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There are many brands and types of auto racing within the industry, but one of the popular auto racing events that has become even more popular in recent years is Formula One auto racing. The Formula One auto racing is also just called F1 racing, but the most interesting part about this auto racing scene is the fact that it differs slightly from NASCAR or any of the other professional auto racing events. If you're just getting started in the auto racing business then it would also be beneficial to know that Formula One is not just a favorite pastime, but many people turn it into a career over time. Here are a few important issues and details that Formula One racing contains:

The first thing that one should know about Formula One racing is about the special types of automobiles that are used during the auto racing events. The cars that are raced are not simply any other automobile, but there are specifications and instructions for how the racecar is supposed to be built. The cars that are used in the races, also, are usually hand-built by auto racing enthusiasts, which is another reason that people are able to make a career out of this type of auto racing. Another interesting component about the auto racing cars that are involved with Formula One racing events is that the main engine of the car is sitting behind the individual; however, there is an open cockpit which also makes the race more interesting. All of the designs of the car are usually very unique anyway, so there's no need for anyone to take issue with how they're built.

Formula One and Skill

As with any other auto racing events, the Formula One auto racing takes a lot of skill. On the other hand, Formula One is probably the auto race that takes more skill than any of the others for the simple fact that there is a whole lot to be concerned with throughout the race for the driver’s sake. For example, whether you win the race or you lose the race depends totally on how one handles the car, maneuvers all the moves that he or she has to make during the auto racing event, as well as the speed at which the car is traveling.

One particular skill that auto racing drivers need to be able to master is the Cornering skill. The Cornering skill of Formula One auto racing simply implies the motion of the car turning around a corner of the racetrack. Even though this seems like it would be a simple challenge to meet, many auto racing individuals don't actually meet the standard as to how they'd like to race. Cornering and turning through the racetrack also implies knowing effectively how to handle the brakes, deceleration, along with the maneuvering part of it. All of these things must be taken into consideration when auto racing on a professional racetrack.

The only other thing, though, that one should know about the Formula One auto racing events is that there are usually designated teams that are devoted to racing within Formula One events. But if you are serious about starting a career in auto racing the Formula One events are definitely some of the most interesting to attend and provide the thrill of a lifetime to everyone who participates!

Auto Racing: A Fun Pastime

Have you ever picked up a favorite pastime or activity that you knew you were born for? Just as there are many people who feel that they were born to greatness, so too are there many people who contend that they were born to be famous in the auto racing industry. When one thinks of the many famous people within the auto racing circle, such as Jeff Gordon, one can easily see how the personalities of the drivers in NASCAR and other auto racing circles do correspond to the activity that they are performing in. If you have ever considered auto racing, though, chances are that your mind just glossed over the thought of it. In fact, many people don't even know how to get started with auto racing, even though it can be one of the most fun sports and pastimes ever. Here are some reasons to get involved right now with auto racing:

Free As a Bird

Many people choose to get involved with auto racing for a lot of reasons, but the number one reason that many people cite when they are asked about why they got started with it in the first place is because they are able to be as free as a bird! In other words, when they are in the car that they perform their auto racing in they are able to control everything from the speed that they're going to the place that they finish in. People who auto race for enjoyment on the weekend love the rush that they feel when they've completed a course and they also love the attention they receive whenever they've finished in First Place!

Home Away from Home

Another reason that many people cite when asked about auto racing is the fact that they are able to hang with some of the most fun people on the planet. Friends are able to meet friends in auto racing circles, and there are always plenty of opportunities to meet new people. In addition, many people feel that the people they meet in their auto racing circles can be their home away from home, and use the auto racing hobby as a way to leave all their worries behind and focus on the one thing that they're good at!

The Chance to Speed

At least in the United States, going over a certain legal speed limit is illegal. One reason that auto racing is so popular is because of the fact that one is able to go well over the speed limit legally and not get into trouble. Even though street racing is illegal in many places and should not be done by any means, the normal auto racing that takes place on racetracks is an easy excuse to speed past the other drivers, taking one well over 100 and 150 miles per hour!

All in all, auto racing is literally the chance of a lifetime for many people to branch out into their favorite pastime and meet new friends. It is very true that the popular hobby of auto racing definitely has increased in recent years, and chances are that it won't slow down anytime soon!

Auto Racing at the Indianapolis 500

If you are even the slightest bit interested in auto racing then chances are that you know everything that goes on over at the Indianapolis 500, or Indy 500 as it's more affectionately known. Even if you're not into auto racing very much at all chances are that you've at least heard of the race and know that it takes place in Indianapolis usually one weekend out of the year. But why is the Indy 500 so special and why does everyone go crazy over watching automobiles race around a racetrack? There are hundreds of thousands of people who attend the event each year; there's no doubt that these people tend to chomp at the bit whenever they hear anything remotely mentioned about the race!

What's It All About?

Professional auto racing has always been something that many people like to enjoy throughout the years and it's more than just about the races that are run with the cars, although that's part of it. Being the Indy 500, though, professional auto racing individuals race their cars 500 miles around the racetrack, and this is something that takes hours to complete. The cars that are used during this auto racing weekend are specially-constructed cars so that they can obtain speed well over 200 miles per hour, attempting to beat out anyone that gets in their way during the race.

May: The Racing Month

Even though the Indy 500 auto racing weekend typically takes place during the last weekend in May of the year, it's hard not to notice all the other festivities that go on throughout the month if you're from Indianapolis. Furthermore, many people have come to vacation throughout all of Indianapolis for the entire month, or part of the month, to enjoy the other facets of auto racing that there are to enjoy. If you have never been to the area throughout the month of May, though, you may not know that events take place every weekend leading up to the big auto racing Indy 500 weekend. It's true, though, and trial-runs of automobiles, professional auto racing individuals starting up their cars to practice for the big race, as well as a whole host of other events.

Anybody who is simply interested in auto racing, and not necessarily too excited about seeing the Big Race during the last weekend in may, has the chance to experience all things related to auto racing during the whole month. What's more, some of the more exciting things come out the week before the big auto racing weekend in an attempt to forecast how great the coming weekend will be. For example, the Friday before the weekend is traditionally called Carb Day, usually features plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Singers and bands, like Kid Rock, have performed at the Indianapolis 500 weekend event; there are food stands, plenty of music acts to enjoy, as well as other activities that are meant to herald the start of the big race.

All in all, if you're an auto racing enthusiast than the Indianapolis 500 is definitely a weekend that you don't want to miss. Whether you watch it on television or in person, many people get excited about this great event and it's a weekend to remember for all time!

Auto Racing Games For the Computer

There are plenty of auto racing simulators that are made for the computer that will allow you to have the experience of a lifetime! Just as there are plenty of these auto racing games, though, there are also different categories of auto racing games that will allow you to have different levels of auto racing experiences. For example, some will include the Daytona 500 or the Indianapolis 500 auto racing events in the game, while others will simply give you a road, your choice of car for the race, as well as a character choice for the game. All in all, auto racing games on the computer can be thrilling at best, but most of the time they are disappointing. In order to experience the ultimate thrill of a lifetime, though, it is absolutely necessary to attend one of the most famous auto racing NASCAR events of the season.

