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Aromatherapy way to redeem your inner self

In this contemporary world, each individual wants to straighten his way out. He is of no botheration whether it is at the cost of his relations or at the joy and bliss of others. Money and only money is of sole importance to him. The void that has been created between the universality and the individualism of a person is what symbolizes as the dreadful conditions of the self. This way a person promotes the development of several off-putting feelings tat comprises sloth, lust, jealousy and envy. These pessimistic facets are inculcated in a man with his day-to-day experiences as he is exposed to the several conducts of life. The enhancing competition has developed a desire in him to attain more success in order to shape out a niche for himself in this world. This has extremely leaded to hindering of his virtues. The social animal that man is supposed to be has completely gone astray in the ongoing race for success and cannot even distinguish his true worth.

This result in an immediate need to recognize oneself and for ensuring its growth and prosperity, one has to redeem the underlying guilt. The only process that will help in hindering the negative energy within the man is by purging from the unconstructive thoughts. This can be attained by indulging oneself in the charitable work and being compassionate about the people around. In order to discover the kind of a person you are one needs to scrutinize the kind of person you are now and kind of an individual he used to be. Then he would have carefully analyzed the transformations in his perspectives, thoughts and actions. This will greatly aid in capitalizing on his optimistic thoughts and at the same time hindering the growth of pessimistic attributes. Thus, this self-analyzing process will pave approach for self-redemption. It will serve to redeem the self of a person from all the evils. Another facet that marks for self-redemption is the process that has brought about the changes.

There are several procedures that account for the self –redeeming process that comprises yoga, naturopathy, meditation, and aromatherapy and color therapy among the various other methods. These methods play a significant role in soothing and calming the mind, soul and body of a person. It augments the process of inner exploration of the self. It enhances the concentration and relaxes a person. They are non-invasive processes that do not comprise any harmful surgeries and drugs. Aromatherapy is a process that has a tremendous response over the years. This process includes essential oils, which impinges on the frame of mind and the health of an individual.

The aromatherapy massages, oils and incense helps to develop a positive approach towards the life and is a very calming process. It aids to liberate the person from the anxiety and the stress. A mind at peace would be clearly able to differentiate between the constructive and the negative things. However, in case the mind is strained then in that case unenthusiastic and downbeat thoughts will hover everywhere in his mind.  This will hamper the self-development. These oils can also be mixed in the bathtubs for a refreshing experience and the incense will render him free from the worries and stresses. This will aid in the healing of self. It will make a person react to different situations in a coherent way. Thus, enables him not to make hasty decisions in life that will hamper his growth. This will also promote in the development of healthy relationships that a person had lost earlier due to his materialistic approach to life.

Attainment of the Redemptive Self
Attainment of self enlightenment

The difference between soul and self is very complex and difficult to understand as since ages saints are looking forward to find the answer about the psyche of soul and self. Self is our inner being or ego and soul is incarnation of ones identity or self awareness. According to many philosophical and religious teachings, soul is immortal and is strongly associated with life after the death. The soul can be considered as an essence of the person that is linked with something beyond this universe. The piece of soul and self has different connotations in different teachings.

In Buddhism soul is sometimes called as alter ego or self and according to Buddhist teaching everything in the world in impermanent that is nothing is stable in this world not even the universe, the stars, or any other terrestrial bodies. Anitya as impermanence is sometimes called forms a very important part of Buddhism 3 marks of existence. Samsara that is the cycle of death and birth revolves around this concept of flux or impermanence or in other words, it means that human life revolves around this flux. Furthermore, it explains as everything in this world is prompted to change thus any kind of attachment or affection to the worldly pleasures is futile and useless and it can be put to end through nirvana. Nirvana is a Buddhist concept that refers to the ultimate reality of life or that transcendental happiness that one can attain through enlightenment. Bodhi or enlightenment is the sub consciousness within a person that can derive with the pure sanity or the true awareness of the nature of universe. When the ten mental fretters that tie human beings in the cycle of suffering gets absolves than it leads to the attainment of true self. In fact, to understand the phase of soul and self it is very important firstly to understand the four noble truths taught in Buddhism. 

They are the nature of Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirodha and Magga. The nature of dukkha explains that life is full of sufferings or dukkha. In short, the five shandhas that is five aggregates which forms the person are the source of dukkha. Second noble truth constitutes of the origin of dukkha, that is the desire or craving for worldly pleasures and it is from where the dukkha arises. Nirodha refers to the be free which means freedom from desires or giving up cessation of dukkha and the last one is Magga that is the way or eight fold path that leads to the cessation of dukkha.   

These were the Buddhist views according to Hinduism the term soul in Sanskrit is known as jiva or atman. According to the sacred scripture of Hindus that is Bhagavad Gita the soul is known as Purusha. It is considered as a part of god and consists of three main characteristics. Sat that is truth and existence, chit that means attaining the true knowledge of our consciousness and Ananda that is the eternal bliss. Sikhism however, considers soul or atma to be the part and parcel of Parmatma or God. In fact, different teachings have set of different principles and ideals about the hidden meaning of soul and self.

But before understanding, all these deep teachings it is very important that you first understand your inner being and that can be done through meditation and yoga. Meditation means concentrating on a thought so as to create self awareness and a positive attitude. An optimistic attitude will not only generate confidence in you but it will also reflect in your everyday life and thus you can understand the hidden meaning of your life.   

Consciousness of the Redemptive Self

In today’s high-tech world, people are losing purity of their mind and soul. With the changing lifestyle people have forget the real meaning of their life. They have forgotten that they are not sent to this world by the great almighty to earn worldly pleasures of life but there is a hidden meaning attached to their life that they have to realize. Realization of your inner self is a complex subject that is not easy to understand. As such, there is no grand definition of self that one need to understand other than that self is our ego that is Atman. Atmam have different connotations in Hinduism and Buddhism.

In Hinduism Atman or Atma is used as a universal term that is used to describe our self or soul. However, in Hinduism Atma has a wider aspect, as according to the Buddhist teachings the term is related to Samsara, which means continuous cycle of birth, and death that keeps on going and the only way to escape it through attainment of enlightenment. Bodhi as it is called in Buddhism a person can seek his or her true self only by understanding nature of universe or achieving the pure sanity. After realization, the person is considered to be freed from the worldly pleasures and cycle of birth, death and rebirth or in other words person can achieve moksha. There are in fact many ways to attain mocha like meditation and yoga. Yoga being the most prominent one among Hindus is considered as an effective path to seek your inner hidden self. There are four major disciples in yoga that are Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

Karma Yoga deals with the teachings of sacred text of Hinduism that is Bhagavad-Gita Gita, which teaches that a person should perform his or her duties altruistically without thinking about its results thus focusing on Dharma with thinking about the reward attached to it. In this way, a person can attain his or her true self. In Raja Yoga that is also called Classical Yoga, one can acquire self knowledge through meditation. Meditation primarily means concentrating your mind on one focal point of thought or on divine power that in turn leads to a state of enlightenment and relaxation. In helps to understand one’s state of consciousness by opening the doors to divine powers. Devoting yourself completely to the spiritual powers of god is known as Bhakti Yoga.

This form of Yoga has essentially nine different forms of Yoga and in today’s world of Dark Age, this form is considered as one of the easiest path to achieve attainment of soul. Last kind of Yoga that is Jnana Yoga is related to the path of achieving self knowledge. According to the religious scripture of Hinduism Bhagavad-Gita, in Jnana Yoga there are four main ways to salvation. They are Viveka that’s discrimination, Vairagya- dispassion or detachment, Shad-sampat that’s the six virtues of achieve tranquility and peace of mind and Mumukshutva that means freedom from worldly pleasures of life. These are the spiritual ways to seek peace of self or self awareness. 

Apart from all these teachings of meditation and Yoga, a very important way to achieve self attainment is optimism that is developing a positive attitude towards life. You can achieve a positive attitude towards life only if have full faith and confidence in you. If you are positive person then it will not only reflect in your day to day life but it will also send positive vibes to the people around you. Therefore, always try to look at the bright side of life and enjoy life to its fullest as a famous quote says life is like ice creams enjoy it before it melts.  

Cultivating the Redemptive Self

Cultivating the redemptive self takes practice and it is the process of self-development. Still, for the process to be completed, one must find techniques that work for them. Some of the techniques that one uses must encourage relaxation to relieve stress. Stress will cause you to feel less of your performance and the way you live. Find yourself by discovering tips to guide you in the right direction.

You can find tips on the Internet that other people find are helpful to them. Reading will help you to relax and learn from others as well. Not all tips work for everyone but you can at least give a few some thought. Practice and learning new ways to relax when cultivating the self-development will get you a long way to the future.

You need time for yourself to grow, so don’t let time be a factor when building your self-development skills for success. Make time for you and you will find great rewards at the end of the road.

Taking personal time out is good for everyone and can be very beneficial when preparing for the future. When you take time out for relaxing the mind and body, it prepares you for upcoming situations that may drain your energy. Stay prepared by finding time out to relax and be you.

Look for tips on how to practice Yoga. Yoga will help you cultivate in self-development and connect with the redemptive self. Yoga will assist you with learning to relax in different positions. You will learn how to breathe naturally while relaxing to relieve stress. Imagine breathing for relaxation to be successful. The way you breathe can get you along way through the process of cultivating your self-development skills.

Find tips on advancing effective communicating skills to help you prepare for the future, since it keeps you well versed. With good communicating skills, you will relieve stress by taking the necessary steps to express your emotions effectively. Communication is important in order to achieve what you want later in life.  Join activity groups such as Yoga classes to advance your communication skills and learn to relax at the same time. When you relax, it is easier to communicate with others and self. This is important, since you want to use self-talk to find answers to your problem.

To be successful in the future you need to find the right steps to take. Thus, take time to review many of the articles posted online to discover techniques that will benefit you in self-growth.  

Meditation is a good practiced technique. Meditation is a form of Yoga that you can do anywhere and any place. By practicing meditation, you will be guided into relaxation often. This will advance your consciousness and communication simultaneously. Moreover, you will rest at night without struggling.

We need plenty have sleep otherwise the body and mind becomes cluttered. Without sleep, our energy declines, which we need energy to function on a daily basis. You want to maintain strength of mind and soul.

Cultivating the self takes effort and practice. Of course, your results are noted in the techniques you use. If the techniques produce very little results, thus you want to rethink your strategies and find something else that works better for you. It will make the process of cultivating self much easier.

Go online today to learn some additional tips that will put you in touch with the redemptive self. Discover methods that will encourage self-development. When you connect with self it only brings you grand rewards, so instead of putting off self-cultivation, take time now to put some techniques into practice.

Development of the Redemptive Self

To develop the self of an individual it is necessary to redeem the self from any guilt or any sin. Once the self of an individual is free from all sorts of culpability, an individual is sure to prosper. Guilty is the biggest and the foremost hindrance in the development of the self. Self of an individual consists of a spiritual self and real self. Self of an individual can be redeemed only once the person strives to attain unity with God. For the betterment of an individual, it is necessary to redeem the self from all miseries, conflicts, sufferings, judgment, punishment and sorrows.

The best way to redeem self is to unite with the true God and be saved from any illusions.  In the hectic and the chaotic world, it is important to strive hard to keep the soul pure and clean. One wishes to live a happy and contended life. We always want things to fall our way and only those incidences to occur which are sure to please us. Culmination is sure to redeem the self from the state of confusion and bewilderment. One must decide as to what an individual desire to achieve or should set the goals and then strive hard to achieve it. If an individual is happy, in the work, he or she is engaged then an individual is bound to feel contended and soul would feel lighter and healthy. One must sit back and analyze the hidden self of an individual by communicating with the unconscious mind of an individual. It is not hard to communicate with the latent self as it can be done through meditation. During meditation, an individual tries and achieve unity with the real self and try to understand its working. It is prerequisite to set priorities and then work towards its achievement. One must question and try to find what is that an individual wants material things or true love and then accordingly work for it.

One must be clear about as to what an individual wants to redeem. Redemption has many connotations as to what an individual save within him or herself, perfect within us, retrieve within ourselves, free within ourselves or achieve within ourselves. There are many benefits of redemption as it enables an individual to achieve freedom, joy, respite, awareness of the conscious self and growth in self worth of an individual. The biggest hindrance in the development of self and the process of redemption is never to let ego come in your way. One must never try to pretend what one is not.

The tried and tested formula to achieve redemption is music as it is the easiest form of art for achieving the desired results. Music has the power to make an individual feel elevated, relaxed, happy, romantic, fulfilled and hopeful. Music has the power to soothe the mind and the soul. Music has been long in practice and there is music for every feeling, which an individual can experience once in his or her lifetime. Other art forms are even used to make an individual feel relaxed. Involving in charity and social service one can achieve the real targets and goal of his life.

Redemption is the sure shot formula, which can bind to make an individual feel the ecstasy as the person is free from all sorts of negative feelings, and only the positive energy flows into the body of an individual. Positive outlook also makes the soul redeem as positive outlook makes the vision of an individual clear and free from feelings of jealousy and hatred. Redemptive self of an individual will take an individual on the path of success and prosperity.

Discovering the Redemptive Self 

Self Discovery of Soul generally proves to be really exciting and amazing because
When an individual starts analyzing about himself that is the discovery of soul and self,
He asks various questions from his own self. The questions, which are raised, can be like
Will I be able to abandon my comfort zone? This means that according to the current state of prevailing mind still a person has his own comfort zone. The behavior changes according to the certain prevailing situations of a person and he has to rely on them. Sometimes they take these situations for granted. In these situations, the comfort zone comprises of both positive and negative thoughts and feelings. Most times a person’s behavior becomes repetitive and familiar to himself when it is a matter of self discovery of soul. But with the help of both positive and negative thoughts and feelings, a person starts exploring and discovering about himself.

He learns a lot from these negative thoughts and later these thoughts are replaced by positive feelings.

By following the path of Self Discovery of Soul, a person comes to know about his requirements. And what exactly he wants from those requirements. According to time
The thought process of a person changes, is altered or even dismissed out of the person’s life. So, a person should be opened and prepared for his former beliefs.

Self Discovery of Soul will help in discovering about a person’s personal truth.
The next question he asks from himself is you willing to go where I have never been or where I fear of going. When a person starts to begin his path of Self Discovery, the person will face such situations from where he wants to escape or courageously will try to solve? Avoiding a situation will be foolish, ridiculous and dangerous. The inner soul of a person insists to follow the prevailing situations so that he is able to translate and understand them. If a person makes a limit to certain situations while moving on the road to self-discovery, he will not be able to go very far. So, a person should abandon his fear or at least learn to control it. For this, a person should be committed to his work and then he should go for it. Fear pretends to protect a person from pain instead; it is becoming a great hurdle in person’s growth and development. To avoid these situations the growth of both soul and self will really help because both of them are interlinked.

When a person is discovering his soul, the growth of self is necessary. Sometimes it happens that the soul evolvement is quick than your circumstances. Your subconscious mind is ready to move forward but suddenly your sub-conscious realize that you are embracing and seeking to a new level of life. Your soul changes according to various habitats, which become a vital part of the growth process. Sometimes it happens that your soul is eager to move to another place, another state or another plane of existence.  
 When the act of consciousness is expanded to a persons life, a person cannot create much by staying in a state of poverty, gain a sense of power in lives while identifying yourself or acting as a victim. Usually situations precipitate from fear to anger so in these situations it is difficult to reach a state of peace.

Trust is really important in this situation. The person has to step out of the restricted understanding and has to broaden their perspectives about life and themselves. When discovering soul and self a person should have a wider perspective about themselves.

