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3DHome Architect Suite

3D home architect home and landscape design suite is a very easy to use design that helps achieve your dream home to reality. It offers you full set of software in the form of DVD to construct your home in a perfect design. Since it uses latest technologies, it is able to design any room in your home and to make an awesome landscape.

The possibilities you can make with 3D home architect home and landscape design suite software is endless and you can design your floor plan or remodel your kitchen or create a perfect landscape that improves the entire appearance of your home easily. It contains the complete set of home and landscape design tools that let you make changes in each and every aspect of your home and landscape project. You can view number of remodeling options by using an array of material templates.  The interface of this software would make your design experience more pleasant.

The deck tool in this suite helps you model your deck in any type according to your desire. There is a large library that contains numerous appliances that you can select anything suits for you.

Landscape of a home inspires the outsiders and it improves the value of your home. Therefore it is important to focus more on landscape design. The 3D home architect home landscape design suite helps you design a fantastic landscape complete with plants, trees, decorative shrubs, pools, fencing and outdoor lighting. You can design your outdoor space with pond, spa, waterfall, outdoor grill, Garden furniture, garden statues and much more. Customizing your landscape becomes very easy now with the help of this 3D design suite.

You can even decide which types of plants would be suitable for your garden with the help of plant library in this software. The plant library helps you select the best planting option after considering the terrain, region, climate and soil. There is plant growth projection tool in this design suite which helps you view the growth of plants in your landscape over a period of time.

Interior design in this suite is yet another excellent feature. You can design your living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other room with the help of this software according to your wish. You can utilize the powerful tools in order to change each and every element of a room. You can finalize paint color, flooring, furnishing, and much more with the help of this design suite.

3D home architect home and landscape design suite provides various options to include brilliant lighting system to every room in your home. It also provides wide variety of lighting options for our exterior landscape. You can decide which place in the room can be left for direct sunlight and which place requires artificial lighting system with the help of this software. The lighting options include floor lighting, table lamps, inset lighting and much more.

It is difficult and time consuming to change anything in real home or landscape. But it is easy to remodel anything in the software up to our satisfaction. Hence, the 3D design suite is often essential to bring your dream home to reality. 

2019 Landscape Architect Summer Internship

Landscape architect is a profession that involves planning and designing exterior landscape. Landscape architecture was not recognized as a unique profession until the early twentieth century. However now it has been recognize as a distinct profession in developed nations like United States. Separate training programs are being conducted to provide assistance to landscape architects and one of them is 2019 landscape architect summer internship program.

Landscape architect needs to complete bachelor or master degree in landscape architecture. Many employers recommend that prospective landscape architects complete at least one summer internship with any landscape architecture firm so that they can gain technical skills and daily operations in the field. Hence the main purpose of 2019 landscape architect summer internship is to improve the skill and understandability of a landscape architect about how to satisfy clients, how to generate fees and so on.

2019 landscape architect summer internship offers guidance and training to students in the field of landscape architecture, parks and recreation and some other related fields. The landscape architect summer internship for the year2019plans to accomplish various tasks that include the following:

1. Planting more vegetation and maintaining the greenery of the location is the main aim of the internship. It also includes planting lawn, shrubs, flower beds and trees on the selected village’s property in order to enhance the appearance of the location. This may also include pruning, brushing, fertilizing, weeding, mulching and watering the plants regularly. In short the main aim of2019 landscape architect internship is to maintain the village greenery.

2. The work also includes maintaining lawn area in all parks and public places. It also includes mowing, trimming, watering and raking the lawn area. These operations require lawn maintenance equipments like mowers, trimmers and blowers. The internship aims at providing the equipment to maintain beautiful lawn area in all public places.

3. Trimming and pruning decorative shrubs in all parks and public places is another important work of 2019 landscape architect summer internship.

4. The work also includes lawn and shrub maintenance in associated areas.

Many organizations involve in the construction of parks, airports and other public places hire landscape architects in order to add some landscape features like fountains or decorative features in such places. Landscape architect summer internship for the year 2019 provides adequate help to create and design new topography, vegetation and walkways in the public places.

Computer aided design has become most important in landscape architecture. Many landscape architects use video simulation in order to propose their ideas and designs for client’s approval. They also use geographic information system technology, a computer mapping system in preparing designs. Landscape architects can get the knowledge of the above latest techniques in their field and other practical knowledge from landscape architect summer internship for the year 2019.

Some landscape architects specialize in particular area like residential development, historic landscape restoration etc. Summer internship can help them acquire necessary knowledge in their respective fields.

Landscape architects who work for Government agencies like designing government buildings, parks and other public places are required to undergo landscape architect summer internship.

American Society of Landscape Architects

Landscape architecture has been recognized as a distinct profession nowadays. It covers analyzing, planning, designing and managing the natural and built environment. Landscape architecture includes various types of projects like recreation, parks, street scapes, gardens; academic campuses and so on.

American Society of landscape architects is a professional association of landscape architects. It has more than 17000 members from all the 50 States of America. Its main aim is to create awareness of landscape architecture and thereby to increase the appreciation for this profession. It takes active part in resolving various political issues in the local, state or national level related to this profession.

Another main objective of American society of landscape architects is to provide free summer internship programs to its members during the months of February, March and April. It mainly targets the students to get the benefits of summer internship. Therefore it sends email remainders to students of landscape architecture so as to inform them about the internship program.

American society of landscape architects provides numerous benefits to its members. It provides free subscription of landscape architecture magazine to its members. The professional practice library of ASLA provides technical information series, self study preparation materials etc to student members. The members can also obtain the benefits of Computer Aided Design library of ASLA so that they can get more technical knowledge and skill in their field.

American society of landscape architects provides huge discount on annual meeting for its members. It also provides opportunities to join professional practice network. There are 17 professional practice networks in ASLA which helps the members to get advanced knowledge base. The members can also share their common knowledge with other members. The staffs of American society of Landscape architecture can help pinpointing the potential landscape architecture in the respective areas of the members and thereby help the members stabilize their career.

ASLA members can submit their resume in its job link. Non members can also post their resume here.  It provides various jobs listing to the members and enables them to do a simple search of various job opportunities available.

The professional members of American society of landscape architecture are entitled to receive the benefits of Free Finder. They can find a firm in any special areas like Botanical garden planning, golf course design, parks, recreations and public places, Therapeutic garden planning, streetscapes and so on. 

ASLA members are allowed to enter the professional and students’ awards. ASLA professional awards honor the best landscape architecture design from all over the world. The awards are given for general design, residential design, and land mark design and so on. ASALA students’ awards help encouraging the students. For professional awards at least the first stage of the construction must be completed in order to get eligibility for the awards.

However, for students’ awards, it is not required to build. The juries would consider the quality and execution of the design. The design would be considered best if it has features for environmental sustainability and sensitivity.

Atlanta Landscape Architect

There are so many landscape architecture and graphic design firms in Atlanta. The landscape architects of these firms create innovative landscape designs. Atlanta landscape architects are specialists in striking balance between natural surroundings and built environment. They offer customized design plants to clients. They also grant landscape design patterns perfectly – no matter whether the design is traditional or contemporary, formal or casual.

