~ Laser Beam 3000 Focus!

It's not good enough to merely focus.  You have to really-really focus.  There's a difference.  There's a big difference. 

   You can merely create a squeeze page and toss it up online in the next five minutes, or you can really-really focus on your squeeze page and make it as great as you can!

   See the difference?

   Well, most just toss it up online, if at all.  Most out there just quickly run through the motions and hope for the best.  That is how they run their entire business.  That's not a business and if your food, shelter and survival depended on that squeeze page, you'd put more focus into it.

   Every piece of the pie in this business requires intense focus on each piece.  When you create a squeeze page, it better be good or you'll waste your time and money and energy.

   If you have a front end offer, your own sales page, it better be good or you'll waste time, energy and money.  It will fail.  Let me show you something...

   Here's what I'd like you to create:

--A squeeze page that gives something valuable away for free.

--A front end offer that sells a product on the low end price wise.
 A squeeze page
--An upsell that is more expensive than the front end offer above.

--Another up-sell that is really expensive for the market.

--Create auto responder emails that both pitch offers and gives tips away.
--Create an affiliate program so you can recruit affiliates to promote for you and earn commissions.

--Get this entire sales funnel set up and functional

(Much more on this process later)...

   Now that this funnel is finished, how much do you think this funnel can earn you?  How much money can you earn from a funnel like this?

   The answer is millions.

   Now, what's the difference between this sales funnel earning you $4.56 cents and 4 million dollars?  The difference is how good are you at each step!?!

   How good are you at traffic and conversions?  How much traffic do you drive to this funnel and how good are the conversions on each offer in the funnel?

   If you merely toss your stuff up and online in minutes, with very little focus and attention, then it might make you ten bucks, total!  If you constantly focus on “sales” then it could grow to earn you millions.

   Do not dabble in this business, for you will fail miserably.  Go all in or do not play the game.  Your squeeze page better be good.  In fact, all your sales pieces better be good or forget about it.

   Let me tell you something... I've had people pay me $10,000 for consulting and when I ask them to send me their squeeze page to review, they send me a squeeze page that does not even make sense, has big time mistakes, is not formatted right, and the opt in form does not even work!

   They get an F.

   Do not get an F.  Get an “A+”

   Do not dabble my friend.

   Each piece needs your hyper, laser, all-in, focus.

All You Have To Do.

   Let me ask you some questions...

   Can you get an A+ on your squeeze page?  I mean, if you put your heart and soul into crafting a great squeeze page, can you do that?  If I gave you a month, could you craft the best squeeze page you can possibly craft?  Can you put your entire heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into that squeeze page and nothing else for a month?

   If you took a month to do it, you'd be further ahead than 97% of this market will ever be, even those who will be at this for the next 3 years! 

   Can you do that?  Then, you are understanding the key to success in this business.  Most will never put that kind of effort into any one thing, ever!  They will quit long before.

   Therefore, can you put your heart and soul into crafting the best squeeze page you can?

   Next, after that is done, can you put your heart and soul into crafting the very best front end offer you can?  This is the offer the subscribers see right after they opt in (more on all this later).

   The front end offer is a product that is for sale.  It's your own offer for sale.  My question is can you put your heart and soul into crafting the sales page for that offer and make it compelling?

   What if I gave you two months to complete this task?  If you took the entire two months but ended up crafting a compelling sales page, you'd be further ahead than 99% of this market will ever be.

   If you do the same thing, and put that kind of focus into your up-sells and back-end offers and emails, you'd be amongst the elite in this market.  If you did all of that, you'd leave everyone in the dust!  While everyone else is busy chasing shiny objects and are lost in the illusion of magic buttons out there, you would have created a vehicle for earning six figures or more!  I'm not freaking joking.

   Our surveys have proven that over 75% of the market has never created a squeeze page and do not know how.  The chances are you do not know how and have never created one yourself.  If you have, then you are further ahead of most and you should be making six figures.  Get busy selling.