Effective Conscious in the Redemptive Self

Effective consciousness is developed by making constructive changes.  When our conscious and development skills slack, we often feel stressed and find it harder to manage.

We all need to take control and get out of the dumps by probing into the subliminal mind to find what is hindering our conscious mind. Self-development skills once put into effect with enhance our overall performance.

Yet, it takes us to search the mind and body to find the negative forces that is causing stress. We must learn to reprogram our thoughts, transforming them to positive.  Reprogramming the mind to positive thoughts will allot you additional room for growth, thus discovering the redemptive self.

Practicing meditation will enhance your ability to focus. Meditation will allow you to probe into the mind and clean up the subliminal messages. In addition to mediation, you can write down your thoughts and feelings, which also allow you to probe into the mind to discover answers. Don’t allow your thoughts to control you.

By probing into the subliminal mind you will focus the mind, which makes it easier to make constructive changes.  Writing down your feelings and thoughts will expose the negative thoughts. Once you discover the pattern of thinking you can work toward reprogramming the mind. 

After you have written down your thoughts and feelings, reread what you write so that you can keep your mind thinking positive. Each time something negative crops up, stop and focus to rethink through these emotions, by reminding yourself often of the goals you’ve decided to reach you’ll be able to reprogram your mind to react in a positive way.

Reprogramming your mind to think positive will help strengthen the effective conscious and self-development process to give you success. When an entity relieves stress by focusing on each one separately, he grows stronger from creating a winning attitude.

Mediation will promote the mind and body to relax, giving you power and renewed energy.  As you begin to notice things are looking up in your world, you’ll have more confidence in yourself.

Meditation is a technique that combines with yoga. It will help you relax by boosting energy.  Yoga will teach you to breathe slow and deep for relaxing when making difficult decision with stress. As you relax, you’ll find focusing is easier.

Don’t expect changes immediately when practicing meditation or yoga, since it takes loads of practice and time.  It takes time to learn and practice the skills of meditating for success in making constructive changes. 

You probably won’t notice any changes in your performance right way. Other people will notice you however and like the new person. Don’t be surprised when you get loads of compliments. As you learn to focus and relax, your communication skills will augment, letting you carry on conservation with skill and confidence while you are talking with others.  Don’t be afraid to say how you feel. Learn to express yourself, since it clears up stress and enhances mental strength.

Your vocabulary will improve, which makes it easier for you to communicate with others effectively. When we learn to relax and focus, we can express ourselves in a completely different way that others will listen to. You will gain new friends and succeed by growing effectively through the process of self-development, ultimately leading to the redemptive self. This means you can learn to forgive self and others with less hassles. 

When you build strength in your effective conscious and self-development skills, you will have added success with thriving on stress, making it much easier to manage daily tasks and any problems that slip in your way.

Emotional Self Hostage in the Redemptive
Emotions govern self

A person’s self is governed by his thoughts, feelings and emotions. An individual’s body consists of emotions, feelings and thoughts, which governs the nervous system of the body. These elements give instructions to the nerves and then the functioning of nerves begins. This means that these elements really play a vital role in discovering of self. The feelings and thoughts are interpreted, designed and summarized by the six senses.

A person’s perception about life goes on changing according to changing time and he is forced to react. These elements of life are necessary for the survival and they help a person to experience and enhance tools like happiness, sadness, terror, risk and surprise. The quality of life is depended on these elements.

There is a difference between emotions and feelings. The major difference is that feelings are not linked to existence and these prevailing feelings are developed by religion, surrounding and society.

Feelings are affected both by economic and social factors. Emotions can be measured through different variations in the body such as blood pressure, pulse rate, brain and electro-dermal responses. However, feelings cannot be measured. Some of the known examples of feelings are aggravation, expectation, envy, anxiety, suspicion and optimism. These elements come under the category of emotional self hostage.

Emotional stress can cause various problems to both physical and psychological health of a human body. The pessimistic emotions always give stress, which is derived from an incident in life of a person.

These negative emotions can last for long in an individual’s life. When the stressful negative emotions further increase, it gives rise to negative ideas, needs, addictions, imagination, compulsion and obsession. These elements breed throughout the life if a person adopts them. They become a hurdle in an individual’s learning. The memory is fractured which disables a person to think.
When a person is emotionally secure, he achieves the capability of thinking.
Then there is no place for the negative thoughts to enter. There are people who are not aware of the consequences of stressful negative emotions.  The negative emotions do not allow a person’s mind to develop. Growth of human body will not ever occur. Stress is a cumulative factor, which tends to last for at least 18 months. It is not exempted easily from a person’s life. It also affects the immune system of a body. Constant stress can prove to be dangerous. Stress element also governs the emotional self hostage of a person.

A person’s self allows to act as well as think. An individual’s well-being governs the self. Therefore, a person should keep a track on his various performances and take immediate steps to improve his acts if required.

Self-discipline solves the purpose of self to act and think to a large extent. It is very important in life as Self-discipline helps a person to achieve his goals and ambitions. If he follows the path of Self-discipline, he will never have any problems at the time of reaching his destiny. He does not have to compromise in his life. Self-discipline is a key to success. It is a cultivated process; it will connect a person’s past to present and further to future.

Planning is very necessary when a person is thinking about his goals and ambitions. Planning comes under self-discipline. Self-discipline helps a person to build his confidence level. Without any fear, a person can follow his self and move ahead in life. Self-discipline solves the purpose of emotional self-hostage by making aware of the cause and effects of negative emotions.
If a person wants any guidance regarding his problems then he can take help from a psychologist. He will really get help in solving his problems. A person should always maintain a balance when it comes to his problems in life.

Ending the Redemptive Self Issues
Ends justify the means

One must analyze one’s ideas and thoughts before they are brought out to the outer world. Soul is the analyzer as well as the interpreter of your thoughts and actions. One must take help of this interpreter each time he is ready to make some important decision in life. It will help you out with those dilemmas, which could make you feel restless and nervous.

But sometimes there is conflict within us. Since human being is both rational and emotional. Sometimes it is hard to come at some concrete solution. Rationality stops you from committing those blunders in life, which can be disastrous. A small instance of such blunders can be overcoming temptations. Sometimes one feels attracted to a thing so much that the person wishes to acquire it. Like wish to own a beautiful necklace but since one might find it difficult to buy, he decides to steal it.

Stealing is a bad attribute, which one must avoid. This will be the rational voice of the human mind and will continuously haunt him until and unless he actually gives up the thought of acquiring the thing through wrong means.

Means and ends are important in each individual’s life. He lives his life wishing to become something. At different stages of life, he sets his goals and targets, which he would like to achieve. And in accomplishment of these goals, he pursues a path according to his convenience and liking. This path directs his actions and activities.

While in accomplishment of his goal, one forgets to analyze the path he has chosen. One must always analyze one’s actions by placing them under the scrutiny of morality. Morality is the rational and logical structure, which separates the wrong and bad from good and right.

This scrutinizing is called as the soul searching. One must have the capability to ask oneself, why. What? If? These questions are very important which any individual must consider while he takes any decision in life.

If a person ignore this soul searching activity then it might be that tomorrow when he will move ahead in life he might face problems to which he would never be able to find a solution. One must forget the old saying you reap what you sow.

Soul searching is only possible if one is willing to put oneself under the scrutiny of the soul. If an individual will consider himself correct then it can be a possibility he might ignore the other side of the coin, which still exist even he has closed his eyes. Considering oneself as right is not a bad thinking, only if he is right. One should be confident about his unrighteousness only when he has well analyzed his thoughts and actions. One must choose right path, which is not only beneficial for oneself but for the whole humanity. Since it is said that goodness attracts goodness, it can be that if you do good to others then that goodness might return you back in tones.

Choosing a right path will help an individual to become more sound and patient. Patience and serenity are an accomplishment found in few as every human being is running after his or her materialistic desires. As soon as one is satisfied, other takes its place. We must understand that temptations are just momentary attractions, which can never be satisfied, as they are endless chain of desires. Blindly following them can only result in regret and remorse. So if one wish to get rid of experiences, like guilt, regret, remorse and repentance then one must judge his or her actions before he or she actually commits them.

Enhancing Toward the Redemptive Self

Estimating what one believes is a great start to work through the redemptive self-processes that lead us to better health and happiness. We must learn to put trust in self and mostly our creator in order to bring redemption to self. Thus, having faith in self is essentially needed to take back your control. Without faith, one will feel uneasy most times and often hesitate when information directs them toward self-redemption. First, we must realize that it is not in our power to forgive without asking our creator to forgive us. Therefore, the first obvious step is to practice prayer. Ask for wisdom to see what you must do to work through self-redemption.

If you lack faith in self then obviously people around you will also doubt your ability to attain your goals. One must develop confidence in self by believing in self. It is crucial to shun stay alert to friends’ causes us to feel at ease continuously. These people could make us feel overly protected, which may induce the notion to abandon challenging steps necessary for developing self-assurance, and self-reliance.

Self-belief or self-reliance indoctrinates an entity to stretch self above his comfort zone. The steps then to self-redemption are to take the challenges on, and move in the directions that expand the mind to definite answers to our problems. We must seek the best techniques and solutions that allow us to use full force, moving ahead to find the fact-based answers that lead us to self-redemption.

Each of us struggles through negative and positive directions, yet we must continue expanding our constructive thoughts by retraining the mind to abandon pessimistic thoughts. It plays a highly crucial role in self-developing, which are essentially the larger steps in self-redemption.

At times in our life, we may feel excessively down. At t these times, the important things to us become less interesting. We may feel sad, hopeless and unworthy. During this time, you want to redirect the mind so that you reframe your thinking. Depressive thinking only leads to harm. When you discover mistakes you made, instead of beating you down, pick up your torture stake and move toward a positive direction. We learn from mistakes.

Moreover, in the event that we start ignoring our health, and move to rely on drugs or alcohol to suppress our problems, we only lead ourselves to poor health and further back from self-redemption. Enrichment comes from useful techniques and strategies, which is learned. If you feel depressed, instead of seeking artificial outings, pick up and take back your control.

We have much competition in the world, yet in order to withstand one must devise a clear niche for his being. In some instances, one will go through dramatic changes and reap consequences that seem unfair, but it is all apart of developing self. When you let these changes take control, it only creates room for gloominess and anxiety. You want to avoid this.

We all have several techniques we can use that will assist us with achieving our desired goal. Some of these techniques include, meditation, yoga, naturopathy, or drug-free medical treatment, acupressure, long walks in natural surroundings, and color therapy.

Meditation and yoga will assist you with enhancing your awareness or concentration. Proper meditation practices will uplift your spirits by allowing you to avert from worldly pleasures that only lead to self-destruction. Meditation and yoga natural techniques, which do not involve surgery or drugs, thus it is a safe practice. 

If you find it difficult to meditate, perhaps you can use aromatherapy massages and oils to encourage guided relaxation. This is another natural practice that will benefit you in many ways. Seek the oils that provide proven assistance in self-healing.

Exercise and the Redemptive Self
Exercising to redeem self

Today, life of an individual has become full of tensions and there is no time left even to know about one’s own self. Nevertheless, due to neglecting nature, people suffer a lot as they remain in total unawareness and that in turn hampers their development. Therefore, it is important to know about one’s inner self so as to improve life to the fullest possible extent.  As the age is a globalizing one, the need of time is on the forefront and people who take out time to work for themselves, gets the success and develops their overall being in the true sense.

Nowadays, the need of the hour is not to find fault in others and maintain hatred but to find one’s own weaknesses and try to cure them through various mental exercises like self-awareness, self-confidence, self-identity and self-control. As there is cut-throat competition in every walk of life, people are always in search of making other people their target of taking revenge by one way or the other. They show off as if they are best friends but in actuality, they are the most crooked of all. Therefore, people should learn ways of how to deal with these kinds of people and also to find one’s own sins so that the redemption of the self can be possible.

The evil factors that crop up in an individual’s mind and heart can be due to various reasons. The most prominent of all is anger, envy, malice, criticism, bitterness, scandal, lying and gossip. Everyone considers that murder is a very big crime but if we take a look on the other side of the coin, we will see that jealousy and maliciousness are much greater crimes than murder because when anyone develops an evil thinking towards the other person, it is sure that the revenge and its consequences will be severe.

Thus, people should opt for exercises so as to calm one’s soul and help to come out of the state of maliciousness and treachery. The most useful of these exercises is that of power and emotion. This process involves the learning of how to shape your mind towards a positive outlook to see the world with different perspective. By adopting this practice, an individual becomes more aware of his or her hidden secrets, viewpoint, power and emotions. The other practice is to recover will power and this is not possible without self-awareness. By awareness of the self, you become conscious of what you are thinking and speaking and this will in turn expand your vision to live for others too and not be self-centered.

Acceptance of one’s faults is the greatest achievement in the process of self-redemption. By accepting the laws of nature and adjusting according to others help a lot in redeeming one’s own self as the negative thoughts gets eliminated when we start accepting our weaknesses and working for the betterment of others around us. Forgiveness is also a key factor that contributes in self-redemption procedure. To forgive others of their sins and acts contributes in knowing one’s own sins directly or indirectly and thereby in overall development of the self. Moreover, the words that we speak tell our true nature and what all is there in our mind and heart. Therefore, to relief one’s sins, it is important to value our words as they are like powerful symbols that judge our inner self and by carrying on a mental exercise, the person becomes capable of redeeming one’s inner self.

Thus, exercising is a great way in the process of self-redemption that helps in relieving our sins.

Free the Mind for the Redemptive Self

Set your self free

Setting oneself free from all the evils is one thing, which requires great perseverance, and self restrain. Perseverance, because one needs to be on constants watch on oneself that you need not fall in to the trap of temptations which allure our heart and fire our imagination to an extent that one feels so obsessed with thing that he wishes to acquire it at any cost. The path chosen to fulfill such a desire should be a right path. Well right path is the correct means to achieve success. Such path is of hard work and labor. Nevertheless, one must keep in mind hard work and perseverance only pays when one has chosen realistic goals. By realistic goals, one can understand those things, which are not against the rules of nature. For instance, if someone wishes to acquire loads of wealth without working hard then it is a fool thought. Such a wish is childish imagination, which can never be fulfilled. 

Sometimes, desires over power human mind so much so that they become obsession. Obsessions are the worse form of desires, which continuously haunt the human mind if they are not fulfilled immediately. Some times obsessions can lead to frustration and irritation but in severe cases it can take, form of an ailment and the person can become mentally ill. Such a person is called a maniac.

There are other things as well which can haunt a human being for a long time. These things are work related stress and different kinds of insecurities. Stress and depression are two things, which are commonly found among people belonging to different age groups whether it is teenagers, adults or kids. Teenagers face pressures related to studies. They are all the time haunted with the thought that they need to improve their performance to stand as the most intelligent personality among their friend circle. Such a stressful competition pressurizes pupils to indulge in wrong activities, like theft and lying. In addition, teenagers who are unable to bear such peer group pressure are likely commit suicide. There have been many cases like these where teenagers are unable to bear the burden of friends as well as parents and to set themselves free from all kind of tensions they commit suicide, as they feel ending up their life would finish all kinds of worries for them.

Among adults also, there are similar problems pointed out. Adults face work related problems; they are worried about their work performance so much so that they often get nervous and take hasty decisions. Loosing temper, anxiety and frustration them becomes their personality traits. It not only affects the demeanor of a person but it actually ruins the physical health of the person. Problems like high blood pressure, frequent headaches and stomach upset are very common among people who are leading a depressive and stressful life.

