~ Dear Six Figures

Like any good salesperson, who is focused on sales, sell something you believe in!  For example, this program you are going through here... I totally believe in it and you better believe I would sell the crap out of this program with all my might.  It's my duty.

   In fact, I feel so strongly about this blueprint, I'm confident enough to say that people who miss out on it are making a big mistake.  I feel people who do not buy this blueprint are insane or big dummies, if they are serious about marketing.

   I'm that confident in selling this blueprint.  And, that's how you want to feel about what you are selling.  In other words, create value and believe in what you are selling.

   This is why, I believe, so many people fail at selling PLR stuff.  They know it's crap and therefore do not sell it aggressively or confidently.

   However, also understand that plenty of marketers sell crap products all the time, even though they know the product is crap and garbage, yet it still sells like crazy.  Why is this?

   Well, it goes to show how important sales is.  I mean, they are laser focused on sales and not their crappy products.  But, since they are so focused on sales and because sales is so critical, they succeed despite their crappy products.

   They are just doing too good of a job tapping into the wants of the marketplace and selling the snot out of their products, to fail.  They are too good at recruiting affiliates and driving traffic to fail.  This shows the importance of selling right here.

   This shows the incredible desire people have to buy, buy and buy again and again too.  They discount off the bad reviews or the hype.  They buy anyway because they want that fix... that hit of hope.

   If you are serious about making six figures online, then you should now understand that money is going to come from sales.

   Whats interesting, and you might even be thinking this yourself, is that many people tell me things like, “I am ambitious to succeed but I have morals and will not sacrifice my integrity or morals for money”

   Well, heck, what do you say to that?  I met someone who said money is evil.  Is he right?  I remember one person telling me what I do is unethical?  Really?  Tell the families who have both of their parents at home full time and do not have to work a day job that what they do is unethical.

   What is unethical?  Sales?  Getting rich?  Making money?  Marketing?  Selling at the back of the room?  Pitching from stage?  Up-sales?  High ticket coaching programs?  Call centers?  Copywriting?  Persuasion?  Launches?

   I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but here's my take... as long as you provide more value than what the price tag is asking for, then sell the crap out of your stuff!

   I'll leave the judgment and righteousness up to each person to judge on their own.  And, I'll also add, “forgive them for they do not know”

   However, this blueprint is not about that.  I'm not here to be your best friend or counselor or preacher on what's right or wrong, ethical or not.  You be the judge.

   I'm here to tell you that “Free Enterprise” is what I'm about and in this world, that means you've got to sell your stuff if you want people to buy from you.  That means you must provide value or you'll be out of business fast.  That means you must have integrity and be a stand up guy or gal or you'll fail quickly.

And if you want to earn six figures online, you better focus on sales.

Never Ready.

   You'll never be fully ready in this business, or any business.  The best thing to do is go for it now.  Get ready later, right now, sell.  Many people think they must pay the price first... do their time first... learn everything under the sun first... then they'll be worthy of selling their own stuff.

   That's wrong and a recipe for failure.  You're never ready my friend.  You have to just do it.  You have to throw yourself out there and learn to swim after you are already in the water.  You have to take a leap of faith and dive in.  Trust in yourself and dive in.  Have faith in yourself and dive in.  Just roll.   Just sell.  Now.

   You can become great later, be good enough now and start selling now.  That product will never be a masterpiece, so sell it now.  Get it out there now.  Stop waiting for the perfect time, sell it now.

   You are running out of time.

   Even bad movies make millions of dollars at the box office, so sell now.  Your dreams are running out of time my friend.  What are you waiting for?

   Get good on the job.  Learn as you go.  Figure it out as you go.  Test and test again.  Fail fast and rock on right now.  This is how we get rich.  We just do it. 


   One of the fastest ways to get to six figures is to model what is already selling well.  Just dive in and do the same things.  Sell similar products as others.  Sell what is already selling. 

   Most beginners think, “It's already been done”... or “there's already a lot of similar products like this out there”... or “there's too much competition”


   How many search engines are there?  How many TV channels are there?  Heck, how many reality TV shows are there, or singing competition shows?  How many pawn shop shows or reality police shows?  How many Alaska shows are there now?  There's like Ice Pilots, Ice Truckers, Ice Swimmers, Ice Police, Ice Hunting, Ice Survival, Ice Birds, Ice Bears, Ice everything...

   Get in there and compete.  Get in there and sell.  Sell what is already selling.  Do not try to invent something, model others.  Sell what they are selling.

   Just add your own USP (unique selling proposition).  Add in your own angle.  This is key.  If you see products on Facebook are selling like crazy, then sell Facebook but with a unique twist.

   For example, Facebook For Lawyers or Facebook For Doctors... Facebook for moms... etc.

   Sell “Dating for 50 somethings”... sell what sells but with your own twist.  But, get busy selling something!

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