نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪HEALERS, SHAMANS AND MAGICIANS‬‏

A healer is someone who uses his inborn gifts to restore the natural working of his client's body.

It is a good moment to remember that the Avicenna Therapy works with ten chakras and not with seven, like the indians do. It also works with the five elements and the five invisible energy bodies. The five elements (air, water, earth, fire and blood) are subtle substances, that other healing schools might call "energies", "prana", "Qi", etc. In other articles I explain more about the elements, the chakras and the invisible bodies.

Depending on his level he can work with the body of earth (navel and solar plexus), fire (heart and thymus chakra), water and blood (larynx or palate) and air (third eye or crown chakra level). He restores the channels and meridians to their natural flow and, as a consequence, function. 

The healing is always done at the level of the body of earth, but, depending on the technique that we use, we might need to be able to contact, and obtain permission, from the other invisible bodies.

The energy bodies control channels and meridians. A meridian is a very thin channel, this is the only difference. The meridians bring the elements to "energy" organs, duplicates of the physical organs. Each different energy body has different channels and meridians but, generally speaking, the body of earth is responsible for the physical health of the individuum. Organs inside the bodies of fire and blood, for example, are generally not working to improve the health and they start to work only when the level of health has diminished a lot. They function more or less as "emergency help".

From what I have personally observed, "energy" organs from the body of fire start to work once the body of earth has been destroyed, either by a very important illness (some forms of senile dementia can destroy the body of earth), some kind of spiritual advancement by the client (when somebody starts to relate with the world from his heart chakra the body of earth is usually destroyed and its energy transformed and given to the body of blood), under the influence of drugs like cocaine (I have never taken it but some of my clients have. Cocaine destroys both the body of earth and the body of fire. It is very dangerous), etc. I have never seen at work the organs from the bodies of water, air or blood. The fact that I haven't seen it doesn't mean that they don't work in some circumstances.

In the different energy bodies (specifically of earth and fire) is "written" the information about how things should flow. A healer scans the different bodies that he can reach, compares the channels and meridians to what they should be, and repairs whatever is not working. Depending on his knowledge and ability he will be able to repair more or less things, and his fixings will last for more or less time. Generally speaking, this time will depend on the amount of frequency that he has been able to produce and give to his client. A more developped healer will, usually, be able to give longer lasting healings. Healers can scan the body of fire only when the body of earth doesn't exist anymore.

A shaman is able to use his own mental power and knowledge to create "artificial" (or maybe better said: non natural) constructs that improve the health. As far as I know, they create duplicate energy organs, usually functional but with a different structure from the natural ones.  I haven't seen shamans that create new meridians. It is very interesting because healers (who create channels and meridians) and shamans (who create organs) complement themselves in a beautiful and natural way.

Shamans "know" how to transform the blood of "intelligence" into frequencies of elements. To explain it a little bit more. When we mentally concentrate, a kind of blood is produced, that will be able to make contact with higher planes of the Imaginal World and either understand or even produce "new" ideas. Depending of the amount of blood, a higher plane can be contacted. An average person can maybe contact imaginal planes number one, two or three. A universal genius such as Einstein can probably make contact with imaginal plane number twelve. He brings to Earth ideas coming from this plane. We can see the similarities with the myth of Prometheus. This blood of "intelligence" can be transformed in almost any frequency of every element, except blood itself.

I like to take Einstein as an example because, for me (maybe because I am a physicist), he represents the absolute upper limit of human intelligence. I estimate his ability to concentrate in 3,8. This means that he was able to produce about 3,8 more mental blood than the average human being. Very few people are on his level.

My idea of intelligence, or ability to concentrate, is a different concept than the IQ. The IQ is more related to the speed at which we can process, and combine, old and new data. For me, intelligence has nothing to do with speed, but with ability to understand and generate new ideas. It doesn't matter if we need one second or one hour, what matters is that some new idea is finally understood, or produced. By the way, Einstein was not particulary fast, and he wasn't considered a brilliant student of Physics when he was at the University. Nobody cares if Einstein needed three years or three weeks to create his Theory of Relativity. The proof of his genius lies in the fact that he was able to create it, not in how fast he created it.

Then, if a shaman needs to create frequencies which vibrate faster, he will need a greater amount of this kind of blood. More "intelligent" shamans will be able to create faster frequencies, and thus to have better results.

After a healing by a shaman the flow of "energies" will be maybe healthy, but not natural (because the new organs are not the natural ones). Shamanic techniques are useful because sometimes the natural flow of "energies" is not the best possible one and sometimes the healer lacks knowledge (ie. a specific gift) to restore sufficiently the natural flow of "energies". I say sufficiently because if a healer can perceive something, it also means that he can help to some degree. Sometimes to a very small degree and in these cases the shaman might be necessary.

When the natural flow of "energies" is not the best possible one, it is usually because the client has a genetic problem. To help somebody who has genetic problems is very difficult. It usually requires shamanic techniques, being able to work from the larynx chakra or higher, and frequent sessions because, when somebody suffers a genetic problem, the artificial energy organs don't last too much. In these cases they will last maybe one month.

Shamanism is often linked with drugs. Although drugs are not necessary, many drugs and even metals have the ability to create artificial energy parts. For example: opium creates an artificial brain that doesn't understand pain signals. Caffeine creates and artificial frontal lobe that increases intelligence. Psylocibe cubensis creates an artificial eye that can perceive forms coming from some "astral" or "imaginal" realms. Marihuana creates a new stomach that sends feelings of peacefulness and calm, etc. Even metals, like gold or rhodium can create artificial organs, but in order to work they need to be in close contact with specific parts of our body, and be used with a specific intention.

