. Instead of restraining the mind, a self-indulged person may go on food binges, drinking binges, et cetera. These people often push toward self-destruction. 

Self-indulgence also leads to deviant behaviors and habits. Most times these people will act out of accord to standards, usual ways, et cetera. They often act abnormally, which leads them to battle addictions, binges, and other unhealthy living. 

We all need self-control to discover the hidden self. Therefore, if you have self-indulging problems, work now to abandon those negative ways. 

How to abandon self-indulgence ways and thinking: 
To abandon self-indulgent ways and thinking, one must consider the way he sees the world and self. Do you see self as a bad habit waiting to happen, or do you see yourself as someone that can make things happen. 

If you are struggling with self-indulgence, likely you see yourself in the first light. You want to change this way of thinking. You do this by self-examining your perceptions and conceptions. Subliminal learning is a great way to analyze these elements of your human makeup. Go online to learn the methods in subliminal learning. 

You can start with meditation. Meditate daily to discover problematic areas of your life that lead you to self-indulgence. Check your thinking patterns. Do you think it is ok to overeat? If you believe this, then consider your health. Think of the consequences of overeating. Think of heart attacks, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and weigh the differences. 

If you think it is ok to view improper programs on videos or television, consider the reality of useful habits are spoiled by bad influences. Evil and good do not mix. You must cleanse your body and mind of poor habits to abandon self-indulgence. You must work toward guiding your mind to natural ways of thinking and behaving to develop self-control. 

All things that we do as humans come from our way of thinking, which develops from conceptions and perceptions. All of these characteristics emerge from our learning, observation, environmental changes, influences, and all reflect on our perceptions and conceptions. 
How the way we perceives plays into our development: 
Thus, the way you perceive things will reflect on your personality. If you perceive you as someone that is a bad habit waiting to happen, then don’t feel surprised when down the road you find yourself dangling on threads. 

Of course, no one expects you to act as the normal society. Rather, you must develop your own individuality, learn it, accept it, and move to change characteristics that you have developed from past learning, experiences and so on. 

Only you have the power within you to take control of your life. Of course, you are wise to pray to your creator and ask for assistance with this process. As humans, we cannot do anything on our own without the assistance of the man that made us who we were suppose to become. 

Thus, we must build spirituality, emotions, mental and physical strengths to heal the hidden self. When you build these strengths, it will take you to heighten planes of awareness, which empowers to gain self-control. 

Hidden Self in the Healing Processes 

Working toward healing the hidden being, for some is next to impossible. Most of the problems people have when working toward self-healing arises from misconceptions, doubts, or fears. The fear is often the root of the problem that hinders the person from discovering self. 

The hidden self is buried in the subliminal conscious, which makes up our unconscious and subconscious mind. In this area, the mind is unintentional, yet millions of problems emerge because it is triggered. 

When the mind is triggered, the emotions kick in and react to whatever memory the trigger hit. For instance, if the trigger stimulated a sad memory, such as the loss of a loved one, thus the emotions will react accordingly. You may find yourself in tears and many times not know why despite that memory emerged. This is because you did not have a resolve. Rather you repressed memories of the loved one dying. The repressed memories sunk, deep in your subliminal mind, which they rest until you are willing to discover why you feel the way you do.

Of course, grievance comes along with death. You probably openly grieved during the time your loved one died, which is normal, yet instead of facing the reality and going on with your life fully; you likely buried some of the pain in the subliminal mind. Moreover, something in your past could have triggered you.

In other words, perhaps long ago in your past, a similar action occurred, which at this time you were not ready to handle the stress and pain. You perhaps repressed the memories, which may had triggered other memories during the time of the loved ones death. 

All of our pain and suffering comes from our past experiences, knowledge, learning, observations and so on. Everything we feel develops over the years and builds up. Most of the memories we may recall, yet many of these memories we often repress, which later nags us until we explore the subliminal conscious mind to find answers. 

In this turn of events, hidden self in the healing processes becomes a task, yet if we have useful techniques and practice them daily, the task of subliminal learning becomes lighter. 

