Making money online ‘By Telling People Where To Go’

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Your Opinion Has A Market Value
Making money online ‘By Telling People Where To Go’ is a dream come true for many of us.
Through your own experience you can be paid for giving advice. You may even become an authority that people go to get the best information or advice. You can have people flocking to your website to see which companies offer the best services or who to buy from.
You do it every day. You may recommend the best painter to use, which lawyer or accountant to go to, or where to get the best deals on whatever. But you never get paid for it. Now you can. 

Who Benefits
Internet Marketers - You now have complete control over your website. No webmasters or add on programs necessary.
Newbies - You can create a website that makes you money online even if you’re a one finger typist.
Website Owners – You can instantly activate additional revenue streams on your own website today.
Parents & Students - You can operate your own business on your own schedule, and make money online without selling a thing.
Jobless & Seniors - Easy step by step videos show you how you can share your knowledge with the world and get paid for it.
Artists & Musicians & Trades People - Display your talents, while earning referral revenue. Selling your stuff is a bonus.
Social Media Addicts - Simply apply everything you’re doing right now to this program and you’ll make a shocking amount of money.
The Shy - You can begin to make money online right now without ever having to talk to anyone.
Computer & Internet Illiterate – Being unencumbered by knowledge allows you to get it right the first time. You have a ready to go website to begin generating revenue right now. 

You Tell People Where To Go… All The Time… Now Get Paid For It Online.
You can package your knowledge on any topic, in any industry, and be paid by companies for referring people to them.
It works like this. Imagine an accounting firm paid you $40 every time you recommended them. The Internet allows you to get paid just like that for your recommendations, Big Time!
Sending leads to companies that pay you is a truly wonderful way of making money online. People and companies around the world are using this business model to make money right now. It’s not a secret formula, and it’s easy to implement. This book tells you how it works and you get the website to make it happen. 

Your Website Features
You have a ready to go website that includes:
Unlimited Website & Mobile Pages
Pictures & Videos & Links
Search Engine Optimization
Forms & Surveys & Data Collection
Auto-Responders & Email Messaging
Visitor Commenting & Member’s Sections
Online Store & eBook & Product Creation
Social Networks & RSS Feeds
Marketing Strategies
Pay Per Click & Referral Programs
You can create pages and forms simply by typing in want you want, or you can work in HTML. You can add pictures, links and videos with the click of your mouse. The marketing section of your website program steps you through the process of creating a website that makes you money with ‘how to’ videos and screenshots. 

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