Do You Like Me, Check Yes Or No.

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If value is perception, then understand branding is perception too.  Understand that it's all about presentation.  Understand that it's all about perception and presentation.

   To get people to like you is half the battle to getting rich in marketing.  People love Apple products.  They buy all kinds of gizmos and accessories and products from Apple.  They really-really like Apple.  Apple is branded.

   The same with Frank Kern, a popular Internet Marketing star.  People really-really like him.  He can make money just on his brand.  Yes, value is perception.

   Does Frank know his stuff?  Of course, he's brilliant and I've enjoyed watching him over the years.  He did a tremendous job of branding himself and getting people to like him.  Some will buy everything he ever sells.

   Some will not even read the sales page, they'll just buy it.  Being liked is one of the most powerful forms of value there is. 

   But, you don’t have to be Frank Kern to tap into this.

   You can get your list to like you... or your company brand... to increase value... err... perceived value.

   By telling you at the beginning of this report that Bill and I have generated 50 million dollars increases value.  Do we have an edge over you because we've generated this much money?  You are damn right it does.

   But, do you need to have generated 50 million in order to get people to like you?  No way!  In fact, you might even be better at getting more people to like you than we are.  I mean, I've been known to actually make people mad.  So, you probably have an advantage over me already.

   How can you get people to like you more?  Well, you can give them free stuff (goodwill).  You can do nice things for them.  You can tell them the truth and be 'straight-to-the-point' instead of jacking people around.

   However, one of the best ways to get people to like you is to entertain them.  Yes, that's the most liked people... the entertainers.  Can you make them laugh? 

   Can you make them cry?  Can you create empathy?  Are you a good speaker?  Are you interesting, goofy?  Are you hardcore like Donald Trump?  Are you controversial?  Are you offensive like Gary Halbert was?

   Can you add this branding and “on-purpose” entertainment to your products, list, emails, presentations and everything you do?  You should try, because it increases value.

   Value is perception.

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