$250,000 Per Year.

  نتيجة بحث الصور عن $250,000.
 Listen, if you want to make six figures or up to around 250k per year, then this section and this entire blueprint is for you!  It is.  And, here's what you need to focus on to achieve this income:


   After years of coaching people in this market, and after 6+ years of paying attention to struggling marketers, I can tell you with great certainty that most of the people in this market focus on everything else but sales.

   They dabble in everything.  Dabble here... dabble there... and always looking at this business from a distance.  They are not so serious that they are serious.  They are merely dabbling along, taking a taste test in business.

   Do not dabble. 

   Dabbling will result in failure.  There's no way you can treat this business as a hobby or side product thing and bust out six figures.  You are not going to stumble upon six figures.  You are not going to accidentally quit your day job and earn a quarter of a million online. 

   Do not dabble.

   Go all in. 

 نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪$250,000 Per Year.‬‏

   You have to put your heart and soul into this and then some.  You have to be very serious.  Dabbling is going to cause you to be reactive... instead of proactive.  You'll be at the mercy of other people and it's like you are on a rapid river where the river takes you where it wants to take you, including smack into a rock!

   You want control and you want to go all in.  Be on fire and go for your dreams.  Do not dabble along, faintly doing anything.  You'll continue to fail.  It's either all in or do not play the game.

   Leave excuses behind.  Of course you are new, stop using it as an excuse though.  Plow forward with your whole heart and soul.

   Now you can see why most fail, it's because they dabble.  They are trying lots of different things instead of getting good at one thing.  They are going a mile wide and an inch deep instead of a mile deep and an inch wide!

   Get into the guts of this business.  Master it like the back of your hand.  Do not dabble.  Go all in.

   And, go all in with SALES.

   Your main focus should be on sales.  Until you reach 250k per year online, all your focus should mostly be on sales.  Go ahead and create your product line, but then spend the rest of your time on sales.

   Maybe take two weeks to create your product line and then spend the rest of the 50 weeks this next 12 months on SALES only.  Put your heart and soul into sales.  Spend all your time on sales.  Forget about spending half your “computer time” on learning and spend 90% of your time on sales.

   Until you are making 250k per year, nothing else matters.  You do not need the latest and greatest marketing scheme or launch.  You need to focus on sales and only sales.

 نتيجة بحث الصور عن $250,000.

   10% of your time can be on everything else... including customer service... making your products better or updating them... on learning... on technical tricks... on Facebook and Twitter... etc.

   90% of your time should be on sales and only sales.  Do this and you'll make six figures.  Ignore all the latest and greatest things.  If something is so tremendous and a must-have, you'll hear about it.

   By the way, most stuff is never going to be so tremendous or groundbreaking, or revolutionary that you must have it.  Most everything out there is going to be a distraction from selling.  Just sell and ignore everything else.

   Most newbies and intermediate marketers spend a great deal of time checking out offers, buying offers, going through products, watching videos, reading reports, interacting, being entertained, etc.

   NOT YOU... spend all your time on selling.  Ignore everything else.  This is the fastest way to six figures.  Nothing is more important than focusing on sales.

   Get your product line done and not perfect.  Provide value and then focus on sales, that's it.  Just sales.  Nothing else.

   Will your customer service be the best in the market?  No, it will not and nor should it be.  You can focus on providing the very best customer service when you get over 250k per year.  Until then, you'll not even have enough customers to even worry about customer service.

   Hire some out sourcer from a different country if you want, to handle your customer service, if you want, but by all means, focus on sales.  I'm not saying provide terrible customer service or to not honor refunds, etc, but by all means, focus on sales.

 نتيجة بحث الصور عن $250,000.

   I'm not saying create a terrible, crappy product either, but by all means focus 90% of your time on sales!  By being the owner of your business, nothing is more important than sales.  You are the primary sales person.

   If you feel like you are not good at sales, then get over it.  You need to become good at sales and you need to do that now.  If you are afraid of sales, then get over it.  At the least, partner with someone who is great at sales.  Sales is priority one.  It must be focused on and concentrated on.  It's your primary aim.

   Listen, nothing else matters and if you spend any time on something other than sales, it's likely you are wasting your time.  To get to 250k per year online, or even 80k per year, you must put everything you have into sales, period.

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