Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Before you purchase a pool or hot tub the Building Director recommends that you get the site you wish to use checked by J.U.L.I.E. to avoid disappointment later. You should also be familiar with the ordinance for pools which has some very definite requirements. Should you be unable to follow the ordinance exactly you may be involved in a lengthy exchange with the Plan Commission seeking a variance to the Ordinance.

  1. Above ground swimming, soaking or wading pools, hot tubs and other similar structures must be located directly behind the house. It cannot be within twenty (20) feet of the rear lot line or within one (1) foot of any easement or right of way. It may not cover more than one third of the total area of the rear yard.

a. The pool must be screened from the side or rear property lines and any area visible from the road, sidewalk or pathway. The screening may be wood, aluminum or wrought iron fencing approved by the building department.

b. If the exterior of the pool or hot tub is finished with a wood façade, no screening will be required provided the top surface of the structure is covered by a locked, tamper-resistant cover capable of supporting not less than 150 pounds.

c. If the screening is at the property line there should also be landscape screening at the perimeter of the pool consisting of evergreen or deciduous shrub plantings with a minimum height of three feet above grade level and a minimum of two rows.

d. The fencing should be of non climbable design and completely surround the pool to minimize the danger of unsupervised children gaining access to the pool. All gates or doors shall be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching device designed to keep gates securely closed. Installation must be complete before filling the pool.

  1. No portion of the pool can be higher than forty eight inches (48”) above grade level

3    Temporary pool structures which do not exceed sixteen (16”) inches in height and eight feet (8’) in diameter; are made of plastic or rubber; do not require any site preparation and are  in place for not more than two days in a  seven day period are exempt from the requirements of this ordinance.                         

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