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Attracting tourists from all over the world, La
Jolla's community is one that combines trends with
traditional class.  Located 12 miles north from
downtown San Diego, this highly prosperous
community offers seven miles of coastline at an
elevation of 110 feet.  The land here is so desired
that it's impossible to find property in La Jolla
for less than 1.25 million an acre!

The lucky 38,000 plus who live in this heavenly
seaside town live among Mediterranean style
architecture with a unique flair.  From the
crashing waves along the shore to the high rise
buildings in the business district, you can expect
everything in La Jolla to be first rate quality.

Business district
Even though La Jolla is mostly known for its
incredible shoreline, the city's business district
is hardly modest to say the least.  Located to
the east in La Jolla, there are professional centers,
financial buildings, law firms, and technological
industries that dominate this district.

There are also modern shopping centers here as well,
along with a wealthy residential area.  The
world renowned Scripps Memorial Hospital & Medical
Research Center is here as well as the San Diego
Mormon Temple - a remarkable 59,000 square foot
building that resembles a large ice sculpture.

The Village
The downtown area of La Jolla offers shops, hotels,
boutiques, restaurants, coffee houses, salons,
and art galleries.  Even though this area is
rather small, the district is full of trendy
establishments that draw wealthy visitors from all
over the world. 

Girad Avenue is the main street of La Jolla, even
though Prospect Drive is known as "Rodeo Drive" in
San Diego. 


Although the business area and La Jolla Village are
both impressive communities, the most memorable
region in La Jolla is the areas and communities
along the Pacific shoreline. 

La Jolla offers some of the most impressive shore
lines in Southern California, with remarkable
caves, cliffs, beaches, and sunsets.  The best
view of La Jolla can be seen from the air.  Daring
visitors can take in La Jolla via the Torrey Pines
Gliderport and learn flying.  If you seek a more
tame view of the coastline, try the scenic drive
along North Torrey Pines Road.

All along the coastline, La Jolla offers you a
first rate shopping district.  You can visit
jewelry stores, art galleries, souvenir shops,
and fashionable boutiques.  Once you have been
shopping, you can complete the day by dining above
the water of the Pacific.

From the art galleries and trendy shops to the
world class golf courses, La Jolla has attractions
to please tourists from all over the world.  Each
district is unique, yet they are all similiar when
it comes to quality.  You won't find anything short
of the best when you visit the best Southern
California has to offer.

Best Hotels In La Jolla
نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪la jolla california‬‏

If you've ever been to La Jolla, you are probably
aware of the fact that finding a hotel can be a
pretty tough task indeed.  To help you with your
quest, you'll find some of the best hotels in La
Jolla.  This way, you'll be well prepared when you
visit again.

1.  Travelodge La Jolla Beach
Located close to the Windandsea Beach, this hotel
is in a quiet area.  There are 44 rooms here, with
a fitness center less than a block away.  Travelodge
also offers free wireless and internet service,
which is great for those who like computers.

2.  Radisson Hotel La Jolla
This hotel offers landscaped grounds with waterfalls,
gardens, and it's convenient to UCSD and the La
Jolla Village Square.  The hotel has 252 rooms, with
a complimentary airport shuttle.  Located at 3299
Holiday Court, this hotel is an excellent choice
to stay.

3.  La Jolla Village Lodge
The La Jolla Village Lodge is a three stories, and
offers quite a bargain in price.  With 30 rooms,
free parking and a free continental breakfast, the
La Jolla Village Lodge is a great addition to the
La Jolla area.

4.  Redwood Hollow
The Redwood Hollow is more of a studio or one and
two bedroom cottages, offering full kitchens on
1/2 acre of gardens.  Close to the beach, this
lodge offers 11 rooms and plenty of views.  Located
at 256 Prospect Street, you'll be close to what
you want to do in La Jolla.