How to discover useful techniques for self-healing: 
Visiting the Internet is the place to find useful techniques for self-healing. Over the past 3 or 4 years, self-healing has been a major topic. You will find scores of articles that can assist you with the processes of healing the subliminal self. In the meantime, consider meditation. 

Go to a peaceful environment. Recline, lying back, stretching your entire body in a comfortable position. Make sure that all distractions are removed.

 Close your eyes. If you feel uneasy when closing your eyes then leave, your eyes open. You will need your visual tools. Using visualization picture yourself anywhere you wish to be. Put your self in natural surroundings. Studies show that people who connect with nature often heal sooner. Go to a faraway land. Visit any country you like, or any area in the world that you like. Allow your thoughts to express memories. Even if the memories come in parts, allow your memories to show you to the way to self-healing. 

With each thought, move to acceptance, Even if the memory is something that causes you pain. Learn to accept that these are the things you can’t change; rather these memories are part of what made you who you are today. Continue. As you meditate, continue into the faraway area you visualized. Upon the point of complete relaxation, commence to explore your mind. 

Higher Consciousness in Healing the Hidden Self 

How the developing of higher plane consciousness benefits you in healing self: 
Developing a higher plane of consciousness is necessary to assist one with healing the hidden self. Our conscious and subliminal mind function, yet these two mechanisms must learn to work in harmony in order to heal the hidden self.  

Synchronizing the minds, joining them to work in harmony will determine the process of enhancement, or healing the hidden self. When the mind works in harmony, thus joining with the body it too endows one, giving him the strength and the will to endure. It makes it easier to work through difficulties or hardships in life. 

Certain techniques can bestow one, making it possible to work with perseverance to shun instant exhilaration and satisfaction. One must shun unnatural pleasures in order to heal the hidden self. 

By impressing these two perspectives of the mind, one is adept to refuse any negative or unnatural practices that hold back his development. In unison, by repeating that you will not engage in any actions that may misdirect you on the road to healing the hidden self, thus those virtues, which will ensure the expansion of the self.
By developing a higher plane of consciousness, one can realize and accept his hidden self once discovered. By examining one’s desires, he can undergo changes to maneuver through the development process, and work through conflicting lethargic and indolent attitudes and the inclination to surrender.

How mediation benefits you: 
Meditation, as well as yoga, alternative medicines for healing, long walks, apposite and balanced diet plays a key role in healing the hidden self. Meditation will encourage relaxing of the mind and the body. This procedure alone will encourage your spirit, which is the fortitude needing developed for healing the hidden self. 

Meditation will assist you with regaining the serenity of the mind and body. This natural practice plays a crucial role in self-sufficiency to help one fight against distressing and upsetting thoughts. Mediation will assist one with restoring peace of mind, harmony and happiness. 

Meditation can also help one with comforting the mind and the body. Meditation can help by offering you a therapeutic effect over the body. Since, meditative practices are natural; it can restore your emotional balance. 

Meditation can assist you and ensure correct development and the growth of the hidden self. This hidden self is in the subliminal region of the mind, which meditation will assist you with exploring this mind. 

How practicing yoga techniques can subdue negative energies: 
Yoga as well helps in curbing the apathetic and subdued energy of an individual by promoting the growth of advantageous and realistic or sensible thoughts. By using practical yoga techniques, you can work to relieve disorders, stress, and many other problems that hold you back from healing the hidden self. 

Right now is the time to visit the internet and discover some of the new age solutions for healing the hidden self. There is too many to name in a single article, so explore the net to learn more. 

Subliminal learning however is by far the most efficient method in healing the hidden self, simply because one can learn at rapid speeds. In fact, this learning alone can lead you to amazing findings. Of course, you need other techniques to encourage subliminal learning, unless you intend to join one of the accelerated or subliminal learning courses. 

In the meantime, while you are online take some time to learn some additional benefits of meditation. The internet provides you with articles that will walk you through the steps of meditating effectively. 

Importance of Healing Hidden Self 

Importance of inner self

Divorce rates are increasing all over the world, everyone is suffering from some disease or another, world is witnessing violent clashes every now and then. The reason behind such disturbing fact is man himself. In his pursuit to amass wealth, he has left his inner self-way behind. He is so busy in trivial of life that he has forgotten the larger meaning of life. Life is much more than increasing bank balance, having designer wears and possessing the latest gizmos. 