Atlanta landscape architects offer dedicated and timely service to clients. Quality service is the first and foremost commitment of these architects. They maintain good relationship with clients, contractors and suppliers.

Some of the special services offered by Atlanta landscape architects are listed below:

The landscape architect firms in Atlanta specialize in distinctive garden designs for various clients. Their garden designs suit the tastes, styles and needs of the clients. In fact garden in home is not a place simply for plants. You can relax yourself in your garden after long hours of working in a stuffy office. You can enjoy a night party or dinner in the garden. You can even cook in the outdoor with the help of garden grill. Atlanta landscape architects help to make your dreams a reality.

The highly trained experts of Atlanta landscape architect firms help you make specialty gardens like shaded, wild life, butterfly, cutting flower, cottage, and garden kitchen and so on. You can also seek their help to maintain a container garden in your patio or front porch that can make your home really appealing.

They also help you select trees, shrubs, perennial and draught tolerant plants. You can get tips from them with respect to garden maintenance. They can also arrange for excellent garden lighting. They can provide environmentally friendly landscape design.

Some other Landscape architect firms in Atlanta provide various specialty services like interior landscaping, green roofing, ponds, outdoor lighting, lawn design, and recreational design and so on. They also provide some special landscape designs that need less maintenance.

Atlanta landscape architects also provide removal services like tree removal, stump and root removal, lot clearing, hazardous removal etc. They provide quality service in this work. They help you by removing these problems without any damage to the nearby buildings.

Most of the landscape architecture firms in Atlanta provide various irrigation systems like sprinkler system and other irrigation services. They help in irrigating plants, lawns and trees in park, recreation or other public places with comparatively less amount of water. Their irrigation plan is environment friendly and so the design earns better reputation among people and Government agencies.

The landscape architect firms in Atlanta offer superior quality service. They provide great attention to detail and design. They have rich knowledge in selecting the materials used for various landscapes. They also provide wide variety of designs for enclosed and screened porches. They also help in selecting right furniture for outdoor landscape.

Since these architects are willing to provide an array of low maintenance landscape designs, you can select anyone that suits your dream and budget easily. There are some award winning landscape architect firms in Atlanta.

You can also select such firms in order to get an innovative design plan to fulfill your dream.

Cape Cod Landscape Architect

Cape Cod a national seashore at Massachusetts in the United States of America has many architectural areas. The quality service provided by Cape Cod Landscape architects includes the areas of lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, landscape construction and much more.

People who are fascinated by the Cape Cod’s distinct mixture of forest, marsh, bay and sea wish to plan for a beautiful home here with a brilliant landscape. Cape Cod landscape architects offer an array of quality services to fulfill their dreams.

Cape Cod landscape architect firms grant remodeling the homes and landscapes in order to provide appealing look to the property. They can also provide services to select flora and fauna that suits the soil and terrain. They offer valuable services in the field of irrigation system. You can also get advice from them where to buy the landscape decorative products.

Landscape architects in Cape Cod help in lawn mowing, planting, mulching, pruning, and trimming and so on. They are specialists in both contemporary and traditional style of landscape architecture. Therefore they can help your dream project a reality.

Decorating the outdoor of home is becoming famous nowadays. This helps not only improve the appearance of home but also the value of the property. Landscape appearance is the first impression of any home. Landscaping complements the home and so Cape Cod landscape architects pay special attention to each and every aspect of the landscape design.

The architects can help creating an intimate outdoor ambience with the lighting system. Outdoor lighting not only increases the appeal of the home but also improves the safety features. Lighting the path to doors or in the pavement provides wonderful look to the home. You can get help from any of the landscape architect firm in Cape Cod to select the suitable lighting system.

If you want to build your backyard garden pond, then seek the help of a Cape Cod landscape architect to get a brilliant design that suits your garden. Urban ponds suit smaller area. Koi pond is ideal to accommodate fish growing. Koi ponds normally do not have any plants since Koi would eat certain types of plants. Natural style pond is however ideal for a coastal area like Cape Cod. Flat stones can be used to form a natural style pond.

The sound of falling water can be tuned well through careful planning and arrangements. The garden pond shapes come in variety of types. You can select a pre formed pond with built in plant shelves if you are a beginner pond builder. These types of ponds can provide longer period of life and they are easy to clean.

Cape Cod landscape architects also help in low maintenance landscape design. Most of the people wish to design a fabulous landscape. However they do not want to spend more on maintenance. Since the architects provide plans for a great landscape design which needs little or no maintenance.

Since landscape in coastal areas like Cape Cod would be frequently affected by the salty air, it is important to plan for a less maintenance design that can be environmentally sustainable.

Cine Drilling Landscape architect

We are always thrilled by the gargantuan scenes shown in movies. Some awe inspiring scenes of the film are shot on rough terrains, on huge boulders, on thrilling cliffs. All the stunts performed on these sites give a dimension of reality to the movie. Cine Drilling Landscape architect is all about such “sets”, which are specially “designed” for that particular scene.

Have you seen those breathtaking scenes in the film “Vertical Limit” or have you ever wondered about the terrain where “cliffhanger” was shot. Although most of the scenes in the film are shot in studios using some colossal sets, sometime real terrain and outdoor shoots are necessary to add “reality” to such scenes. This is where a cine drilling architect is needed to handle the situation.

Cine drilling architect is an artist who works behind the screen. You will not notice him on the screen but if you look at the natural “sets”, where the movie is shot you will find how his work has helped the film to become a great movie.

You might be wondering what a cine drilling landscape architect does, right? He actually “carves” suitable locations required for particular scenes. Suppose director needs a river, flowing by an enormous boulder, with a wooden bridge on it. It might be hard to find such a location and even if you find such a location, it may not be economical to go there with all the crew for a single shot. At such times a cine drilling landscape architect comes handy.

It is very probable that the director can find a large boulder. The cine drilling landscape artist drills the place around that boulder and create a ditch that looks like a natural riverbed. Now by circulating water in this ditch, the scene of a river flowing by a boulder can be created. The wooden bridge can also be set temporarily. This gives a far more reasonable and economical solution than moving entire crew to a suitable site and then shoot a single scene. In such circumstances a cine drilling landscape architect is indispensable.

The property department is virtually incomplete without a cine drilling landscape architect, if a director wants to shoot a magnanimous, action packed movie that requires a number of diverse location to give the touch or reality to his shots. Even though suitable locations are available, aesthetic sense demands some changes in the natural disposition of the location.

This is also well handled by a cine drilling landscape architect. He is as indispensable as a choreographer, a stunt director, or an art director. He can “beautify” the landscape to such an extent that these restructured locations are passed as “real life” locations and viewers crave to visit the location at least once.

The days are gone when the entire film was shot in a studio using colossal set. Now people demand movie to be more realistic. This demands for scenes to be shot in natural setting; and as the natural settings may not be suitable for such shoots, a cine drilling landscape architecture becomes one of the most crucial crew members during shoot.  

Clayton Pruitt Landscape Architect

Landscape architecture and designing is probably the most up coming allied branch of construction. It can be best defined as the art of planning, designing, managing, preserving and rehabilitating the land and as well as human-made constructs. The complete restructuring of land ensures that the land can be utilized for further construction activities.

