In short, it is the curse of the pharaohs

Thousands of authors wrote about the curse of the Pharaohs and the Book of the Dead, and no one knows the secret of the Pharaohs and it will remain as a mystery forever.The Ether  wars and the parallel worlds are already present in real life, but they are not visible to the outsiders.

The Pharaohs ruled those worlds and ruled them because they had the secret sciences that enabled them to do so, which only the priests and the kings of the Pharaohs knew.Few in the world still retain those sciences and secrets that the developed worlds still do not know. 

I have written in Arabic a novel about these parallel worlds, called the term fantasy, but I did not deviate the events of the novel from the fabric of my imagination, I reflect the real stories that happened to me and passed it.

But I can not say that because the vast majority of the world is still, as I said, they not know any hing about the power of Pharaohs or their secret sciences.So we will consider that the novel is fictional and that I have fertile imagination, in line with the general context of human considerations, because most human minds are not ready to accept these facts.

I admit that I did not receive this secret science from anyone but I was born with special abilities, and also to admit that I did not use those abilities against anyone bad.The term Pharaoh's curse has always been associated with many periods of my life since childhood. It was not I who was referred to but my close friends referred to it, because my enemies always and without any reaction from me to their hostility to me were affected by cosmic disasters.

It is enough for you to be classified as an enemy to be in your intention or in your inner mind any evil or bad for me, you are even charged to the idea that may come to your mind.Believe it or not, this is your problem, not my problem.

My enemies know themselves well and they put themselves in that classification.All I know about this is that I may be the author of a universal message and that these people may have committed some evils in their lives and that it is time to be held accountable for those evils.

The Ether or stellar wars everything is permissible, and scientific research and books proved that the pharaohs were the masters of these wars.

In the supernatural or ethereal world, the strongest people have the strongest friends and allies. There is an ethereal or astral battle about to begin, if it has not already begun, because we are now standing outside their walls.

There are negotiations with the Buddhists, why Buddhists might care for them, Buddhists are tough people Also, well they say that it is their home before these walls are built, and that there are relationships between them and the human beings there arose over the years, except the Buddhists there are all the sheep.

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