   Also, FYI, most of those surveys also asked how long have you been in this business, and most have been in it 2 years or more.  What in the world have they been doing for the past two years to not have created a squeeze page yet?

   Well, the answer is they've been reacting, learning, answering emails, buying product after product, chasing magic buttons, playing on Facebook and wasting a ton of time dabbling. 

   Do not be that person.  Go all in or do not play the game.

   All you have to do is get an A+ at the following things and six figures should be a slam dunk for you:

--Squeeze page
--Front end offer
--Ongoing work on conversions

   That's six figures my friend.  Ignore that little voice in the back of your head telling you there's some magic button or easier way.  That voice lies.  That voice does not know what I know and that voice has not earned 50 million dollars online like we have.

   The magic buttons and schemes and loop holes and quick fixes everyone sells you are not the answer.  There are no free lunches.  Get busy selling and do not dabble in this business. 

   Focus 90% of your time on sales.

   Above are 7 bullet points.  Can you do your very best and put your heart and soul into each bullet point?  Can you get an A+ at each of the above?  Then, you can earn six figures very quickly.

   Look at any successful online marketer and examine what they are doing.  How are they selling their stuff?  Do they have squeeze pages?  Do they have cheap front end offers?  Do they have up-sells?  Do they have back-end offers and sell you multiple products? 

   If marketer Bob sends you and email promoting some free presentation by marketer Sue, and you have to register for that free presentation, then what that is is a squeeze page!

   You will now be on Sue's list.

   Sue is going to pitch you something.  If you buy that something from Sue, Bob gets a commission.  Then, Sue is going to attempt to sell you other products and services, ongoing.

   Do what they do.  Do what we do.  Every successful marketer does this.  If not, they are providing time for money and selling you copywriting or something like that... but marketers sell just as I'm describing here.

   If marketer Bob sells you a product on how to make money and get traffic from article marketing, ask yourself how you found out about Bob's offer?

   Most likely it was not from some article.  Likely, it came from you checking your emails and reading Bob's email pitching that article marketing course.
Bob might be telling you article marketing is great, but he's selling you via emails.  Look at the last 10 products you purchased and I bet at least 7 of them came from emails.  The other 3 likely came from word of mouth or social proof... someone mentioned how valuable the product was and you looked it up and bought it.

   But, most sales come from emails or advertising, or both.

   Do what we do.  Watch what the big time marketers do and get in the game.  Do similar things.  That's called modeling.  There's what we do and what we sell, two different things most often.

   If guru Jerry is selling you on guru Frank's product: “how to make money with Amazon”... chances are Jerry has no products on Amazon himself and could care less.  He's promoting Franks' product to you for commissions.

   Do not dabble and be sure and focus on sales.  If you are already making money online, how can you drive more sales?  Can you create a series of products and hit your list with them?  Can you craft a high ticket coaching program and sell it?  Can you do some integration with others and drive more buyers traffic (more on integration later)?

   If you are already making money then take my advice and start putting 90% of your focus on sales and start ignoring everything else.  Sell more!

   This can quadruple your income virtually overnight my friend.  If you are already making six figures online, can you hire a sales person and get that person to call your best customers and offer a special, private, high ticket offer?

   Can you add direct mail to your sales and mail your best customers a sales letter pitching a workshop or high ticket coaching program?  Be willing to do what we do if you are wanting the income we make.

   Ouch, I just heard a bunch of people sobbing when I mentioned “telemarketing”.  Sorry about that.  Let me say this, it's one of the best ways to sell anything.  Get over the complainers out there who have no clue.  You do not have to hardcore sell anyone anything.  It can be done in a soft way and still work.  Heck, you can simply talk to all the people who submit help tickets and softly up-sell them that way and make a fortune. 

   Again, do not dabble.  I'm not here to be your best friend, I'm here to tell you how to make a ton of money!

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