The best way to set one self-free from all kinds of tensions one must practice meditation. Meditation calms the mind, removes all kinds of anxiety, and gives clarity of thought to the practitioner. Along with meditation, yoga is also a good way to get rid of all kinds of mental and physical disorders. Breathing exercises, which are a part of meditation, allow your mind so get free all kinds of fear, anxiety and obsessions.

Keeping positive attitude in life will help you to get over with insecurities and obsessions. It will give encouragement to move ahead in life. Not only that, it will allow your mind think freely and you would be able to concentrate on you work better.

How Aromatherapy Benefits the Redemptive Self

Aromatherapy is a system that employs essential oils designed to affect the health and moods in a positive way. This system merges alternative medicines to trigger the mind to focus on beliefs. The essential oils are burnt as candles or used in massage therapy. It is used to calm the mind while helping an individual with developing an optimistic attitude towards life.

When the mind is calm, it is free of stress. This allows the mind room to demarcate, or segregate amid negative and positive thinking. It only enhances mental power by allowing the mind to open up and focus more freely. 

When the mind is overwhelmed with stress, negative thoughts prevail. This causes one to fall behind on the self-development process, thus taking him steps back from progress.

These negative thoughts will cause the mind to reflect on thoughts that are trapped in the mind, which reveals self in the entities actions. By using aromatherapy, one can overcome many of these obstacles. Of course, it takes additional steps, but aromatherapy is a great start.

You can combine the oils in a nice, warm bath to broaden the mind’s ability to focus through guided relaxation. The many fragrances are utilized in various processes. In addition, the fragrances serve as self-healing aids for the hidden self. Aroma scents will assist you with controlling the emotions and reactions that emerge from emotional upsets. By learning to relax, you will replace irrational thinking with rational thinking. Your mind will have room to breathe.

Aroma fragrances are inhaled. Once inhaling the scents, it reaches out to touch the limbic region of the human brain. It keeps you in touch with your emotions by improving your memory. Aroma fragrances also rejuvenate and energize an entity. It reduces depression and stress. Moreover, the oils will inspire affection for the being so that it can recognize his value and relationships easier. It can help increase your knowledge of the value of money and materials, while helping you to see where the true value rest. The true value rests on your serenity and tranquility.

Aromatherapy benefits us in many ways. Go online to discover the many fragrances and the purpose of their creation. Aroma oils were created from natural extracts of plant life and trees. Thus, anything coming from nature is a good source of self-healing agents. Keep in mind that humankind has contaminated our plants and trees, however, the preserves in our natural environment take the lead when it comes to maintaining its true value.

In addition to aromatherapy, you will benefit from meditation or yoga. Try scenting your room with a variety of aroma scents and meditate. Let your mind delve into meditation as the aroma oils relax your aching soul. You will feel refreshed by learning the steps in relaxation through meditation with a combination of aroma scents.

But, what about the redemptive self, how does it benefit from aroma scents and meditation?
The redemptive self is just a mere expression. Redemption is the prime focus, which is the process of buying back good faith through prayer. By adding prayer to your self-guide to better health, you will enhance your experience tremendously.

You want to learn to forgive self and others. The best solution is to keep in mind that human beings are imperfect. We all make mistakes. Try not to harbor any resentment for anyone. If someone seriously wronged you, keep in mind that you will not be penalized for failing to forgive this person. Ultimately, you must forgive you. Forgiving you is the prime focus here, so keep this in mind when you work through self-development.

How to Relate to the Redemptive Self

An individual shares several relationships with several people in his life. These relationships could be on the grounds of family, friends, official, platonic or romantic. But the most important relationship that an individual needs to develop is with his own.

Our relationship with ourselves is crucial for self-development. It also influences our relationship with other people immensely. Any person who is unhappy with himself is in a state of self-doubt is bound to be deterred even by minor failures in life. Such a person has to strive extremely hard to accomplish a task, which can be easily done by any other self confident individual easily.
Moments of self doubt and apprehension can often lead a person to believe that he is worthless and incapable of achieving anything significant in life. Hence, such a situation should be avoided by seeking proper guidance. Self respect is very important for any person as it helps to boost up a person’s inner confidence levels.

Maintaining a relationship with oneself can actually work wonders for your life. It acts as the constant motivating factor in a person’s life.

Most of the people spend a major chunk of their lives in the process of soul searching. This soul searching is nothing but drawing inspiration from our surroundings to reconnect and bond with our inner self and body. Some people also call it as a conscious effort on the part of the individual wherein he tries to locate the actual reason for his existence. Many individuals often lose touch with their inner selves as they are wrapped up in daily matters. But it is possible to get in touch with ourselves back again by focusing on our thought process and indulging in soul searching.

Soul searching can be of great help to an individual to guide him through the right path in life and trigger his way to success. Soul journeying is an important method, which can be adopted by individuals while indulging themselves in the process of self development and self relation to soul.
It makes use of several therapies like deep relaxation, meditation and yoga to soothe one’s senses and relax our mind. It helps to reconnect our inner self with the outer world and develop a strong bond between the self to the soul.

It also helps us to fulfill all our desires and realize our real aspirations apart from the materialistic wants. Soul journeying is a vital tool, which can be adapted in order to harmonize our mind, body and soul. Our true self can be discovered only when a person can ditch being judgmental, overcome his fears and challenges. Soul searching helps a person to discover his hidden courage, enthusiasm and lost spirit, which is the sure, shot tools for guaranteed success in life.

No matter how old a person may be, he still needs to learn to cope with himself. It is strange but true, most of the people know how to deal with the world but they fail to deal with themselves, their issues and factors, which are bothering them. This is probably because they fail to relate themselves with their soul. They are not able to develop a sense of belonging and keep wandering in search of self-contentment and spiritual development.

Self fulfillment can only be achieved when a person is aware of the purpose of his life and the ideal way he wants to spend his life. It may be possible that a person may lose sense of his purpose and well-being by external influences. But a person who is in complete control of himself will be easily able to determine his priorities in his life and will work accordingly to achieve them.

Importance of self Redemptive Renewal 

In the fast pace of life people hardly find time to stop and wonder the purpose of their lives. To keep rate with the competitive world, they are moving very fast. It seems that they to fulfill their responsibilities they have postponed their living without realizing that the present time will never come back. Because of the work-life imbalance, an individual suffers from depression. Stress chokes the thinking ability of an individual, which lowers his productivity. It eventually gives way to health problems such as diabetes, ulcers, heart attacks and fatigueless.

Moreover, stress creates a feeling of insecurity among the people. Thus, it is extremely essential that an individual take times to replenish himself. Thus, revitalization of mind, body, soul and emotions is important for a peaceful living. In the urge to fulfill our materialistic, needs we neglect our body?

Eating junk food, sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise has added to our health woes. Because of inactive lifestyle, we suffer from weight, blood pressure and other health related problems. The rising obesity and cardiovascular problems among people of all age groups is an evidence of our lethargy lifestyles. The health problems cripple our lifestyle and as a result, we have to rely on medicines to keep ourselves fit. Around 30 minutes spend everyday exercising can rejuvenate both mind and body. Physical exercise can also be made interesting by indulging in activities such as swimming, skipping and cycling. You can involve your family in the activity. It serves the dual purpose of maintaining your body as well as spending time with your family. In addition, you can join dancing classes or a gym, you can learn a new art and lose weight at the same time. These classes   allows you to interact with new people, it increases your social life. It is important to keep yourself fit today than suffer from diseases years later. After all prevention is better then cure.

In addition to body, rejuvenation of mind is also important. Constant working and stress can tire your mind. There are no new deposits of knowledge and learning, such a mind has no fresh thoughts or notions. It is ironical that we are working hard to increase our bank balance but we have no time to replenish our mind. Mind can be enriched by reading quality books on a regular basis. Giving just 10 minutes everyday on books can make a substantial difference to our lives. It widens our thinking ability. In addition, it is essential that give rest to your mind. Music has a great therapeutic effect on the mind. It relaxes the muscles of the mind and charges it.

Forgiving is another important method that heals the humans emotion. It means letting go of the mistakes of another person. It helps you release the heaviness that you had accumulated against another person. The feeling of hatred does nothing more than suffocates your life. The emotion of forgiveness liberates you from the heaviness of life and as a result, you are able to lead a serene and calm life. The sentiment of forgiveness is necessary for self-evolution and self-development. In addition, regular interaction with your loved ones helps to maintain the flavor of love in the relationship. However busy you are do not neglect your loved ones.

It is often said that serving others is the rent we pay to live on the planet. Helping needy people by the means of money, time or other things not only improves the life of poor people but also gives meaning to your life. If possible, join a social organization and make sure that you contribute on a regular basis to help them.  

Indian ways for the redemption of the inner self

There is a lot of energy that God has bestowed upon every human being. Nevertheless, we do not utilize it fully well and often indulge it in acquiring more of the negative emotions than the positive one. We all are mentally been trained from out tender years to put on a different face when dealing with people and a completely different facial mask that is our actual inner self. This is what we all hide from the world and never show it to the world. However, in an attempt to conceal our inner self, we tend to forget what our real self actually was. This inner self was our real sense of identity and having lost it meant that we have lost ourselves. This loss is generally due to the negative attributes that we have adapted with the course of time. Therefore, we first need to reach out and discover this inner self and redeem it from these negativities.

Another thing that haunts most of us every time is the thinking of our future. That is to say the fear of ‘what will happen tomorrow?’ This arouses competitive spirit in the consciousness of people and a desire to prove them even though it may be at the cost of relationships and happiness of others. 

Moreover, no matter what happens, our inner and outer selves are interlinked. What we experience in the outer world affects our perspective, actions, and vice-versa. Religion is another thing that takes us away from reality. It defines the norms of life and demarcates everything with the perspective of sinful and virtuous deeds. Thus, for redemption from the evils and reach out to our hidden self, we have to overcome all these obstacles and think above these worldly ways of life. Looking within our selves aids us in rejecting all kinds of confusion and see things more clearly. This further prompts rational actions in future. People who are more calm, meditative and quiet people never face any such problems of confusion or mistrust. They understand the ways of life and react accordingly. 

In India, from the time of Vedas there have been many methods that are used to heal and discover our inner selves. Ayurveda is one such ancient practice of healing of the self. It believes that the food we eat affect the well-being of a person. The recipes that are prepared by employing the herbs have medicinal properties to cure various ailments and vitalize the energy of a person. Each one of us has a self-healing power within us that can be enhanced by a proper diet. The ways of ayurveda relaxes the mind and body of an individual.

 Meditation is another way that helps to bridge up a gap between the individuality and universality of a human being. It aids him to explore and discover his real self that has been lost in the rat race of the world. It is a natural way of healing that does not use any medicines and rejuvenates the energy of an individual. It also soothes his soul and body. It improves the concentration and gives a person focus in life. Yoga is also a method of healing and discovering of the self and also redeems the self from the various evils of the world. This method makes use of breathing exercises that also aids in reconciliation of the inner self. Last but not the least, is the method of aromatherapy. This method serves the same purpose as that of the above-mentioned methods of healing, increasing concentration, rejuvenation and soothing of self. The difference is the method of achieving it. Aromatherapy is a process that uses essential oils for the enhancement and redemption of the self. It is the essence of these oils that are basically responsible in restoration of the self.   

Indian ways for the Redemptive Self

As life of every individual has become full of jealousy and hatred, there are various negative feelings that have cropped up in the minds and souls of human beings. These evil feelings include treachery, maliciousness, selfish approach, hatred and pessimistic outlook. Therefore, people are moving towards self-healing ways that would help them in the redemptive self-process.

India is one of the most successful countries that have achieved the status of providing natural methods for self-redemption and a large number of people have tried these methods and benefited a lot. Although there are various therapies to heal the inner self of an individual, the most successful and beneficial are Ayurveda, meditation, aromatherapy and yoga.

 Ayurveda is also popularly known as the ‘Indian Tradition Medicine’ as it is one of the oldest methods of shedding off evil thoughts and helping in the self-healing process. It is estimated to be around three or four thousand years old treatment and it has its roots deep inside the Vedic traditions. Yoga is directly; or indirectly based on the principles of Ayurveda, as the latter is a medical science. It consists of various streams like pathology, anatomy, treatment plans, physiology and other diagnostic systems. Even the World Health Organization has recognized Ayurveda as a very effective and harmful traditional treatment.

The process that is involved in Ayurveda treats the illness with natural methods so as to ensure longer and healthy life. This treatment is widely used as an important instrument for the purpose of self-healing. Ayurveda helps in providing easy theories and principles that explains the patient the process of the working of the body and how an illness can be cured without any side effects. The healing process involves the usage of some herbs, oils, massage and other therapies so that the optimum health is maintained.

The term ‘yoga’ is used to describe the form of connection of the self with the divine self and this word literally means ‘union’. This practice helps a lot in gaining strength and that in turn helps in the self-healing process. By adopting the ways of yoga, awareness of the self is achieved and that helps in the attainment of success as when one comes to know about one’s strengths and weaknesses, he or she can easily work upon the weak areas and throw out the vices and evil thoughts from one’s mind and soul.

Self-awareness is also achieved through yoga practices. When we become aware, we are able to feel more linked with our inner self and to our life. In this way, we are in a condition to discover our evils and then work upon those evil areas so that the development of the self becomes easily possible. This practice is a science that deals with the techniques, which help us in creating connection with our inner voice of soul and mind, and when this connection is made, it brings joy and you are able to experience a fulfilling state. Once an individual is able to connect with his or her inner self, a balance of health and strength is achieved which in turn leads to self-realization and self-mastery.

There are various postures that are involved in the practice of yoga like breathing postures and exercises, controlling of delicate forces, meditating and cleansing the mind and body of evil and wrong thoughts. Although the yoga practice is a very beneficial one, it is necessary to remember that yoga proves to be fruitful when it is accompanied by awareness, as awareness is the key that contributes in discovering the hidden secrets or mysteries of our inner self.

Thus, by adopting Indian ways, which are natural, redemption of the self can be fully achieved.

Inner self Treatments for Redemptive Solutions
Redeem your inner self by way of aromatherapy

In today’s materialistic world, almost every human being has become selfish and thinks about the ways to achieve success in life, no matter if it is at the cost of relationships or happiness of others. Money is all that matters to him. The gap, which has thus developed between the individuality and universality of the man, is what marks a degradation of his inner self. This gives rise to various negative feelings like jealousy, hatred, and greed in the mind of man. All these negative attributes are gained by man with experience and as he gets more and more exposed to the ways of life. The increasing cutthroat competition in every field has made him crave for success more than ever before. Thus, all his innocence and virtues are getting reduced everyday. In other words, man has actually lost himself in this rat race and can’t even recognize his own self.

Therefore, there is a need to search for our inner self and its development and further to redeem it from the guilt that lies beneath. The negative thoughts shall all be washed away from the consciousness of man. Then only he will be able to come up with a purified soul that cares about the people around him and is willing to indulge in voluntary work as well.   

Moreover, to re-discover one’s inner self, a person first needs to analyze himself as he is now and what kind of a person he used to be before. He will need to find out the change that has come up in his thinking, actions, perspectives and various other things. This process of self-awareness then aids him further in improving his positive attributes and reducing his vices. Thus, paving the way for self-redemption or this is to say redeeming oneself from the evils that are hidden within us. Another important aspect that helps in self-redemption is to make out the root cause that has bought about this change.