The scale of this line of work includes architectural design, planning of site, estate development, and environmental restoration, urban planning and design, town planning and design, recreational and historic preservation. A practitioner in the field of landscape and designing is referred to as a landscape architect.

Many people these days are opting for an exclusive residential option that speak of originality and creativity. If you have the eye for artistic details and are willing to spend money, then Clayton Pruitt landscape architect is the person to go to. A prominent landscape architect, Mr. Pruitt has a wealth of experience in his stream of expertise. He works as a garden designer in the Lakeview Landscape Inc.

To hire his expert services, he indicates that he will work on a contractual basis. Though he charges for the first meetings, the charges for facilitation of the design with the contractor, and maintenance schedules are extra and will be levied on an hourly basis.

Clayton Pruitt landscape architect believes that designing a garden requires inputs form the clients as well. They can give the best idea of what their requirements are and some of them have come up with very unique and creative concepts of gardening. He believes that designing is something that we do at every point in our lives. Whenever you put something together yourself, you have indulged in designing.

Even a routine activity like gardening needs designing skills. He emphasizes on the need of correctness of vocabulary, grammar and spelling thus making letter writing a form of designing. Designing, thus should be practiced as a religion. It is only then when the best design solutions can be thought about.

Clayton Pruitt believes in a sincere and dedicated approach towards his work however humble the project may be.  One of his specialties is waterfall landscape design. He appreciates the work of the painters who confine the epic scope of some wonderful landscapes that stimulated them. This form of landscaping is a good illustration of asymmetrical design. Water can be a magical element in the entire layout of the garden and can give a distinctively look to the garden.

As a landscape designer, Mr. Pruitt suggests the use of patio plants, house plants or miniature Christmas trees to make the gardens attractive.  Lakeside Landscape Inc is an affordable tree service company and will offer its band of customers all the help required with maintaining a garden.

Clayton Pruitt landscape architect believes that a landscape becomes a garden when it develops into an extension of the owner, in the functional, aesthetic and emotional regard. Landscape art portrays scenery such as valleys, mountains, rivers, forests and trees and this can be replicated in the residential gardens.

In fact, a well maintained and beautifully designed front lawn adds a touch of exotic beauty to a residential plan.

Elizabeth Gillick Landscape Architect

What is the work of a landscape architect? Why is he needed? How and when can we use his services? All these question occur to your mind some time or other. But have you ever heard of Elizabeth Gallic landscape architect?

A landscape architect is one who plans, designs, and manage open spaces that include both natural and built environs. The aesthetic sense of man demands going beyond just building a house. Everyone wants to make his or her house beautiful. As a house is adorned with beautiful artifacts it can also be adorned by using the natural elements in and around the structure.

If the plot you are developing is a hillock then it is quite unromantic idea to level it down to build your house. If you consult Elizabeth Gallic architect then you will be advised not do so. You can develop the plot in such a way that is does not lose its natural charm. Can you imagine you sweet home situated atop a hillock, with a winding path leading to it. If you are creative to visualize such a beautiful sweet home then you can make it happen with the help of Elizabeth Gallic landscape architect.

Elizabeth Gallic landscape architect can help you in various ways. It oversees variety of projects including regeneration to maintaining the natural beauty of the site. It first conducts study of the site for the contours, ecology, soil type, and roads and then suggests what should be done to beautify the house.

Elizabethan Gallic architect takes into consideration the tastes and interests of the potential users. The site is developed according to the users tastes and liking with due consideration to retaining natural beauty of the place. Everything is planned in details, working drawings are made, and construction details are explained to you before actual working is started.

While development is in progress you come across some queries Elizabeth Gallic landscape architect provides you the explanation and motive behind the plan and arrangement. The system works parallel to client’s wishes and ideas.

Elizabeth Gallic landscape architect is very renowned for prompt services. Once everything is scheduled you can rest assured about the work. Elizabeth Gallic landscape architect is very particular and sees to it that deadlines are met.

A good understanding of natural processed and surroundings are necessary to retain the naturalness of the surroundings of home. A landscape architect only can give justice to such project. His keen insight and understanding is necessary to build your dream house with a good natural backdrop.

Everyone enjoys an attractively designed residence with nature at its best around you. Such residences need a good planning and design to make your home look like “grown” in natural surroundings. Particular attention is to be needed for the details.

A house with natural environment around with well pave path skirted by exquisite shrubs, a brook flowing past the gate, gate leaning onto a boulder is the most romantic place but to “naturalize” your home in such environs needs help of experts like Elizabeth Gallic architect.

Famous Landscape Architects

Landscape architecture has been recognized as a distinct profession only in the early 20th century. However this field has number of famous landscape architects within this short period. American society of landscape architects provides the list of some of the famous landscape architects in U.S and Canada.

Dr. Jacob Bigelow was the first landscape designer in United States who proposed different types of uses for graveyard. Thomas D. Church was one of the best landscape architects who had done more than 4000 projects. He was the creator of California garden which was designed to suit the Mediterranean climate and this garden requires low maintenance and high longevity for the native plants. He designed more than 2000 home gardens in California. He also designed public gardens of University of California.

Horace W.S Cleveland is yet another famous landscape architect who suggested some basic changes in the sanitation, park system, town residences etc in major cities of America. Charles Eliot made distinctive achievements in the landscape architecture which include Metropolitan Park and open space systems in Boston. Beatrix Jones Farrand was one among the founders of American Society of landscape architecture and she is famous for her work on Yale University quadrangles.

Fletcher Steele is one of the famous landscape architects who had designed number of suburban residential gardens. In the past decades, lawn area in every American home was ubiquitous. Fletcher Steele was against this pattern and he supported the need of privacy in the lawn area. NaumKeag in Massachusetts is one of his famous landscapes. He had promoted variety of garden types and he suggested some ways to use garden as an outdoor living space. He supported the need of functional elements in a garden like vegetable garden, fruit garden etc.

Most of the people consider Fredrick Law Olmsted as the founder of landscape architecture. But he considered himself as an environmental planner. He had designed many city parks including the famous Central park in New York City. He had also designed number of parks in Boston city.

Andrew Jackson Downing is yet another one of famous landscape architects who is also considered as the founder of landscape gardening. He had focused his design plans more for gardens only. He had designed gardens in numerous middle class homes in America. Since he was basically a nurseryman, he had the ability to judge the plant types suitable for variety of soil and land. He provides help to grow native plants in home gardens.

Thomas Jefferson was not only a landscape designer but he was also a politician. He designed so many estates for his friends. He devoted his efforts in designing gardens. He was proud to be called as a gardener.

Hideo Sasaki provided dedicated work for the creation of landscape architecture. He insisted that landscape architecture can be a part of architecture, civil engineering and planning. He provided various improvements in the landscape designs. His great achievements include urban design improvements in Pennsylvania.

Apart from the above mentioned landscape architects, there are number of famous architects who dedicate their efforts in order to upgrade this field.

Jobs in Dubai Landscape Architect

There are many firms that offer jobs in Dubai landscape architect. Various levels of jobs are available for a landscape architect. The required qualification for acquiring jobs in Dubai landscape architect includes a bachelor degree in landscape architecture, excellent communication skill, time management skills and willingness to work in Dubai and UAE. Those who did not complete graduation in landscape architecture can apply for the job provided they have equivalent experience.

