~How To Earn Money from LikesPlanet ?

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There are so many ways to Earn in LikesPlanet :-
  • Liking/Following/Subscribing and etc.
This is the Primary way to earn in Likes planet. basically you earn 1-14 points/$0.0002-$0.0028 for one click. 

You can also use the points for Earning likes,subscribers,Followers and other social media fans

  • Website Traffic
There are two Types of Website Traffic in LikesPlanet.
  1. website Traffic - The Normal ones, you just click the link and wait for 30 seconds and you will earn 1-14 points/$0.0002-$0.0028 for one click. 
  2. Direct Traffic - Here you need to pass the ad-fly link and and Paste the URL Link on the Likes Planet and you will earn 1-14 points/$0.0002-$0.0028 for one click.

  • Paid-to-Promote (PTP)
it's Simple, you will earn $0.00002/0.1point for each unique Visit on your referral link.
you can also have a Referral while promoting the link which I will teach you on the fourth way.

  • Referrals
You will get 100 Points for Each Referral. (join by your referral link).
You will get Extra 600 Points = $0.12 for Each Active Referral. (makes 300 hits). 
You will get 5% of points for Every member register under your referral URL. 
When your referrals members are more active, you will get more points/cash! 

  1. making Blog about Likes planet                                                                               Create a New Blog or Page in any forum or website builder, example (Webs, Blogspot, Weebly,...etc)Talk about Likes Planet, that it can provide Free Likes and Followers for different social media networks, etc. Inform visitors that LikesPlanet helps to earn money, $0.12 per referral, add your payment proof if possible,etc
    Add your Referral Link:
    http://likesplanet.com/promote.php?ref=(Your Username)
    When blog/page is done, send its URL address, They will review and give points for you.
    If your work was great, They will give you 600 points/$0.12 or maybe 1,000 points/$0.2, otherwise They will give 250 points/$0.05.
    You can make a new blog on different providers Every Day!
  2. Making YouTube Video about Likes Planet                                                                                          Create new video talking about LikesPlanet, explain its features, add your referral link in video,etc                                                                                            Add Your Referral Link:                                                            http://likesplanet.com/promote.php?ref=(Your UserName)                                                            When video worked and uploaded to YouTube, please send its URL address, They will review and give points for you.If your work was great, They will give you 500 points/$0.1, otherwise They will give 250 points/$0.05.                                                     You can make a new video Everyday!

  • Posting your Payment Proofs
Just post your Payment Proofs to http://blog.likesplanet.com/payments-proofs-post-your-payment-proof-and-earn- extra-pointsmoney/ and you will earn extra points.You will earn extra points/cash = Payment Amount x500=Points.
example: 0.5 x 500 = 250 points
Payment Amount x 0.10 = cash
example: 0.5 x 0.10 = 0.05
If your payment was $0.5 then you will earn extra 250 points/$0.05! and so on…
1- Click on ‘Leave Reply’.
2- Upload screenshot of payment proof any where.
3- Post your Referral Link + Payment proof image Link in comment.
4- Extra points will be added to your LikesPlanet.com within some hours!

Login Daily, Do 20 likes/hits, and earn Bonus 50 Points/$0.01

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