Sound advice on how to make money for nothing

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Responding to one of the oldest urges known to man - the desire not to drink alone - our adviser on becoming an internationally famous sound designer even if you happen to the cloth-eared and totally ignorant has desired that anonymity is the better part of satire. So Backstage proudly presents the debut of “Soundman”.

I am often asked how to break into the wonderful world of Theatre Sound. When people ask me this question, what they actually mean is, “How can I get to do sound designs for West End Musicals, and retire from life with a gold-plated hearing aid?”
 Up until now, my answer has always been along the lines of “Hard work and dedication over many years will eventually bring you state of grace within the theatre and sound industry, and you will be able to mix with the great Sound Designers on an equal footing. I suggest you cut to your teeth on a regional tour of Godspell and progress from there.” And such has been the tortuous path to the top. Until now.

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