.    Pick a day and times that will work for you.  Remember that you don’t have to STAY home tohave a sale.  This is a GREAT way to reconnect with Hostesses and customers to share what you do and build brand (Jewelry Lady) loyalty in the process.  This also can be done within a few hours.

2.    Post this to build excitement on your FB wall.   You will want to do this 3 days out from your event. 
A.   Option 1 - Sooooo, I'm going to be doing a facebook "Going Away Party" for my MANY many pieces of limited edition Premier Designs pieces. If YOU wanna join in, like this post & you'll be invited to the exclusive group with deep DEEP discounts.

B.   Option 2 -Calling all jewelry loving ladies in Texas and far away, I'm going to be having the biggest sample sale ever, and the best part is...it's all going to be done on Facebook! Everyone gets to participate, even in your Jammie's! EEEKKK!! If you are interested in being added to the private group where you will SEE the jewelry, just simply 'LIKE' this post or message me directly.  Sneak peek....all items will be 50-75% OFF!! I'll even have some $10 items!  More info can be found on the group page! Have a friend who you think would like a deal....share this info!!

C.   Be sure to go back to this post in your personal status in the upcoming days (1-2 a day at different times) and adding a FUN comment that will draw attention back to your event. – Here are some examples -
a.     Be sure to 'like', comment or message me so I can add you to my super-secret private group for my HUGE sale!! It starts THiS Saturday!!
b.    Still not too late to join in on the exclusive group to shop my ‘limited edition’ Premier Jewelry!
c.     Super excited ladies, only 12 more hours and I get to hang out with YOU on Facebook.  Be sure and ‘like’ this post so your invited to this exclusive event.
Keep in mind that researchers say that 8:30 – 11pm is when the MOST people are engaged on Facebook.

D.   Email/text your Hostesses and TOP Customers to advertise the event.  Ask them to ‘Friend’ you on Facebook before the SALE so they can be added to the invite list.

3.    Create the EVENT on Facebook
A.   Be sure to add a picture of our jewelry as the cover photo.  There are many pictures out there to copy.

B.   Add Event verbiage in the ‘DETAILS’ section about how it will work (this event info will remain on the top of the event):

Welcome to my BIGGEST Sale!! Be sure and click that you are ‘GOING’ to the event so you will get all the updates and messages along the way.

Throughout today and tomorrow I will post pictures (with prices) of my sample jewelry for you to purchase! They ALL will be at least 50-75% OFF and watch for the $10 items too! First person to comment ‘MINE’ gets the piece so check back often! 

I accept all major credit cards and the only thing added to your total is $4 shipping/handling.   I will mail you your pieces upon payment!!  ALL SALES FINAL! I will be making a list of your items and will be messaging you your total so we can make arrangements for payment and so I can get a shipping address (unless you live close and wanna pick it up)!  Happy Shopping!!

C.   Set your privacy setting to ‘Guests and Friends of Guest’ which will allow your friends to invite more attendees.

D.   Start INVITING your friends!  Be sure to include EVERYONE…not just the ones who ‘liked’ your original post or messaged you!  People who don’t check Facebook often will appreciate it!  Your Facebook wall post was to catch all the devout Facebook ladies!  INCLUDE everyone!