There are many ways that can be used in redeeming our hidden self. Meditation, yoga, aromatherapy are some of them. These methods together relax the mind and body of an individual and aid in the process of exploration and enhance the development of the inner self.
Aromatherapy is a method that uses essential oils that affects the health and mood of the person. This method combines the spiritual beliefs and alternative medicines. The oils and the massages of aromatherapy calm the mind of an individual and help him develop an optimistic attitude towards life. A calm mind that is free from stress will be able to demarcate between the negativities and positive things in a better way. Nevertheless, if a mind is stressed, then the negative thoughts will prevail more over the positive thoughts and will hinder our development of the self. Thus, these negative thoughts will also be reflected in the actions of an individual. One can also mix up these oils in the bathtubs that elevate and broaden the horizons of the mind of an individual. The fragrances of the products that are used in the process serve in the healing of the inner-self. It helps the person in controlling his emotions and react to the situations of life in a rational way.

The fragrances that are inhaled reaches out to the limbic section of the brain. This keeps a check on the emotions of a person and improves memory. It rejuvenates and energizes an
Individual and reduces the anxiety and depression of a person. Last but not the least, it also encourage the affection in a human being and recognize his relationships and values more than money and other materialistic things. 

Inside the Hidden Redemptive Self 
Understanding the hidden meaning of your life

In today’s fast-paced life, people are running against time and in this rat race for worldly pleasures, they are forgetting the real meaning of their life. In today’s Dark Age people even do not have time for themselves, as they are busy earning the fruitless things of life that are temporary. According to Buddhism everything in this world is impermanent that means everything from body to soul to materialistic desires to even stars and heavenly bodies are temporary in this world. This impermanence is also prevalent in the human life and since everything is, a flux so any kind of attachment or expectation from anything is useless and it will lead to nothing.

In fact the only true reality in this world is nirvana that is bounded by nothing, neither life nor death. It is a state of attaining your true being and being free from life constraints or kilesa. Kilesa is primarily a pali word that means defilement of minds or in other words it’s a state when the mind temporarily gets darkened or overpowered by materialistic desires. These three kilesa or pisons of human mind are categorized as lobha, dosa, moha. Lobha refers to gluttony, lust, voracity and attachment whereas dosa constitutes abhorrence or hatred and aversion.

The last one moha includes delusion, sloth, laziness and avijja that are ignorance. In human beings when these three kilesa come across your mind or your thought, you should always try not to fall in the trap of kilesa, as it will lately lead you to a life that is full of anger and aversion. Moreover, to rediscover yourself firstly it is very important to get yourself out of this vicious circle of “poisons” or kilesa. According to lord, budda is teaching bodhi or enlightenment is the highest form of happiness that a person can achieve in his or her life.  However, happiness has a different connotation here. As here it does not refers to the normal happiness that we achieve in day-to-day life but it means the transcendental kind of happiness or the true nirvana that leads to attainment of your true hidden self.  

There are many ways through which you can rediscover yourself like yoga, meditation or aromatherapy. Since ages yoga and meditation is considered as one of the best ways through which one can discover his or her inner self. Meditation is the means through which you can relate with your self-consciousness by concentrating on a thought through your mind. In meditation, basically one has to focus on that divine power and try to rediscover the hidden and true meaning of your life. However, the most important thing that you must keep in mind is to attain inner peace and pure sanity that can be achieved only if you have a positive outlook towards life.

Always try to look at the bright side of life and remember that past will never come back so it is useless to moan over the past. Your bright and optimistic attitude towards life will not only be reflected in your personality but it will also send positive vibes to people around you. Also, try to develop a high self-esteem in you and accept yourself the way you are. Do not keep on complaining about the things that you do not have is not feel happy about the things you have. For example instead of envying your neighbor for having a brand new car so should look at the people below you who can’t even afford to have a car. Thus by following these ways you can discover your true being and lead a happy life.    

Keenness of the Redemptive Self

Spirituality is the non-material being or phenomenon that manifests itself in terms of your psyche and overall self. It is reflected in your faith and beliefs that seek to answer metaphysical questions that otherwise would seem difficult to resolve. The soul and your self are the realms to this discovery of spirituality within a person as it gives a sense of confidence, self-realization and self acceptance. In the material world, you often come to “dead ends” where you try to find solutions to problems but are unable to get any. This neurotic sense of being naturally diverts your energies for having faith in God, disciplines and any other ideas that enable you a heightened sense of being. With spirituality, your self and soul gain a sense of strength, which rejuvenates your sense of being and proves an important utility to combat against diseases.

When a person gains a sense of spirituality, you may ask. There is no specific age to realizing spirituality in fact at a young age it is reflected in the creativity of a child. A child is high in mental awareness and reflects this through his play activities and with gaining a sense of nurturance and comfort. However, it is in adulthood and older ages that individuals are seen keener to developing a sense of spirituality. This is because at older ages experiencing everyday realities of the life are filled with stress and anxiety. But in childhood the age of innocence surrounds the Childs sense of being and it is to many individuals wish to return back to this age of innocence.

In contrasting the ages, the peak of the soul and self is seen during adulthood. Generally, at this time individuals are strong in their realization of God. This is because they are nearer to death and have seen most of the life past by them and know need added strength to face death. But it would be narrow-minded just say that individuals facing death at an older age need a sense of spirituality. Actually, at an older age the body and mind begin to manifest disproportional relations to each other, which results in significant lag between them. With the depreciation in the body and a sense of increased wisdom in the mind, the individual becomes increasingly prone to anxiety and stress. Further, to counter the threat of disease and illness the person has to utilize the faculties of the mind whereby knowledge only serves to bring a sense of enlightenment. For example, a person suffering from a terminal illness will gain a renewed sense of belief by reading religious texts that would enable him to gain strength in combating the illness.

The self and soul are just but branches spouting out from the main stem of spirituality. If this stem is cut then the energies canalized to the branches will hamper the development of the “tree of life” in general. Spirituality is sixth sense within individuals. By a sixth, sense it does not necessarily mean that it helps in the prediction of the future and deterring the right course of action the one should take. But that sixth sense that enables the bonding between the self and the soul and helps in achieving a sense of nirvana.

Therefore, the self and soul are in a constant state of unity between each other throughout ones age. Spirituality is one basis upon which soul and the self form a basis of relationship in order to gain strength. Moreover, it is through spirituality that one gets a sense of self-realization and self confidence that benefits the individual to gain a sense of nirvana.

Laboring for the Redemptive Self

The redemptive self is discovered through the progression of self-development. When we cultivate our skills, it clears the mind of clutter that binds us to a degree of blindness. Thus, cultivating self-development skills depends on how much you are willing to labor for success. Therefore, if you are ready, willing and able to work toward constructive changes and a positive outlook on life, it is time to get the gears in motion.

Find yourself to know who and what you are before making decisions that you may regret later. Start taking some time to think through decisions, rather than responding quickly; your human rights allow you more than 15 seconds to make any decision. Start cultivating your skills by reaching in to your inner feelings to help development new skills. 

When you explore the mind, it brings out all the negative thoughts, which gives you room to clear the mind. When you have a clearer mind, it makes it easier for you to like yourself as a person, which takes you to become a successful individual, since you are paying full attention.  By bringing out your negative thoughts and turning them to positive ones, you’ll be able to make better decisions in the future.

Use your positive attitude for cultivating self-development skills and turn these negative thoughts to positive. Start writing your feelings and thoughts on paper so that you can analyze them effectively. You don’t need negative energies interfering with your future.  Stress is caused from negative thoughts that will lead to failure.

Failure briefly leads to additional disappointments, breakdowns, collapse and so forth. Ultimately, it could lead to bankruptcy, since you will not have the strength to make progress for the future.

Stress is the main reason that so many people fail at cultivating self-development skills. When an entity relieves the mind of stress, it lifts the spirits, which paves the way to success.

You can relieve stress by writing down your goals along with your plans. Practice meditation for relieving stress and encouraging relaxation.  When we create plans, it gives us something to look forward to. Still, stress will destroy your future planning by taking over control and ruling you.

Setting goals will prevent failure, since you have a purpose in life.  Working on goals can be stressful but as you achieve your goals, it brings you new beginnings. Achieving goals will boost your energy and cultivating for self-development process.

We all benefit through practicing. When you find techniques that work for you, put them into practice daily. Remember that what you do not use, you lose. Keep this theory in mind and you will go a long way in assisting you by relieving the redemptive self while cultivating your skills necessary to walk you through life successfully.

Use today’s technology to help you discover more ways to cultivate self. Find the steps that are required to move you toward the redemptive self. One of the best techniques we can use is education. Learning keeps us versed and we grow quicker by expanding our knowledge and experiences. These are some things you need to focus on. 

Learn to focus with meditation for relieving the stress when preparing to fulfill your dreams.  Meditation will help you relax and focus on what needs to be done first, second and so on.  With meditation, you relieve stress to focus on other stressors that will help you become successful.

Preparing for the future can be stressful. Some stress can be eliminated but there will be time you will not have control of stress. Therefore, take some time to learn tips for thriving on uncontrolled stress.

Meditation in the Redemptive Self

Meditation can be performed any place in your home. To start meditating you want to consider a few positions. In one position, you will sit cross-legged with your eyes closed. The next step is encouraging your mind to focus on the inner self whilst you observe yourself. To begin with, your mind will feel sidetracked but progressively with practice, you will adept to conquer the disturbances. Meditation will strengthen your willpower or strength of mind while enhancing your concentration and as a result.

You will start to become more optimistic. By mediating daily, it will make your life more satisfying, lively and you will feel a true sense of happiness. Training is the best technique of meditation, i.e. training the mind and body to allow room for meditation is the best policy when starting mediation.

Amplified concentration from meditation will assist you, since you will be capable of giving your undivided attention to your work. It in that way enhances your competence and productivity. The results of mediation will make it easier for you to handle your tasks while retaining your natural energy. In fact, meditation enhances your memory and concentration, since ultimately it means attentiveness through absorption.

Another technique to intensify your attentiveness is ‘the heart of rose’. The heart of rose is logically noted to assist with enhancing attentiveness, since like the rose we live thorny lives, which is full of different fragrances. This technique enables us to focus on positive aspects of our life, rather than the negative aspects. We can focus on the heart of the rose instead of the thorns.

How to focus on the heart of the rose:
First, focus on the center part of the rose for around 20 minutes. Try to practice focusing on the rose in the same area each day. By performing this action, your mind will be able to focus on a single task instead of various tasks at once. You will feel less distracted and not waver when stress starts to develop. You can enhance time management skills and be able to handle more work, since you can now focus on a single task at one time. In short, it helps you to use the mind, left to right and back again. This is the key to enhancing awareness.

Your present lifestyle is habitually is in adjunction with stress and physical exhaustion. One of the largest problems we face today is that most people are too busy with satisfying material needs, rather than finding inner happiness and self-redemption. Essentially, we need to meditate daily, since it will prepare us to manage our day successfully.

We need to feed our mind and body healthy foodstuff, rather than unhealthy material. We do have the power to take control of certain events that occur in our life, but we do have the power to contract our reactions to these events that occur. We cannot expect anything from life that fills our desires and wishes by refusing to redeem self and take control.

If one has the power to control his body and mind he will live happier. By meditating regularly, you will gain strength of mind and character that helps you to take this control. Work effortlessly to find you, otherwise, the redemptive self will feel discouraged. You must stop procrastinating. Do today what you must do instead of putting it off.

You want to abandon any negative habits or behaviors to find the redemptive self, which takes practice and effort on your part. In addition to meditation, we encourage you to seek additional support by learning more about subliminal learning.

Mental and Physical Ease with the Redemptive Self

We can develop mental and physical ease reaching a higher level of supremacy, which helps us to stay in control.  We do this by learning to relax and taking control through meditation, subliminal learning or exercise. You will forgive self easier, since you are working toward taking care of you, as well as developing your personality. You will begin to know you better.

Subliminal learning can guide you to find your inner feelings to take control and overpower the stress that have not been dealt with. When we don’t take time to deal with unwanted stress, you tend to set them aside and forget. When stress builds, it leads to failure, guilt, and resentment.

Practicing mediation will help you focus and backtrack to find answers to your problems. Another method you can use is discovering the hints that may have popped up unexpectedly in a bad dream or a flash of the mind and discover its meaning.  When you suddenly see a flash back of something and don’t know what it is, take charge by exploring what it means.  This could very well be that memory loss that stress has blocked. It could be one of the leading causes of your problems.

Use these hints to find guides for recalling the memory loss so you can stop them from haunting you. Unwanted stress will overwhelm the body and mind and can lead to major health conditions.

Start backtracking, your inner feelings.  Don’t let your inner self cause you to fail. Instead, explore your mind to find answers and hints through meditation the guide that will help you relax.

We can all work toward mental and physical ease and supremacy, which will make us a healthier person.  Meditation is the key, since it helps you to discover your feelings.  As we learn and practice relaxation, you will be able to backtrack to find the why’s, who’s, what’s, when’s, how’s and so forth.

When you start seeing that you don’t understand use today’s technology computers and do some research.  By searching the Internet, you may find answers to your questions.  Use keywords in your dreams or flashes that may relate to certain stressors to find the reason they are popping up disturbing your life.

When meditating, you will look at the stressors in a completely different way than you did the first time.  Having a new look, you will be able to make better decisions. This ultimately builds strength of mind.

As you discover something new, it may because you stress but stay in control by using the strength of mind.  Focus on the problem and make constructive changes with a positive attitude.

You want to work through negative thinking and reprogram your mind to think positive. When you have positive thinking with a winning attitude, it allows you to rid self of these stressors to be in control and succeed. 

You attitude has a lot to do with the way you handle stress.  When you look at stress on the negative side, you’ll make bad decisions and the stressors will come back and bring even more stress.

By meditating often, you will find relief, which will guide you to a healthier and a more successful life in the future. Practicing meditation by focusing to gain control with your inner feelings will put you in control.

Life is too short to let the smaller things get you down. To move toward the redemptive self one must take control of his life by practicing relaxing techniques that encourages the mind and body to work in harmony.

Personality of the Redemptive Self

Due to hectic schedules and tiring lifestyle, people have become self-centered that they do not even find time to know about themselves. The lives have become full of tensions and people are finding ways to relate themselves to their true self so that they can develop their personality and self. Soul is the most physical part of every individual that is miles away from the jealousy and intrigues. So, it is important to link to the body so as to know one’s strengths and weaknesses.

It is important to listen, follow the voice of the inner self, and mind so that self-development can be achieved. You can listen to your inner self by meditating in solace. Meditation helps to link our present thinking with our true self so that the negative thinking can be replaced with fresh views and optimistic outlook towards life.

Acupressure, aroma therapy, yoga and naturopathy also contribute tremendously in knowing our redemptive self so that development of the self can be possible. Naturopathy involves natural treatments or ways that have no side effects and provides a person with calm mental status and thereby helping in maintaining a good spiritual self that will help in attaining self-development of mind and soul.

Therefore, it is important to have a positive outlook towards life, as it will contribute in having a developed self. Self-awareness and self-consciousness are also important components that contribute in knowing about one’s inner self. If you will not know what the areas that need to be worked upon are, you will be easily defeated by external factors. But on the other hand, if you will be aware of your strengths and shortcomings, no one will be able to question you.

Thus, the voice of the mind takes you towards a bright path that will in turn lead you towards a successful life full of happiness and satisfaction. For example, if person is rich and still he is ever complaining that he does not have enough money to buy all the luxurious of life, he will definitely not have a good life. So, it is vital to be satisfied with what you have and that will contribute in having a true and pure soul, free from evil factors.

Having a positive thinking and rational faculty also plays an important role in developing the personality of the soul and self. If your rational faculty will be full of evil thoughts towards others or even towards yourself, you will never be able to listen to the inner voice of the hidden mind that may direct you towards a happy and contented life.

Moreover, what is there in our body is reflected on the outer self. If our body and mind will not be pure, our overall development of the self will not be possible and that will hamper our growth. So, the first step that has to be taken is to make our soul free from evil influences and then follow the instructions of our self.

