“As religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation, those who would stand for freedom of conscience will be placed in unfavorable positions.  For their own sake, they should, while they have opportunity, become intelligent in regard to disease, its causes, prevention, and cure.  And those who do this will find a field of labor anywhere.  There will be suffering ones, plenty of them, who will need help, not only among those of our own faith, but largely among those who know not the truth.” (Maranatha, p. 185)  “And when He had called unto Him His twelve disciples, He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.”  (Matthew 10:1) 

I feel impressed to share with you some natural remedies that you can do to help those around you during the coming troublous times when many will be unable to obtain medical care.  If you are knowledgeable in regards to natural remedies, you will be able to be a powerful witness!  Three of the most important natural remedies are the use of charcoal, clay, and colloidal silver.  Charcoal and clay absorb poisons and colloidal silver kills viruses, bacteria, and an overgrowth of yeast in the body. 

Recently a friend came to me with an ugly wound which we determined to be a brown recluse spider bite after comparing it to pictures on the internet.  I shocked it with electricity as the electricity neutralizes the poison. (Do not do this to someone who has a pacemaker, is pregnant, or has a metal stint or metal hardware in their body.) Then we mixed up 1 part charcoal to 2 parts clay, adding just enough water to mix it into a thick paste and applied it to the wound.  We covered that with saran wrap and taped the edges with masking tape.  We told this friend to apply a fresh charcoal/clay poultice twice a day.  About six days later he came back and the spider bite was completely healed over with new skin. His recovery was faster than we thought possible!  God’s natural remedies are truly amazing!  You can also take charcoal internally.  Once a copperhead bit Richard on his finger and it swelled up very rapidly to his shoulder.  The doctor told him he might lose his finger due to the swelling and that it would take the swelling up to two months to go away.  I wrapped his entire arm in a charcoal poultice and gave him 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal mixed in 2 cups of water several times a day.  In two days the swelling was gone.  

Just like the Bible predicted, we are seeing end time plagues.  Some of these plagues are very serious and can kill in a short time, so we need a powerful natural remedy that will work fast.  We found one in an old herbologist’s book that is now out of print. He stated that he prayed and asked God for an end-time, anti-plague formula and God did give him the answer. This herbologist told a story about how a plague hit a small town and the doctors had no idea what to do as they had never seen anything like it.  This was not put on the news as they did not want people panicking.  It so happened that some of the people in this town had already made up this anti-plague formula in advance, and whoever took it, lived.  He also told about a couple who arrived home to find their four expensive dogs at the point of death due to being poisoned.  They grabbed their anti-plague formula and managed to get it down two dogs but by the time they got to the other two dogs they had died. The two that received this formula lived.  That’s how fast and how powerful this formula is.  This herbologist recommends that you carry some of this with you at all times, wherever you go.

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