How to raise a PMR to IBM

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The PMR (Problem Maintenance Report) is a tracking mechanism common to all IBM software related issues. PMR is common to all kinds of issues like queries, doubts, problems, product bugs etc.

Step – 1: Keep this info handy

  • IBM Customer Number (7-digit). This will be in the license document.
  • Info about you & your company
    • Customer/Company name
    • Customer Contact name
    • Preferred means of contact (voice or email)
    • Email address :
    • Telephone number where you can be reached if requested is voice
  • Info about the Problem/Environment
    • Related SW product and version: Specify IBM product involved, its version & edition, fix pack level,
    • Related Operating system information: OS details, Hardware type, any other s/w involved in the issue etc.
    • Brief description of the problem (You may be elaborate to avoid clarification cycles). Make sure to describe the steps you did (in a problem reproducible fashion) or the alternatives/workarounds you tried.
  • Severity of the issue in relationship to the impact of it affecting your business needs.
For a summary of this essential pieces of information to raise a proper PMR, and to use a table template to be readily usable in e-mail requests, please refer to the last page.

Refer to below guideline to map the severity of your problem to our 1-4 scale.

Severity Level
Further Definitions
Severity 1
  • Critical situation/system down
  • Business critical software component is inoperable
  • as a rule applies to production environment
  • Critical interface has failed
  • All users of Tivoli Problem Mgmt are unable to register a call.
  • The Lotus Notes mail server is down and affecting all users.
Severity 2
Severe impact: A software component is severely restricted in its use, causing significant business impact
  • All users of Tivoli Problem Management receive a database manager error while attempting to view open problems
Severity 3
Moderate impact: A non-critical software component is malfunctioning, causing moderate business impact.
  • A client cannot connect to a server
Severity 4
Minimal impact: A non-critical software component is malfunctioning, causing minimal impact, or a non-technical request is made.
  • Documentation is incorrect.
  • Additional documentation requested

Step – 2: Post that info into the PMR
Method 1: Through ESR Website:
Follow this link & post the data. You’d need the user ID to login here. IBM user ID is an e-mail ID and password you can create for yourself. You can post the PMR on behalf of the company to whom you affiliate yourself with. The company primary contact can self-nominate him/her and then add/nominate any number of secondary contacts ( account ids).

Method 2: Through e-mail:
Post the above information (see step 1) to and copy (you need to copy only on first mail till you get the PMR number. On sunsequent technical discussions, you don’t need copy to them).

Please see mail template at the end of this document.

Method 3: Through Telephone (for sev 1 issues only):
Call 1800 425 6666 or 080 26788970 and provide above information (see step 1).
Its use is reserved for Severity 1 & Priority 1 issues that crop up during off-shift hours.

How to Re-Open a Closed PMR

There could be times where you dint respond to the PMR team to revert back on your part – may be sending some log files or must gather docs, or doing  core file FTP. To limit the number of active PMRs to the ones that really need constant focus from the finite support specialists, your PMR will be moved to a “Closed” state. All data in it and all the history will be retailed for about next 20 days or so, after which only it will be finally archived/deleted.

In that mean time, if you think your issue cropped up again, or you have the files and want to send it to IBM, you’d need to re-open the PMR. And its simple, just send a mail to:
citing your closed PMR number. Make sure you execute this option before it is permanently archived. If so, you’d need to open a fresh PMR all over again.

Additional Information

That’s all. Once the PMR is logged, it is tracked by PMR number and multiple experts will be working on it. You may need to co-operate by providing additional information as requested on need basis, and to implement the self-help instructions to be provided time to time and update the remote team on progress.

ESR Overview :

Online tour of the ESR System/Website:

How to use ESR? :


ESR tool:

Please download the PDF file from the below weblink which provides detailed information on ESR Tool:

Before contacting IBM:

Tech Support contact numbers in Asia Pacific:
For India, it is 1800-425-6666 toll-free (or) +91 080-26788970

Webcast replay: ESR problem submission tool:

Webcast replay: IBM Support Assistant V2.0:

Overview of IBM support offerings:

IBM Software Support Lifecycle:
(Use this to verify the support discontinuance dates for YOUR products & YOUR version)

Software Support website URL:

Rational support URL:

WebSphere App Server Support URL:

WebSphere MQ Support URL:

DB2 Support URL:

Problem Identification Worksheet

Giving the Problem Identification Worksheet to the concerned administrator or technical contact person, and getting it filled BEFORE filling out the ESR form, saves lot of time in clarifications and helps IBM support to start with good amount of understanding.

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