~How to use blogs to Make Money Online


Blogs have sprouted out from all corners of the world.  Most of the time, blogs have been created just for self-expression, as a means to communicate new things to no one in particular, or simply to keep a more convenient (in any computer with internet connection) and environmentally-friendly (no paper needed) online diaries.  Nowadays, especially with these hard times, business-minded bloggers have grabbed the opportunity to make money using their blogs.  If you are interested on how to use blogs as moneymakers, here are three approaches on how to do it:


  1. Solicit donations.

An effective yet touchy method of how to use blogs as income generator is by asking for contributions.  Counting on the kindness of your blog’s visitors may be a question of pride for some, yet blogs that have tried this approach swear by its effectiveness.  Take up a cause for your blog and solicitsupport and donations.  Collection buttons can be set up easily in collaboration with programs like PayPal.

  1. Sell yourself in your blog.

Blogs have a capacity to generate new business by covertly advertising the blogger’s skills.  Unconsciously, blogs, especially personal ones, inform the readers of what the blogger’s job is, or what additional skills he has.  Promoting your skills in your blog can be an effective manner of how to use blogs as income generators.  Soon enough, you might get e-mails of blog visitors who are interested in your public speaking skills or training background.  Better yet, you may put in a paragraph on your blog’s sideline about how to contact you in case somebody is interested in your skill sets.

  1. Sell products and ad space.

This may actually be currently the most common way on how to use blogs for income.  Marketing products through advertising space are common.  Of course, if you are interested, you might want to match your blog’s content with the ads that you show, as chances are, your blog “demographic” will be more interested in ads that are in sync with your blog content. 


There are still many ways on how to use blogs to make money.  With enough creativity and wit, blogs can actually be gold mines as well.







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