Coin Collecting Supplies: What You May Need and How to Find It

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Coin collecting is a great hobby for individuals of all ages.  If you are interested in starting a coin collection, you may be curious as to what supplies are needed.  When starting a coin collection, no supplies are required.  With that in mind, coin collectors, on both professional and hobby levels, can benefit from using a number of tools to their advantage.  A few coin collecting tools that all coin collectors can benefit from owning and utilizing are outlined below.

One of the most commonly collected coins are Statehood Quarters.  These quarters are collected by individuals of all ages and they often make great gifts, especially for children and grandchildren.  The popularity of collecting Statehood Quarters is mostly due in part to the easy acquisition, as they are easy to acquire.  Statehood Quarter supplies most commonly include a large map of the United States, with a placing for each state coin.  Statehood Quarter supplies come in a number of different formats, including folder formats, wall mounting formats, and traditional photo frames formats.

Coin folders are another coin collecting supply that can benefit all coin collectors.  Coin folders come in a number of different formats.  For example, a folder may specialize in a specific type of coin, such as Statehood Quarters or Jefferson Nickels.  Coin folders are not only an easy and safe way to properly care for a coin collection, they are ideal for organization and categorization.

In keeping with coin collecting storage methods, coin collecting albums are also popular among stamp collectors.  Coin albums tend to resemble the above mentioned folders, but many are much more elegant in nature.  They are ideal for one stop coin storage.  Coin albums come in a number of different formats.  Many are designed for large coins, early edition coins, or a combination of coin types.  What increases the popularity of coin albums is that many enable you to purchase additional or replacement pages. 

Coin holders are another coin collecting supply used by many.  The only downside to this method is that it is not ideal for long-term storage or professional coin collecting.  Most coin holders come with a polyethylene insert that is either colored black or white.  These inserts come in a number of different sizes, to fit a wide range of coins.  As previously stated, coin holders are not always recommended for long-term storage, but they are perfect for those who want to prominently display their coins.

Beginners are urged to examine coin collecting starter kits.  Coin collecting starter kits are a valuable supply and equipment piece for those just looking to get started.  Despite the fact that coin collecting starter kits vary, many often come with a few coins that are no longer in circulation.  While these coins are often not valuable, they are a great way to get a coin collection started.  Additional supplies that may be included in a coin collecting starter kit include coin folders or albums, as well as a coin collecting how-to guide.

Coin books are another valuable supply used by professional coin collectors and those who collect for a hobby.  Coin books come in a number of different formats, but all are valuable to the activity of coin collecting.  Beginners may benefit from a printed how-to guide.  Those looking to develop a profitable coin collection may find books outlining tips on how to coin collect for profits, and much more.  Many valuable coin collecting books and other printed resources can be found online, often with a simple standard internet search.

As a reminder, there are absolutely no requirements, in terms of coin collecting supplies, when looking to start your own collection.  With that being said, there are a number of benefits to investing in some of the above mentioned coin collecting supplies.  The coin collecting supplies outlined above are ideal for proper care and storage.  This proper care and storage can result in your coin collection being of great value one day.

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