To have a spirited mind is very crucial as it will contribute in linking our thinking to the divine powers and that will in turn lead us towards a path that will be beneficial for us. If an individual will have spirited body and mind, that will automatically help in the development of the self. In addition, self-identity and self-control are also important ingredients to attain a pure soul to find the hidden self. One should have controlling powers so that he or she might not easily get affected by external threats and will be able to face tough times with confidence and courage.

Thus, to achieve the personality of the redemptive soul and self is very crucial as it contributes in having a peaceful mental status and a self that is developed.

 Power of the Redemptive Self

By the power invested in you, you can accomplish any task that you set your mind to by practicing a few techniques that fit your style. We have a measure of willpower despite society and our system of rulers drain our energy every single day by forcing us to keep pace with a highly competitive world.

Our willpower is a natural blessing. All of us have willpower, which we can use to help define who we are. Willpower enables us to make decisions, perform daily task, and encourages mental thinking. Despite that, all of us have willpower; it is a personal issue that ranks higher with some people while others miss the point of its creation.

Its chief factor allows us to realize our dreams and goals. If we have a measure of determination our power increases, which helps us to achieve our goals despite that, we may face problems along the way. Big or small, advanced willpower will help you climb over the many mountains you will need to climb in order to achieve comprehensive self-growth of the redemptive self.

In some instances, people are challenged by unnatural temptations. In this event, these people may lack willpower to manipulate through the lures. We want to advance our power within so that we can abandon poor decision-making that leads one to destruction. 

Many people commonly are misinformed, which leads to miss the point of understanding their human abilities. By developing inner power however it takes us through the progression of developing motivation. Motivation is a huge advancement, since it enables us to continue striving despite the obstacles that get in front of our path.

When we strengthen, our power within it motivates us by helping us to keep the big picture in front of us while working toward our goals. It is inspiration that drives us to continue the process of advancing the redemptive self.

As well, it is significant for an entity to employ his strength of will cleverly. One can advance by staying focused. In the social cycles, we must refrain from engaging in harmful behaviors and habits that form from bad association. For instance, you want to avoid drinking alcohol with friends, unless you have the willpower to know your limits. When you do not have advanced willpower and fail to see your limits, it could ultimately lead you to addictions, which ultimately robs you of good health.

We have several means to advance our power of mind. According to various concepts and famous theorists as well as psychologists, willpower enables to us to make sound decisions. In fact, this famous man was on track. According to these experts, lack of willpower causes us to make bad choices, which ultimately leads to severe errors and ignorance.

Our innate ability to take control of our life allows us to work effortlessly toward better health. We do this by progressing in the self-development phase to reach the redemptive self.

Our strength of mind builds self-discipline, which plays an exceedingly imperative part as far as the development of self-healing, is involved. It assists an entity with healing bad habits and behavior issues. At whatever time an entity makes a decision to heal from bad habits, such as drinking, smoking, gambling, et cetera, his willpower will direct him to become more conscious so that he can work in the direction of detoxifying himself.

We need to develop spiritual power to take charge of our life. By advancing our spirituality, we can work through the process of self-development and healing of the redemptive self. Take some time to keep learning other steps in discovering the redemptive ways to heal the soul and mind.
Procedures for the Redemptive Self

Particular measures to consider in cultivating self-development skills can be most anything that will direct you to success in the future. Still, you must find techniques that work best for you and execute the procedures to complete your task.

Not all strategies will work for everyone. Find the right techniques by testing the procedures. Experimenting will cultivate awareness, which helps you to find answers easier. You want to practice techniques that relieve you of stress and help you to relax, since it will boost your energy.

Stress weighs heavily on the nervous system. There is no way you can relieve and rid all stress, but you can minimize stress by taking action.  Learn to relieve the controllable stress and thrive on the uncontrollable stress. When an entity practices strategies in cultivating in self-development skills, it helps them to stay in control, which reduces stress. Stress tries to take over our life to cause us to fail. Our minds will harbor stress without us even knowing it and uses it against us later unpredictably. Learn to overpower the negative thoughts by thinking positive when making decisions. You can be in control with power by having a positive attitude for winning and staying in control.

Stay in control of self-development using strategies such as meditation, focusing, Yoga, and exercises to conquer some of your stress. Use strategies to help guide us we learn to relieve stress by relaxing and making better decisions.

Meditation allows you to discover inner feelings, which makes it easier to plan for the future in self-development with cultivating skills. Use positive thinking skills as a strategy for looking in and pulling out all your negative thoughts. Sit back and meditate while exploring your feelings and write down all the negative thoughts you discover.

You can research the Internet to find ways to prepare ahead in future. Look for the latest articles in self-development of the redemptive self. Start preparing now for the future by practicing helpful techniques to reach your goals. Goals are important to us all.

Consider focusing on cultivating self-development skills. Focusing is a form of meditation to help you make better constructive changes that leads to success. Try to focus on each goal you want to achieve and keep the big picture in sight. As you reach each goal, check it off and add another to the bottom of your list. You’ll soon notice the changes when you start marking them off. Each mark will give you more energy and motivation to go on to reach another goal.

It takes a lot of practice to relieve stress when considering strategies in cultivating self-development skills. Remember practice makes you a winner, so relax and practice focusing on reaching the future.

Exercise is a good procedure for relaxation when stressed and feeling like there is no room in the future for success. Consider an exercise plan to help guide you to the redemptive self. You will build bone, muscle and joint strength, which encourages good health and relaxation.

With exercise, you’ll find relaxation by focusing on growing stronger and healthier. We all need to consider exercise as a strategy in staying healthier and happier. It does work not only to build up the body but it assists with self-development too. Through exercise, you will notice results as you reach each goal with a winning attitude. 

Use your winning attitude to find new strategies when considering cultivating self-development skills, since each technique that you enforce will bring you greater rewards. The key to staying in touch with self then, is taking care of you.

Realize the Redemptive Self

It would not be wrong to say that the circumstances don’t make a man but reveal him as quoted by famous James Allen. Soul depends on the circumstances that an individual has to go through. Many a times your unconscious or subconscious reacts before your conscious mind and may be ready to accept change in the life. Change in the circumstances or the habitat of an individual makes a difference in the perception of an individual. The change in the being can make or mar an individual, at times people are not ready to accept the changes and are too adamant and try to resist the changes.

An individual must realize that nothing is permanent and people and things come and go, but this should not affect the normal being. Person feels bliss and a harmony when he or she readily accepts the circumstances in combination with the soul. An individual can feel one with the self and soul when mind is at peace. One must not cling on the vents of life and learn to move a head in life and let go things easily. This attitude will surely make individual feel tranquility and enrich the soul and the self. One should readily accept necessary changes in life as many a times they are for the betterment of an individual. At times, it is better to change your tastes and preferences so that you can go on the path of prosperity. For it, one may even need to change the friends, identify, and motivate oneself to new set of people to go on the path of betterment.

For enriching the self and the soul of an individual it is better to have a clear vision, as when a person is sure what he or she is achieve then all the energy is directed for the achievement of the goals. The clarity of the soul rests on the power of an individual to question the soul. An individual must try to find an answer as to what it is that an individual wants to achieve. This can be done if an individual tries meditation or try to look out the things, which interest him or her. Meditation aids in uniting the soul and the self of an individual as this process helps in gathering all the energy flowing in the body.

One must develop the spiritual self as it is as it nurtures the soul and the self and takes an individual on the path of triumph. One must remember that love is all-embracing and an individual must strive hard for the developing the feeling of empathy and oneness with others. An individual must realize the fact that the biggest hindrance in the life of an individual is the ego, which is bound to take him or her on the wrong path. Ways to develop your spiritual soul are meditation, Gratitude and developing the habit of making the self of an individual strong.

Once the soul and self has been enriched, it is sure shot that the development of the self is at a close distance. In the process of self development, it is better to realize the latent potentialities. In the process of self development, an individual needs to fortify the qualities inherent in the being and abate the Achilles' heels. For the better development of an individual, it is better to achieve the unity between the soul and the self. Self and soul are the basic factors on which the development of the self rests. Thus, people must strive hard to realize and strengthen the soul and self and make their prosperity sure.

Redemption of self through healing the self

According to scientific studies, human beings hardly use 1% of their mind. There are numerous people who live their life without making full use of their potential. As a result, they are unable to achieve great heights and are trapped in the trivial things of life. Making use of hidden potential help, we live our life meaningfully.

We should aim to achieve self-development through the self-actualization measures. Making optimum use of available mental and physical resources can help us use our hidden potential. Techniques such as yoga, meditation, creative visualization, positive attitude and deep breathing are used to relax you. Only a relaxed mind can work efficiently. After all life is what we aim and achieve are directly proportional. We need to overcome the trivial things of life and realize our true worth.

Positive attitude gives a different and beautiful window to the life. Optimistic thoughts help you keep courage even in the difficult circumstances of life. An optimistic person visualizes a glass half full contrary to what a pessimist may see. Darkness for him is a step before morning. For him difficulties are a part of self-growth. As a result, an optimistic accepts everything in his life and does not waste his time complaining.

An optimistic person is a happy man. He knows that he cannot control the external events, thus, he controls his interpretations towards events of life. Positive thinking provides stability and peace to your life. However, you need to have kindness; love and self believe to be a positive thinker. Thus, whatever happens in your life learn to be positive and look at the brighter version of things. A positive mind is an enlightened mind; it adds quality to your life and makes it worth living. 

Another technique of healing the self is spending time with nature. Nature has great healing and therapeutic powers. The chirping of the birds, falling of the tree leaves, rising of sun and rain all the occurrences are symbolic. Falling of tree leaves indicate the changing season, similarly nothing in our lives remains forever. Like the changing season, the circumstances of human life change. Spending some time in the natures lap everyday can considerably affect your life. The colorful flowers dew studded grass and dancing peacocks all act as a great stress buster and relaxes the mind. A stress free life is the greatest gift a man can ask for.  

Forgiving is another important technique that heals the human. It means letting go of the mistakes of another person. It helps you release the heaviness that you had accumulated against another person. The feeling of hatred does nothing more than suffocates your life. The emotion of forgiveness liberates you from the heaviness of life and as a result, you are able to lead a serene and calm life. The sentiment of forgiveness is necessary for self-evolution and self-development. This is because unless you leave the past emotions you cannot move ahead. Holding on to the past does not allow you to evolve. The released negative feelings are then replaced by compassion and kindness. This heals your inner self and leads to your self-development process.

Imagination is a very effective tool. Our perceptions, thoughts and images are all result of our thought process. Creative visualization creates the aura of the desired object and awakens the subconscious mind. The method should be practiced on a regular basis; if possible, it should be done at the same time and place everyday.

Following the above-mentioned methods can heal your inner self. It also helps in the self-development and aids you to rise above the trivial and negative things in life. 

Reiki and the Redemptive Self

When one has established a greater measurement of self-development, he has apparently achieved a greater level of self-awareness, consciousness, which means he can stand firm against any external forces.

Some people practice yoga to reach this level of development, which they ultimately achieve their goal. Some other people however prefer Reiki. Reiki is an alternative medical treatment in which it works to heal the energy that channels from the practitioner to the patient while enhancing energy by reducing stress, fatigue and pain.

Japanese used this technique for relaxation and stress reduction, since it enhances the process of self-healing. Reiki is conducted by the practitioner resting his hands on areas of the body where he believes that unobserved “life-force energy,” is flowing throughout the body. According to practitioners of this art, thus Reiki rejuvenates the body and mind.

This makes good since because our metabolic system is where energy arrives. Energy in fact is our life-sustenance. When we lack energy, it causes us to become mentally and physically ill and we often feel consumed. On the other hand, if energy is flowing naturally we can live happier and healthier lives.

Reiki is formed from “God’s Wisdom – REI and/or the Higher Power and “life-force energy,” KI. In short, Reiki is practiced by many and is used as a spiritual director to our life-sustenance.

To practice Reiki, the entity must position self. By practicing self-healing techniques, which are natural once can relate better to his attitude, blemishes, motivation and beliefs. It will assist an entity with adjusting and working in harmony with his circumstances. We should all have the capability to manage the falsehoods, complications and frustrations in life. Life will take us for a long, drawn out rollercoaster ride, which we experience both happiness and disappointments along the way. This means we all should be capable of managing every situation we encounter. Coping with the intricate situations, will assist an entity with attaining an almost flawlessness life.

Yoga refers to the art, which aids in the enhancement of the mind, body and spirit. In case a person continues practicing the process over a long span of time then in that case it will offer the person with the satisfaction and happiness that ha has been looking for a long time.

By practicing yoga habitually without cease combined with Reiki it will advance one to developing the digestive system, metabolic, central nervous system, circulatory, skeletal, respiratory, lymphatic, nervous systems and more. The circulatory system consists of the heart, lymph, blood vessels, etc, which it pumps blood and lymph throughout the body. Ultimately, yoga will assist an entity with maintaining the emotional equilibrium. Yoga will also enhance concentrating of the physical being. Yoga can boost a person’s mind to enhance his ability to concentrate on his spiritual and mental development. 

Practicing yoga offers an entity a healthier and dynamic outlook on life. Yoga and Reiki combined will enhance constructive energy whilst allowing one to control pessimistic thoughts that act as an exalted obstruction of the self-healing process. The self-healing process is essentially needed for the self-development process.

Yoga and Reiki will ensure one’s success. The exercises should be practiced daily. Start at a slower pace and gradually work into a full yoga routine. Many common folks today find Reiki and Yoga interesting. Reiki is evocative of Widespread Life Force Energy. Its healing process is brought into existence through natural power. Commonly it is referred as Chi by the Chinese mystics. It controls our energy level. Yet one must practice daily, which Reiki works closely with our gestures and movements of the hands.

Rejuvenating You for the Redemptive Self

Key to rejuvenation- Yoga

Every individual has done wrongs in his life that has gradually entrapped him in his evil closure. Due to this entrapment, a person is not able to evolve. This has completely hindered his self-development. Therefore, in order to free himself from the evils and to purge himself from all the guilt that has long surfaced him, one should practice yoga on daily basis.  This will definitely help in the prosperity and growth of the self.

For redeeming the self of a person, a person requires to have a disciplined life. In addition, one thing is for sure that inculcation of self-discipline in the regular routine will definitely not happen due to an accident. It requires refinement and practice.  A person can be proficient in it in case he tries it. It necessarily means to do what is essential and not doing what others are doing.

However, the process is not easy so help is required.  There are several tips that will play a role in attaining this.  Identify as to who you are actually and where you place yourself. This signifies that a person self-confidence level is not really based on the external forces. One should be in a position where he can come across the attitude, flaws, motivations and beliefs. This will help a person in adjusting in accordance with the circumstances. One should have the capability in order to deal wit the disillusionments, difficulties and frustrations in life. Life is a ride and includes both happiness and disappointments. So, one should have he capability to deal with every situation he encounters. Coping with the difficult situations, will help a person to attain flawlessness in life.

Yoga refers to the art, which aids in the enhancement of the mind, body and spirit. In case a person continues practicing the process over a long span of time then in that case it will offer the person with the satisfaction and happiness that ha has been looking for a long time.

In case a person practices yoga for a long span then it will play a significant role in developing the digestive, metabolic, nervous, circulatory, skeletal, respiratory, lymphatic, nervous systems of the body. It also helps in maintaining the emotional equilibrium of the body. A part from concentrating on the physical being, yoga also concentrates on the spiritual and the mental development.  For practicing yoga, there is no specific age required. The practice of yoga offers a person a healthier and dynamic outlook towards life. It banks on the constructive energy and at the same time hampers the pessimistic thoughts that serve as a great impediment toward the self-healing process. This process is very essential for the self-development process. For ensuring success at yoga, the exercises should be performed on day-to-day basis. It should be initiated at a slow speed, but the key thing is to stick to the practice.