It is because of his ignorance of true meaning of life that he does not have peace of mind. No amount of money or success in the world can provide you with serenity and calmness of mind. What is the benefit of his success if he cannot sleep without taking pills or spent time with his family? An individual today has lost his way; he is moving too fast to know the direction of his movement.

Even if he is moving in right direction, he does not stop to rest. After all, a car that does not stop for fueling during its journey will never be able to reach its destination. It is of utmost significance that man in his journey of life stops to energize himself and prepare himself better for the journey ahead. 

An individual today is always stressed and burned out. His life revolves around clock; he wants to be present at many places at once. He has many duties but not enough time to fulfill them. Because of his multiple responsibilities, he seems to have forgotten the most important person of his life- he himself. He may have the latest mobile phone and is available to anybody and everybody at anytime of the day but not himself. He is too occupied in communicating with the outside world that he has no time for himself. 

The increase in stress related diseases, depression and other physical problems are an indicator of spiritual deficiency in man. The problems are not limited to a particular age group; young, old and even school going kids suffer from depression. An individual seems to compensate his depression by investing in expensive dresses and acquiring latest technology.   

What needs to be done is to find time to interact with your inner self. Some simple changes performed can make a significant contribution to your life. The most important is spending time with yourself everyday, spent 10 minutes both in the morning and evening communicating with yourself. You can choose a quite place at your home and spent that time there. The time spent in the morning will help you prioritize your schedule and ultimately help in effective time management. Your workload is not to reduce but prioritizing them will help you focus better and give improved results. Stress is like a puncture in your bi-cycle that leaks out the gas and deprives us of our energy; as a result, we are always tired and fatigued. It is important that you do the task that gives you utmost satisfaction and not choose a task that is valued socially. It is quite possible that socially valued work may not give you happiness. Inner self is the voice of god and acts as a lighthouse to our decisions. Follow what your self says; it is sure to give you long lasting happiness. 

Think positively. Positive thoughts create a healthy aura around you. It keeps you physically fit and allows you to smile and enjoy life under any circumstances. Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet; it keeps your body energized and chemical free. Listen to music incase of stress, it relaxes your mind. These above given techniques will increase your happiness quotient, so begin early.

Inner Healing of Hidden self

We all need to seek a higher awareness of self in our lives although we may not know this initially. In the search for success in our lives, we aim to achieve fame and fortune and without inner healing and a better awareness of self not all this is possible. It is crucial that we are able to develop a better self-perception and awareness and then we are able to face the world. All this is possible only through the process of self-healing and nurturing of the inner self. We need to move away from uncontrolled emotion and take on the action of a controlled life. We must have control of our mind, body and spirit and this will mean healing all these aspects of self and using them to the achievement of fulfillment. 

Even if we have achieved wealth in life this does not mean that, we are whole people on the inside and that we are fulfilled. The material aspects of life may be enjoyable but there can be a lack of true enjoyment in life and temporary elation, which is not true internal happiness. Internal healing is the key towards the direction of our emotions and mental mechanisms and then we can be directed to the road to a better awareness of self and an inner self. We have to be aware of the thoughts of the mind and able to control all the actions and reactions that result from these thoughts. 

Many persons that live life on emotions only and they have lives that lack true direction. They are not able to control themselves and are impulsive. Impulsive reactions mean that often we do things that we typically would not if properly thought through. We have to learn to control all these reactions in the true self-concept and healing process. Core principles that we have will change as we change and life and this will only occur with higher awareness of self and healing otherwise we will stagnate in our rigidity in the concepts and not be able to move past them. The principles will otherwise stifle us as they surface uncontrolled. We have to learn and heal our inner selves to deal with these impulsive aspects in our nature that are holding back our self-development. 

As we grow and develop, we have to learn to bend. We have to learn that life is dynamic and not constant and that at times we will have to develop some core principles and then later on replace these with other. If we are not seeking inner healing and are holding on to our bad experiences then we are resistant to change and not able to meet the demands of life. Life should not be led in a compulsive manner but rather each new situation should be approached with an open minded but controlled reaction.

