نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪$ TEN WAYS TO MAKE MONEY $‬‏
Can you see yourself as one of these?

FRIENDS AND FAMILY CONSULTANT – WHOLESALE BUYER Likes the idea of buying for personal use at consultant discount. Occasionally sells to neighbors, friends and family through catalog orders and/or home shows. This person wants GREAT books at a discounted rate!

HOBBY CONSULTANT Does home shows and/or an occasional open house or booth to earn extra money. Works a lot some months and very little other months. This money can pay for children’s extra needs – such as piano lessons, gymnastics, karate classes… Perfect for the stay-at-home parent!

SHORT TERM CONSULTANT Sells for a short period of time. Wants to earn a specific amount of money and/or books, then stops when goal is reached. An example of this is saving up money (without touching the family budget) for a family trip to Disney World!

EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT Sells to schools and libraries. Conducts book fairs and fundraisers with schools. Great for the mom who still wants to stay home – but her children are presently in school during the day! (*Note:  You must be company approved as an Educational Consultant to earn money this way.)

BUSINESS BUILDING CONSULTANT Part-time but consistent consultant who desires to add to the family income each month, perhaps to eliminate a bill or pay for preschool, car payment, etc. Develops all areas of the business, including that of Educational Consultant. They may decide to become a leader in the company.

LEADERSHIP WITH USBORNE BOOKS AT HOME Views UBAH as a viable income with long-term financial opportunities. Consistently offers the UBAH opportunity to others and builds a group of consultants; decides to become a Supervisor with UBAH and earns 11% on central group sales. Works the business in an ongoing manner while motivating their group. Continues to conduct business with schools and libraries.

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