Amazon under the curse of the Pharaohs , A New US study shows that Amazon promotes racism

Let us read these two articles:

Amazon Sold Books, Backpacks, and Toys Promoting Hate to Kids, Report Shows 

Nazi Children’s Books, KKK Onesies Are for Sale on Amazon 

and my previous articles :

In short, it is the curse of the pharaohs

Not into darkness 

Buddhists have proved that they are nothing compared to Pharaohs , We will therefore consider that spiritual negotiations are over and I will sit here drinking tea and coffee and watching the spiritual blows follow the Amazon .

As I said earlier in spirituality everything is permissible , The most powerful spiritualists have the strongest friends and spiritual allies as well ,
It is a legitimate defense of the self , I did not do anything to them , They are the ones who sent them Whores to insult me without any reasons .

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