A Guide to Buying Wholesale Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

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Cubic zirconia jewelry is increasing in popularity because of the improvement in the quality and the variety of jewelry styles it can be found in.  If you want to make your own jewelry, you may want to look into buying your stones in bulk and at wholesale prices rather than retail.  You are still able to find the shape and cut of the stones you want and in the colors you want. 

Cubic zirconia is a made in a laboratory to have the same features of a diamond, so it could be used as a replacement for the diamond.  Even though the hardness of the cubic zirconia is not equally to the hardness of a diamond, the cubic zirconia is still increasing in popularity because of its harness and brilliant shine.  It has become of the more popular choices for a diamond replacement in jewelry.  Because cubic zirconia is available in the different shapes and the variety of colors, they can be found in the most fashionable styles in all types of jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

All of the gemstones made in the laboratory carry the same traits and feature of their natural counterpart.  They have become more popular for their beauty and less as a replacement of the original stone.  The synthetic gemstones creating in the laboratory have the same mineral in their make up as the natural stones.  The cubic zirconia however is different because its composition is to simulate a diamond.  It is made with the same crystal system found in a diamond.  Unlike it synthetic relatives the cubic zirconia was only found once in its natural setting and has never been found again.

The synthetic gemstones are made to emulate all types of stones, such as coral, diamond, alexandrite, emerald, sapphire, ruby, garnet, quartz, and turquoise.  They can also be found in the same fashionable shapes their natural counterparts.  They are available in, such as round, oval, pear, heart, and baguettes.

Even though the cubic zirconia is a diamond replacement stone in jewelry.   They can also come in a large variety of colors.  They are available as oval-shaped champagne stones, heart-shaped pink stones, or pear-shaped blue stones.  Each colored stone is available in every shape the diamond can be found no matter the color of the cubic zirconia.

When buying wholesale stones, you want to find the high quality stone. Make sure to look at their samples for the quality of the cut, the smoothness, the hardness, and the weight.   If you are unable to detect a high quality stone, enlist the assistance of a good gemologist you can trust.  Even though you are trying to find the best prices in stones when looking at wholesale, do not buy second hand stones.  You want the jewelry you make to wear to look like it a high quality piece of jewelry.  Cubic zirconias are available in different grades such as Grade A, Grade AAA and Grade AAAAA.  The Grade AAAAA offers long-lasting brilliance and sparkle, so it has become a high valued stone with consumers.  If you choose to make your own jewelry, remember to make quality your top priority.

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