Today many people who have an interest in yoga might have come across of Reiki energy healing. Reiki is suggestive of Universal Life Force Energy. It is also a healing process that is brought into existence through natural power. It got its name Chi by the Chinese mystics. For controlling the energy level, this form of practice requires both the gestures and the movement of the hands. It rejuvenates and refreshes the soul of the organism’s body. This way will serve very effectual in order to raise the individual from the worldly measures in order to ensure success in various avenues of life.

Searching for the Redemptive Self
Searching soul- important for developing self

Our soul is the essence of a human being and self-awareness is the main ingredient to find one’s true and inner self. Self- awareness contributes a lot in finding the hidden self so that the overall development of the personality and self. The soul is our breath of life or our body. Some people think that the soul is the immortal part of a human being that exists before embodiment of the flesh. To search the soul, it is very important to know about everything about oneself so that even if there are external threats, they can be easily overcome. Thus, we must recognize the soul as the body.

If you will know about your shortcomings and strengths, you will easily be able to shape up your personality in a positive sense. Self-awareness contributes in knowing the areas that need to be improved. Being aware about oneself is vital as it performs the function of linking the soul to the true self of the individual. Moreover, it is important to listen to the voice of your mind and soul so that you can relate it for the growth of the self.

Inner self can be revealed only when we are able to listen to the voice of the mind as it directs us towards a path that is right and helpful for our personality. This inner voice can be heard when an individual is alone, far from the worldly pleasures and tensions. The best way to search your body and mind to gain self-development is to meditate peacefully. Meditation has been used since ages as a natural therapy that contributes in healing the soul and thereby infusing higher zeal in an individual so that he or she gains confident and in turn develops their personality.

One can meditate in a silent place where no one can disturb. When the person will be able to concentrate solely on his or her inner self, it will help to know the hidden secrets of the soul. There are various other methods too that contribute in searching our redemptive self for the development of the self. It includes yoga, acupressure, color therapy, naturopathy and various others.  By adopting yoga techniques, one is able to gain strength and that will help in keeping a fit body and mind. When the soul will be pure and free from tensions, it will automatically lead us towards a bright path so that we can develop ourselves entirely.

Having self-confidence is good but it has to be kept in mind that your confidence should not become a trouble in your successful path. One should try to gain as much knowledge of one’s own inner self as much as one can as it will help in knowing the inner self and soul. Self-control is also very crucial as there are times when people are drenched with rush of emotions and does not find time to search for their soul. So, controlling power should be strong enough to fight the external evil factors so that you can develop the self.

Moreover, it is important to have a spiritual self so that our mental level remains calm and free from negative thinking. If we will always find faults in a particular thing, we will develop a negative perception about it and that will hamper the growth of our mental level. So, it is important to have a stable and good mental status so that you can remain satisfied and contented and that will in turn help us to link ourselves with our inner self and soul.

Last but not the least, to develop a positive approach towards life contributes in searching the soul so as to have a true self that is pure and free from evils.

Skill Testing of the Redemptive Self
Real skill test for redeemed soul

In this, competitive world people harbor the feelings of negativity, jealousy and hatred as every individual wants to prosper at the cost of the other. In this chaotic world people, no more have genuine feelings for anybody, as there is cutthroat competition. Thus, the soul of an individual feels the burden of the guilt, wretchedness repentance, divergence, mourning and the sufferings. 

For the process of redemption, it is a prerequisite to understand the real and the latent self as only then an individual can prosper. In the present world where sin is all pervasive, the soul of an individual is bound to be masked and fuzzy. The experience of redemption makes an individual feel the ecstasy and makes an individual feel the real nature of the being. Nexus is attained between the real and the latent self of an individual. Redemption enables us to feel the unity and develop the relation of reason, embodiment and consciousness. Redemption is the easiest and the beast way to develop the healthy soul and healthy self of an individual. Redemption makes the body of an individual free from all sorts of guilt and negative feelings. Positive outlook enables an individual to redeem his self in the easier and faster way. Once an individual starts practicing positive outlook or optimism then an individual is bound to redeem his self from all sorts of negative feelings and emotions. This augments the process of self development as this process calls for making the self of an individual strong and healthy. Spiritual path is one of the ways to achieve unity with the real and the hidden self.

Once an individual is sure that through the practice of positive outlook and mediation, the soul is now redeemed of all negativities then an individual must strive hard not to go back on that path again. To overcome the power of evils is the best way to redeem oneself from all sorts of negativity. However, the real skill test is to challenge the redeemed soul for the seven deadly sins as stated in the Bible. The seven evils as stated by Dante are pride and vanity that is excessive self love, the other sin is covetousness or greed that is desire of an individual to posses more than individual actually has generally it is the greed of power and money. The third sin as stated by Dane is lust that is sexual desire, which does not adhere to true love. The fourth sin is wrath or anger that is to harbor the feelings of jealousy or hatred. The fifth sin is gluttony that is intemperance in food or drinks. The sixth sin is envy that is to harbor feeling of jealousy with other who posses more than you. The last sin as stated is sloth that is waste the time and be idle. If an individual overcome these sins in life then the redemption of an individual cannot be doubted. Success and prosperity is at hand then as the soul of that individual is healthy. One must believe in himself or she as self confidence and self esteem is the key to self redemption.

Once the redemption of the self is challenged and the person pass the test then he or she can never waver from their goals and aspiration of their life. The challenge test for the redeemed soul is necessary, as the negative path of life has always been more alluring and fascinating. It attracts whole lot of people towards it as it promises easy money, success and fame.

Spirit of the Redemptive Self

We all face many challenges throughout our life. The many challenges sometimes create misery in our life that makes it difficult for us to achieve our goals. The many challenges we face can either pull us down in the dirt, or else pick us up so that we strive harder.

We all face many crises in life. Still, it is possible for any of us to overcome the obstacles that slow us down. When one starts to think irrational and loses his sense of connection, at this time it is time to meet the redemptive self. We must realize that the progression of soul seeking requires a great deal of patients. 

By demonstrating patients, we will see that the struggle often brings in greater rewards. It is essential that we realize the inner self first before worrying about understanding someone else. By achieving a richer comprehensive of self, thus we can see more consciously others. We have to adapt to learning the truth as well. All of us must realize that it takes great effort to consciously endeavor toward accepting our faults and improve our self by learning from our mistakes.

Our mental health must be recognized, since it helps to shape our inner self. We can expand our mental health by striving to know our spiritual self. Our mental health and spiritual self are interconnect. Keep in mind we are not born with spirituality, thus we advance toward spirituality by coming closer to our creator and through prayer.

We can connect with our spiritual side by learning from the bible and moving to reach a higher comprehension of its meaning. One can move toward complete synchronization amid his body and mind, which. This is one of the ways a person can achieve an advanced level of self-fulfillment.

Self fulfillment is extremely relevant in a person’s life. The entity that fails to reach full-fulfillment cannot discover self, or derive at a higher level of happiness. We need motivation and aspirations to keep us going strong.

One of the most favorable blends of developing healthy mental, spiritual and physical health can only be achieved when a person is in charge of his self. We can accomplish this goal by reducing stress that wears down the body and mind and puts up blind spots, preventing us from seeing the steps to self-growth and the redemptive self.

The process of self-development starts when we are in the womb. We all develop to some degree at this time and this process continues until our death.

Any person that knows right from the start can achieve his goals. The fact is, not one of us know right from wrong at the start, so we are taught from observational learning, directional learning and teachings from others, which many times the external influences lead us down the wrong path. Thus, we must learn to depend on self and seek the truth to remove misconceptions and work toward self-growth.

We can improve self and actually work through trying times no matter how big or small. Our efforts will assist us with discovering our hidden talents and will open the doors for new found freedom. Still, this freedom accompanies a host of responsibilities. We should heed warning and listen to our inner self guide us in the right direction when we fall short of expectations set by self. Never, set expectations of self higher than you can obtain. One should be vigilant as well to enrich his life through his constant efforts so that he does not become too vulnerable or dependent on others.

Spirituality in the Redemptive Self

Wisdom is like a rose that is ready to sprout with potential to bring beauty into this world. As one develops throughout the ages he also develops wisdom which finally begins to peak in the later adulthood. This wisdom is not only seen in terms of the knowledge that a person gains throughout his life but in terms of the experience, that one derives from failures and happiness.

Moreover, it is wisdom that leads to the strengthening of spirituality in order to realize the potential of the self and soul. Spirituality is the psychical being that an individual manifests and it is upon its basis that a person realizes the potential of his soul and self. Wisdom and spirituality are the cornerstones towards developing the soul and self. Through wisdom, you get the essential knowledge that is needed for the enlightenment. The enlightenment leads to spiritual realization, which strengthens your self confidence and acceptance. If the highest form of spirituality is achieved then the person may experience nirvana or that particular time in space where mind, body and soul are one.

It has been of considerable scientific speculation to find the origin of the soul in the body. It was Rene Descartes famous hypothesis that the soul rested in the pituitary gland of the brain. But this proved antithetical to the very basis of the meaning of the soul. The soul is immaterial and therefore cannot manifest itself in matter. However, over the ages with the advancement of living the study of the soul has become more of a paranormal aspect than a scientific one?

Psychologically your soul rests within the confines of your mental processes. In fact, it is not a single entity but an aggregate of neural activity in the brain that canalizes all your psychological energy. This psychological energy is seen in terms of you faiths and beliefs. It is not a superstitious entity and the need to realize the true potential that is manifest within you.

Your soul gains expression through what you believe in. In order to express, your beliefs a person starts practicing the interest that he believes in. This might be through joining a club or sect or offering prayers in accordance with the religion that an individual belongs to. By practicing the beliefs that the soul dictates the person canalizes the beliefs into actions. When these actions are produced in reality the self gains a sense of identity as the individual inherits a sense of awareness that whatever he or she is doing is crucial to the identity of the individual.

With this renewed sense of identity by practicing ones beliefs your soul and self blend into the other. This is the criteria of happy living, as happiness can only be realized when mind and body are one. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that health be maintained in order for the body to remain healthy. As for the mind, the faculties of concentration, attention and creativity should be at their top most. With these criteria’s of the mind and body in good shape, the soul and self can be guaranteed a positive development.

You must remember that your soul is the aggregate of all the actions that you do in real life. It is these actions that determine your self concept. In short, it is your Karma that decides that right course of action. Your judgment between good and evil is decided upon how you would want to represent yourself. It is only with heightened spirituality and wisdom that you would do a good deed and maintain a positive self-concept.

Thus, the essence of your self and soul is your spirituality. Spirituality enables you to have faith and maintain beliefs even while facing stressors throughout ones life.

Strategies for the Redemptive Self

Easy strategies to redeem yourself

There are various instances when a person faces problems with others and these differences create hatred and bitterness in the heart, which in turn turns into sins. To know one’s sins and trying to overcome them is the greatest factor that contributes in the redemption of the self.

To keep your mind and soul free from evil thoughts it is important to reduce the level of stress that hampers your overall self-development. This stress can be due to various reasons like family problems, personal differences or financial crisis. Therefore, one needs to relieve the mind from tensions so as to concentrate on the negative thoughts and trying methods to come out of the trap of the evil.

There are various strategies that contribute in the redemptive self-process. Firstly, it is crucial that an individual should nurture his or her character, as one’s character is the biggest tool that helps to fight the evils that crop inside us. If one has some evils inside one’s soul but the character is strong, it will be an added advantage as a good character keeps a healthy reputation. However, at the same time one should work for shedding off these sins so as to redeem one’s own self.

Secondly, one needs to have an open and positive approach towards life. If a person knows, what his or her shortcomings are but do not work towards mending them, the process of redemption will not be complete and that will contribute in hampering the development of the personality. Inspiration is also one of the powerful strategies in the redemptive self-process as an individual gains motivation from the one he or she inspires. The inspiration should be a positive one so that the good qualities are transferred to the person and that helps in removal of sins from one’s mind and soul.

Other than inspiration, mental exercises, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and naturopathy also contributes tremendously in the redemptive self-process. Aromatherapy is a treatment that involves the usage of essential oils, which help in rejuvenating and relaxing the mind. When our mind is relaxed and calm, all the negative thoughts and evil perception is blown out of it and is replaced by positive thinking and rational outlook. The fragrance of these oils contribute in creating a soothing atmosphere in the mind of an individual and the person starts improving and working on the weaknesses so that redemption of the self is possible in the true sense.

Meditation has also been an important therapy that has shown great results in calming the mind of an individual and taking off the negative factors so that the person enjoys a happy and healthy life. While meditating, you literally spend time in solace with yourself and by this way; you are able to listen to your inner voice of mind and soul. When an individual spends time in total silence with oneself, the voice of the mind and soul can be heard that will take the person towards the right path to success and will force to shed off the evil thinking and actions that are the greatest obstacles in the path of success.

Naturopathy is also an effective method that uses natural extracts and products to cure people’s negative thinking. A large number of people admire and accept this treatment because of its fabulous results and no side effects policy. Therefore, these natural therapies are gaining wide popularity for redemption of the self.

Last but not the least, these strategies have to be carefully employed so as to cure one’s evil thoughts easily and without any ill effects.

Stress and the Redemptive Self

We must work toward growing stronger to survive a hectic world that is only moving toward worse conditions. Instead of believing that the worse always gets good, we must look around us and see that the worse gets worse, yet we can all make it better by doing our part in life. One of our requirements is to enhance our developmental skills, which helps us to improve our behavior and way of thinking.

Some of the ways that we can improve our life is by reducing stress. You can reprogram your mind so that it provides you space to make constructive changes. This is the process of reducing stress.

Each of us endures stress. The world is constantly changed at rapid speed and due to technology and scientific advancements; we are able to keep pace by putting useful techniques into practice daily.

We all should learn to relieve and thrive on stress so that we can reach for a brighter future. We must prepare and find the redemptive self for success by using goals and guides to assist us with reaching each goal we set.

In addition, we all must find our inner self to prepare for a brighter future by cultivating self-development skills.  Use a positive attitude along with focusing by exploring the inner you. You will find many answers to questions in the subliminal mind. In order to relieve stress or negative feelings you need to discover who you are; and your needs.

Write down your discoveries to find ways to make constructive changes. This will help you with reprogramming negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Ask questions of you. What causes you to feel down and out of control of your life? Why are you unhappy? What causes you to feel so angry when you fail? How can you prepare for the future? The more questions you ask of you, the more answers you will find. 

Add to your list of goals what changes you need to make in order to relieve these feelings to help guide you in the future. Do you need to change careers, or start preparing for the career of you dreams?  Be sure to include these as goals in your list.

Goals will guide you in cultivating self-development skills. This is because you have a purpose in life. You may need to do some research to find the steps you need to take in order to reach the goals you want to achieve. Research will help with guiding you on the right path.

Find out by going online and research various topics. Keeping up with the times is very important. Don’t get left behind. Stay informed.  People go with the flow and you need to stay one-step ahead of the flow.

Practice is the key to reaching any goal. The more practice you put to use will direct you to higher planes of consciousness. Learn ways to relieve the stress by taking charge of your life. Some of the best practices include meditation.

Meditation will keep your mind focusing on cultivating self-development skills. Meditation will encourage focusing on relaxation for guiding you in the right direction in making constructive decisions.

Relaxation is the key to a healthy future; without relaxation, we lose interest and motivation to prepare ourselves to succeed. Without relaxation, we find it harder to get the rest our body and mind needs. It causes us to feel tired and make the wrong decisions that lead us to failure.