Arcade-Type Racing Games

Several types of games that can be played for free online that will allow you to experience auto racing events is the arcade-style of auto racing. These games usually are not much fun, because they are usually 2-dimensional in nature and they usually have very limited controls when it comes to the maneuverability and control of the car. Nevertheless, though, arcade-type auto racing games are very popular if you know how to master them, although they are not the best for being taken into an auto race simulation!

Auto Racing Packs from the Store

Another type of auto racing game that can be played on the computer is usually purchased from a store retailer. These games are typically three-dimensional in nature, have cool graphics, and offer many different features that one can put into the game. For example, many of these store retail auto racing games allow the driver to be able to choose his or her own car, decide whether it will be automatic or a manual, and even choose the color of the car as well. There are also some expensive auto-racing computer games that can be purchased that will allow the person, or driver, to unlock certain levels, throughout the game. These levels might include being able to have more cars, the ability to speed faster, as well as the ability to unlock different auto racing scenes.

When playing auto racing games on the computer, there are also special control features that are routinely available within the game. For example, some computers are able to have a joystick control that will allow the individuals to have more control over the way that car is maneuvered, as well as more control over whether the acceleration is pushed or the deceleration is chosen. Whenever playing any auto racing game, whether it is for the computer or not, all of these things must be taken into consideration.

All in all, though, auto racing games are a few of the genres of games for the computer that garner a whole lot of interest. Because the sport of auto racing is popular already, there are many people who love to simulate the feeling as well!

Auto Racing: Learning What the Pros Know

Have you ever watched an auto racing event on television and was envious at the experiences of the driver? Even though there are many times that great auto racing events take place where there are no accidents or crashes, the moment a driver dies or crashes the thought about how dangerous the sport of auto racing is should hit home to most people. Nevertheless, many average people are excited about the thought that they get whenever they think it may be possible to get the chance to ride in a racecar, much less drive in one. On the other hand, there are very real schools across the United States and elsewhere that will let you have the feeling of a lifetime. If you are bound and determined to experience an auto racing car from your own driver's seat, take a look at some of the opportunities that these organizations will help you with!

1. Ken Lowe Drag Racing School

This professional auto racing school is actually located in Australia, but the main point of the school is to teach students how to drive one of the real auto racing vehicles that have been used in auto races throughout the world. Even though this school is very popular and offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be able to perform and drive in a real auto racing vehicle, there is individualized help for every student that comes to the school. There are also different levels of the classes that one is able to get into as well. For example, there is a Licensing Course as well as a Supercharged Course that will teach you the basics, and advanced maneuvers, of driving in an auto racing vehicle. There are also smaller class sizes at the Ken Lowe Drag Racing School so that more emphasis can be on the education and driver of the vehicle itself.

2. Incredible Adventures

This organization and business is not located outside the United States, but located right in Sarasota, Florida. Just as there are different levels that will allow you to learn about auto racing with the school that's listed above, so too are there levels within the Incredible Adventures School. For starters and those who would just like a quick experience inside the mind of an auto racing professional, there is an Introduction to Short Track Car Racing. Even though this lesson costs a pretty penny, drivers of the auto racing vehicles learn the basics of controlling the car, as well as the basics involved with the race track as well! If you're looking for an exciting time then this is the place to be! Of course, for those who want more advanced practice with their auto racing abilities there is always the Competition Driving Course, as well as the Advanced Course that is also called the "Race to Win."

3. Pro-Drive School

Last but not least, students are able to learn the ins and outs of driving a professional racecar at the Portland, Oregon Pro-Drive School. This auto racing school will also give you the chance of a lifetime to take over the wheel of the vehicle in auto racing that you've always dreamed of.

No matter if you choose to go to Oregon, Florida, or Australia, though, chances are that you will have the only opportunity that one ever gets to sit behind the wheel of a real-life auto racing vehicle. These schools are so popular, though, that they literally train hundreds of people and students per year!

Auto Racing Safety

Whenever there is an auto racing event then there is probably always going to be concerns of safety along the way. Even though auto racing cars generally have excellent restraint systems that will prevent auto racers from getting blown out of their car at almost 200 miles per hour, there still needs to be safety accessories that an auto racer has with them and on them at all times. Whether you are a fan of the professional auto racing events, though, or are just starting out performing at auto races across the United States unprofessionally, safety is a major issue that one should concern his or herself with. Just as there is safety equipment that is typically used in any other sport like basketball or football, auto racing has its own kinds of safety measures that go above and beyond what any other sport would consider.

There are also plenty of these auto racing stores throughout the country that carry all sorts of safety equipment for the auto racing professional or amateur. If you are one of these people who love to race their cars then chances are that you've already been to an auto racing store that sells safety equipment. Nevertheless, here are some of the essentials that an auto racer should have with them when racing:

Specialty Helmets

Believe it or not, there are actually specialty helmets that can be purchased just for the sake of auto racing. The helmets that are typically used during the auto racing events are lightweight helmets that fit over all parts of your head, and sometimes even extend a little bit behind the neck. Inside this specialty helmet are cheek pads, which cushion your cheek from the turbulence that comes from racing at dangerous speeds.

Racing Suits

Another one of the auto racing safety equipment that one should be wearing is racing suits. There are actually racing suits that are specifically designed for auto races and those who are involved with NASCAR and other major races throughout the country. These racing suits are not only made of lightweight material, but they also usually have an internal knit inside so that the racer will be warm and protected. The outside of the auto racing suits are usually satin, but it simply depends on the brand that is purchased whether or not it will contain everything listed here. The fact is, though, that auto racing suits are designed to withstand pressure and all the famous auto racing individuals do wear them.

Other Accessories

Gloves and boots are the other types of auto racing accessories that will be needed if you plan to pursue the adventure of racing your car. The specialty types of glove and boots that are needed will not only help withstand the pressure of being inside a racecar, but they also help the comfort of the racing individual as well.

All in all, there is plenty to think of when starting on your journey of auto racing. Safety is pretty much always an issue when it comes to any major professional sport and auto racing is no different!

Motocross Racing Versus Auto Racing

There are many individuals who are enthusiastic about auto racing throughout the world. There are many national races that take place across the United States to get excited about and the Indianapolis 500 is one of those auto racing events. But if you're interested in racing then chances are that you've heard of motocross racing. Before we get into the battle of whether motocross racing is better than auto racing or vice versa, though, it would be beneficial to understand just exactly what motocross racing is and what all the hype is about.

What Is Motocross?

You may be surprised to find this out, but motocross racing actually has nothing to do with auto racing. For that matter, it actually has nothing to do with automobiles, either, at least not the four-wheeled ones. On the other hand, motocross racing is all about racing motorcycles. It turns out that there is actually a whole venue for motocross and motorcycle racing, but most of it doesn't take place at all where the typical auto racing events take place. For starters, the track in a motocross race is very different from that of an auto race because it's usually one a couple miles long. Whereas auto racing takes place in large cities usually, such as the Daytona 500 or Indy 500, motocross racing usually takes place in the outdoors and in back rural areas.

