~What Is The So Fascinating About Magazines



Have you ever stopped to wonder why we are so addicted to magazines? What is so fascinating about it that makes us want to fork out so much more money than we have to for a newspaper, which can be said to serve the same general purpose of providing readers with up to date information? Here, we shall shed some light on this phenomenon.

Firstly, the colorful pages of a magazine strongly appeals to the reader. The excellent color contrast used in the magazine ensures that magazines are extremely easy on the eyes. The use of appropriate bright colors further stimulates the interest and grabs the attention of the reader.

In addition, magazines provide more in-depth coverage of a certain topic, as compared to newspapers. This can be attributed to the fact that newspapers cover news on a daily basis and often on a wide range of topics. Given the constraints posed by tighter datelines, it is often not possible for newspaper journalists to do extensive research on the subject matter. Moreover, the broad based coverage of newspapers also means that there is restricted column space for write-ups pertaining to any single category. In contrast, magazines are often highly focused on a single topic, which enables it to better cater to its targeted customers. With more time available for the conducting of background research, magazines are also able to offer more extensive coverage on topics that are of interest to the reader.

Also, magazine writers often write in a more conversational tone than you would normally find on newspapers. Newspapers are often bounded by its serious facades. On the other hand, magazines generally use more colorful language, which enables it to connect to the readers better. In fact, reading newspapers can be likened to a one-way dialogue, while reading magazines can be seen as a two-way conversation. Naturally, the reader would be more absorbed and engrossed in reading something that he or she can relate to and communicate with. This is the reason why many of us enjoy reading magazines more than newspapers and serves as the cornerstone to the success of magazines.

On top of these, magazines come in more user-friendly sizes, as compared to the traditional bulky newspapers. This is where the magazine again has an advantage. It is designed to fit snugly into your palms so as to facilitate easy flipping and hence reading.

Last but not least, carrying a magazine does not dirty your hands, unlike holding newspapers. Newspapers are generally printed at a very speedy rate with a mineral oil ink. As newsprint is not heated, the ink has little time to dry. Instead, this ink is absorbed by the inner fibers of the sheets of paper and does not evaporate completely. This explains why some of the ink can go onto your hands. Magazine ink does not stay on its pages because it is often completely dried during the print run and is printed on a different type of paper.

The next time you are at the news stand, maybe you will better understand why you are browsing through magazines instead of newspapers!

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