5.  Empress Hotel
Located in the heart of the town, the EmpressHotel is a well known local favorite.  Manhattan's
restaurant is located off from the lobby, with a
fitness center and sauna onsite as well.  The hotel
also offers 73 rooms, free local calls, breakfast,
and high speed internet.  Located at 7766 Fay
Avenue, the Empress Hotel is the place to be for
those who want to be in the middle of La Jolla.

6.  Grande Colonial
Located on La Jolla's main street, the Grande
Colonial is one of the oldest hotels in the city.
With 75 rooms and a European style, Grande Colonial
also offers you free ADSL internet and valet

7.  Hyatt Regency
The Hyatt Regency in La Jolla offers modern design
with all the comforts, although it's better for
travelers than family vacationers.  The Regency
is located at 3777 La Jolla Village Drive, offers
394 rooms, and plenty of other perks to keep you
entertained and interested.

Black's Beach

Black's Beach is a two mile long, sandy strip of
beach located at the base of the majestic cliffs
that can be up to 300 foot high.  Formally known
as Torrey Pines City Beach, it's jointly owned by
the City of San Diego and the State of California.
There is also a glider port atop the cliff that
overlooks the beach where hang gliders and even
remote control gliders can be seen soaring.

Gaining access to Black's Beach isn't easy due
to the high cliffs and lack of stairways.  The
safest access is from the adjacent beaches to the
north and south, although this way may be obstructed
by high tides or surf.

The cliffs here are unstable as well, and slides
can occur anytime, so it's always best to stay
away from them.  There's no permanent lifeguard
station at this beach either.  There are some on
duty mid day from Spring Break through the end
of the October.

Keep in mind, most California beaches experience
very strong rip currents.  Black's Beach is no
exception, as the rip currents can get very strong
here.  To be on the safe side, always swim near
shore or near a lifeguard.

The water activity at Black's Beach is virtually
unregulated.  Surfers and swimmers may mix, but
they are all required to employ care and avoiding
hurting each other. 

Black's Beach is also an excellent beach for
surfing, especially at the south end.  Scuba
diving isn't recommended here, due to access
problems and surf conditions. 

Even though access can be hard, Black's Beach is
still an excellent beach.  It offers plenty of
seclusion, views, and sand for the kids.  If you've
never been here, this beach can easily prove to
be one of your favorites in the entire area of
San Diego.

Children's Pool

Also known as the Casa, the Children's Pool is a
small beach partially protected by a sea wall. 
The original intention here was to create a fully
protected swimming area, although sand has now
filled in much of the area that exists to the
inside of the wall.

This is a very beautiful beach, offering several
panoramic views.  Almost all year long, seals and
sea lions are present on or near the beach, with
a reserve for these marine mammals, known as Seal
Rock being just a bit offshore.

The Children's Pool is within a short walking
distance of the commercial area of the community
of La Jolla.  You can find grassy park areas a
short distance to the north and south.  Several
small beaches are nearby as well, including
Wipeout Beach to the south and Shell Beach to the

Children's Pool is also a popular beach for
scuba divers because of the reefs just offshore.
These very same reefs can help create very strong
currents and other hazards, especially in high
surf conditions.

Lifeguard protection
Lifeguards are staffed daily throughout the year.
In the summer, lifeguard hours are normally 9 AM
until dark.  During other times of the year,
lifeguards may not begin duty until 10 AM.

From the north, take I-5 to La Jolla Village
Drive, westbound.  At the signalized intersection,
turn left onto Torrey Pines Road.  Follow this
road to Prospect Street and turn right.  Be on
the lookout for signs and bear right onto Coast

From the south, take I-5 north to La Jolla
Parkway.  Continue following it as it will become
Torrey Pines Road.  Follow this road to Prospect
Street and take a right.  Watch for the signs then
take a right on Coast Boulevard.

At La Jolla Cove, there is a very limited amount
of on street parking.  Onstreet parking can be
very hard to find, especially in the summer.  It's
limited to three hours at a time on weekdays,
although there is no limit on weekends.

You should always check the signs for any types
of parking restrictions.  Paid parking is also
available in downtown La Jolla at several locations
and it's also a short walk from the beach.

