The Danger of Not Managing Your Time at the Office

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Are you employed? If you are and if you work in an office setting, do you know how to make good use of your time?  If not, it is vital to your success and your financial standings that you start doing so as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, many individuals do not know the many consequences that they may face if they don’t perform their best at work.  Even if you have been able to slide under the radar before socializing with coworkers or surfing the internet, your time of just messing around may soon come to an end.  This is because more employers realize just how much money they are truly losing with employees who don’t know how to manage their time.

As for the dangers of not properly managing your time at work, you are less likely to stay focused  and on task.  If you do not understand the importance of managing your time at work, you are more likely to get distracted, which may delay an important project or prevent you from meeting a deadline.  This, in itself, can have a number of serious consequences.  In a professional workplace, you shouldn’t miss a deadline unless you have a good reason for doing so.

Another danger of not managing your time is that you are likely to get unorganized easily.  In fact, did you know that organization and time management go hand in hand?  If you do not know how to properly manage your time, you likely rush to complete simple tasks, such as putting away important files.  This will likely result in errors.  However, when you later go to find those important files or documents, they may not be where you thought.  This may result in you wasting time searching for them.

Although you may not necessarily think about this danger, it is still important to take into consideration.  That danger is setting a bad example.  Many individuals do not understand the ripple effect that most workplaces have.  If other coworkers see that you are able to waste your time, either by socializing or playing computer games, they may try to do the same, especially if you are able to get away with this type of behavior.  You may unintentionally endanger a whole office or company.

Perhaps, the biggest danger of not knowing how to properly manage your time at the workplace is putting your job at risk.  As previously stated, many business owners are realizing just how much money they are losing on poor performing employees; therefore, many are starting to take action.  You may receive a warning first, but there is a good chance that you will lose your job.  After all, why should a company pay you to not work when there are hundreds of other men and women out there who would love to have your job?

If the possibility of losing your job wasn’t enough, it is important to take into consideration what can and will likely happen with your good name.  If you are terminated from your job, chances are you will find it difficult to find a job in a similar position.  This is most often the case if you had a good, well paying job, such as that of an office manager.  Many high paying positions require recommendations and job references.  If you get terminated from your position, these will be hard to come by.  In fact, instead of not giving any comment at all, you may end up getting a bad recommendation!

The above mentioned examples are just a few of the many ways that you may end up suffering from poor productivity at work. The good news, however, is that you may be surprised just how easy it is to change your ways.  Whether you choose to create daily to do lists for yourself, use a computerized day planner, or learn to better prioritize your responsibilities, get started with doing so as soon as possible.

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