Creating a Themed Gift Basket

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When giving gifts to your family and friends it is very important to many people to buy something that they will obviously love! However, for those people that you know well, be it your family members or close relatives, one great present to give them is a gift basket. There are many different ways that a gift basket can be presented, but one of those ways involves creating a themed gift basket. You don't want to just choose any theme, however, you'll want to think about what the individuals' interests, likes, and dislikes are so that you'll know what and what not to include in their gift basket that you'll be creating.

In addition, there are also a couple choices that one has when giving a themed gift basket. There are all sorts of gift baskets already on the market that have themes running through them, but chances are that the gifts inside the basket won't be as personal as the ones you could pick out for you close friend or family member by yourself. Here are a few suggestions when creating a themed gift basket, and few ideas of gifts to include with that theme:


If the person you are buying the gift basket for loves college or professional sports, it would be a great idea to pick out some of their favorite teams and include those in the gift basket itself. For example, when it comes to college football many people have an Ohio State and Michigan rivalry. Obviously those who love Ohio State should be given a themed-Ohio State gift basket, while those who love the Michigan football team should be given a gift basket that's filled with Michigan football memorabilia. A couple examples of the gifts that one could include are a signed mini-football by one of the most important players of the team, the team's official hats, as well as a jersey that can be included as well.


When giving a gift basket for children it's also important to pick out some of the things that little boy and little girls would like. For example, buying small toys is a great idea when you place them neatly in a gift basket for the child to see. There are many creative ways that a gift basket could be given to a child that is filled with toys and anyone who wants to attempt a toy gift basket will more than likely have a whole lot of fun with it!

Of course these couple suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a themed gift basket. The possibilities are virtually limitless when it comes to giving gift baskets to your family and close friends, but perhaps the most important thing that one can include is the favorite items that you know your family or close friend will love. For example, if someone loves movies and goes to see movies regularly then filling a gift basket with DVD movies, popcorn, and other movie theater candy can also be created into a themed gift basket. All in all, though, there are many great gift basket ideas to use for your family and friends and there is pretty much no end to the way they can be presented!

Candy Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are probably one of the most favorite gifts to give away simply because they are not only fun to buy or make, but they're also fun to receive. Just the thought of receiving a bunch of different small things, or a lot of one single thing, is enough to make someone happy at the gift that they got. The holiday times are when gift baskets are usually given, but of course gift baskets can be purchased for numerous other occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Valentine's Day, or any other occasion that gift baskets may seem appropriate to give.

There are all sorts of ideas for creating your own gift basket to give away to someone, but one idea that is actually frequently used by many people throughout the world is a candy gift basket. Unless you're buying a gift for someone that's intentionally on a diet or just can't stand candy for some reason, candy is usually always well-received! Here are some ideas for filling the gift basket you're about to give with some of the best candy in a candy store:

Filling the Bottom

Perhaps one of the important things to do when filling a gift basket is to make sure there is plenty of stuff on the bottom of the gift basket to enjoy. Many gift baskets simply have a soft padding, such as shredded paper or even tissue paper lying in the bottom, but for a candy gift basket one suggestion to use would be to fill the bottom with M&Ms or little chocolate candy pieces such as those. It doesn't matter whether they're taken out of the wrapper or not, though, but if they were dumped out of the wrapper for the gift basket then chances are that they are going to be used simply for decoration anyway. But an M&M chocolate bottom can be used to hold the rest of the candy in the gift basket.

The Heart of the Gift Basket

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The next thing that you'll want to get to is the heart and body of the actual gift basket that you're making. There are plenty of options here, but the best thing to do would be to take a trip to the candy store and spend just a set amount of money on candy altogether. Little candy bars can be thrown in, candy mints, gummy worm and other gummy candies, as well as a whole bunch of other option. The best thing to remember, though, is to fill the gift basket to the brim if you're going to make it right!

After you're all done filling the bottom of the gift basket, as well as the main part that the recipient will see then it is time to buy a few other large pieces of candy so that they'll lay neatly on top. Choices for this can either be King Size candy bars, big packages of variety packs of candy, licorice sticks, and just anything that would fit neatly on the top of the basket.

Of course you'll also probably want to wrap the gift basket in shrink wrap so that none of the candy falls out. You can obviously wrap the basket with a nice bow or ribbon for presentation and to secure the shrink wrap, but the essential directions of the candy gift basket should be adhered to as described above!