Another difference that motocross racing has with auto racing is the fact that there are several obstacles along the way to the finish line. Since motorcycle racers actually race through rough terrain that typically goes through back wooded areas, there aren't a whole lot of good obstacles that would make the race too difficult other than the road they're riding on. For difficult obstacles to take place there are usually man-made formed piles of dirt that the racers have to maneuver through before they get to the finish line.

Which racing is better?

There are a great deal of opinions on what kind of racing is better, but it's probably safe to say that many people would choose auto racing over motocross racing any day. For one thing, auto racing seems to be more of a safer sport than motocross does. There are less obstacles, more protection in the car than anyone could ever have while riding a motorcycle, and the racetrack for auto racing events is pretty standard and predictable as opposed to those who engage in motocross racing.

A second reason that should lead everyone to believe that auto racing is better than motocross racing is the fact that millions of people turn out each year to attend two of the most beloved events in auto racing: the Daytona 500 and Indy 500. Not nearly as many people turn out to witness motocross events, which is why auto racing is more popular.

Whether you are into motocross racing or not, though, the simple fact of the matter is that auto racing is definitely more popular than motocross and motorcycle events ever will be. Not only is there more interest in automobiles, but people and families all across the United States share in the joy of watching auto racing events!

Auto Racing: Why It's Dumb and Dangerous

When it comes to favorite pastimes throughout the world there are many who actually choose auto racing as their hobby of choice. Even though many people engage in automobile racing without incident, such as those people who are involved in NASCAR and other professional organizations, there are many people who are downright dumb and dangerous with the whole idea of auto racing. There are many people why the whole activity is dangerous in its own rite, but here are some reasons why auto racing has become even more dangerous in recent years:

The Death of the Drivers

There are many people who choose auto racing without fully knowing the consequences. Even though many people pretend to think that auto racing is just a boys' sport that doesn't have any real danger attached to it (perhaps because a seat belt is worn!), but the fact of the matter is that many drivers of the automobiles die each and every year because they were careless and naive. Whether in the United States or many of the other countries around Europe, auto racing definitely has increased in the past ten years. To say that the activity is not dangerous is also naive, but just thinking about the fact that many drivers of the auto racing hobbyists do die should present a lesson to those who are interested in starting.

The Death of Innocent People

However, not only the drivers of the auto racing fanatics are at risk in this pastime. Even though many auto races do take place on dirt roads and abandoned fields, there are still plenty of people who perform auto racing late at night on highways, on normal residential streets, and in back alleys where they think that cops aren't watching. To perform auto racing in places where they think they won't get caught is just downright dumb, but these auto races should be taken to safe places where there is no danger of pedestrians and other innocent bystanders getting hurt in the crossfire.

Too Many Accidents

As mentioned, there are plenty of drivers who die because of the auto racing pastime. Even though many times the accidents that occur within auto racing are not the fault of the driver, many times they are. A driver of a car may simply choose not to buckle up, or he or she may daredevil his or her car in performing tricks other than the auto racing purpose. The fact of the matter is that there are just too many immature personalities that choose to be combined with auto racing scenes.

In order to combat some of the dangers of auto racing, in recent years there have been a plethora of separate groups, at least in the United States, that have taken auto racing into their own hands and taken some of the dangers away. For starters, these groups perform auto races that actually have sponsors, and they are conducted in safe places as well. Just because auto racers of all genres cannot be included in the professional NASCAR races does not mean that they have to miss out on these other opportunities. All in all, though, there is no doubt that auto racing is definitely dangerous and there should be limits on the activity itself!

Betting On Auto Racing: What Are The Odds?

Gambling comes in many forms and just when you thought that betting on horse races went out of style; there comes a new fad that many people consider just as fun. Indeed, betting on people who are involved in the auto racing sport has become just as popular, if not more popular, than individuals betting on their horse races. But is there any benefit to betting on the drivers of the cars in the auto racing industry? What's even more interesting is the fact that many similarities and differences lie between the activity of betting on horse races and auto races. But see for yourself whether you should bet on someone involved in auto racing, and the benefit just may fall your way.

Similarities with Horse Race Bets

Just as horse race betting was very popular just ten to twenty years ago, the betting of horse races has now turned into auto racing betting, which is no better than simply gambling. The main similarity that auto racing bets have with those who bet on horse races is the fact that there is no simple way to know who's going to win the race. Just as horses are too unpredictable to bet on, so are humans who have auto-raced for a long time. The driver of the car may be having an "off" day, just as any horse can as well.

Another way, though, that auto racing betting is similar to horse race betting is the fact that there is a whole market out for it. Indeed, there are many people who consider auto racing to be even more important than horse racing, and many people in the same circles that bet on horse racing are now betting on the drivers that engage in auto racing.

Main Difference with Auto Racing

One of the best things about betting on auto racing, though, is that humans are more predictable than horses ever could be. Just think about the NASCAR situation: when someone comes in first place it's rare that the spot is ever moved. Unless the car and driver of auto racing change in some significant way, the same drivers of the auto racing industry continue to keep their important status over time. This whole situation makes betting on auto racing not just more predictable, but also easier to win.

But consider the situation of auto racing bets when a bet is placed on a car and driver who has come in first place consistently for the past half of a year. Even though it is very likely that the person who has come in first place will do so again for many times over, it is also very likely that a new car and driver will easily beat out and win over the regular winner of the auto race.

In the end, is it ever really beneficial to bet on any of the auto racing that goes on, or is it ever beneficial to bet on any of the horse races that go on? Even though there are people who do find those times that they win a jackpot with the races that they bet on, more often than not they are sorely disappointed when their auto racing driver has lost to their colleagues. For this reason, the odds of winning bets on auto racing, even though they seem likely, can actually be slim to none!

formula One Auto Racing Teams

Whether you have just gotten started in the auto racing business or you have been involved with racing events throughout your life, chances are that you already know about the Formula One races that take place. There are many reasons why people all over the world consider Formula One auto racing to be the safest of all auto races in the world, but one of those reasons is that there are so strict of guidelines and rules to follow when building and manufacturing a car for the purpose of racing it. Nevertheless, though, fun is always had at Formula One auto racing events, and the drivers, teams, and participants of the race always fight to the win. There are some important new teams to the Formula One auto races and many of these teams have not yet won a World Championship. On the other hand, many of these teams have already raced at numerous Grand Prix events, and the competition is sure to be a fierce one. Here are some of the more popular teams in the Formula One field:


There are two individuals who are part of the Renault team for the auto racing Formula One events; however, neither of them has gotten a hold of the World Championship. The first driver, Heikki Kovalainen, has experienced several Grand Prix events, although that is nothing compared to how many his partner has entered throughout the years. Kovalainen's partner, Giancarlo Fisichella, has entered over 150 Grand Prix events. This team is sure to be of a success with Fisichella's know-how put together with his partner.


