~ Acceptance in Personal and Interpersonal Development

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Children are undeveloped. We must accept that children will keep secrets and that there are things they will tell other people but not you. Give them some space but make it clear to them that you are always available if and when they need you. And if they do talk to you, keep an open mind to what they are saying and keep any reservations you make have to yourself. Teenagers can be very difficult. But in most cases, it is because we rarely listen to them and even rarely try to look at things from their point of view. How we relate to them has a great impact on how the will develop as adults. And what they become as adults is surely a reflection on how we are as parents.

By giving a teenager respect you can win them over. You can encourage personal and interpersonal development when you give them respect, simply because they will start respecting you and start to see things in a different light.

Many parents fail to respect their children. Rather they believe that the child must respect them and that the child must earn his or her respect and must be an adult. This is far from reality and truth, simply because these little minds are people too.

When you learn to accept that your child, like you, deserves respect you will find it easier to talk with your child. In addition, the encouragement you give will inspire your child to think for him or her self.

When your child thinks for him or her self it is a part of development, which ultimately guides them to do what is right. They build a strong mind, which is what you want to encourage throughout the processes of child development.

Teenagers go through a lot at school and at home. Often they are pressured to act like someone else rather than themselves. As parents we must accept that our children have their own personality and should act in accord to who they are, rather than like someone else.

Encourage your child to be him or her self. This will inspire personal and interpersonal development. Your child needs room to grow, so be the parent and give your child this room.

Children also have a mind of their own and are human beings that will make many mistakes during the process of child development. Keep in mind that you make and have made many mistakes during your grow up phase. Give your child room to develop and learn from his or her mistake. Instead of punishing your child harshly when he or she makes a mistake, sit down like two adults and discuss the consequences with your child.

What a great way to encourage personal and interpersonal development for your child. Treat your child like a human being and your child will grow happy and healthy with a stable mind and a whole being created.

Children, like adults need to feel trusted. When you show your child that you trust him or her, your child will thrive to do his or her best to make sure that this trust is not broken.

Trust your child. Trust is a point of respect that we must all develop so that we can encourage healthy personal and interpersonal relationships and development.

Children need to feel close to their parents also. The closeness should have balance and we as parents must put forth effort to listen to our child when needed, and to pay closer attention to our children’s needs. By doing so we can encourage healthy children through personal and interpersonal development.

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