The landscape architecture firms in Dubai provide unparallel service in the field of architecture. They offer excellent remuneration for their staffs. Hence jobs in Dubai landscape architect firms would really improve your career and financial position.

The job description of landscape architect in Dubai firms includes the ability to flourish in a multi disciplined office. This is important because these firms would normally contain 400 or more talented staffs. Hence the ability to mingle with the colleagues is important to get a job in Dubai landscape architect firm.

You must also have the ability to execute a project alone. You also need to create innovative landscape designs. You need to have the strong graphic capabilities and the knowledge in latest landscape technologies is highly preferable.

The jobs in Dubai landscape architect firms require performing multi national projects. The firms would engage in any type of project like planning for resorts, health care, commercial, office use and residential buildings. Therefore the landscape architect needs to have vast knowledge in his field.

Landscape architects who have got the jobs in Dubai landscape architect firms get competent salaries plus additional benefits according to their capability. Any qualified landscape architect from anywhere in the world can apply for the jobs in Dubai architecture firms.

Though most of the firms require bachelor degree in landscape architecture, some outstanding firms in Dubai require master degree in landscape architecture plus some years of experience in the field in order to get the job. These firms require outstanding written and oral communication skill in English language. They also require working knowledge of scaled drawings, digital imagery and the ability to read engineering plans.

The applicants need to have the ability to produce quality landscape designs to renovate and improve the properties of the clients. They also need to cooperate with clients and other staff members so that they can help in accomplishing the clients’ dream a reality.

The suitably qualified landscape architects can send their resumes in MS word format to the required company through online. The applicants are also required to send the copy of their degree along with 2 references. Jobs in Dubai landscape architect firms are willing to pay negotiable salary for a competent staff.

There are number of technological changes and innovations happening in the landscape architecture field. Hence anyone who wants to apply for the post of landscape design manager in Dubai landscape architecture firms need to have latest technical knowledge. In fact Dubai landscape architect firms provide an excellent opportunity to the landscape architects all over the world for international exposure.

The job position would be based on any cosmopolitan city of Dubai and attractive salary package would be given for eligible candidates.

Landscape Architect Liability Law

The lability law stresses that a person who wishes to be registered as a landscape architect must complete at least 18 years and should have a moral character. He\she needs to have passed a specified exam and must have obtained a professional degree in Landscape architecture. He\she must complete any of the following criteria to get legal registration to practice as a landscape architect:

* Complete at least 3 years of practical experience in an office or under a registered landscape architect.

* Complete specified type of internship which is accepted by the state board of landscape architect examiners.

Now there is an amendment in the law that the applicant who selects the first criteria requires to complete 3 years of practical experience in an office and under the registered landscape architect.

The landscape liability law specifies that certificate of authorization to offer landscape architecture services can be issued to the corporation only when the persons owning 50% of shares in that corporation and more than 50% of interests in the corporation are professional engineers, surveyors and landscape architects.

The landscape architect liability law allows the state board of landscape architects to establish fee to cover the cost for checks and other instruments returned by financial institutions due to insufficiency of funds.

The law eliminates the requirement that the board hold examinations for applicants to practice as a landscape architecture not less than once annually. It also eliminates the requirement to include architect’s place of business on the architect’s certificate of qualification.

The Bambi theory of liability was originated in New Jersey which specifies that the landscape architects were liable to recoup the cost of landscaping lost to the most voracious herbivore, white tailed deer. This theory stresses that the landscape architect have a duty to advice their clients that deer are more likely to consume the expensive planting they specify to be planted on vast areas.

If the landscape architect fails to advice the client about this, the client can then have the right to recover the cost of landscaping lost. However this theory is not accepted by many people especially by the landscape architects and their lawyers. Hence a contract clause is included in this theory of liability.

The new landscape architect liability law specifies that as no plant is deer proof, the landscape architect is not liable to repay the owner the cost of landscaping lost due to deer damage. However the landscape architect would need to provide the list of landscape plants which are rated as resistance to deer damage. This helps the landscape architect prevent himself from any of the legal actions.

The landscape architect liability law suggests some professional liability of a landscape architect. Since a small omission or error can bring a legal action against the landscape architect, he\she needs to follow the professional liability strictly.

In fact the actual responsibility of a landscape architect is to preserve the natural resources and to design and plan for environmentally friendly projects. The landscape architect therefore requires fulfilling his responsibility as per the law.

Rapair to Landscape Architect

Landscape architect repair involve numerous projects like improving landscapes of parks, recreation, hospitals and residential areas. Their work includes designing, planning and repairing extensive landscapes. A professional landscape architect is one who not only specializes in designing innovative landscape designs but also provides some repairing services to the client with less or no damage to the surroundings.

Home, landscape architect repair and renovation process is becoming famous among people all over the world in order to increase the appeal of the home as well as the value of the property. Landscape architect helps in home repairs. He would work with you in your home and garden repairing works. In fact the eyes of landscape architect are powerful in detecting even minor repair requirements in home or garden landscapes than that of civil engineers.

The environmental changes all over the world call for repairing sites as they are highly disturbed by such changes. A landscape architect who has the basic knowledge of the terrain, water system, drainage channels and so on is capable of detecting the repairs and therefore he\she is more helpful in any renovation process. But most people may tend to repair the problem without understanding the underlying cause and this in turn may lead to severe ecological loss. Therefore a landscape architect is essential for repairing work.

It is believed that humans are disconnected with nature. However it becomes possible nowadays to get close to nature through environmental management and landscape repairing plans. For instance, if we give an opportunity to a landscape architect to repair a local park, then he would help restore or repair a stream in the park and thereby helps us to get connected to the nature around us.

Landscape architect repairs not only to improve the value of any property but to provide an opportunity for us to be connected with nature. Repairing the local park can even help us visiting it often rather than planning for far flung exotic places. Nowadays it is rather important to restore the landscapes in order to preserve the natural resources.

Landscape architect repair can help in ecological restoration which ranges from small scale urban park to huge wetland improvement. In any cases, the landscape architect requires to repair the ecosystem which has been lost or damaged. Though repairing ecology by a landscape architect requires lot of work and time as well as dollars, the process surely benefits to preserve our valuable natural resources. Hence restoration ecology is given higher priority in most of the States in US.

Planning the ecological restoration is however difficult and requires high amount of expertise in the field. Therefore landscape architecture firms specializing in repairing work would be carefully scrutinized and then the project would be given to the best firm. Designing the repair of landscapes involves more complexity and it is the heart of the restoration process. Hence, care and attention is given by the landscape architect in the repairing design work.

This is important because sometimes ecological restoration may even harm natural resources and such cases would be considered for legal action. Therefore, landscape architect who specializes in planning repair works can be allotted this type of project.

Landscape Archietcts in New York City

Have provided an immense part in the development of New York City. Many parks in New York City had been renovated for use by Landscape architects New York City. Charles Downing Lay was one among them who contributed major part in the renovation of city parks. He believed that people living in large city like New York like some rural settings in the parks instead of modern urbanization.

Therefore the modern landscape parks were gradually appropriated according to the wishes of the general public.