Even though neither of the drivers for the Ferrari team has won a World Championship yet, it's important to note that Ferrari has made 14 wins of the World Championship so far during the Formula One auto racing events ever since they have started racing cars. For the 2007 Formula One auto racing events Ferrari is using a 056 engine, which definitely has done them well!

A couple of the other teams for the Formula One auto races are McLaren-Mercedes and BMW. It's important to note that McLaren-Mercedes has won several Formula One auto racing championships, however, BMW has not won any since their debut just over 13 years ago. But perhaps the more important issue when it comes to Formula One racing is not the drivers that are part of the team, but how the drivers handle themselves during the auto racing events. For starters, part of what matters is how the cars are handled as well as how they're used. Furthermore, another issue that matters while auto racing are the type of parts that are placed in the vehicle while it's being built. No one single auto racing individual is able to win a Formula One racing event if they don't have the combination of a successful handling of the car, along with the right materials for the automobile.

All in all, though, Formula One racing has long been a popular form of auto racing that has attracted many famous individuals to the events. Whether you are a professional with the auto racing industry, though, or you are an auto racing lover at heart, chances are that you'll find exactly what you're looking for in the Formula One auto racing events of the year!

How to Get Started with Auto Racing

In any type of business, hobby, or professional sports that one wants to get started in, a lot of the times it is simply who you know more than what you can do. In other words, the connections of the people that you have matter a whole lot more than your abilities. This is very true for a whole lot of different things, but auto racing seems to be a very different deal in itself. For example, when many people want to get started in auto racing there is always the possibility of approaching someone that they already know is involved with it, but the better thing to do would be to make a name for yourself before you even start. Here are some suggestions, though, if you are to survive in the world of auto racing.

Act like a Pro

One of the best things that you can do while you are in an auto racing circle of friends is to act like you know and believe everything that you're saying. On the other hand, if you're claiming that your car is able to do zero to sixty seconds in five seconds flat then you better have some action or facts to back it up with. But considering that many people who perform in the auto racing industry are already professionals, it would be good to also become one yourself. This, of course, requires a great deal of research and reading, but if auto racing is important to you then you probably will be more than happy to do it.

Have a Bad Car

If you are going to be racing in the auto racing industry then chances are that you'll need an automobile to at least look the part of the appropriate driver that you should be. Many young adults in the United States are now joining auto racing groups throughout their cities and towns, and many of these people already have bad cars that they like to show off to their family and friends. Furthermore, these are the cars that help them win the First Place at many of the smaller racetracks around the country. If your whole goal is to get inside a circle of auto racing friends and professionals in the industry then you definitely need a car that you can race. Some of the more popular cars in recent years that have been brought to the forefront of auto racing groups is the Chevrolet Cobalt and the Chevrolet Cavalier. Both of these cars are great for auto racing, but there are plenty of other choices as well!

Do Your Best

The whole point of auto racing throughout the racetracks around the country is to win the First Place so that you'll have something to talk and brag about. If you are going to be all excited about auto racing, but then don't put your whole heart and soul into the game then there is absolutely no reason to win. On the other hand, winning an auto race means a lot to a great deal of people!

All in all, auto racing is not just some hobby on the side that you should consider a pastime if you are truly serious about joining a race. There are plenty of people within the auto racing industry that can tell a genuine interested person from a fake so you must do your best to impress!

Importance of Soft Walls During Auto Racing

When it comes to auto racing events, there are plenty of activities that go on throughout the major NASCAR and professional auto racing events that many people lose sight of the safety issue involved with auto racing. Even though there are five point harnesses included with the cars and even though there are heavy-duty safety belts included with the cars that automobile drivers are strapped in, it seems as though there still needs to be an important safety measure that has to be added. Because auto racers are able to speed well over 200 miles per hour should shed light on the fact that the current measures of auto racing safety are just not cutting it. For starters, what happens when a driver crashes into the wall of a NASCAR track? The driver has no choice but to smack into the wall of the auto racing track, which is the reason that more widespread use of Soft Walls needs to be implemented at race tracks all around the country.

What are Soft Walls?

In order to decide whether or not you agree with the fact that soft walls need to be implemented at all the auto racing events of the major season, it's first important to know what these contraptions exactly are. As the name states, Soft Walls are designed to be literally a soft wall for the driver of the auto racing car to crash right into. Let's face it: auto racing crashes and accidents are all too common anymore, and there needs to be something done about it in order to save more lives of the drivers at auto racing events.

What are Soft Walls Composed Of?

The design of the Soft Wall material is quite simple: it is made to be easily crumbled so that the drivers of the auto racing vehicle will be able to collapse the wall by him or herself when the vehicle smashes into the side of the wall. For this reason, some collapsible material is placed within the Soft Wall. For example, Cellofoam is one type of the Soft Wall that can be implemented easily on a race track. In fact, one of NASCAR's own race tracks currently has part of the Soft Wall implemented. This is mainly because the NASCAR organization has realized that more intense safety precautions need to be taken, but the whole of the NASCAR tracks need to be accounted for as well!

There are also several other materials that can be used for Soft Walls at auto racing tracks across the country besides Cellofoam. Polyethylene Energy Dissipation System, or simply PEDS, is a system that is designed to increase the withstanding pressure of the current walls around auto racing racetracks. In Europe there is an Impact Protection System that is in place on most auto racing walls. This system involves layered PVC materials so that the structure of the wall is enhanced greatly. Finally, compression barriers are another option for materials of Soft Walls.

Altogether, though, Soft Walls are probably the best possible safety measure that could be taken in order to increase the lives of many auto racing drivers throughout the world. Even though some measures have just begun to be implemented in the United States, there definitely has to be more Soft Walls involved!

Important Auto Racing Events

Auto racing is one of the most popular sports that has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. Whether or not you are personally involved with auto racing events, chances are that you know someone who has been. Nevertheless, every year there are important auto racing events that take place at auto racing tracks all around the country. If you have never paid attention to them before then here is your chance to learn about some of the more important events for the sport:

The NASCAR Season

Considering that NASCAR has the biggest season for auto racing events, many of their competitions take place throughout the first half of the calendar year. For example, the Daytona 500 is probably the biggest event for NASCAR and auto racing because not only is it one of the first four restrictor auto racing events, but millions of people tune in to watch it on their television sets as well. The Daytona 500 definitely has beat out some of the other important television series as far as the amount of viewers that it holds while it's on, and many people consider this to be the auto racing event of the season that is the best!

Other Smaller Events

There are other smaller NASCAR events that also take place throughout the year in order to garner the attention of auto racing enthusiasts. Without a doubt, though, NASCAR fans probably enjoy some of the best conditions for the auto racing season, especially since the Daytona 500 takes place in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida.

The auto racing enthusiasts don't usually stop at NASCAR events, though, meaning there are plenty of other opportunities for everyone to get in on the auto racing action. For starters, NASCAR professionals are able to enter the races each year because of their sponsors and the cars that they own. On the flip side, though, smaller organizations throughout the United States and the world routinely conduct auto racing events that are quite similar to that of NASCAR's. For starters, the smaller race tracks may not be able to accommodate large crowds of people like those famous events involved with auto racing in NASCAR, but they do attract all the people around the area that have a passion for auto racing. In fact, there has been an increase in these smaller types of auto racing groups in recent years. In addition, many of these smaller groups may even make trips to NASCAR's auto racing events whenever they happen to show their support for the whole event, as well as the drivers.

