~ The Magic Notebook

As long as you come to this page. Maybe because the energy of this Magic Notebook attracted you , I am not promoting it , It attracts those who are fit for it.This Magic Notebook is somewhat different from other magic diaries For the following reasons:

1-You cannot use it more than one time even if You buy it again it will not work with you because you took your chance , So use every space in it Carefully.

2-You should write in it every day because it will punish you if not .

3-You should use words and feelings carefully while writing Because this Magic Notebook is awake!

4-You do not need to Spell! This Magic Notebook will take care of everything your soul needs , Just sit at the end of the day and write down your events, experiences during the day, tough situations , What do you like and what do you dislike , Who you love and Who you hate , what do you wish . This Magic Notebook is your Mirror but remember this Mirror is awake!

5- Spell! It takes time, effort and repetition, Isn't ? But with This Magic Notebook You will see the results the next day for the day You use it .

6- This magical notebook will talk to you sometimes in mindfulness and sometimes in dreams .

*This Magic Notebook is suitable for all spiritual uses . 

*Try to use this magic notebook for doing good things.

* Spell! It allowed with This Magic Notebook Only six times , The seventh time will not work .

*The Magic Notebook will let you use it , It chose you from the beginning.

*After You finishes its pages It will always be with you if you are a good person ,If You not it will get away from you and You will lose it .




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