The Post Office: A Great Resource For New Stamp Collectors

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When many of us think of the post office, the first thing that often comes to mind is the mailing of packages.  It is important to remember that the post office is actually much more.  Did you know that the post office is a great way to go about buying stamps for a stamp collection?  It is an especially for beginners.

One of the most commonly asked questions about buying stamps from the post office is “what type of stamps are available?”  One of the many reasons why purchasing stamps from a local post office is a good idea is because the stamps are all new.  Although used stamps in good conditions are quite rare and profitable, many collectors and even stamp dealers prefer newstamps, as they are likely in much better condition. 

In keeping with the stamps available for sale through the post office or the United States Postal Service is general, many stamp collectors are surprised with what they see.  Many cannot believe the selection of stamps available.  Of course, the selection that your local post office has is likely limited, but you may still have a wide range of stamps to choose from.  Many post offices have display cases set up to showcase the stamps that they have available for sale.  These display cases are commonly filled with limited edition stamps.

As previously stated, a local post office may be limited in the selection of stamps that they have available for sale.  For the largest selection of stamps, collectors are urged to turn to the internet.  On the website for the United States Postal Service, which is located at, there are even more stamps available for sale.  In addition to traditional postage stamps for the normal card rates, there are also other values available for sale as well, including four cent stamps. 

One of the reasons why new stamp collectors are urged to examine the United States Postal Service, when looking to buy stamps for their collections, is because of the prices. Generally speaking, you will pay the standard retail price for all stamps.  This isn’t always the case when you buy stamps from stamp dealers and online auction websites.  Since many new stamp collectors are unsure as to whether or not stamp collecting is a lifelong hobby that they would like to enjoy, this is nice affordable approach to build a stamp collection.

In addition to new stamp collectors, checking the selection of stamps available for sale through the United States Postal Service is ideal for those with themed stamp collections.  As previously stated, many stamp collectors are surprised with the wide range of stamps and themes available for sale.  Common stamps that you may find available for sale are those that focus on popular movie or television characters, stamps that focus on the holidays, floral stamps, wildlife stamps, and stamps that support non-profit organizations or other good causes, such as breast cancer.

Although buying stamps to add to a stamp collection from theUnited States Postal Service is a great approach to take, all stamp collectors will want to remember that it is not their only option.  For older, rare, or hard to find limited edition stamps, professional stamp dealers are the often the best option.  To find local or online stamp dealers, turn to the internet to get started.

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