One event in the life of a NASCAR fan that everyone will probably always have etched into his or her brain is the death of Dale Earnhardt. Dale Earnhardt died while crashing his auto racing car during a last lap around the Daytona 500. Even though horrible things like this do happen, auto racing enthusiasts must make the memory of these drivers and individuals live on in the spirit of auto racing! The death of Dale Earnhardt didn't prevent his son from winning, and it shouldn't prevent anyone else from winning, either.

In the end, auto racing does turn out to be quite a popular sport for a great many people. Not only are fans excited about the great things that happen at racetracks all around the country, but they rally behind their favorite auto racing drivers as well!

Important Auto Racing Jargon

It is a definite fact that auto racing is a popular pastime for a whole lot of people, but the jargon that is used during these activities is sometimes downright difficult to understand and process, though. If you are interested in auto racing then chances are that you've heard and naturally understand most of the language that's spoken simply because it becomes second nature to those who are surrounded by it. On the other hand, if you are new to auto racing or would like to get involved with the sport then there are certain pieces of language and jargon that you should get used to. Here are some common words that are used that can also be used very differently in everyday life.

Firewall - No, the term "Firewall" has nothing to do with security on a computer; however, it does have a lot to do with protection. For the driver during an auto racing activity, the firewall is the piece of metal that sits between him or her and the engine itself. Even though this doesn't seem like it would do a great deal to protect the driver during an auto racing crash, many people contend that the Firewall works like a charm!

Banking - This is also another word used during auto racing jargon that could also take on another form that means something related to money and banking. On the other hand, this auto racing word means the increased slope that a racetrack makes when rounding the corners. For many people involved with auto racing the banking of the automobile is very important because it matters where the car is located when it makes the turn. Being on the inside or outside of the track during a banking involvement makes all the difference between victory and defeat!

Groove - Just when you thought that the jargon for auto racing could get no more unusual, the word "Groove" has to appear. However, the groove during an auto race means something totally different, but also some equally important to how the race is run. For example, when someone during their auto racing sport is talking about the Groove that they are in during a race, what they are most likely talking about is the position that they are in on the track. For example, there are two basic grooves in auto racing: one on the inside and one on the outside. If you are on the outside of the track you are said to be on the outside Groove when auto racing and the opposite is true of the inside track.

Pit Road - This term probably makes the most sense and also is probably the term for auto racing jargon that many people already know about. But the term "Pit Road" refers to the dirt and gravel road that is used for the Pit Crew. Furthermore, when auto racing the drivers are able to pull over in order to change their tires, add more gasoline to their cars, as well as various other small odd jobs that might be needed during a race. The Pit Road is probably one of the best phrases that makes sense within the auto racing industry and does mean a lot to those involved.

As you can see, there is plenty of auto racing jargon to get trapped in while in the world of auto racing. Even though some of it seems like it might be straightforward, there are plenty of phrases and words that are used that just may totally baffle those who don't know enough already!

NASCAR: The Best Auto Racing Weekend

Whether you love auto racing or you hate the sport, there is no doubt in the mind of millions of people that NASCAR definitely is one of the most popular organizations and auto races of all time. In fact, many people make a weekend out of NASCAR races every year when the auto racing season comes upon us. There definitely have been some exciting times in the NASCAR auto racing industry and there are just too many incidents to name here. However, there have been very important people in the life of NASCAR and if you are worth your salt then you probably already know many of the names that are about to be listed. Here is that list of people, though, that brought NASCAR to the forefront of every person in the United States who was excited about auto racing.

Dale Earnhardt

Dale was nicknamed "The Intimidator" by all the rest of the auto racing drivers on the track, and he definitely lived up to his name. Dale Earnhardt was perfect for auto racing, but unfortunately his career had to come to a screeching halt when his life ended just a few years ago. Many people remember the seven great championships that he won in the auto racing industry and many of his accomplishments and records remain to this day. But now his son, Dale Earnhardt Junior, has taken over the playing field. Even though his son cannot take the place, by any means, of the original Dale Earnhardt, he still is doing a great job in the auto racing industry!

Jeff Gordon

He is the NASCAR famous individual who has appeared on plenty of cereal boxes, commercials, books that have been published, documentaries, as well as plenty of other Jeff Gordon auto racing memorabilia. There are all sorts of things to love about this auto racing champ, though. He has actually won over eighty auto races during his career and his accomplishments continue to grow each day that he's alive!

Richard Petty

Even though this auto racing champ has won over 200 races in his lifetime, he cannot be compared to the first two NASCAR champions simply because he raced in a different time than Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt. Nevertheless, Richard Petty has still been very popular among auto racing fans and many fans continue to look up to Richard Petty for the goals that he accomplished!

These are only some of the famous individuals in the auto racing industry, however. For example, besides these three famous NASCAR championships, there has also been David Pearson and Darrell Waltrip, just to name a couple of the more famous people in auto racing. Furthermore, all of the excitement with all of these men indicates that NASCAR definitely has an influence over those excited about auto racing. Indeed, NASCAR has long been an auto racing tradition and there are many ways to commemorate those who not only have won and lost their lives, but those who continue to race today!

NASCAR: Understanding the Auto Racing Rush

There are literally millions of auto racing fans all across the United States; many of these people only like a certain kind of auto racing, however, a good proportion of these individuals love NASCAR to the bottom of their heart. For many people, NASCAR truly has been the auto racing events of a lifetime. Many of these people could remember how the races got their start and how so many people chose to commercialize the event. Nevertheless, though, NASCAR has withstood the test of time. Ever since the races have been televised, which began in the early 1970s, NASCAR events have always been very popular with many people watching!

What Goes On

For many people, the NASCAR auto racing events symbolize an early era when the Winston Cup series came alive. There were several drivers during those competitions, but over the years the events have taken on a life of their own. During the NASCAR auto racing events, there are four major events, six smaller ones, along with other mini-events scattered about the weekend. The four major events are restrictor-plate events that are obviously only open to the competitors within the NASCAR competition. On the other hand, there are also six short-track events, which also garner a lot of attention. As mentioned, in between all of these auto racing events there are plenty of other activities that go on. Many amateurs and intermediate levels of auto racers take on each other while the rest of the crowd watches.

Even though NASCAR certainly is not as popular as other professional sports events like the NFL, there are certainly individuals within the industry who are trying to make it so. Auto racing has long been a popular sport with everyone who enjoys the thrill of racing their cars in a special attempt to beat out the other competitors. For the watchers, though, the NASCAR events is more like the NFL Super Bowl, except for the fact that it takes place in cars on racetracks instead of in a football field. It certainly is true, though, that the NASCAR auto racing events attract millions of viewers from around the United States and the world, and those that are watching at home usually wish they could be at the actual events!