What to Put in a Gift Basket
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Gift baskets are great gifts for virtually everyone on your list for any type of occasion. Even though you may think of gift baskets as impersonal on one hand, on the other hand gift baskets can be truly a creative gift for anyone to receive. Prepackaged gift baskets, however, may actually be those impersonal gifts that many people don't like to receive because they may only include generic gifts anyway, such as hot tea packets, chocolate candies, and other types of food or candy that you may not even want. However, if you make a gift basket right and include all of the things that the person you are making it for may like then you definitely have a good shot at pleasing the recipient. After all, giving a gift is the most important concept about a gift basket so making sure that it is received well is of utmost importance!

However, the problem with gift baskets usually lies in the fact that many people simply are at a loss as to know what type of gifts to put in their gift basket for whoever they're buying. On the other hand, chances are that if you're not buying for a total Scrooge then virtually any type of gift that you place in the basket will be well received by the recipient! But because there are many people who arrive at a loss or hesitate after they start making their own gift baskets, here are some suggestions for what to place in the gift basket you are creating:

Movies and Books

Who says that movies and books don't make great gift ideas? Chances are that if you are purchasing a basket and making a gift basket for one of your close friends or family members then you know the types of things that he or she likes. Most people generally love to watch movies and read books, so these can make great gifts when put together in a gift basket. On the other hand, if you're not too sure about whether or not the person loves to read then you can also buy a variety of gift cards along with the inclusion of the movies so that the recipient will be able to return the unwanted book gift card if they so desire! Nevertheless, though, books and movies are great components to add to a gift basket for any occasion!


Another great gift for almost anyone you are buying for is stationary! Stationary can come in lots of forms, shapes, and sizes so you may want to try to find creative stationary gifts to include with your gift basket. Ideas like pens, pencils, and perhaps some letterhead paper that may even have their name embedded on the product somehow adds a perfect personalization technique to the gift basket you're filling!

Of course there are plenty of other great things to add to your gift basket as well! Much of knowing what to put in a gift basket relies on how well you know the person that you are buying the basket for, but you'll have that issue no matter what type of gift you are trying to buy anyway. Buying a gift basket, though, will make buying something extra-special a whole lot easier!

Creating a Gourmet Gift Basket
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Many cultures have a tradition of giving gift baskets. The traditional gift baskets started out as fruit baskets, though, and they were usually given at a house warming party or even at somebody's wedding as a gift. Gift baskets that contain fruit can even be set out on the table so that it can be enjoyed by everyone who enters the home!

If you're trying to decide on the perfect gift basket for one of your friends or acquaintances, though, a gourmet gift basket can be a good thing to give. Many people like receiving chocolate and in the American culture many people gift chocolate as a gift anyway. In addition, when creating a gourmet gift basket the first idea that probably popped into your mind was filling it with types of gourmet chocolate in the beginning. On the other hand, there are also a variety of other gourmet products that can all be safely purchased and gathered together in one small, or large, gift basket!

The First Gourmet Product: Chocolate

There are all kinds of varieties of gourmet chocolate to choose from and picking a few of your favorite gourmet chocolates to fill the gift basket with should be done in order to leave room for the other gourmet products. Nevertheless, a few of the gourmet chocolate brands around include The Godiva Chocolate Company, Christopher Norman Chocolates, MarieBelle New York gourmet chocolates, and Romanicos Chocolate. All of these can be great additions to your gourmet gift basket and will give anyone a great taste of the chocolates they have perhaps never experience before!

The Second Gourmet Product: Coffee

Gourmet Coffee is just as important to include in a gourmet gift basket. There are all sorts of brands of gourmet coffee to choose from. Whether you want Gevalia gourmet coffee, Jamaican coffee, Columbian gourmet coffee, or some of the other hundreds of types of coffee on the market, they are all available to include in the gourmet gift basket you're creating. In addition, if you want to get more creative you could always buy other coffee products too, such as espresso and latte mixes.

The Third Gourmet Product: Cheese

Even though it doesn't seem like cheese should be combined with coffee and chocolate, the gourmet cheese will stay with the theme of a gourmet gift basket. A few examples of gourmet cheese that can be added to the gift basket include Baby Gouda, Brie, Cabot, and Red Leaf Cheddar.

