I love the challenges, especially when the challenge is with a big and huge company like Amazon

I think I will not be the first, many before me had many problems with Amazon, perhaps the disadvantage is not in Amazon but in who are working in Amazon, could anyone who has problems with Amazon get their rights? I can not answer this question right now, but I will make it an area for discussion and research. 


When I told my American friend that I was currently in trouble with Amazon, she keep talking to me for an hour about Amazon, its potentials, its resources, its lawyers, its activities, etc. 

When she asked me why I replied that the Moderators at KDP abused me without obvious reasons and that I filed many complaints against them without any clear results from Amazon, she asked me to stop communicating with Amazon as long as there are no results from these correspondence, 

so I stopped writing to Amazon because her advice is correct as long as there is no result of correspondence with Amazon so there is no need for it 

and Because I need to talk about this topic so I write about it in my blog , at least I will not wait  for four consecutive days or five consecutive days before I get a response from Amazon customer service.

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