Charles Downing Lay, the landscape architect New York City founded the magazine Landscape architecture. He had great concern for the creation and maintenance of parks and play rounds that not only enhance the city life but also address how the growing population uses the outdoor landscapes.

The central park in New York City is an enormous park and it was designed by the famous landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted. This park provides a great relaxation for urban dwellers.  They can enjoy the trees, flowers, lakes and wild life in the Central park. It encompasses 800 acres of land and so it can accommodate thousands of city dwellers at a time. Forest park is yet another wonderful park in New York City which was also designed by Fredrick Law Olmsted. It occupies 538 acres of land and has number of trees and flower plants. 

The modern landscape architects in New York City create landscapes and buildings that engage both nature and urbanism. They focus their main efforts around creating environmental awareness among people. Some of the landscape architect firms in New York City have received regional and national awards for their innovative landscape designs.

The landscape architects in New York City offer services in various work settings like cemeteries design planning, vegetation management, waterfront development, Scenic and visual design planning, Historic preservation and renovation, restoration of golf courses, parks, public places and recreation, parkways and highways maintenance and so on.

They also help in creating and maintaining landscapes in health care centers, educational institutions, and corporate centers and so on. They grant assistance in the installation of proper irrigation system. They also help in installing or maintaining drainage systems.

Most of the landscape architect firms in New York City provide assistance in urban design. Since landscape with pleasant vegetation is becoming must for everyone who dwells in a busy city like New York, the landscape architects provide assistance to create and maintain a landscape for both residential and commercial property owners. They also offer low maintenance landscape design to the clients.

The landscape architects in New York City provide various designs planning for the clients. Since they need to make changes in the design before starting the project, they use video simulation method. They need to have knowledge in computer aided design and if they need to design a large area of landscape, they use geographic information system which is a computer mapping system.

They also provide assistance in installing proper irrigation system and in planting native plants that can grow well in the garden of th4 clients. They analyze the soil type, terrain and region and recommend plant and tree varieties to the client.

Landscape Architects in Houston Texas

Offer sheer commitment to create landscape environment. They offer landscape services to Houston metro areas in the state of Texas. The landscape architect firms in Texas have qualified registered landscape architects who help you in various types of projects.

Houston Texas landscape architects offer services include lawn sprinklers, waterfalls, fountains, pond planning and design, site planning, Patios, Arbors and pavestones, plants and trees, swimming pools, spa, hot tubs and so on. They also offer services to recreation and parks. They provide landscape design planning for renovating golf courses. They also specialize in landscape lighting which combines the features of safety and beauty.

They also help residential property owners in creating landscape environment around their home. Aquatic plants, garden art and sculptures would help improve the appeal and value of the property. They also engage in tree removal, pruning and mulching.

The firms that deal with landscape architect Houston Texas offer both contemporary and traditional landscape architecture design and plans in order to satisfy varied customers. They also help in resolving drainage issues in both commercial and residential work settings. They help preserve natural resources.

The landscape architect Houston Texas firms help improving private as well as government landscapes. They provide innovative designs. Most of the firms in Houston Texas specialize in landscape restoration and reclamation. This helps preserving valuable natural resources and the environment. They offer complete design, construction, installation, maintenance etc for various types of projects.

Since they work in various work setting, landscape architect in Houston Texas, require to have knowledge in horticulture as well as in latest technology in the field of landscape development. They help the clients by appointing experienced craftsman in all types of masonry, stonework and carpentry. They help the clients to accomplish their dreams.

Landscape architect firms in Houston Texas offer various services to the client that includes not only design planning the landscape. They suggest some ways of installing proper irrigation system and also help them by providing low maintenance landscape design.

In this busy world, people are willing to spend for attractive landscape but they do not want to spend for frequent maintenance and repair. For this purpose, the landscape architects help provide low maintenance landscape design that can be environmentally sustainable for years together.

Houston Texas landscape architects provide various design plans that fit individual client’s tastes and preferences. They offer both contemporary and traditional designs that combine both the benefits of functionality and aesthetic beauty. Their design knowledge and artistry help clients to bring their dreams a reality.

The landscape architect firms offer brilliant designs for any outdoor landscape. They also offer custom fountains, stone works, iron fencing and garden artworks. They provide assistance in construction project also.

The landscape architects in Houston Texas offer comprehensive and organic landscape maintenance and soil management system. They use only environmentally friendly products that do not affect the natural system.

The organic landscape maintenance reduces the need for pesticides and so the clients can get organic vegetables and fruits from their own garden.

Landscape Architects in Oregon

Can register with the Oregon Licensures, permits and Registration directory board as a landscape architect provided they have successfully completed two or more sections of LARE as a landscape architect in Training. They need to continue to register every year with the board as Landscape architect in training until they complete all the portions of LARE exam. Once they have passed the exam, they have eligibility to get licensure within the state of Oregon.

In order to register as Landscape architect in training with Oregon board the candidate needs to submit the application form for registration along with the proof of passing at least 2 sections of LARE exam. He\she also needs to provide original transcript of record.

It is important for a landscape architect in Oregon to register with the Oregon state Landscape architect board to practice his\her profession. Landscape architect in Oregon provides numerous services in the field of public health, safety and welfare of the people through planning and designing environmentally friendly projects. In fact the actual work of a landscape architect is to preserve and protect natural resources by planning the perfect use of land which preserve natural system and at the same time accomplishes the people’s needs.

Landscape architects in Oregon need to maintain their professional responsibility and service. Site design is one of the important works of a landscape architect and he\she needs to plan for a sensitive site design that does not compromise functionality and artistic appearance of the landscape. Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland is the most famous award winning space design of Oregon Landscape architects.

 Landscape architects in the state of Oregon involve in the restoration and renovation process of degraded sites. They make some upgrading changes in order to improve the appearance and value of the property. They have planned and designed the Multnomah Falls in the state of Oregon which becomes a popular recreation site in Oregon nowadays. The landscape architects in Oregon also plan and design the renovation project of Portland parks.

Landscape architects also involve in planning and designing transportation passage and nodes in order to improve the functionality and appearance. The early landscape architects made some innovative plans which were then implemented by successive architects. Forty mail loop trail in Portland is the great example of the innovative plans of landscape architects in Oregon.

The landscape architects in the state provide an outstanding part to the uplift of the landscape areas in Oregon. Their role to preserve natural resources has made the state beautiful. They are planning and designing the Forest Park in Portland, Columbia George National scenic area and the Willamette River green way. These architects combine their knowledge of natural and behavioral sciences with their expertise in design and artwork.

Though landscape architects in Oregon work in various work settings like private offices, public places, colleges, Universities and so on, they never forget their responsibility of preserving natural resources along with the functionality.

Therefore they focus their plan and design conserving and managing lands and other natural resources. 

Landscape Architects in Los Angeles

Provide services in various work settings like residential and commercial areas, Courtyard, Custom garden, conceptual design of garden structures like garden benches, gazebos, conceptual design of spa and pool, patio. Deck and so on. They also offer outstanding services in irrigation plan, fountain plan, landscape lighting and so on.