History of NASCAR

If you have ever thought to yourself that the auto racing NASCAR events are truly something that "hicks" enjoy, you may just be right. Even though the current era of auto racing and NASCAR events attract a whole different genre and group of people, such as business men who love the event, when it started the auto racing events were nothing like they were today. In fact, NASCAR events were inspired during the 1930s and earlier in the United States during the Prohibition period. Those who were delivering alcohol illegally across the country would literally race each other to see who was able to get to their destination the fastest. Needless to say, auto racing and NASCAR events literally took form by leagues of auto racing events throughout the country.

All in all, though, if you are one of those people who simply can't understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to NASCAR, you are not alone. However, plenty of other people take pride and joy in the fact that they are able to watch NASCAR and the other auto racing events right from the comfort of their own home!

Online Auto Racing Betting

Auto racing has become just as popular as horse racing in recent years, however, the luck of auto racing is certainly better than that of horse racing just because there can be easier predictions that come true more often than in horse racing. But for those interested in betting in the world of auto racing, there is a whole market online and offline devoted to making some cash when voting and trying to choose the winner of a specific auto racing event. Naturally, though, since the most popular auto racing events tend to be the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500, as well as the other NASCAR events, this is where much of the auto racing bets tend to take place. If you have never bet on a single auto race in your lifetime but have been interested in doing so, here are some pieces of advice and pointers to follow that will take you to the winner of the auto racing event:

Follow the Leader

If you're like most people you almost always would like there to be some sort of leader when it comes to auto racing benefits. There are a whole bunch of people involved with betting on auto racing events and some of those people tend to hang out at popular online websites that have forums, groups, and other auto racing information. One of the best ways to place a good bet on an auto racing event is to make sure that you have a close friend who is a good source about this type of information. Even though you could hedge an online bet that may just be associated with your gut feeling, a better thing to do would be to wait for someone who has done this for a pretty long time. Auto racing bets have been conducted for quite some time and there are naturally people who have been involved for as long as it’s been going on. If you take the advice of someone who knows auto racing events then chances are you'll win in the long run!

Pay Attention

The next best piece of advice that you could follow if you intend to bet on auto racing events is to do your own research about the drivers and the cars that you know and that are involved. Let's face it: sometimes humans can be predictable, but there are sometimes when the drivers of the cars involved with the auto racing does slip up every now and then. The best thing would be to pay attention from the middle of the previous season to see who was the best driver, who won the most auto racing events during NASCAR, as well as what automobiles they were using and what engines were involved. Important information include whether the engine was modified or not before the races, what crashes the driver was involved with, and which other drivers are considered the best in the auto racing industry.

All of these pieces of advice should do more than help in the long run if one is serious about betting on various NASCAR auto racing events. Auto racing bets definitely have become more popular in recent years, and perhaps one of the reasons why that is the NASCAR events themselves have literally become larger than life. But if you follow the leader and pay attention to the most crucial of information then the chances for winning and auto racing event are very good!

Professional Auto Racing Safety

If you have ever wanted to know how the auto racing professionals are able to withstand such high speeds in their vehicles then there is plenty of information that will tell you how the seat belts and restraint systems are set up. On the other hand, if you have never even thought about how auto racing individuals are able to sustain speeds of well over 200 miles per hour then the best thing to do would be to attend one of the national auto racing events just to see how they take place! In the end, though, professional auto racers are partly responsible for their own safety in the way that they handle the cars that they're driving. On the flip side, though, there must be some great restraint system in the car with them. Here is how part of the system works to keep the driver safe during an auto racing event:

Seat Belts

The first thing that one should realize about the safety belts that are used during an auto racing event is that they are extremely safe to deal with and there is nothing else like them! The main point of the safety belt during an auto racing event is the protect the driver, as is obvious, but the safety belt is a little different than any other normal passenger car on the market. For example, in a normal passenger car the seat belt is designed to have little impact on the driver during a crash, but instead restrain the driver so that he or she will not be injured. On the flip side, auto racing seat belts are the exact opposite. In conjunction with the automobile's seat, the seat belt of an auto racing car is designed to actually hold the driver down in the event of the crash and slow the driver down as well. This is most beneficial for an automobile designed for the auto racing industry considering the fact that there are many crashes that take place throughout the year.

The Five-Point Harness

Another part of the restraint system lies in the successful use of the five-point restraint harness. This is also perhaps the most important feature that has to be including with auto racing cars. In previous years, three-point harnesses were used in a lot of common restraint systems, but the NASCAR events that take place typically have the five-point harness so that the drive is secure, snug, and has no chance of flying through the windshield in the case of an auto racing accident.

Window Nets and Roof Nets

The window nets that are used in auto racing automobiles are designed to control the driver of the car during a crash. The window nets are just like they sound because they are made from nylon and they are designed literally to be like webs and nets that go over the windows. In the event of an auto racing crash there is little control by the driver, which is the main reason for this type of safety measure.

All of these things are designed to help the drivers of auto racing events protect themselves during a crash. As we all know, crashes during an auto racing event are all too common, especially at the high speeds that the drivers are allowed to go. But to say that the safety measures are ineffective is just plain wrong because they do end up saving many lives in the end!

Street Racing: Why This Type of Auto Racing is the Best

There are many forms of auto racing: professional auto races, like NASCAR, the Daytona 500, Indy 500, as well as others like Formula One, as well as plenty of other auto races that haven't been named. Street racing is also a form of auto racing and there are actually many reasons why street racing is better than any of the other auto racing sports that have been listed. Consider the fact that many people die from professional auto racing, as well as street racing each year. Also consider the fact that many young adults who have just entered junior high and high school are simply overtaken with the fact that they dream about doing well in auto racing events for the rest of their life. Street racing, although not always done purely on the street, has become more popular in recent years with high school teenagers because of the many things that go along with it. There are several reasons, though, that parents should be more excited to have their kids fill up their time with street racing than any other type of auto racing out there.

Dangerous, but Fun

One reason that street racing is performed by many teenagers all across the country is because they love the sport of it. It definitely is a form of auto racing, but there is a thrill that goes along with street racing that they can't feel in any other way. This type of auto racing truly makes one feel proud of their accomplishments in no other way.

It Can Be Safe

In recent years many changes have come to the auto racing playing field. One significant change over the years that has been seen is that street racing has been safer than before. There are many independent groups all across the country that engage in the street type of auto racing, however, there are usually rules set forth by the groups as to where the races take place, how many people can enter, along with what types of cars are used in the street races. Sometimes these groups are even endorsed by professional organizations that sponsor the drivers of the auto racing cars. Street racing doesn't have to be made out to be as dangerous as having a real automobile race on a real road; changes have been made across the country which has changed that phenomenon!

Better than Other Activities

Street racing is also very time-consuming for the high school teenagers that choose to engage in it. For starters, the street-type of auto racing events usually require that changes and modifications be made to their vehicle. However, these modifications and changes are not all that significant, which is why many young adults choose to do the work themselves. Instead of partying late nights and doing illegal drugs, though, some teenagers are choosing to work on their cars in order to perform well at the auto racing events they take place in. For these teenagers everything that they fill up their time with is usually something to do with street racing events.