One of the major roles we must consider in self-development is the goal to reduce stress in order to achieve a higher plane of awareness.

The Dark Side of the Redemptive Self
How to accept your dark side

Do you have all the materials you desire in life, yet feel empty inside?  Are you the one who have spent his or her life earning the materialistic pleasures of life and suppressing your dark side? Yes the dark side that we all human beings in the world have, the side that we always keep on repressing and the side that ultimately conquers our mind and heart leaving us angst and full of aversion. To attain enlightenment it is always advised to remain optimistic and look unto the bright side of life but what about the bad attributes or dark qualities that we all have. As no one is perfect in this world and everyone has some or the other dark qualities that we sometimes encounter in our life and simultaneously we get attracted to it. Primarily the dark side of life is probably that side of our inner self that is untouched by that divine power or god who controls everything in this world. Darkness overshadows your life if your are trapped into the web of prejudices, fear of truth, corrupt values and seven deadly sins from which its not easy to free oneself because a person easily gets attracted to these sins.

The only way to get out of this darkness is through enlightenment or moksha as it is called in Hinduism. In Hinduism, the only way to achieve moksha is through realization of your inner self that can be discovered through meditation and yoga. The four major forms are yoga are- Karma yoga that explains that one should perform his or her duty selflessly without thinking about the rewards. The second form of yoga is Bhakti yoga that is considered the easiest form attain inner peace means to concentrate and love that almighty god so as to achieve the eternal bliss. Jnana yoga that primarily means “knowledge” and it explains that there are four main ways to self realization. That is discrimination, dispassion, the six virtues of tranquility and mumukshutva. The last one is Raja yoga that uses meditation to bring out the dark virtues that are prevalent in one.

Don’t think that darkness within us is permanent. In fact, darkness can never overshadow light and it’s just our fear of darkness and our negative traits that does not let the light enter into our life. Life has its ups, down, and may be sometimes you can lose your faith while fighting to survive in today’s materialist world. When you lose faith and devotion to got, it is at that time darkness overpowers you. Anger, hatred, aversion, sloth, lust, ignorance to name a few is some of the forms of this darkness. Nevertheless, this darkness is not eternal and goes off when you discover your true inner self through enlightenment. As when you switch on light in a dark room, darkness fades away similarly with a positive and healthy attitude towards life you can easily wash away your negative traits. With an optimistic approach towards life you can not only make your life worth living but whilst you will also generate positive vibes in people around you.

However, being positive does not means suppressing your negative thoughts. Let’s take an example suppose a women has a positive approach towards life but still she has some grudges against her husband. That means by being positive she is in a way suppressing her anger and annoyance against her husband thus instead of embracing her dark side, she is avoiding or neglecting it. Therefore, to lead a happy and contented life it’s very important that along with a positive attitude you accept your dark side and accept your negative traits so that you can change yourself and move towards enlightenment.        

The Paths of the Redemptive Self

A long path between fear and freedom

Moving from fear to freedom is a long path, which is followed by each individual. There are various types of fear such as physical, emotional and physiological fear. Each person is trying hard to come out from the level of fear. Even a child can have fear such as fear of his or her carrier, fear of his parents, as he knows one day his parents will be aware of his continuous lying regarding his problems that a child is facing. This fear forces a person to hide things from others. Physical fear is at what time a person is suffering from a major disease that can cause death and then automatically a person is occupied with fear. Emotional fear is at what time a person is getting irritated of his behaviors in life, which also causes a lot of stress fear. When a person gets aware of the consequences of stress, his worries increase resulting in fear.

Anxiety, emotions, stress and fear all are interlinked. These elements are present in human body. Especially in relationships, where there is a bond of emotional attachment and security, there is a chance of fear to arise. As the difficulties arise in relationships, fear of parting arises. To avoid this fear, there should be a mutual understanding, which comprise of love, care and affection for each other between two people. 

Fear can arise anywhere at any time. There is no specific location or period. Some people take it as challenge in their life to climb a mountain but still they have a fear in their mind of falling down. To avoid this fear first of all he has to plan conditions, which suit to his goal of climbing. Before climbing to a mountain a person has to keep such things in mind such as about the place, weather conditions, is it safe to go further or come back and how high he can go. This all depends upon his mind and his body, how much his body can afford to? These conditions will really benefit him to release fear. It is his subconscious makes him realize of this fear.

Fear can happen in both professional and personal life. An owner of any type of business has fear of his losses, which can occur in his business if not handled properly. A business owner can avoid fear by being self-confident in his works that are being performed. He should keep his eyes and ears open at the time of performing deals with his clients. Along with this condition, he should be aware of the market. Fear would be automatically being exempted. Small children have fear of leaving his or her parents, fear of animals like dogs and fear of spirits and fear of falling down on the ground especially while playing. Parents should plan out some of the techniques to overcome their child’s fear. They should understand their children’s feelings and emotions by placing themselves in their place. To overcome fear an individual should try to make his mind free and calm from various problems. Confidence plays a vital role in avoiding fear. If a person would be confident about his acts being played, he will never have any problem, which can cause fear in his life.

Moving from fear to freedom is a shift of change in attitude and thinking of a person. Fear makes a person life dull and sad. There is no self-improvement of mind as well as body. There will be no development and growth of an individual body. As long as fear prevails in the mind of a person, he cannot reach his destiny. Therefore, there should be a movement from fear to freedom.
The Redemptive Self and Mentor
A director, friend and mentor of self

Soul is the hidden identity, which lies inside, but reflects itself outside. Radiance of the soul is such that it will show the inner passions outside by allowing us to display our identity through our physical assets.

Soul and self are intricately bound with each. If self is, body is life of the self, the soul is ethereal and self is corporeal. Self can be felt and realized.

The redemptive self forms a person’s identity. But one might ask how can feel that the redemptive self is there inside us? The answer to the question is that one can feel soul the inside by actually analyzing that often while taking some decision in life, some thoughts and suggestions spring up in our mind. These thoughts are the intuition of mind. One can follow them or ignore them according the wish but actually these thoughts and suggestions are the words that our redemptive self’s speech. One can only hear the speech of redemptive if one is one’s own company. 

When our mind is working, it concentrates on the assigned task but sometimes our mind suddenly rips off from the work it was concentrating. This happens because of the soul, which is a reserve of all those negative and positive experience, which it has gone through.

In every body’s life, there are incidents, which have a deep-rooted effect on a person’s mind as well as redemptive self. These incidents can be positive as well as negative. These experiences repeatedly are reflected in a person’s actions and thoughts. Or it can be said that, these experiences together make up whole ideology of a person. Ideology is the attitude of a person towards life. 

This ideology is the only reason that one thing would appear different to two individuals. For instance, connotation of color red, for one person it might be a sign of love for other it might be sign of danger. It may be that the person who has viewed the color red as the symbol of love might have had pleasant experiences of love and would have never faced any dreadful experience like the other person, who viewed the color red as the symbol of danger and death.

Similarly, loneliness would mean different to two different people. For one it might be a leisure time spent in one’s own company and for other it might be painful and agonizing.

Loneliness is a universal experience, which can be viewed differently by different people. Loneliness is a sort of common and collective experience, yet it can have different connotations to it as it depends upon the degree to which one finds this particular experience painful. The level of self-awareness can actually define the intensity of pain and agony one can experience, when one is lonely. It is also affected by the choices and decisions one has been making and has made earlier in life.

Loneliness is then powerful, insidious and determined event of one’s life. It can be a phase which might extend it self to a longer period. Which is possible if one has lost someone very dear and lovable? Such loneliness is very painful as the loss is immeasurable and hard to recover.

The soul is one thing, which calms you down as this time as well. The redemptive self will speak about the pain and agony one is suffering. It would try to make for the sadness by showing you the path of life. It makes one aware that life does not end with a life of a loved one but actually, it is made to live longer than human beings. 

The redemptive self is the guide as well as the friend. Nevertheless, it is the mentor of the self also.

The Redemptive Self Explored in the Soul and Mind

Search of source of inspiration for happiness and success in life

Living force forms an integral part of every human being. This basically refers to what we known as ‘inspiration’. This is a unique force that motivates an individual to achieve his or her goals in life. It lifts up our spirits and gives us an opportunity to appreciate the everyday joys of life. So we can also say that it is also linked to the happiness of an individual. It revitalizes the energy that lies within ourselves, makes us feel liberated and brings out the child that is hidden within us.

However, some of us may find it difficult to be inspired. For such people, there are certain points that should be kept in mind that will help them in finding their source of inspiration. Firstly, a person should open his mind to new ideas and concepts in life. This means that one should not just stick to their previous experiences, judgments, and perspectives. New thoughts should also be explored. This will improve a person’s understanding and he or she will be able to comprehend better people around them and difficult situations of life. Next thing is that, the person should not restrict oneself and confine himself in the boundaries of their daily schedule.

This is to say that a sincere and dedicated attitude towards the responsibilities is important, no doubts, but sometimes freedom is essential. So we can say that a kind of leeway is necessary for inspiration. Discovering new things such as those that are found in a museum or trying to involving in creative works like writing poems, or interacting with people from different backgrounds helps a lot in broadening the horizons of an individual. All these things encourage a person to search for an inspiration and sparks up the force that is veiled in our inner self. Last but not the least, One should also minimize the time spend in the company of pessimistic people as this may make him a cynical person as well.

This inspiration gives a person a hope to reach out to his goals. Lack of inspiration, result in the degradation of the inner self of a person. The inspiration or the living force of a person comes from different sources for every individual. On the one hand, few people take their teachers, any famous celebrities or freedom fighters as their inspiration. On the other hand, nature and the scenic beauty around instigate many people. This inspiration actually gives a meaning to their lives and guides them to the correct path.  It gives a direction and focus in life. This makes them achieve the heights of success both on the personal and professional front.

For instance, everyone needs to attain intelligence, learn, and acquire knowledge to be on the top. But, only a motivational force of an individual brings out in him a craving to learn and gain as much knowledge as possible. With someone to guide and support him, an individual starts trusting on his capabilities and cross the hurdles that come on his way easily. Thus, it serves to act as a way to realize his aim in life. It creates in a person an enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. It instills in him the confidence, daring and expectation to reach out to the impossible. This confidence and daring enables him to take risks and move ahead with a positive attitude towards varying circumstances faced by him. Thus, a positive outlook generally ensures a constructive outcome. Thus, all these small things when put together bring about a great change in the life of a person. It enables him take the necessary steps in the direction of what he aspires to achieve.

The Redemptive Self through Spirituality

Self is the inner part of a human being’s identity, which is affected by the actions, and activities one indulges in. If one is continuously indulges in wrong activities then he is likely to be a malformed personality. The best way to analyze that you are a healthy and up righteous personality one should analyze one’s previous as well as current decisions.

When Jesus came to earth, his sole aim was to redeem people of their sins. Redemptions at that time meant recuperations of a person or spirit from the evil or demon. However, in today’s world the connotation of the word redemption has changed and so the meaning itself has transformed. In that age the devil was the bad spirit, which existed outside the human beings and it was, dreaded that such evil spirits should not enter the innocent soul of human beings. Actually evil spirits still exist today. They have their existence in the form of various vices that human beings acquire to become successful and rich. These vices are anger, hatred, revenge and jealousy. One must keep off from such vices, which are rodents of human virtues given by God.

According to Hindu mythology, one can actually purify one’s soul from such black attribute by doing yoga and meditation. Meditation is the enlightening process, which initially gives clarity of thought to the practitioner. It awakens the consciousness of the human being and shows him the path, which moves towards God and spirituality. God and spirituality are two terms, which are often, replaced in their references; they are two aspect of one particular process. Spirituality is associated with philanthropic ideas but it often taught by various religious sages. It is not related to one particular religion but it is taught by every religion.

Indian sages have all through preached the theory of philanthropy, as they believed that God resides in the heart of a pure and pious soul. To achieve piety one must redeem one’s soul from all kinds of sin. One can easily get rid of his vices by giving up his immoral activities.

Try to judge yourself and find out whether the path you have chosen to acquire your goals is the right path. Right path is the one, which does not harm any body and which is morally correct but what about those immoral conducts, which one has already committed during his lifetime. Time gone can never come back, is the old saying which applies in this case, so one must repent for those misdeeds done earlier and try to correct himself or herself for future right from the moment he has realized that he has been on the wrong path.

One must try to do small good deeds, which give happiness to others. By doing small deeds of goodness one can unburden oneself from the burden of burden of sins committed yet. Bringing smile to a sad and poignant face can actually redeem one’s soul from the evils, which have spoiled the beauty of the soul.

Confession is also a healing medicine, which will redeem one’s self from the repentance and guilt. Guilt and repentance are often bound to make one’s deportment irritating. Frustration is evident in such people, as they know that they cannot undo the wrong that has been done.    

Self restrain and resilience is also one way to stop oneself from falling into the trap of temptations, which are actually the sizzling inducements, which force the human being to become immoral. Do not give to dangerous temptations and maintain a complacent attitude towards life. Self-contentment is very necessary to avoid temptations.    

The Redemptive Self with Relaxation
Curing the self through Aromatherapy

Are you living in an environment that just seems to be draining your life energy? Do you suffer from a hang over in all your workplace and at home? Are you still exhausted after a refreshing bath and taking energy supplements? Well then, your spiritual being has certainly developed a loophole and needs careful repairing. What you need is a walk down alternative medicine such as aromatherapy that will provides redemption for your soul. Life is sprouting flower that needs constant care to enjoy its beauty. Cleanse your worries and anxiety with aromatherapy, as it has to offer soothing rituals that will calm your senses and offer you a sense of rejuvenation.

In our daily lives, we come through chaos in terms of seeing aggression or violence at the office or public areas, passionate emotions such as jealousy, anger and hatred. These events pollute our soul. One feels like the entire world has become a living hell. There seems no place to go for advice so that you can let out your feelings or emotions about how you feel. Certainly you may talk to your loved ones or and expert about your troubles but when it comes to rejuvenating your soul aromatherapy has the most to offer.

For thousands of years aromatherapy has remained the primary purpose of cure for psychological and other illnesses. The oils, perfumes, herbs and other accessories of aromatherapy help the individual gain a tantalizing experience. The essential fact about aromatherapy is that it is designed to connect with the soul. You have a headache or a muscle sprain because you are mentally disturbed and not because they are just a physical injury. With the application of massage techniques the healing process works from the exterior of the body and as the massage therapy proceeds you feel a sense of rejuvenation. This rejuvenation is proof about the fact that the massage has proceed from the exterior of the body and into the soul. The effects of the massage cleanse your soul and enable you to gain redemption a redemptive self.

Apart from a massage, aromatherapy offers a sense of rejuvenation through its oils and perfumes that make the environment that you are situated in beam with life and more significantly, they reduce your stress levels. If you are just considering taking a break from all your worries and stressors than that will not necessarily mean that you have redeemed your self. In fact it is important to suggest that the aroma that the perfumes and oils provide act as a spiritual pacifier to your soul. The oils and perfumes are carefully selected from various herbs and flowers so as to provide the right ingredients for the aroma to tantalize your senses. The smell from perfume and oils trigger certain areas in the brain that soothes your tension and worries from the regular work environment. Just as the massage techniques, the aroma from various perfumes oils acts upon the physical aspects of the brain and then the self. The characteristic feature about the perfumes and oils is that they provide a heightened sense of confidence and self esteem which enriches the experience of feeling unity with ones self.

A redemptive self is the aggregate of the mind and soul. It is actually the unique combination between the soul and the mind the self seeks to strive for in order to gain a sense of rejuvenation from stress and anxiety.