Landscape architect Los Angeles offer numerous landscape designs and plans in order to create an aesthetic architecture and natural settings. The Park Slope design in Los Angeles, California is one of the outstanding projects of Landscape architects in Los Angeles. Joan Grabel is one among them who is basically a painter. Her passion for color and form provides excellent look to the design. She unites both functionality and beauty in her landscape design.

Landscape architect Los Angeles firms offer professional and skilled employees to meet all your landscape needs. They provide quality customer service within the specified time. Some firms are specialists in gutter cleaning, power raking and bush hogging, field mowing and so on. They provide draught tolerant landscape design. They use Computer aided graphic design for providing innovative plans and designs to clients.

There are number of professional landscape architects in Los Angeles who would offer you services in lawn care and maintenance. They help in estate management through their environmentally friendly designs and plans. You can seek their help for fence designing, lawn sanding, and non toxic lawn care and so on. They also offer services in mulching, tree removal, leaf removal, flower bed work, fertilization, pruning, spraying, seeding and landscape renovation works. They also help in sprinkler installation and tree trimming, pond installation etc.

There are special firms that deal with landscape architect Los Angeles who offer tree services. Their expertise in tree services helps you in clean up jobs. They generally use modern equipments and radio dispatched trucks in tree removal process. They provide tree maintenance services for both residential and commercial customers. They offer restoration services by pruning to remove the dead, diseased or broken limbs of the trees and also help in insect identification and eradication.

Most of the landscape architects in Los Angeles are willing to offer environmentally friendly landscape designs. They also offer low maintenance landscape designs for those who maintain a wonderful landscape with zero or less maintenance work. Outdoor lighting is becoming more important nowadays for safety as well as appealing look to the property. Hence landscape architect firms also focus their attempts in outdoor lighting systems.

Los Angeles landscape architects grant innovative plans and designs that are technically feasible in order to provide aesthetic appearance and functionality without disturbing the natural resources. They also help in selecting plant types that are suitable for the soil, terrain and region. They specify which irrigation system is suitable for your area. They also help in installation of such irrigation system.

Therefore they help the clients to use water promptly and to accomplish their tasks. Since they are experts in designing draught tolerant landscape design, they help in building environmentally sustainable projects.

Landscape Architects PLP

Landscape Architecture includes design, planning, conservation, management and rehabilitation of the land.  Landscape architecture is a professional, who designs site planning, architectural designs, housing estate development, urban designs and other landscape related designs. A practitioner of the field of landscape architecture is known as a landscape architect.

The landscape architects help make outdoor features more attractive and useful. They decide where to put trees, flowers, garden paths, along with different landscape details. They work with a team of surveyors, engineers and architects to find the best place to put roads and buildings. They work with ecological scientists to find the best way to conserve natural assets and resources. Landscape architect plp is also the same profession.

The landscape architect plp are the professionals who deal in the preliminary landscape plans. They make preliminary landscape plans of a particular land before its dealing. Many companies have expert landscape architect plps. The landscape architect plps work with a shared approach.

These professionals mainly provide cost estimation, master planning, project management, site analysis and evaluation and site planning services to the clients.
Everyone loves beautifully designed housing areas, playgrounds, public parks, shopping centers, college campuses, parkways and golf courses.

The landscape architects design these areas to make them more attractive, functional, and friendly with the natural surroundings. They design the site of buildings, walkways, roads and the parkways. The landscape architects also arrange shrubbery, flowers, and trees. Apart from that, these professionals also design and plan the reinstatement of natural places that are harmed by humans. Such places include stream corridors, wetlands, forested land and mined areas.

The landscape architects work for many groups. Careers in landscape architect plp are available in all the sectors from real estate development firms to the municipalities. Such professionals are involved in the development of a site from the beginning of the work. They also work together with foresters, environmental scientists and other experts to find out the best ways to preserve the natural resources.

Landscape architects first study the plan completely while planning a site. Then they think about the purpose of the project and the availability of money. They study the natural elements of the location like the weather, earth, drainage, slope of the land and shrubbery. The landscape architects also watch how much sunlight falls on the location at diverse times of the day. They also study the effect of roads, existing buildings and walkways on the site.

The preliminary landscape plan may be included into the site plan. Therefore, there is a nice opportunity of making a career in landscape architect plp.

The preliminary landscape planes are required to show several things like parking lot and street lighting plans showing harmonization with planned landscaping, slopes, all proposed parking lot trees indicating conformity with the requirement of shading and the existing trees with species, location, trunk size and if they are to be removed.

Thus, the landscape architect plp is a broad filed and it offers a nice career opportunity for the landscape architectures.

The Landscape Architect Stamp

Landscape architect technical committee issues landscape architect stamp. The landscape architect can purchase the stamp form any of the convenient sources but the size and shape of the stamp should be exactly equal to the design authorized by the committee. It should not be less than even one inch in diameter.

The landscape architect stamp is in circular shape. In the larger circle, the words “Licensed landscape architect “and the name of the state would be embedded in capital letters. In the inner circle, the name of the landscape number and his\her license number along with his\her signature, renewal date and current date should be included.

Every licensed landscape architect needs to use the landscape architect stamp. The stamp acts as a proof of his\her licensure. Though the landscape architect stamp may vary in details from state to state, the circular shape would remain the same.

The embossing seals for landscape architect stamp are available in rubber stamp stores or in online stores. There are some 4 or 5 models of embossing seal like hand held model, desk model, long reach, extra long reach and so on. The landscape architect t can use black, blue, red, green or purple color for embossing seals.

The landscape architect stamp needs to comply with the statute. It should include the date of licensure, licensee’s name and license number. The diameter of the outer circle would be generally 2 inches and the inner circle would be 1 inch in diameter.

No person should use the title of the landscape architect and the stamp indicating that he\she is a landscape architect unless he\she is registered as a professional landscape architect with the board. In order to obtain registration from the board, the person needs to complete his\her bachelor degree in landscape architecture and also requires to complete three years of practical experience in any office and under any registered landscape architect.

In other words, he\she needs to complete any internship program that is acceptable to the board. If any person has the above qualification, then he\she can apply for registration with the board in writing to the state board of landscape architect examiners board in the exact manner prescribed by the board.

The state board of landscape architect examiners would verify the application and if the applicant meets all the requirements of the board, then he\she would be provided the landscape architect licensure. Then he\she can purchase the landscape architect stamp form any of the convenient sources. The stamp is an authorized document for his\her licensure.

The landscape architect stamp is issued in order to safeguard the wealth, safety and welfare of the state. A person should not practice the profession of landscape architecture without qualifying the state board of landscape architect examiner board and obtain the stamp. The stamp is a proof of the landscape architect specifying that he\she accepts his\her responsibility.

A person who gets landscape architect stamp in one state can work in other state or in any other nation. However the board would justify whether the person licensed in other state has adequate education and training standards.

Landscape Architect Recruitment Yorkshire, UK

Various levels of Landscape architecture recruitment Yorkshire is required for some of the architecture firms in UK. Some of the job descriptions are given below:

Planning and green infrastructure advisers are required for landscape architecture firms in Yorkshire. The job requires enhancing the biodiversity and wildlife in marine, rural, coastal and urban areas. The adviser needs to provide multifunctional green infrastructure, landscape access and recreation. Good working knowledge of natural conservation and planning sustainable projects are essential for this job.