All in all, street racing is definitely not as dangerous as many people make it out to be. Even though this form of auto racing can be dangerous if done purely on the streets and done by irresponsible teenagers, there are many groups that advocate against this! Street and auto racing definitely has become more popular in recent years, though, with a whole lot more young adults.

The Best Playstation 2 Auto Racing Game

Sony's Playstation 2 definitely has garnered a lot of attention throughout the media, but they have also done a great job with those who love to play video games. Whether you are interested in the sport of auto racing or not, the fact remains that there is plenty of auto racing game for the Playstation and Playstation 2 that are awesome games just waiting for enthusiastic video-gamers to play them. The most popular video game for the Playstation 2, though, which is also an auto racing game, is called Gran Turismo 4. Gran Turismo 4 literally brings the whole auto racing sport to you and it allows you to do so much that many people have decided that this should be the number one game on top of Playstation Two's list. Here are some features of the auto racing Gran Turismo 4 that you should look out for if you have yet to play the game:

Photo Mode

One of the best things that many people love about this auto racing game is the fact that you are allowed to take virtual snapshots of your automobile on the racetrack throughout the game. Whether you have crashed your car or you are just about to cross the finish line, there are all sorts of possible screenshots that you can take a virtual picture of. Because of this feature in this auto racing video game, racers are also able to make a slideshow of the pictures that they took as well. This cool feature will allow you to "remember" the experience as long as you have the game in your possession, but it also allows other auto racing video gamers to try to beat out the competition's slideshow with even better photographs.

Cars, Unlimited

Even though there is a limit to the many cars that can be used throughout the auto racing Gran Turismo 4, there are literally hundreds of automobiles that can be chosen once they're unlocked. In fact, there are over 700 cars that one is able to choose for him or herself when playing the game. All of these cars contribute to the auto racing adrenaline that many people feel when they've eluded a policeman or have just been beaten by their opponent. In addition to the hundreds of cars that are available throughout this popular auto racing game, the video game itself also keeps track of your progress. For example, there are dozens of racing tracks that can be played; with the combination of the track and the cars that are able to be unlocked there is always a percentage in your corner that tells you just how much of the game that you've won and accomplished!


As with virtually all the rest of the games that can be played on Playstation 2, the graphics within this auto racing video game are literally phenomenal. For starters, in the last lap of most of the auto races you are not able to "recover" your car if you somehow crash into the wall. Even though this seems like it would be a good feeling for most auto racing enthusiasts, the game and creators of Gran Turismo knew better!

All things considered, Gran Turismo 4 definitely is the best auto racing video game to be put on the Playstation 2 market. With the graphics, automobiles, and photo mode, just to name a few of the exciting features, Gran Turismo 4 rocks the whole video game world!

The Daytona 500: Auto Racing Excitement

When it comes to watching auto racing events and NASCAR in general, many people choose the Daytona 500 as their favorite auto racing event. The Daytona 500 event has even surpassed the Indy 500 auto racing event which many people are also attracted to. In fact, in 2006 alone there were more than 20 million people watching the Daytona auto racing event around the world. This is literally one of the largest television viewing events that many people love to see! If you're new to auto racing, though, or just wonder what all the hype is about, there are several special and exciting features about the Daytona 500 that has made it what it currently is today.

What Kind of Race is it?

The Daytona 500, which is part of the NASCAR events, is one of the first restrictor events in the series of auto racing events. This auto racing event is also a 200-lap event, which translates into 500 miles long. As with any other of the NASCAR events, the Daytona 500 is set up to take pretty much the whole afternoon. Those people who are watching it have some of the same fun that they have while watching baseball games and there are hot dog stands, hamburger joints, as well as other food and candy available for consumption during the Daytona 500 as well. The Daytona 500 auto racing event takes place on the Daytona International Speedway and is the most important events of the NASCAR calendar.

One may be surprised to find out that the Daytona 500 is actually a 50-year old race come the 2008 racing year, and the fans of NASCAR all getting all revved up to be present at this auto racing event of the century in February of 2008. But for auto racing fans, the Daytona 500 doesn't just symbolize 50 years of NASCAR racing, but it also symbolizes what they grew up with. For many people, young and old, exposure to the Daytona 500 and other NASCAR events was simply a part of life and a tradition. This tradition, however, is something that many adults carry with them through their lives, attending NASCAR events and the Daytona 500 with their sons, daughters, and whole families as well.

The Daytona 500 Prizes

Anyone associated with the Daytona 500 and any other major auto racing event of the season probably already knows the tremendous amount of money involved with winning. Even though the winner of the Daytona 500 also receives the Harley J. Earl trophy, what some people may be surprised to find out is that there is plenty of cash involved. Even though in 1959 the winner of the Daytona 500 was only to receive about $19,000, that figure has since increased to a very large price. In 2007 alone, the winner of the Daytona 500 received well over $1.5 million, as did the winner of the 2006 Daytona 500 auto racing event. The prize awarded to the winner certainly makes the whole ordeal worth the spot in the number one position!

All in all, the Daytona 500 is just another one of the auto racing events that are tagged as the most important out of any other sports event throughout the year by auto racing fans. Not only are there plenty of drivers to cheer on, but there are also plenty of dreams to be had by those inspired by the auto racing events!

The Different Types of Auto Racing

Auto racing is very popular with millions of people all over the world. Some people use it as their favorite pastimes, while other people use it as an excuse to get in their favorite cars and speed. Whatever the case, though, there's no doubt that auto racing has attracted some of the most popular people within the industry. As racing speeds and times are set new each and every day, there is always room for improvement within the whole auto racing industry. Nevertheless, though, there are several types of automobile racing within the industry, and this article will outline and detail several of the major ones for you.

Drag Racing

If you have never heard of drag auto racing then you are in for a big surprise. There are many people who take place in drag racing throughout the world, and many people consider this auto racing to be one of the shortest in the industry. So what's the whole point of drag racing? The main point of this type of race is to see which automobile can go the fastest at a set distance. For example, the set distance is usually a quarter-of-a-mile, but also is sometimes an eighth-of-a-mile. One of the major characteristics of this type of auto racing is that there is usually more than one type of class of cars that's involved. Depending on the class that's involved the auto racing may involve the two vehicles starting at two different times. This form of auto racing is actually practices all over the world, and not just in the United States is it popular.

Sports Car Racing

This is also a very different type of auto racing, and this form of automobile racing is also very popular all over the world. The basic module of the sports car races involves production-type models and prototypes of sports cars that are made strictly for auto racing. Many people also loves the sports car racing activity because it involves usually two or three people to a car team during the race so that they can switch off during the race.

Off-Road Racing

An auto racing activity that looks as dangerous as it can be, off-road racing involves off-road scenarios and situations that are competed by automobiles that are made strictly for the off-road auto racing industry. One great example of a famous off-road race that took place in North America was the Baja 1000. One other popular name that is traditionally given to this type of auto racing is also rallying, as well as a rallycross. Nevertheless, this type of auto racing has long been popular with the hundreds of thousands of people that take part every year.

