~Promote my book through Amazon ads service? Is promoting books through Amazon ads service profitable? we will see -1 -

Amazon AMG, AAP & Advertising Console Explained | Sellics

As a beginner , I heard about the surprising results the authors have achieved for their book promoters on Amazon's book promotion services. So I decided to try Amazon ad services .

I Signup to them https://advertising.amazon.co.uk/ services , I added credit card and all the information they requested .

In fact, the platform they give you to continue promoting your books is easy to use , If you are not experienced in using the Internet, it will be easy for you to use their platform .

I started promoting my books with a budget of 3 Euros a day I choose no end for the campaign  and use a bid suggested by Amazon from 0.31 to 0.5 Euros , I use (automatic option) ( Sponsored Products ) . 

Amazon knows the book's keywords better than me, has knowledge of what works and what doesn't . As I said earlier, I am a beginner and this is a good option for me to let them promote my books in the appropriate way.

Amazon takes its time to review your book's advertising campaign a day to 3 day .

Once they approve your campaign , You see it in your account in them Advertising site .

I start run 3 books as you can see in this pic 

Then I noticed that not all books have Impression

So I start to Paused books which not have much Impression and replace it with another books .

as I said it easy to do 

signup 22 from this month , They send me yesterday an invoice 1.07 Euros and I pay it .

Create a portfolio and call it un running books and move to it books which i choose to not run cuz there are no Impression .

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