But there is more to it. Aspirine creates a parcial new nervous system that doesn't transmit pain. Allopurinol creates an artificial liver that processes meat very well, etc. All these organs belong to the body of earth. Depending on the strengh of the new "artificial" organs, the different medicinal effects would be felt in a greater or lesser amount.

Usually drugs  have some kind of perverse effect and, because of this, I strongly recommend not to use them.

Medicinal plants have usually some kind of shamanic properties and they have been the natural teachers of the first shamans.

Maybe the mental power could be used to improve as a healer, restoring natural flow of meridians, but in my experience I have seen it very seldom. Maybe this is an area that should be explored further. There is not a clear reason why pure mental power cannot be used to enhance anybody's abilities as a healer, creating a greater amount of useful frequencies to help our client. In many cases the main problem that a healer has is that he cannot create enough supply of some element. It happens to everybody I know, and also to me. An intelligent healer who was taught shamanic element transformation could, in theory, overcome some of his own limits.

The usual way to increase the production of the frequency that the client needs is to work from a higher chakra. Although it is not possible to give exact numbers, when a healer transitions from the heart to the larynx chakra, he will be maybe able to triple the amount of any frequency that he was able to create. From the larynx to the third eye, the increase can be about three times too. From the third eye to the crown chakra, also three times more, etc. The greatest increase comes when the healer transitions from the solar plexus to the heart chakra. A heart chakra healer is already what I consider a "top healer", and he can create maybe ten times more amount of any frequency than he could when he worked from his solar plexus.

But we cannot control when we transition from one chakra to the next. Several conditions need to be fulfilled, and maybe the most important of these is to receive a sufficient amount of "gratefulness" from our clients for our healings. Strongest bodies of fire and eventually of water and air are also needed, etc.

Shamans scan in a different way as healers. Healers scan the energy bodies, earth and fire, and shamans directly scan the different energy organs, to perceive how well they work. Shamans can also lack knowledge and not be able to understand, for example, that a energy lung is not working OK.

The main reason why shamanic techniques are not used to restore the natural flow of meridians is that shamans simply don't look at the meridians.

A shaman can transform mental power into different frequencies. In my case I can produce frequencies for the body of earth, fire, water, and air, but not for the body of blood. This means that I am able to create new organs for these invisible bodies. Different shamans might have different possibilities.

For example, a healer will never create a duplicate organ (it is not a natural thing to do, and much less when the new organ has a completely different structure from the old one) but a shaman will do it. Each organ has a "energy organ" that depends on the body of earth. For example, the pancreas of one of my clients has an invisible "energy pancreas", hanging from his body of earth, that works very badly. Now we have two different possibilities:

1.- A healer can try to improve the natural flow of substances to his "energy pancreas" to see if it starts working better. Because part of his problem is genetic, and this means working with the body of blood (this really means that the healing is done within the body of earth, but the body of blood has to be contacted in order for the body of earth to accept this healing for genetic problems), it is at the same time very difficult to do (larynx chakra or higher) and requires high knowledge at the same time (ie. a specific gift). Many healers, me included, have tried to help him this way and we have all failed. In some cases by lack of strenght and in some cases by lack of knowledge.

I remember this case very well. I was able to perceive the problem as a healer and, therefore, I was able to solve it. The problem is that my help lasted for about one hour. A healer doesn't usually know for how long his help is going to last, and sometimes there are surprises such as this one.

2.- A shaman will create, among other possibilities, new and additional "energy pancreas" and will connect them to the animal central channel of his client, either directly or indirectly. Depending on the knowledge of the shaman the "new organs" will last more or less time, before they "dissolve". As far as I know, "energy organs" are made from three layers of blood, fire and air. Each layer is composed from several different frequencies.

To sum up: if the pancreas of the client is working now well it is mainly because 

1.- he has received an excellent shamanic frequencythat created duplicate capillaries in his digestive and heart system 

2.- because he also has multiple energy pancreas working now at more or less 50% strength. 

3.- because some of his inborn debts with people were cancelled and this has freed his pancreas even more

This is a victory for the shaman's team over the healer's team, I would say 2 to 1. Two shamanic factors against one healer factor (the cancellation of debts).

A good shaman, maybe powerful, but without enough knowledge, will create only the outer layer of the artificial organ, made from blood. In this case the organs will work maybe for 1-2 months and then degenerate. Most shamans that I know are like this. Interesting, but they healings don't really last.

A better shaman will understand more and create two layers. Maybe this will allow the organ to work for 1-2 years, assuming that there is no genetic problem. I only know three shamans who create a double layer organ.

An even better shaman with more knowledge will create the 3 layers. Each layer is inside the preceding one and they are not easy to perceive or to create. In this way the "artificial energy organs" could last a lifetime, always assuming that there is no genetic problem. Only very intelligent shamans are able to perceive and create the three layer organ.

A black magician uses a combination of hypnosis and harmful shamanism to harm people or extract their energy. He might create artificial organs that send the energy to the magician, and hypnotizes people to accept them.

A white magician can connect with "healers in Heaven", or in "parallel universes" and brings new frequencies from beyond to help his clients. Also, some white magicians are able to choose, among alternate potential futures, the one or ones that will improve our health, love, money, etc. White magic requires big amounts of good karma in the client in order to work. Bad karma usually destroys the effect of white magic.

In the healing world there are very very few people that I would consider to be white magicians. In fact, I only know one. She is a woman, very powerful. She usually works from her third eye chakra. As far as I can tell, she has contact with two different organizations of healers, living in Heaven, who help her. Besides this, she is also able to disconnect people from the collective unconscious, or, in her own words, from the "morphogenetic field". This is also white magic in my opinion. It is a little bit like taking somebody out of the "Matrix". This disconnection ability is quite unique and very important to deal with people who suffer from real guilt, have major family problems, are drug addicts, etc. Som

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