Earning Your Own Money Out Of Thin Air!

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 This system is like printing money.  It's like having your own printing press that spits out dollar bills.  This system can even be looked at as printing FREE money out of thin air, legally.  I love this system.  It has changed my life.

   Let's say you went to Las Vegas to gamble.  You had $100 to spend on gambling.  You told yourself if you lose that $100, you are done and will not gamble the rest of the weekend.  Therefore, you have $100 to spend on gambling.

   The first hour, you are down to $30 left.  You have already spent $70 and lost it all.  Depressed at your loss, you decide to go to lunch and relax from the gambling tables for a little while.

   While at lunch, you overhear two guys talking about how they won a ton of money on the Craps table.  One guy said he just kept betting on the “do not pass line” and kept winning.

   You decide to give that a try next.  So, you finish up your slice of pizza and dash over to the Craps Table.  You slap down $10 on the “do not pass line”.

   Bingo!  You win.  Now, you have $40.  You keep working the table and build up to $170!!  You have now profited $70.  You started out with $100 but now have a total of $170 ($70 more than what you started with).

   So, you decide to take out the $100 and put it in the back of your wallet.  You are not going to touch the $100 you started with and you're just going to use the $70 you won, to continue gambling with.

   You are playing with “house money” now.

   You are playing with the casino's money, not yours.  You stashed your initial $100 away and will not touch it no matter what.  You are playing with other people's money.

   Now, this may seem like common sense to you.  It may seem like something even an 8th grader would figure out.  However, there's a major-major business lesson in this story.

   Let me put it another way, with another story, but with real estate instead of gambling, or online marketing.  Because, with gambling, the odds are not in your favor.  With the system I'm going to show you, the odds are GREATLY in your favor. 

   In fact, I believe the odds are so greatly in my favor, I can pretty much guarantee you I can earn money doing this system no matter what.  I've even performed this system in front of people and earned income right before their eyes.  Yes, I gave away the niche and everything I was doing and made profits right in front of them!

   I bet your favorite guru has never done that in front of you huh?  I walked the talk and produced profits out of thin air right in front of 100+ people, in some crazy niche I was not even interested in.  It's documented and found inside my Little Cash Robots course.

   Plus, I've done it many times before too.  So, yeah, I'm so confident in this system, I would guarantee people I can turn profits easily.  The odds are greatly in your favor if you work this system.

   So, real estate... I'm no real estate pro, but here's an example for illustration purposes.  You buy an apartment for $50k and get it financed through the bank.  The bank wanted 10% down, so you put $5,000 down to secure the loan.

  You rent out the apartment and someone pays you rent monthly for living there.  This renter pays for your mortgage, taxes and maintenance through the rent amount he/she pays you monthly.  Plus, you earn $100 per month profit.

   So, let's say your monthly mortgage payment is $400 and you rent this apartment out for $600.  The extra $200 covers taxes and maintenance and leaves $100 to you as profit.

   Now, that $100 per month or $2,400 per year is house money.  In fact, you don’t even have to pay taxes on that $2,400.  It's tax free (see your CPA for that though).

   Now, you sell that apartment for $70,000 and therefore earned $20,000 on the sale.  That would require you paying capital gains tax I believe, but you can take that $20,000 you just earned and put it into a new investment and then it's tax free (check with CPA).

   Let's say you take that $20k you just earned and put it down on 4 more apartment units.  Now, you are earning $1500 per month in profit and those tenants are paying for your mortgage payment, taxes and maintenance.  

   Either way, this is yet another example of using house money.

   My friend, this is how the rich get rich and richer.  In fact, I can even take it further than that.  The rich just do things differently.  Here's a hypothetical of a system a rich business person could do:

 نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪How To LEGALLY Print Your Own  Money Out Of Thin Air!!‬‏

  The rich person uses OPM (other people's money) to finance a real estate deal.  That real estate deal produces a monthly income for the rich person (cash flow).  This is tax free income.

  This person then takes the revenue/profits (cash flow) from the real estate deal and invests it into a new investment (gold, silver, real estate, etc).

  Then, he/she takes the return on investment (capital gains) and reinvests it into a tax deferred pension plan or life insurance plan.

  He then takes out loans versus the death benefit from the life insurance plan (or take the gain in gold or silver and invests that into the life insurance plan)... and that loan is tax free.

  All of that was on other people's money too.  He started with investments from other people, who wanted to fund the real estate deal and earn profits.

   Now, I'm no CPA or Tax Attorney and this is just an illustration for talking points, but still, this is how the rich get richer.  The rich have people who give them money (customers, or investors, etc).

  The non-rich give their money to rich people.

  Playing with “house money” is more than just a saying, it's a system for getting rich or making lots of money.  And, it works online like a charm!

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