Value is a perception.

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However, if all 16 audios were terrible, you'd feel upset.  You'd feel like the $297 you spent was wasted and that the entire thing was a sham.

   Therefore, value is what it is... valuable.  And, providing value is a matter of providing quality.  It's too bad most in this business will never once provide a valuable product to any market. 

   They will spend 4 years of their lives trying to make money online from home, but never once spend any kind of quality time in mastering one topic or lesson and teaching something of value.

   They will constantly look for the path of least resistance.  I mean, if you cannot create a valuable product, then by all means, take the path of least resistance and buy some $2.50 PLR product and sell that right?

   (PLR products have their place, but more on that later).

   All in all, value is key.  Instead of wasting four years of your life looking for the quick fix, invest two weeks of your life mastering one topic or lesson you can teach.

   Invest two weeks of your life mastering a technique for losing weight... or for lowering blood pressure... or for quitting smoking... or for improving your golf putting game... or for picking up dates... or for writing sales copy... or for writing press releases... or for mastering Twitter... or on how to get child custody... or on how to manage your taxes... or how to invest in gold coins... etc.

   Pick one thing and master it.  You are one skill away from sixfigures and that skill is “providing value”.  Forget money and ask yourself, what would you love to teach so much, you'd do it for free!

Then, get busy learning!

Then, get busy teaching!

   To think, Steve Jobs made billions by providing slick, sleek and innovative products millions of people really-really wanted!  They did not need those products.  They surely do not need the latest version of those products... yet people stand in line overnight to get the first one's off the shelf.

   I'm convinced, if Steve Jobs would have created the Icar, we'd be seeing most American citizens driving around with the same kind of car.  The highways and streets would be filled with these Icars.

   Because, he was a master at providing “value”.  There's so much brilliance behind what he's innovated it's not even funny.  It's mind boggling.  Think about Pixar and the ipod.  Think about the media and how the media gave him free advertising on his launches!

   Value is perception.

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