If we are unhappy in life then we hold on to the experiences that we have faced. We grab and hold all the guilt, anger and shame and many other negative emotions. In order to better develop and move forward we have to heal our inner selves and we have to move past the walls that we have constructed and that lead us to impulsive and compulsive reactions. Holding on to the negative emotions and experiences in our lives is not healthy and can lead to illnesses that affect our mental and physical health. 

We can face problems such as depression and many other illnesses. We have to heal our inner self and move past these problems to progress in life. 

Knowledge in Healing the Hidden Self 

Healing of the hidden self involves discovering self-knowledge. All of us have a hidden past that buries itself in the threshold of the subliminal mind. Once person discoveries the hidden self, he then can find self-fulfillment. His destiny is discovered and at this time, he cannot let his success leave his presence again. 

We should never allow success to conceal in its bareness by achieving its nothingness. We must not plug away at successes wretchedness by keeping incentives alive so that we can push in the direction of the big reward. Employing self-praise we can fulfill our success. 

When you do something good, give yourself a reward. By doing so, you can encourage success, thus keeping it alive. 

Our knowledge is gained through observation. Of course, we learn from educational materials, parents, and other influences, but what we truly learn is from our observations over the years. 

For instance, you may see a light at the end of someone else’s tunnel, but fail to see a light at the end of your tunnel. Through observations somewhere in your past, you developed a negative attitude, which is hindering you from seeing your light. 

Perhaps you noticed a friend or loved one going through difficult times with few breaks in between. Alternatively, perhaps you have lived a life full of chaos that, through observing what you experienced or what others experienced, thus you developed the negative attitude. 

Perhaps your parents told you throughout your life that, “You can’t do this, or that.” My mother had done this to me, which inspired me to rise above her negative thinking and show her better than tell, I can do anything I put my mind to accomplish. In most instances, people listen to the “I can’t,” and rarely do they find their way out of negative attitudes that bury itself beneath the threshold of the subliminal mind. 

What needs to occur at this point is the process of re-training self. Only you can readjust your attitude so that you see the light at the end of your tunnel. By affirming daily, “Something good is going to happen to me today,” you can make things happen. Amazingly, the power of persuasion and the power of the mind can blast you straight into the future, thus leading you to success. 

We all have insights that we develop throughout our life. The knowledge we develop comes from awareness, or observational learning. How we perceive things determines how we think. 

We must understand the processes of learning to a large degree to work toward healing the hidden self. Our discernments over time become prime ministers of our way of thinking. Our perceptions include our opinions, views, visualizations, senses, experiences and so forth. 

For this reason when you venture to discover the hidden self, you must analyze all aspects of the way you think. You must analyze all aspects of your human being as well to find answers that lead you to discovering the hidden self. 

The hidden self is buried in your subliminal mind. All throughout your life you had experiences that you gained from observational learning, education, parents, siblings, peers, et cetera and many of this knowledge is buried in the subliminal mind, which is where your unintentional mind resides. 

Our self-knowledge is the root of success. Employing your self-knowledge and learning something new each day, you can master any goal you set forth for you. Take some time now to study the methods in subliminal learning so that you can discover your hidden self. Visit the Internet today to learn more. 

Listen in Healing Hidden Self 

Listen to your inner call………

What do you want from life, big house, cars, money, fame and love? You have all these things in your life and then also you are not happy. Have you ever thought about yourself in a true sense? Do not ask this question from others but ask your inner self. You will realize why you are missing that real joy of life.

Everybody has different view about their life but there are some people who are living in dilemma. As they do not know what is their philosophy of life. Before understanding the life philosophy one should learn about themselves. Then only one can understand the real worth of life. It is very important to discover what we want from our life and to hear the call of our conscious.

The only way to learn about our self is by self-realization. You don’t need anything or anybody to search the self inside you. Be your teacher and guide yourself the true path of life. Listen to the music of your heart and inner self. This way you will get the real meaning to your live. Discovering yourself is the most precious gift one can give to himself. As this way, we understand the purpose of our lives. 

