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The reason most fail is because they are not focused on sales at all.  I mean, less than 10% of their time is spent on sales.  It should be the other away around and 90% of your time should be on sales.

   Listen, there's just no way around this.  Either you, or a partner, better be focused on sales or it will not happen for you.

   I've seen plenty of newbies run special offers or figure out a way to earn money from forums, and it was because they created an offer and focused on sales.

   Now, those guys spend 90% of their time crafting the copy writing for these special offers... recruiting affiliates to promote their forum launches... and crafting their emails to promote this forum launch.

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   90% of their time is put into the contest for the Warrior Special Offer... the sales page... the recruiting of affiliates... the back end offers... the sales funnel... the backend offer (sales offers)... and so on.

   10% of their time is spent on the product, or customer service, or whatever else.  See?  They are focused on sales.  That is their primary aim.

   They do a launch and make thousands of dollars and then do the next launch... then the next launch... and at the end of 12 months, some of them average a launch a month!

   Listen, there's no way these guys are that smart and that good that they have 12 different “latest and greatest” products since sliced bread.  Even though, every one of these offers seems like a “need” or a must have, they are all based on perception and value.

   This is why you see people go from newbies to six figure earners virtually overnight.  They focused on sales, sales, sales!

   Even outside this group, every other six figure marketer alive did the same thing.  Every six figure marketer focused on sales to get there.  They pound out offer after offer, but they are focused on sales.

   The reason they do offer after offer is because the market wants the new thing, the latest thing... and so they meet the need... err... want.

   Secret:  When I first started online, I actually sold stuff before I ever even had a product to give them.  Yes, I'd create a sales page and put a PayPal buy button on the sales page and drive traffic to it, before I even had an ebook or product or anything.

   People would buy and I'd have a page saying “coming soon”.

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   I'd sell the thing first before I would create it.  I wanted to see if I could sell it first.  Why should I create a product if the thing is not going to sell well?

   I'm not telling you to do this.  I did not know any better then.  Sure, I gave people lots of refunds because there was no product, but I also came up with yet another quick way to satisfy them.

   I'd go to article directories and copy and past articles, including the resource box, into a document.  I'd save it as a PDF and then give them that after they bought.  Problem solved.  I could then sell first and make better later.

   I was focused on sales!

   By the way, I had many people thank me for those “article” products.  They'd thank me for the resources and links.  Some even said they found much more value in my product than many books they've purchased on the subject at book stores.

   The reason is people like to buy.  They want to spend their money on what they “want”.  I merely sell them what they want.  They love that buying emotion.  It feels good to buy.  This is why my wife buys tons of shoes and handbags.  She said it feels good to buy that stuff.

   Focus on sales until you are over 250k per year.

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Copywriting & Conversions

   You should be focused on your conversions.  Until you are over 250k per year, this counts as focused on sales.  You should tweak, test and track your conversions.

   Constantly focus on increasing conversions.  Test, tweak and track your headlines in your copy.  Keep crafting new ones and try to beat the old ones.

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   There's just not enough time to be focused on all that other stuff because it takes so much time and energy to focus on sales.  Most people in this market create one headline in like 5 minutes and call it a year.  They never tweak it, never go back to it and never track and test it.  They just toss it up there, done.

   That's not focused on sales.  That's tossing something up there, good luck with that.  You need to constantly focus on increasing your conversions.

   Do you have testimonials?  If not, get some!  That's focused on sales.  You are attempting to increase your conversions (sales).  Get your tracking software installed and track your stuff.  Split test your offers to find the ones that convert best.

   You can have headline A and headline B.  Split test the traffic 50/50, where 50% of the traffic goes to headline A and the other 50% of traffic goes to headline B.  Which converts best (A or B)?  If (A) converts better than (B), then create headline C and test headline C against headline (A) to see if headline C can beat headline (A).

   This is called beating the control.

   You want to use tracking software.  There's a lot of tracking software out there.. hyper tracker... visual optimizer... Google Analytics... all kinds of software... pick one and roll with it.  None are perfect.

   This is focusing on sales.

   Take your copy and get opinions. 

   Get other people's opinions on your copy.  Hire copywriters.  This is what you need to do to focus on sales.  Constantly keep focusing on your copy.

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