Tips to Selecting a Good Golf Instructor

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Golf is one of the few sports that is around today that is growing rapidly in popularity and has a huge draw for numerous types of people to play.  What may seem like a rather mundane sport has actually started gathering the attention of children and even middle-aged adults as well.  In the past golf focused primarily around older adults, but as time has gone on, this has changed dramatically.  This brings about the need for even more golf instructors that are teaching everyone to play, yet at the same time, it becomes much more important to select a good instructor.  In the past when golf was not quite as popular, your options for instructors may have been limited, now you can choose exactly whom you would like to work with.

This is great news for those who are trying to decide upon the best golf instructor for their needs.  If you are trying to pick your perfect golf instructor there are a few things that you should always keep in mind.  The first is you need to pick someone who obviously knows what they are doing.  This means you are going to need to take a bit of time to look over their credentials.  Learning to play golf by playing Nintendo Wii Sports is not an acceptable answer when you ask for credentials.  You would like to look for some professional or at the very least semi-professional playing experience.  After all, you would ask a librarian for help in learning how to find the books you need at a library so you should follow the same theory for a golf instructor as well and choose a professional.

You want to also look for someone who makes you feel comfortable.  If you do not like working with men much you would be best off finding a female instructor, however if you do now work as well with women then a male instructor is best for you.  The options for golf instructors now are quite large, which gives you the freedom to really be a bit picky when you are making a decision.  However, being picky will ensure that you are satisfied with the results and feel completely comfortable working with the person.  In order to really learn golf successfully you are going to need to spend a bit of time working on your stance, this means you need someone who can help you relax, rather than standing always in a very tense and uptight position.

Search around if you are looking for a golf instructor and get some recommendations from the local golf courses, they can often give you some great tips about which instructors are the best and who is most likely going to be a good match for you.  While you may not like their suggestion, it does give you a good place to start looking at least.  In addition, you can often get good information about which instructors to avoid as well.  This is highly valuable information, even if it is not quite what you were looking to get in terms of a referral.  Never discount the power of a reference, this allows you to use someone else’s knowledge to make the best decision possible.

If you have been talking to a golf instructor whom you feel is a bit of an incompatible match with your personality then you should feel free to look around.  Never settle for a potential instructor that you are not completely comfortable with.  The results of working with a bad instructor, or even someone whom you are not comfortable with can result in you feeling as if you have learned nothing, frustrated, upset and even confused.  Your time with your chosen instructor should be a positive and rewarding experience.  A good instructor can have you successfully playing golf much faster than an instructor whom you are uncomfortable with, take your time selecting your instructor for the best overall experience.

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