One should not waste his time in fulfilling others dream but their aim should be the understanding their own worth. Realize your talent and skill and try to utilize it to fullest. Magic’s will never happen but one can make wonders to his life by his own efforts.

Life is all about moving and to turn your dreams into reality. But we have made our life as hell because we are just dragging not living it. To fulfill all our dreams we need right guidance and that guidance is to be given by us only.     

The way you nourish your body in a same way you need to nourish your inner conscious. The best medicine one can give to himself is positive thinking. It is very well said that good thinking means happy living. To do any type of work we need the right attitude. From preparing for small exams to be a big enterprise one need to have positive thinking. Encourage yourself that you can do it never lose hope. If you win, it’s great but if you loose then don’t loose heart. Negative thinking is your worst enemy. To achieve success one need 70% of right approach and confidence and 30% of skill. So change your approach towards life.    

If one wants to listen the call of the inner self then he needs to understand his feelings. The mind of human being is free and it can think in any direction. Self-discovery will not only help in improving our emotional level but also help us to make our self physically strong.

Our soul, mind and our body work together. So it is very important to maintain balance in them. Listen to motivation audio tapes, and read good quality books. Also, develop healthy relationships. Strengthen yourself, and communicate with others. Engage your self in imaginative work, motivate your self, and be more calm and patient. Try to make your life more creative, make a proper stability between professional and personal life,  go for parties and outing with friends, be more open and expressive with parents, write about your feelings (express your life’s journey), practice yoga, help others,  make your life more controlled, distinguish between ideals, wants and requirements.

So take some time for you and heal your hidden self.  Healing yourself is the best remedy to improve your life. You will become strong in thoughts that even impossible seems possible to you. 

Listen in Healing Hidden Self 

Listen to your inner call………

What do you want from life, big house, cars, money, fame and love? You have all these things in your life and then also you are not happy. Have you ever thought about yourself in a true sense? Do not ask this question from others but ask your inner self. You will realize why you are missing that real joy of life.

Everybody has different view about their life but there are some people who are living in dilemma. As they do not know what is their philosophy of life. Before understanding the life philosophy one should learn about themselves. Then only one can understand the real worth of life. It is very important to discover what we want from our life and to hear the call of our conscious.

The only way to learn about our self is by self-realization. You don’t need anything or anybody to search the self inside you. Be your teacher and guide yourself the true path of life. Listen to the music of your heart and inner self. This way you will get the real meaning to your live. Discovering yourself is the most precious gift one can give to himself. As this way, we understand the purpose of our lives. 

One should not waste his time in fulfilling others dream but their aim should be the understanding their own worth. Realize your talent and skill and try to utilize it to fullest. Magic’s will never happen but one can make wonders to his life by his own efforts.

Life is all about moving and to turn your dreams into reality. But we have made our life as hell because we are just dragging not living it. To fulfill all our dreams we need right guidance and that guidance is to be given by us only.     

The way you nourish your body in a same way you need to nourish your inner conscious. The best medicine one can give to himself is positive thinking. It is very well said that good thinking means happy living. To do any type of work we need the right attitude. From preparing for small exams to be a big enterprise one need to have positive thinking. Encourage yourself that you can do it never lose hope. If you win, it’s great but if you loose then don’t loose heart. Negative thinking is your worst enemy. To achieve success one need 70% of right approach and confidence and 30% of skill. So change your approach towards life.    

If one wants to listen the call of the inner self then he needs to understand his feelings. The mind of human being is free and it can think in any direction. Self-discovery will not only help in improving our emotional level but also help us to make our self physically strong.

Our soul, mind and our body work together. So it is very important to maintain balance in them. Listen to motivation audio tapes, and read good quality books. Also, develop healthy relationships. Strengthen yourself, and communicate with others. Engage your self in imaginative work, motivate your self, and be more calm and patient. Try to make your life more creative, make a proper stability between professional and personal life,  go for parties and outing with friends, be more open and expressive with parents, write about your feelings (express your life’s journey), practice yoga, help others,  make your life more controlled, distinguish between ideals, wants and requirements.

So take some time for you and heal your hidden self.  Healing yourself is the best remedy to improve your life. You will become strong in thoughts that even impossible seems possible to you. 

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