E.   Post a COMMENT in the event the day before your event to achieve MAXIMUM excitement!

a.     Option 1 - Tomorrow is the BIG DAY and I'm so excited that so many of YOU are joining in the FUN. Be SURE to say that your ‘GOING’ to this event so you will get the notifications!  This is my first time doing this and I'm a bit nervous, but know you all will be super gracious with me. Wink Wink!!
Here's how it will work ... at 10:30 we will go live and I will begin posting pictures with the prices. The first person to say "MINE", well, they get it. If the 1st person changes their mind, it will go to the next person who has commented ‘MINE’.  I will post in clusters, then come back for another round. There won't be long inbetween, just enough time for me to keep track of who is getting what. I will post some things in sets and will have some $10 items as well so be on the lookout for those!!
If, at anytime, I decide to take a break I will let you know and set a time to go "live" again so you are kept in the loop. Once an item has been purchased I will hide it so it is not clogging up the page. I can't tell you how excited I am ... can't wait to interact w/ you gals tomorrow. SO STINKIN FUN!!! Have a great evening and I'll see you back here tomorrow at 10:30 SHARP.
b.     We are only 12 hours away from getting to play in the jewelry together! 
4.    START the SALE!  It’s go time!!
A.   Before your start
a.     Be Organized!!  Have calculator, tracking system, computer,  phone, mannequin, trays to hold sold jewelry, place with good lighting to take the pictures, jewelry tagged (or KNOW the names) … you’ll be VERY glad you did this.
b.    IMPORTANT: You’ll want to go potty, grab your coffee, and have a snack BEFORE you begin.
c.     Decide your discount – this will help you to quickly post.
B.   Picture Options –
Know who you are and how you work!!
a.     Take pictures on your phone BEFORE with the prices … can use Phonto or Text on Photo on all smart phones
b.    Post pictures from inside the facebook event by clicking the picture icon on the page from your phone and uploading a photo.  You can add a quick description of the jewelry and the price.  
C.   First 15-20 minutes post pictures – time will vary dependent on your total number of pieces and people attending
a.     Every 4th or 5th item post your $10 items (or lowest price).
b.    Create sets … your goal is to move your jewelry so if something goes together, sell it together.
c.     Posting pictures of necklaces on a mannequin will lessen questions about length, how it lays, etc.  Not necessary, but helpful. Show longways and you DO NOT have to worry about showing all the versatility.  You can always come back if it doesn’t sell to do that.  This will waste time and we found it sold great without even having to show that.
d.    Take a 10-15 minute break to answer questions, post comments, separate jewelry, write down your purchases.
e.    You can hide the post once an item is sold so only current items are seen in the event page.  This helps your guests not have to keep scrolling through all the jewerly.
D.   Communicate
a.     This can be really FUN and interactive!!
b.    Keep the lines of communication open w/ your guests that are attending the event.  Tell them when you are taking a break and a start time of when you’ll be back.  They and you will appreciate this.
c.     You control the flow of your event …
E.   If you are not at home …
a.     Take pictures and save to your camera with the prices ON the picture, as we talked about earlier.
b.    Everything else can be handled pretty much the same way.
5.    The AFTER-PARTY - The sale is completed and you are now moving into the notification/payment/shipping portion of your sale.  Work this section like an assembly line.
A.   Total up each person’s items and Facebook them a message to let them know their total.  You have an option to take a picture of their items and include it with this message.
a.      Option 1 - Hey there friend!! Your jewelry total is $43.30. Please shoot me your address and either call, text or FB msg me your credit card info including expiration date and 3 digit code on the back of card. I will get your jewelry in the mail!! Thanks so much for joining in!!

b.     Option 2 - Isabel, so glad you were able to join my Premier Jewelry Sale. I have you down for 5 items. Your total with shipping is $120.16. If this looks good to you, please reply with your email address and I'll send you a secure payment request through ProPay online. Once your payment is processed, I'll ship everything out to you!  Thanks again!!
B.   Box/bag their jewelry and stack with a sticky note indicating the owner. Consider your mail out fee which might help you determine which method to use.
C.   When payment is received, mail out their jewelry or choose a time for them to pick it up.  If they pay from Square or Propay you have the option to forward an invoice to collect payment.
D.   Post pictures of ladies who take a ‘selfie’ with their NEW jewelry on the event!  This is FUN and they LOVE to see themselves!
E.   Post a THANK YOU on the event! 
a.     Option 1
WOW....these are the only pieces left and those that I still have a question about! AMAZING!! You ladies got such a GREAT deal and I have plenty of room for our NEW LINE!! Know anyone that might want to join in and add to their collection??  You can still invite them to take a look at the remaining available pieces!
You will also want to schedule your Jewelry show to see the new line and get more FREE TODAY! Be the FIRST of your group to invite me over! If you are an out of towner... you can pass the catalog around! You still earn FREE jewelry and I will send you catalogs! It's FUN and EASY and your friends will thank you too!
b.     Option 2
You girls have ROCKED MY WORLD the past two days & I am touched deep in my soul for all the support. YOU are why I love Premier!!! I think I am officially finished with pictures. Feel free to browse as many were still available this morning. For those that purchased I will send you a total via FB probably tomorrow. You can pay with a CC or if you're close you can come pick it up. I'd love to see you ... want more for a better price? Let ME come see you with all my jewelry. You'll get it free. Thank you again!! Love and appreciate you. Feel free to ask any questions. I'm headed to watch baseball now but will have my phone. Big HUGE Hugs!!!

“Sometimes we're praying that the Lord would open a door. Our prayer through this training is that you would move out of your own way & allow the Lord to show you new things ... bring new opportunities for you & your business!!”

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