Project landscape architect is yet another job requirement available in Yorkshire. The main qualifications required are excellent communication skill, a degree or diploma in landscape architecture with some experience and the knowledge of Computer aided graphic design. The project landscape architect requires taking genuine responsibility within the team and should also be responsible for regeneration of landscape projects.

Qualified landscape architects recruitment Yorkshire architecture firms hire in order to involve in wide variety of landscape projects in both urban and rural areas. The landscape architect requires doing various works ranging from strategic master planning to create parks and recreation designs. These jobs are generally recruited on a full time basis. However, right candidates can be allowed part time facility also.

Senior landscape architect recruitment is going on in various architecture firms in Yorkshire, UK. The candidate should have excellent design and communication skill and should have 5 or more years of experience in landscape design and planning. The senior landscape architect requires working with the team on local or national projects including schools, hospitals, leisure facilities and recreational places. Knowledge in Auto CAD is highly desirable for the candidate.

Landscape architects and urban designers at all levels are required for a reputed firm in United Kingdom. They need innovative landscape architect to wok in various projects. There is a separate company that offers Landscape architect recruitment service to firms in Yorkshire. They help the firms appointing temporary as well as permanent staffs. The eligible candidates can send their resume along with the proof of their educational qualification to the website of the recruitment company. Salary is negotiable for eligible candidates.

Specialist landscape architect recruitment service is offered by a recruitment service company operating throughout UK. The candidates can send their resume to the company through online and can get appointment either in UK or abroad. The company focuses mainly on recruiting landscape architect and urban designer and so the candidates having such qualification can send their resumes in order to get a change in their career.

The landscape architect recruitment Yorkshire is 100% confidential and the eligible candidates are guaranteed to get a suitable job. The salary varies from company to company depending upon the post. Most of the jobs require experience along with the educational qualifications. However, some firms can recruit fresher also.

Excellent communication skill both oral and written is a must of any level of landscape architect job. The right candidates can get suitable jobs in various works setting either in UK itself or in any other countries. The willingness to work anywhere is therefore preferable.

Landscape Architects

Are involved in planning and designing of landscapes. Landscape architecture was not recognized as a distinct profession until the early 20th century. However it is recognized as a unique profession in most of the developed nations. The landscape architectures need to complete the bachelor degree in landscape architecture and register themselves with the Board of Landscape architecture in their respective state.

Landscape architectures develop innovative design plans for different work setting like hospitals, colleges, parks, public places, and recreations, commercial and residential properties. They promote methods and techniques to safeguard the surroundings and they involve in creating environmental awareness among people. Their services include restoration, renovation, maintenance and management of historical or cultural landscapes.

Landscape architects provide design planning for improving the landscapes. They provide plans that combine both functionality and beauty. They grant services in several areas like rural, urban and suburban areas. They provide services for the infrastructure and maintenance of Government projects like roads, dams and so on.

The work of landscape architect includes inspecting the sites and helps the clients select the flora and fauna that can grow well in their land after analyzing the climate, soil, terrain and region. They also help in maintaining lawn area in the client’s property. They also suggest suitable methods of irrigation system for the client. They recommend ways to preserve natural resources and help in planning and designing environmentally sustainable landscapes. They also provide draught tolerant landscape design to the client.

Landscape architects can either work for private firms or self employed. 19% of the landscape architects are self employed. Others would work for many types of organizations. For example they may work for a real estate developing firm or they may work for municipalities to construct an airport.

They require creating a detailed plan and design that includes vegetation, new topography, walkways and other features like fountains, flowering beds and so on. They design college, shopping centers, homes, parks, playgrounds, golf grounds and so on so that they look not only beautiful but also compatible with the environment.

Landscape architects analyze the natural system in the surroundings and then consider the design for the given project. The natural elements like climate, soil, drainage, vegetation, sunlight etc would be considered initially by them so that they can accomplish the dream of the clients. Their plans need to have the ability of acquiring changes and they must be technically feasible.

Since they require making changes in the design before starting the project, most of the landscape architects use video simulation. They also use Computer aided design in order to make innovative designs and plans. Therefore the landscape architects need to have technical knowledge also. In order to prepare design plans for large scale projects, they use geographic information systems technology which is a computer mapping system.

The landscape architects need to spend most of their working time in office creating designs, preparing models, researching some innovative ideas and so on. They work in the site for the rest of their time. They need to visit the site now and then in order to analyze and verify the work.

They also need to meet the clients and understand their requirements clearly. Hence landscape architects need to have excellent communication skill. Most of them get excellent compensation for their services.

Maffei Landscape Architects

Are the most recognizable name in the field of landscape architecture. They offer various landscape services to the client like lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, installing irrigation system and much more. They help in the renovation of Ballymeade country club in the year 1996 and this project earn huge reputation for them. Ballymeade country club located in Cape Cod has included health clubs, swimming pool, and high class croquet pitch and so on by the skilled personnel of the firm.

The catchy logo and black shinny truck provide professional appearance to the Maffei landscape architect firm. They design their trucks and give to a team for planting shrubbery, installing drainage system and for making important improvements in their project. Another team is designated to perform the edging and mulching of beds, pruning and other maintenance works.

There are separate teams for horticulture which handles perennial gardens and flower bed maintenance. Trucks are assigned to each team in order to accomplish the task without any disturbance. Due to this team work, Maffei landscape architect firm has earned a good reputation among clients. Quality and timely service is their specialty.

Maffei landscape architect firm offers great services in the creation and maintenance of lawn in any landscape. Their employees have special skill and knowledge of turfs, diseases in turfs and so on. They also provide valuable service in landscape maintenance like edging of beds, pruning of trees and shrubs etc. They use latest techniques for pruning so that there would be no damage or loss to the surroundings or other natural systems.

Maffei landscape architecture firm has creative team for horticulture decision. They have adequate knowledge of annuals and perennials and they are able to coordinate colors in the landscape so that the space would look attractive and pleasant. They also help in installing and maintaining suitable irrigation system for varied customers. They help in preserving the nature and at the same time enhancing the functionality and appeal of the landscape. That in turn can improve the appearance and value of the property.

The landscape architects working in Maffei landscape firm have more skill and knowledge in renovation projects. They create innovative designs for new landscapes and to renovate existing landscapes. They have the ability to bring designs to production and they can also provide assistance in the construction work. In fact landscape maintenance and landscape construction are the two main services offered by the firm.

Maffei landscape architect firm also provides hardscape services and they have skilled employees for this purpose. These personnel help in the construction of bricks, bluestone walkways, patios, boarders and aprons. They grant valuable services to both large scale and small scale projects. Therefore they have earned a good name in Cape Cod within 10 years.

The firm has more than 100 skilled employees who offer services to bring the clients dream into reality. They grant these services for moderate prices and deliver the service with consistency.

You can get full year of lawn service through the website of Maffei landscape con tractors and can enjoy the benefit of free first lawn cut.

Landscape Architect Mario Nivera

Landscape architecture and designing is probably the most up coming allied branch of construction. It can be best defined as the art of planning, designing, managing, preserving and rehabilitating the land and as well as human-made constructs. The complete restructuring of land ensures that the land can be utilized for further construction activities.

