~5 Steps on how to write an eBook


Writing an eBook must have been daunting at first even though you are a very good writer. Tons of websites have been devoted to guiding writers on how to write an eBook. It is a much discussed topic even in writers’ forums. Better yet, the steps on how to write an eBook are just plain and simple.

The first step on how to write an eBook is to establish your reasons. Whatever your reasons might be – whether financial or promotion purposes, these reasons would give you motivation as you get through the processes.

Second, you must choose your subject and your title. These are most important since your compositions would be based on these main frames. They should also be relevant to your intentions. If you intend to sell off, you may opt for topics that are suitable to the general public. Your topic and title should always match your target audiences’ preferences.

The third step on how to write an eBook is writing your thesis statement. A thesis statement should be written on a separate page to give room for further criticisms since it is your main guide. It would be your overall basis.

Fourth, create your document and convert it to the file format of your choice. The most popular types of eBook are of .exe and .PDF files. Various websites guiding online users on how to write an eBook often recommend software that convert documents to such format.

Lastly, advertise your eBook. Get customers via online resources.

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