All three of these gourmet products are great to include in a gift basket if creating one that is made out of gourmet products. Another suggestion here, though, would be to take the gourmet gift basket idea one step further by creating three separate gift baskets filled with the gifts described above. That way the recipient will have three separate products to choose from, except they’ll have more of it. All in all, though, they are the perfect gift for any family member, friend, relative, or acquaintance if you're not sure what to get.

Why Give a Gift Basket?

The perfect gift for anyone is always a hard thing to do. Many people are afraid that they'll give their friends or close family members the wrong thing for Christmas, their Birthday, or another holiday, yet they want to buy them something very special that says they care about them! If you have never thought about this before, but might want to try it, one suggestion for the next occasion that comes up is to buy gift baskets for the person in your life. In addition, if the gift goes over well then you may just need to start a tradition of buying gift baskets regularly for the special people in your life. However, if you're not totally convinced that someone would love a gift baskets, here are a few reasons that it may just be the perfect gift:

You Have Choices

One good thing about trying to find gift baskets is that you typically always have choices when buying them. If you're buying a pre-made gift basket, one that was put together and wrapped beforehand, you will still have the option of buying another small gift and including that in the gift basket as well! Furthermore, many businesses that sell gift baskets usually create a variety of packages so that their are choices for everyone. For example, one company may have multiple selections of women's gift baskets, while another one only has limited varieties. Examining all of them, though, is a good idea to selecting the perfect one for your family or special friend.

They Offer Variety

Another reason why you may want to invest in a gift basket is because gift baskets usually offer variety that you can't find anywhere else. There are so many items that may come in a gift basket that are just perfect for the person on your list. In addition, women and girl-friends typically love these types of gifts, so if you're a guy trying to figure out what to get your sweetheart or your mother then you should just consider a gift basket.

Gift baskets are also creative if they're given to the right person and for the right reasons. One option that you'll always have is to actually create your own gift basket. During Christmas time one avenue that you may want to take up is actually making your own Christmas gift baskets. For example, you could fill a basket with different loaves of bread, like banana, pumpkin, or apple spice, along with including several other small types of gifts that are perfect for Christmas. Of course, pre-filled gift baskets are also usually readily available around this part of the year and holiday season, but choosing to be creative and making your own Christmas gift basket is something that many people choose to do.

As you can see, gift baskets are a great way to show the people in your life that you care and a great way to offer a variety of gifts instead of a single one. Gift baskets are usually always well received by their recipients as well, which is another reason why it makes them an awesome gift for any occasion!

Ideas for your Gift Basket Company
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If you have ever wanted to create your own gift basket company then there is no better time to do something like this then the present moment! There are all sorts of ways that one can go about creating a gift basket company and if you haven't started one yet then you have run across the exact type of article that you should be reading. First off, it's important to have a kind of entrepreneurial spirit when starting your own gift basket company from the ground up, or any other type of company for that matter. It's important to keep an open mind about pretty much all of the issues that goes along with creating your business, but making sure that you have a business plan should also be your number one priority!

Before starting your own gift basket company, however, the first thing that you want to think about perhaps should be what kind of gift basket company will you be and what services you will offer to the public. Of course for many people this may be a huge no-brainer question to answer, but if all your answer consists of is that you want to start a company that sells gift baskets then you should definitely put more thought into what you want.

For starters, will you be a year-round gift basket company or will your business specialize in providing gift baskets just for major holidays? One suggestion here would be to open yourself up to virtually any type of gift basket that you get a request for. Whether it's a birthday gift basket, Easter gift basket, or even a Christmas one, there are millions of people that buy gift baskets on a regular basis for their family and friends and your whole goal should be their primary source from which they buy gift baskets!

Another issue when it comes to starting your gift basket company is what type of prices you'll charge for the different sizes of gift baskets, assuming that you'll have more than one size. Many people simply choose to make all of their gift baskets a "one size fits all" type of deal, but creating different sizes and ranges of the baskets themselves makes it a whole lot easier for people to judge how much of something they'll be receiving when they purchase one. Nevertheless, though, the price of the gift baskets is important. A few sample prices may include selling a small gift basket for $15, a medium sized one for $25, and perhaps a third larger gift basket set at $40-50. Of course you can always make your prices higher or lower depending on how much you will be including with the gift baskets, but chances are that those prices are right on the nose.