The scale of this line of work includes architectural design, planning of site, estate development, and environmental restoration, urban planning and design, town planning and design, recreational and historic preservation. A practitioner in the field of landscape and designing is referred to as a landscape architect.

Many people these days are opting for an exclusive residential option that speak of originality and creativity. If you have the eye for artistic details and are willing to spend money, then Mario Nivera landscape architect is the person to go to. A prominent landscape architect, Mr. Nivera has a wealth of experience in his stream of expertise.

He is the designer brains behind the 3,000-square-foot terrace on New York’s Upper East Side. He also was the designer responsible for the restoration and expansion of a 13-acre garden in Southampton, N.Y. and it was his expertise that saw the layout of the Haverford School in Haverford undergo vital improvements.

Mario Nivera landscape architect is currently focusing on three large projects. They are the designing of a 3 acre important abode in Palm Beach. Since he specializes in designing gardens, Mr. Nivera will be personally supervising the plan for gardens of three different dwellings in Miami’s Indian Creek. He is also designing exotic garden get aways in Antigua, British West Indies, and Harbor Island. The 2007 CLCA San Diego awarded him with the first position under the category Estate residential construction. Mr. Nivera works in Elite Landscape Development.

Mario Nivera landscape architect believes that a beautiful garden can be grown by anyone who has the passion and interest in gardening. He recommends fountain grass as the plant that anyone can grow. He believes that pruning clippers remain the best tool that a gardener can have. It permits easy pruning and clipping of the shrubs thus making the garden appear neat and well maintained.

This famous landscape designer derives inspiration for his work from mundane activities like a walk in Central Park or even looking at art pieces or maybe fine dining. For the enthusiastic gardeners, he recommends terra cotta pots lend a unique beauty to the lay out of the gardens. He feels that outdoor furniture that can be used in gardens should be chic and easy to maintain.

Landscape designing is a stream of architecture that is dynamic in terms of current trends and Mario Nivera landscape architect emphasizes on this point. He feels that the field will see new revolutions in terms of designs. His personal opinion is that long edged swimming pools are passé.

He has noted that his clients are now opting for light-colored pavestones in gardens, such as limestone in place of dark bluestone which was popular in the earlier days. He believes that owing to its dark color, bluestone retains heat.

He suggests a garden with beds of white carpet roses. He recommends tropical plants like potted bougainvillea for the northern climates. .

Online Landscape Architect CEU Courses

Courses available for landscape architects are in various topics like BMPs for the landscape, fresh air with fresh interior, healing garden design and outdoor room design. All the CEU courses have been approved by Florida board of landscape architecture.

1. BMPs for the landscape:

It is one of the online landscape architecture CEU courses which offer methodologies to preserve natural resources. It is a 4 hour online continuing education course for landscape architects. This course helps the landscape architect to design new landscapes or renovate existing ones without affecting the natural resources.

It also helps the landscape architect to understand the techniques to conserve ground water level and the quality of surroundings. This course is sponsored by Florida Department of environmental protection. This course is ideal for beginner landscape architect.

2. Fresh air with fresh interior:

 This is yet another online landscape architecture CEU course which helps the landscape architects understand the impact of plants and flowers in people’s physical, psychological and behavioral needs. The course helps the landscape architect to design landscapes with suitable plants and trees which provides fresh air.

The course explains that not only the outdoor landscape, the indoor landscape also requires plants for getting pure air and peace of mind. This is a 2 hour online continuing education course. This course suits the intermediate level of landscape architects.

3. Healing garden design:

Nowadays, more people fall into the traps of day to day stress. After hours of working in a stuffy office, they require a peaceful and pleasant surrounding in order to get relief from stress. Healing garden design course therefore aims at educating the landscape architects the need for healing designs in the garden that make people safe, comfortable and stress free. The course also provides tools to design healing garden. This course is a 4 hour online continuing education and is ideal for intermediate landscape architects.

4. Outdoor room design:

The contemporary American lifestyle requires fantastic outdoor room. The online landscape architect CEU Courses offer outdoor room design for the landscape architects to design the outdoor rooms that combines both functionality and beauty. The outdoor room design needs to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Hence the course would help the intermediate landscape architect to understand the outdoor room designing projects.

Landscape architects who have registered themselves with the board and have received the license number are eligible to get the online landscape architect CEU courses. Upon enrollment, the landscape architect needs to submit his\her license number to the sponsors of the online courses.

The online landscape architect CEU courses are very easy to learn and they are more helpful for beginner and intermediate landscape architects. These courses would be more useful for their professional development. Since they are approved by Florida Board of landscape architecture, the candidates can join the courses without any fear. The cost of the course is also reasonable.

Most of these courses are generally available for $ 40. The landscape architect can join the course and learn without stepping out of his\her home.

Thailand Landscape Architects

Landscape architects play a vital role in urban and rural development all over the world. Thailand has also contributed qualified landscape architects to the world Landscape architects in Thailand offer valuable designs and plans for various work settings. Landscape architecture has been recognized as distinct profession like medicine, engineering etc in Thailand.

Those who want to practice as landscape architect in Thailand needs to complete the Bachelor degree in landscape architecture approved by the ministry of University affair. The Chulalongkorn University was the only University in Thailand teaching landscape architecture course for 5 years. But now Thammasart University has also started the Bachelor degree in landscape architecture in Thailand. There are around 100 new landscape architects in Thailand every year.

There are more than 30 Thailand landscape architect firms most of them located in Bangkok. More than 80 freelance landscape architects are working in the small landscape architecture firms. While other landscape architects join in International landscape architecture firms. Nearly one third of the students of Bachelor degree in landscape architecture wish to go to other countries for practical training like Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and USA etc. Thailand landscape architects need to obtain license from the Board of architects.

Thai association of landscape architect plays an important role in developing acceptable professional standards in the field of landscape architecture. Thailand landscape architects engage in some mega projects like designing highways, mass transit system, airport and number of renovation projects in the country. The large scale projects like Royal Flora expo in Chiangmai and Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International airport are perfect examples of landscape architecture development in Thailand. 

The council of Architects is a special type of private organization which works under Ministry of Interior and it is responsible for regularizing four environment related profession including landscape architecture. However the landscape architects occupy mere 15% of the total environment related profession in Thailand.

The council of architects issues license to Thailand landscape architects based on 3 E concepts. The 3 E represents education, experience and examination. The person who wants to get license under CoA must complete bachelor degree in landscape architecture from the approved institution. The proof of continuous period of work must be provided to get license. The interview and written exams are also required for new entry of all landscape architects.

Though there is only small percentage of landscape architects in Thailand, they offer valuable services for the urban development of the nation. Some of the famous Thailand landscape architects are described below:

Somwang Leevanijkul is the Deputy President of Thai landscape architect and he is the Managing Director of Belt Collins International co. ltd, Thailand. He has vast experience on landscape master planning and varied landscape design projects. He offers numerous landscape design plans to various projects throughout Thailand and abroad.

His services include hotel designs, resorts, educational institutions, sports, recreation, commercial and residential design plans. He works both for private and Government sector. He has provided innovative landscape design plans for Thai University campus.

M.R. Chanvudhi Varavam is another famous landscape architect in Thailand who engages in various landscape design and planning projects.

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