No matter what kind of auto racing that you like, there is always the chance that the auto racing activity will please everyone who watches or participates in it. Even though there is a lot to learn in the auto racing industry, such as the jargon and rules of the road, auto racing has always been and always will be very popular!

The Ultimate Auto Racing Contest: The DARPA Challenge

If you have ever wanted to know what "DARPA" stands for then here is your chances. However, chances are that you have never even heard of the five-letter abbreviation of DARPA, but here's what this auto racing term stands for just in case you are wondering: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. This is definitely a loaded abbreviation, especially for the auto racing industry, but this contest is put on by the United States' Department of Defense. As mentioned, this contest truly is an auto racing contest of a lifetime and soon you will be able to see why there are many people who love the idea of the DARPA Challenge.

The whole idea of this auto racing challenge is for automobile producers, companies, competitors within academic settings, as well as a whole bunch of other people, to compete their automobiles against each other. The only catch is that while this race is taking place there is not to be one single human driving any of the cars. You may be wondering just how this is possible, but the whole idea of the DARPA Challenge is to come up with an idea for an automobile that will be fully functional all on it's own; it should have the capabilities to drive on its own through the use of a robotic computer in the front seat of the car. Furthermore, the DARPA Challenge also requires that the automobiles that are racing has to follow all the rules of the road, which include interactions with the other auto racing automobiles at stop signs and cross points, as well as the smart technology not to crash into any other automobile.

So far, there have been three of these auto racing DARPA Challenges in the United States. The first DARPA Challenge took place in the Mojave Desert; the second one took place in 2005; the third auto race took place this year in 2007 on the George Air Force Base, which has been closed for quite some time. Since the area was large and abandoned it had been decided that it was the perfect place for auto racing of the DARPA Challenge. There are also very important ramifications for the winners of the challenge, too. For example, the top prize in 2007 was two million dollars. There is also a million dollar prize, but these prize awards are supposed to be used for the funding of a totally new automobile by the company or producer that won.

In 2007, the winner of the $2 million prize was a Chevy Tahoe that was produced by General Motors and was modified by students and professors of the Carnegie Mellon University in order to win. The million dollar prize went to the participants at Stanford University and their vehicle that was used was a VW Passat. In both of these cases, the cars that were challenged met all of the criteria of the auto racing judges.

All in all, the auto racing of the DARPA Challenge really is like no other of the auto races within the United States. Even though their are computer drivers of the automobiles in the contest, that is about the only similarity within the whole activity. The fact of the matter is, though, that the DARPA Challenge is not only very beneficial, but also very important to those who are involved and to the participants who have won!

Why Auto Racing is Popular

If you are a big fan of auto racing then chances are that you have had your share of auto races in the past as well. Even so, many young adults throughout America and the world continue to engage in the favorite pastime of auto racing every day simply because it brings a rush like no other event in their lives. This is one of the major reasons for engaging in auto racing, but there are also some other important reasons that many people continue to auto race at local and national events throughout the United States, even though these events may not be near as huge as the famous NASCAR event that's held every year in search of a new top dog. Nevertheless, though, here are some reasons why auto racing has been very popular in recent years and will continue to be popular.

Young People Can Break the Law!

Even though young adults are not the only individuals who certainly compete in auto racing throughout the country, they do comprise a large majority of the individuals who are fascinated with the sport for some reason or another. Furthermore, even though auto racing is legal in most states when it's done in a legal area, many young adults feel as though they are actually breaking the law by going well over the speed limits. For example, auto racing events that are held in parking lots encourage the drivers of the automobiles to go close to 100 miles per hour. Doing any sort of speed limit over 30 miles per hour will aim to give anyone an adrenaline rush in a parking lot, but 100 miles per hour is considered to be fascinating with a variety of people when auto racing.

Provides an Outlet

Perhaps another reason why young adults and other are so enthralled with auto racing events that take place in their cities and towns throughout the year is that it provides an outlet from something in one way or another. For example, the young adult who is swamped with raising a family or getting through college will naturally want an outlet so that they can channel some of the emotions that they are feeling into the auto racing.

Room for Improvement

There is always more room for improvement when it comes to auto racing, and perhaps another reason why so many people love the events is because they can try to find all they can to modify their automobiles and engines so that they'll be able to win the auto race the next time around. Auto racing is excellent for improving auto racing skills and it provides determination to those who are involved with it.

All in all, auto racing is a very important sport and pastime to those who love to race. Auto racing is done by a whole variety of individuals over all ages and gender. The fact of the matter is, though, is that auto racing is downright popular and makes sense for many people to get involved!

Your Introduction to Auto Racing

So what is all the hype about auto racing these days? Indeed, there are millions of people who get excited and an adrenaline rush from watching auto races on television and from the seats in the bleachers, but why is there all the excitement? Of course the individuals who are not thrilled about auto racing one bit won't understand the joy that many people feel when they've just seen their favorite auto racer win the race or sadness that others feel when their drivers crash spontaneously into the wall. There are many different facets, though, about auto racing that are just exciting to many people around the world. Whether you want to believe it or not, auto racing definitely is a sport that millions love, and here are a few reasons why you should even be interested:

National Events

Whether you like it or not, there are plenty of national events that include auto racing events and NASCAR endorsements. Even though NASCAR's auto racing events are the largest racing events throughout the United States, there are literally hundreds of smaller groups that have the same kind of fierce competition that NASCAR does. Some of the national auto racing events that take place include the Daytona 500, Indy 500, as well as other smaller NASCAR competitions throughout various states that all have huge rewards attached to them. For instance, the winner of the Daytona 500 wins the Harley J. Earl trophy, and auto racers have been winning this trophy since 1959.

Auto Racing Memorabilia

There are also plenty of auto racing memorabilia that goes around attracting huge crowds of auto racing fans. For example, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, and Dale Earnhardt Junior are just three of the more popular auto racing individuals who have had their names plastered all over auto racing memorabilia, such as books, t-shirts, pens, autographs, as well as plenty of other smaller items that have their name on them. People all over the world, in fact, get excited that they may be able to get their hands on a piece of Jeff Gordon's auto racing items.

How Auto Racing Got Started

You may just be wondering how all the events of auto racing got started. Even though there is no exact date when auto racing began, though, the events of NASCAR started to take an upswing during the 1970s decade in the United States. Ever since the first NASCAR event was televised, there have been numerous occasions where other auto racing events have also been televised. Nevertheless, though, the NASCAR events are the ones to gather the most attention from the media. There is almost always dozens, if not hundreds, of camera crew at many of the four major restrictor NASCAR events, such as at the Daytona 500.

If you ever want get started with auto racing then you must take part in one of the largest events of the United States that take place each and every year. Furthermore, attending an auto racing event has become more like a rite of passage than anything else with fathers taking their sons to NASCAR events throughout the year and families camping out to watch auto racing events! All in all, auto racing is popular and will continue to grow in popularity as auto racing continues to live on!

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