Of course these two issues are just some of the starting issues to think about when preparing for your gift basket company. Deciding if you will have employees, where you will store your supplies, as well as if your gift baskets will be delivered are important to think about as well, but thinking small is a good idea to creating a solid business everyone can enjoy!

Being Successful With Your Gift Basket Biz
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Creating a unique business always gives you the upper hand because it gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. If you live in a relatively small town and would like to start a gift basket business then chances are that you are pretty much the only one in town who is going to do such a thing. As a side note, one of the great things about living in small towns is that you can develop creative businesses without fear of it being replicated too much, but on the other hand big cities usually always have duplicates of small businesses. Nevertheless, though, a gift basket business is not only a lucrative opportunity for you to profit in your market you're about to advertise to, but it also gives you the chance to hone your creative thinking skills and personality!

If you have already somewhat gotten started making gift baskets and advertising your service to family and friends then you probably already have a lot of orders coming in. This can be a good thing because it allows you to get your feet wet without having a full-fledged brick-and-mortar gift basket store, but once you can keep up with the orders then it may be time to take your gift basket biz to the next level.

What's the next level, though?  In many businesses people see the "next level" as something that they will eventually reach, but the next level for a small gift basket business often involves making professional ways to advertise your services at the very least. For example, creating a website is just one of the ways you can successfully advertise your services. Another way, though, is through the development of business cards that you can pass around your city or town. The point is, though, to spread the word about your profession so that you will be able to have orders for gift baskets coming in daily. Let's face it: there are plenty of occasions going on daily that people need gift baskets for and tapping into the market is one good thing about your business.

Another thing that one should definitely do with his or her gift basket business is to keep him or her self as organized as possible. Even though you may have previously just gone out to stores to create gift baskets on a per-order basis, one idea to try would be to keep everything at your house or another storage facility so that you can simply use the resources and materials that you have as you need them. This will not only save a whole lot of money, but you'll also be saving valuable time as well just in case a whole bunch of gift basket orders come in all at once!

There are plenty of other ways to be successful with your gift basket biz. If you're just starting out in the business then you may want to experience making many different types of the gift baskets themselves, changing the actual gift baskets that you use, or just mixing things up a bit so that your business will stay as creative as possible!

Building Your Gift Basket Business

Going into business for yourself and making a name for your company is always going to be difficult and building a gift basket business is definitely no exception to the rule. There are many interesting things about building a gift basket business, however, that one should know about before they ever get started! What type of baskets are going to be used, what the baskets will be filled with, and how much they'll sell for are just part of the tip of the iceberg when considering a gift basket business. However, here are some general guidelines to use if you need some direction as to where to go when creating gift baskets:

Filling the Gift Baskets

As mentioned, one issue that needs to be thought about is exactly what type of products or gifts the baskets will be filled with. There are a couple of options that one has to take. First, this business could be a themed gift basket business, meaning that the baskets could take on a Christmas theme, Easter theme, or even a Birthday theme. Of course, these baskets could also take on a multi-purpose theme where they could represent any type of holiday or event that they're bought for. One thing that will distinguish your business from others, however, is the uniqueness. Finding what is unique about your gift basket business compared to another's is crucial because it will allow you to market your company a lot better!

The Type of Baskets

There are so many shapes and sizes of gift baskets that it's probably going to be a difficult task to decide which ones to use. However, a great idea for this dilemma would be to let the type of gift basket determine the range of baskets that you'll be using. Since there are several different sizes of gift baskets on the market, one could have one price for a small basket, another price for a medium-sized one, and a higher price for a bigger basket. This way your customers won't have to feel like they are buying the most expensive product, but you'll be giving them choices so that they'll have something to decide from.

How Much

A big issue that you'll obviously need to think awhile about is how much you'll charge for the gift baskets that you're building. Even though competition in your price for the baskets is key, it is also important to not let the market decide how much you will actually be making for your hard work. If you do, however, you just might get bogged down into price wars, which isn't a good thing for anyone. Taking a look a current market prices for gift baskets around your area is a good idea because it will allow you to set your prices accordingly, but relying on them too heavily is unnecessary.

All of these things are very important when dealing with a gift basket business. Deciding how much your baskets will cost, the type of baskets used, and what you'll fill your gift baskets with are just several of the most important issues to think about!

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