For a great day of fun, scuba diving, or just
enjoying the water, the Children's Pool in La
Jolla is a great place to go.  You should always
try to get here early, as it can get very crowded
in the summer.  Once you get here, you'll find
yourself completely amazed with what the Pool will
offer you and your family.

Empress Hotel

Located in the heart of the charming La Jolla village,
the Empress Hotel is an enchanted palace located
just four miles north of Mission Bay.  Adding a
little bit more beauty to the already amazing San
Diego, this hotel is very popular for tourists.

Known for its warm hospitality, the Empress Hotel
has superior accommodations and very attentive
service.  This superior hotel is a great place to
relax and enjoy everything that San Diego has to
offer you and your family.

La Jolla is an upscale coastal resort that sets
amist beautiful cliffs and coves.  La Jolla offers
plenty of shops, fine dining, distinctive galleries,
and amazing beaches.  By staying at the Empress
Hotel you'll be captivated with the area and
amazed time and time again.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪la jolla california‬‏

If your looking for luxurious accommodations, the
Empress Hotel has them.  Accommodations here
include either one king or two queen beds, available
in several room types, including traditional,
deluxe, empress, and even the empress spa suite.

All rooms at the Empress Hotel feature:
    -  Cable television
    -  A refrigerator
    -  Coffee maker and bottled water
    -  Free local calls and faxing
    -  Voicemail and data ports
    -  Private bath with hairdryer and bathrobes
    -  Iron and ironing board

Services and amenities
The Empress Hotel offers superior service, such as
valet parking, courteous room service, and other

The complimentary deluxe continental breakfast here
includes fresh Starbucks coffee, served on the sun
deck every morning.  The Manhattan restaurant is
right around the corner as well, offering some
excellent fine dining.

The hotel also offers an exercise center, spa, and
sauna so that guests can pamper themselves.  They
can also refer you to local spas and other things
nearby that you may be interested in.

For those on a working vacation, the Empress Hotel
offers complimentary Internet access on two
floors.  Private meetings and conferences can be
held in one of the two meeting rooms, available
for groups of up to 50 people.  Both meeting
rooms are equipped with high speed internet

If your going to be staying in the La Jolla area,
the Empress Hotel is one the best hotels in the
area.  The hotel is in a great location, minutes
away from some of the biggest attractions that
San Diego has to offer.

You can visit Sea World, the Birch Aquarium, and
many other popular tourist attractions.  Best of
all, you can come back to your relaxing hotel
after a day of checking out La Jolla and San
Diego and just relax - the way things were always
meant to be on vacation.

Getting To La Jolla

La Jolla, located in California, is a 20 minute
drive from downtown San Diego by going Interstate
5 north.  Take the exit at Ardath Road, eventually
Ardath Road will become Torrey Pines Road.  Continue
west on this road, and you'll reach the village
when you see Prospect Place.  Turn right on Prospect
Place and you'll enter the heart of La Jolla.

On average, around 7,000 people will visit La Jolla
every day.  With so many people coming to such a
small place, you can almost bet that finding a
parking place is a chore.  There isn't any parking
meters, although many of the streets closest to the
water do have one hour time limits.  You can go
a little farther out for two hour parking, although
you'll have to observe the time limits.  Even in
off season, parking enforcement is really enforced

Even during the off season, finding a parking place
is very hard to do.  The streets are almost always
crowded, although for good reason.  La Jolla is an
excellent tourist attraction, with plenty of water
and fun for the entire family.

If you pay close attention when you visit, you can
find a few paid lots that are scattered around the
town.  If you get closer to the downtown area, the
lots will be a little bit cheaper.

Your best bet when visiting La Jolla might be a
parking lot that's well hidden - so few people will
notice it.  If you turn downhill on Coast Blvd
from Prospect, you'll find it on the left, right
across from the Cave Store.  Keep in mind though,
vehicles over 6'5" won't fit through.

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