Your self develops layers upon layers of stress that needs liberation so as to gain a sense of rejuvenation. Aromatherapy as a form of alternative medicine provides treatment to your psyche without any side effects, which have along lasting cure. 

Therefore, redeem yourself with aromatherapy, as it is the safest and one of the most successful forms of alternative medicine that provides a sense of nirvana.

Treatments and the Redemptive Self

We live in a materialistic environment that pushes us to strive for riches rather than the self-discovery, which is part of the process in the redemptive self. The materialistic views many have cultivated has lead to a world full of greed and selfishness. It is rare to find anyone today that cares completely about self, let alone others. We see this as fact. In my small little town, because of some welfare fraud a man shot and killed his wife and then killed his self. We see that greed and selfishness caused some of this action.

Instead of achieving success for materials, we must learn to seek success for the redemptive self. Despite the cost of healthy relationship and happiness development, we must be willing to pay that cost.

It takes more than money to make us happy inside. In fact, money does buy us happiness. We must practice the processes in self-development to develop a global mind that takes us too many heights in reaching the redemptive self.

We must avoid degrading self. By upholding the rule of self-seeking, we can work through negative feelings and emotions for better health. Some of the things we must abandon include greediness, selfishness, hatred, jealousy and so forth.

When we put these negative attributes behind us, we gain from our experiences. We have a richer meaning in life. We can cut through this exceeding competition in all fields by striving for self-development. Each day that we survive this unruly world, we are robbed to a degree of our virtues and innocent. In short, we lose connection with self. In this rat race, we often fail to recognize our own needs to its entirety.

For this reason, we must search the inner mind and ask self for forgiveness to ditch lies and guilt. Abandoning these negative thoughts will move us to cleanse or purify the mind and body, which ultimately expands our awareness to see others and self more clearly.

We can have the capabilities to purify the soul, or body and take care of our needs. We can also achieve a level of advancement that encourages us to assist others in dire need.

Re-discovering the soul and mind involves seeking answers from the inner self. We must move to self-analysis. The treatment allows us room to discover what we think, feel, and see how we behave. We can see our perspectives in richer light. In addition, we benefit in many other ways.

The process of developing self-awareness assists us with improving the way we think. We can develop a positive attitude. It paves the way for self-redemption. We learn to take control of our life by putting aside the evils that hold us back.

We have other vital aspects that help us to move toward self-redemption. The most frightening word is now mentioned once more, which is change. Change often causes fear to develop. We want to change this pattern of thinking to see that change is sometimes in our best interest.

We have many ways to redeem the self. One of the best ways is discovering the hidden self. We can do this by practicing yoga, meditation, and use aromatherapy to encouraging relaxation. The methods combined will encourage relaxation of the mind and body. The process allows you to explore or self-analyze so that you can enhance the development of the hidden self.

Some of the best practices for redeeming the self are discovered in the natural processes of healing, such as aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, exercise, reading, writing and so forth. Perhaps you can add a few natural herbs to your diet and enhance yourself further.

Ways to Evolve Meditation
Way to evolve- meditation

The religious self within us that invokes an idol whom a person often looks up to in case they confront any serious troubles and tribulations. The truth is that it is within an individual a power that often makes us believe in a supreme fore. This force in you emerged through the celestial self within you.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, we are unaware of the inner self that sometimes suggest that we are extraterrestrial beings, which often makes a person feel red with anger. Many would come to terms with the fact that human beings have been a devastating source for the earth and for themselves too. These actions have lead to seek divine redemption.

This corrupt world is redolent in the evils. In addition, due to severe competition among the individuals the evil is aggravating in order to survive and care out a niche for him. A part from this a person has constantly tampering with the planet for making his survival on earth more comfortable and soothing.

A man is constantly in confusion and when he pays attention as to what will redeem him from his miseries and uplift him from the state of confusions.  In this case, a peculiar thought and purpose will come into execution.

Linking with the inner self is referred to as the attainment of the meditative state that can be considered as a thrilling and soothing experience. In this calm state, a person might see various colors, feelings and images as he connects with the celestial consciousness. Faith in oneself and linking with the power that he has the capability to communicate with the god is very essential. The processes of meditation play a key role in serving as a connection between the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. By linking with the unconscious mind, one inculcates a capacity within him to develop a contact with the divine. This peculiar world is extremely different and subsists on a plane that is completely different from that of daily lives of a person. This sort of meditation that is centered on God aids a person you peep into the world that is covered and also serves to build a beautiful doorway for communication with the divine power.

For the processes of meditation, one requires a very quiet and a soothing place that is devoid of any interference. Then sit comfortably in a position in a way in which your hands lies in your lap with palm up. It is necessary for a person to feel his body like an unbolted vessel that is prepared to accept information in a tender way.

Then breathing intensely downward into your abdomen will make you feel elevating with air deep downwards. This will move your belly in and out with every successive breath.

Meditation is a non-invasive process that requires no surgeries and drugs. It aids in rejuvenating and relaxing the soul of a person. It enhances the concentration and relaxes the body and mind. The process of meditation has been into practice for a long time. In addition, even now is considered ad one of the best therapy in order to overcome anxiety and stress. The process will also aid in the process of self-healing that will ultimately lead to the development of the self.  As it maximizes the strengths and decreases the weaknesses that have long been hindering the growth and prosperity of the self. It helps a person to uplift from the ills and evils that has been harming the society that comprises lust, sloth and envy. So, make this process apart of your daily routine in order to ensure success in life.

What you need to know about redemptive self

Our redemptive self is a very important and intrinsic part of our existence. It is our power tool to overcome all possible odds and strive for success in life. There have been several psychologists and philosophers who have observed the procedure of redemptive self in an individual. There have been philosophers who have closely examined the case of several successful people who have made it big in their life by overcoming all major obstacles in life and carving out a separate niche for themselves in society.

These are generally the kind of people who gradually become role models for other people while striving hard to overcome all the adversities in their life. Such people usually have a history of facing overwhelming odds to realize their dreams.

Our redemptive self is a god-given gift, which has been given so that we may realize its potential and use it to move forward in life. In short, this is our power to bring redemption to something we felt we have done wrong by asking our higher power for forgiveness. It is our strength of mind and character if you will and right to seek counsel and forgiveness.

Our redemptive self allows us to divide our life into certain chapters and study each phase of our life accordingly. This observation helps us to realize life-turning events, which have given our life a new lease or new sense of direction. Remembering past challenges and tracking down the ways through which we overcame them helps us to acknowledge our hidden strengths. Each person, which had an important part to play in the story of our lives, also influence our thought processes immensely. Some people may leave a very positive impression on us and inspire us to achieve higher goals in life. While some others may actually prove detrimental for our spiritual growth and leaving, we disillusioned with our lives. Such people should be avoided at all costs, which are nothing but obstacles in our path to further progress in life.

Our redemptive self is there to help us walk out of difficult situations in our life as a winner instead of whining over them. Redemptive self is most important kind of self help, which is available with any individual. Redemptive self is responsible for making us realize our ill habits, shortcomings and addictions if any. It also helps us to tread on the path of detoxification of body, mind and soul. Our inner self is very strong. An individual simply needs to work on building a better relationship with himself in order to become more self confident.

Our inner self is inexplicably connected to our soul and spiritual self. The aura of our inner self is everywhere around us. One simply needs to realize its presence inside and outside them. An individual who lives in perfect harmony with himself is usually able to foster better relationships with his family, friends and the world at large.

Most people who have faced some severe trauma in the past which has affected their life in the past often come out of it being more enriched and experienced individuals. This possibly happens because they are able to relate to their redemptive self during this troubled phase in their life, which helps them to realize their inner strengths and use them wisely to get out of sticky situations in life.

In several cases, people are often surprised by their own inner strength and capabilities to endure pains and troubles. Several people are of the view that their worst fears turned out to be much less traumatic than they had ever anticipated when faced boldly.

Willpower in the Redemptive Self

Realize the importance of willpower of the redemptive self 

Willpower is something we all are blessed with but only a selected few of us are able to realize it and use it for their benefit. The will can be best defined as an individual’s decision to initiate or stop any activity or action consciously. The power of the will is a very personal issue, which varies from person to person.

Willpower is one of the main factors, which allow a person to realize his dreams and aspirations. Any individual who is determined to achieve his goals in spite of several difficulties and facing several odds is often the person who has very high willpower and who knows how to use it efficiently. On the other hand, an individual who is not able to achieve his goals even if he is provided with favorable circumstances is often the person who has a very weak willpower.

Most of the people are often misinformed about the basic meaning of willpower. Willpower is merely something, which helps a person in the process of self-motivation and has absolutely no power to achieve any task on its own. It can only motivate and make a person determined enough to aspire for a specific goal. Nevertheless, the initiative to achieve that task has to be taken by that individual himself.

In addition, it is important for a person to use his willpower intelligently. For example, any person aspiring to become popular in his social circle, if starts drinking alcohol consciously is not a very wise step. As this step can soon transform into an addictive habit which he may find difficult to kick later. In such cases, even an individual’s willpower fails to help him to get rid of this addiction.

There are several theories given on the concept of willpower by famous philosophers and psychologists. The most famous of these is given by Thomas Aquinas where he says that a will of a person will always strive to choose and make right decisions for an individual. In case, if it ever makes a wrong decision for the person, it will only happen in case of some severe error or ignorance on the part of the concerned individual.  As the will always aspires to make right decisions for an individual who may work in favor of him, it will also help him to make new choices, take up new activities and progress further in life.

Our willpower also plays a very important part as far as the process of self-healing is concerned. It helps an individual to kick his bad habits. Whenever an individual makes a decision to ditch some addictive habit like drinking, smoking, gambling and his willpower guides him to become a bit more self- conscious and work towards detoxifying himself.

In such situations, the internal spiritual powers of an individual take over and they allow him further tread on the process of self-healing and spiritual development. One must always keep the fact in mind that there is a supreme power above us which monitors all our actions and thought processes. This supreme power is that of the god which has blessed with this free will.

Free will has been given to each individual and it depends on him whether to use or misuse it. Most of the people consider it as their blessing provided it is used carefully without indulging in any negative activities. Experienced philosophers are of the belief that this free will was given so as to allow every individual to develop his own individual personality. Hence, it is onus of an individual to use his willpower of the redemptive self to free himself from all the negative influences and tread on the process of development and success.

Working for the Redemptive Self

We can all work for the redemptive self through yoga practices, which will advance the mind and body so that we learn to forgive and to move on with our life. By practicing yoga, we can work for the redemptive self as well, since it enhances awareness and will lead us to discover the true self.

We all have make mistakes in our life doing some things wrong along our journey. We often feel trapped because good does not associate with bad. It doesn’t necessary mean we are a bad person, it means that we are misinformed and confused in some areas. In addition, it means that we have held resentment and guilt, which may have lead to this behavior.

There is nothing wrong with forgiving self for wrong actions, yet one must realize that forgiveness only goes so far. If you continue to ask for forgiveness for the mistake and continuing making the mistake thinking that you will be forgiven, thus, you are practicing what is bad and for this, there is no forgiveness unless you repent of your ways and turn back from your transgressions.

We must strive to do what is right in order to enjoy a peace of mind and true happiness. Doing what is right involves staying clear of wrong, which includes ungodly behaviors and actions, such as entertainment with violence, nudity, etc, adultery, hate, and so forth. What we put in our mind will come out later. Thus, you want to keep the mind and body pure as much as possible so that you do not build guilt, hate, and other negative feelings that pushes you to do what is wrong.

When one feels entrapped, it is difficult to discover that person’s needs. This person often feels empty inside. It is because the person is hindering self from accomplishing self-development to relieve the redemptive self. For one to feel open to self-growth he must purge his guilt, hate, et cetera. Yoga is one of the best practices that offer us the ability to confess our sins and purge them into nothing.

For one to redeem self that entity must work toward self-discipline. Upon asking for forgiveness of his or her sin, thus this person will use self-discipline to avoid repeating the same mistake twice. Instead, because that person’s awareness has expanded, he or she will recognize temptation and walk away with pride.

Inculcating of self-discipline takes routine practice. Another way to develop self-discipline involves accepting consequences of your behavior. Of course, this is the hardest method to develop self-discipline, but if you continue to suffer for your wrongs in due, time you will restrain self from doing what is bad. Natural self-discipline requires modification and practice. 

By no means is self-development or building self-discipline easy, since it takes great effort and practice and you will fall on your face along the way, but your efforts and practice will ultimately pay you great rewards at the end of your mission.

This brings us to see we also need self-control and resilience to maintain throughout the process of self-development, but one thing for sure, it is proven that yoga will make it easy. Practicing yoga then builds self-control and self-resilience.

Our goal in life should be to identity self by bringing the mind and body into harmony so that they work in union to assist us with maintaining good health and pure hearts.

Identify who you are will make you feel good about self. Thus, the ultimate reward from striving and continuing to strive toward self-development is pure happiness. Keep one thing in mind when you are working toward the redemptive self…Keep it simple!

Yoga and the Redemptive Self

Are you interested in alternative forms of healing? Stressed out and tired of taking those stress supplements? Well then, you should certainly try alternative forms of medicine such as Yoga that will provide you relief from stress. Yoga creates the magic of self-healing around you so that you have an alternative method of treatment without any side effects.

Yoga is an ancient alternative system of medicine practiced in India that provides cure to various psychological and physical illnesses. In terms of redeeming your self-meditation is one of the best ways that yoga has to offer. We are living in a world filled with hassles that constantly hamper our psychological well-being. Our inner sense of being is constantly attacked by anxieties and stress. Living in the present existential world, we are just filled with loads office deadlines that we have to meet. Along with these deadlines due to lack of spending time with our loved ones we have developed a sense of heightened alienation where relations no longer figure to be of paramount importance. Thus, it becomes imperative that we replenish a load that forms on our psyche through yoga

Through yoga, you can practice meditation and other techniques such as body postures (asnas) that will provide you relief from tension and integrate your soul with your spirituality. While undergoing yoga it is necessary to maintain a serious attitude to the discipline. The effects of yoga don’t immediately set in. It takes an enormous amount of will power and concentration. You have to lay all your worries to rest and concentrate in performing the procedures of yoga. If it is necessary, you should go for an alternative medicine camp in various resorts, which will provide you a tantalizing experience. Once you are serious in performing yoga and have the space to devote to it, then you should perform the yogic technique with renewed confidence. Meditation is the first technique that you have to master through yoga in order to gain a sense of rejuvenation. The key concept in meditation is to bring the mind and body together. It’s only when they are in Unisom that the self-feels redeemed. It’s through meditation that you can gain a sense of calmness of mind, which will enable you, gain a sense of self-realization. Nevertheless, what’s even more remarkable is the fact that meditation is directly concerned with the mind, thus it enables east rejuvenation for the body.

The redemptive self is always possible to gain if you have focused mind. You should know the goals and objectives that need to be achieved. It is through self-confidence and self-realization that the self achieves its strength. Your soul is the most important entity that needs protection against any negative thought processes that operate in your mind. It is now between the mind and the soul that thought processes have to be maintained in the positive sense of the environment. It is the sheer accessibility of Yoga both in terms of method of conducting it and in terms of rejuvenating the self. Yoga is essential to enable you to gain this sense of rejuvenation.

As a system of alternative medicine, yoga is self-administrable. This enables you to conduct various asnas (postures). Moreover, there is plenty of books and information available online which teach you various methods of conducting yoga. The effects of yoga are manifold and the first effect that you can see through yoga is positive self-development. Once you have gained a positive sense of development it then becomes necessary to foster a positive attitude that will enable you to redeem yourself.

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